# 43 Demonic transition into the Light… Yep, they are welcomed!

The Afterlife is for all souls… light, dark and inbetween. All it takes is free will to make the decision to evolve into a higher state of consciousness.

In this epsiode, we are exploring the transition of the darkest of dark energy beings into the Afterlife But not to where you are thinking. We will look at what makes them seek positive change, how the process works and where they go to work on living in a higher state of existence. I share some information first then a couple of my interesting experiences witnessing the Afterlife place for so-called malevolent energy beings.


#43 Demonic transition into the Light… Yep, they are welcomed!


So, seriously, dark beings, mysterious entities who most people fear transitioning into the Light, who would have thought? We live in a world of energy, a world of vibration, right? And I thought you might like to hear a recent observation from early September 2023. On a daily basis, I am clearing demonic beings from homes and the land and sometimes people. And these heaviest of the heavy within the dark realm rankings have chosen to leave the Earth reality in droves since the beginning of August this year.

And you ask how do I know this? I don’t do astrology so I can’t explain the strange powerful energetic shift with the planetary movements but I observe and can sense these energy beings’ desperation and willingness to leave their dense dark reality and also our Earth’s reality and they want something better for themselves. They are choosing through free will to shy away from hanging around in our reality and to get out fast… So, what is coming I wonder what makes dark beings change their habits in such big numbers. What vibrational energetic shift is the Earth experiencing at this time that challenges their sense of security?

Dark beings transitioning into the light is a very powerful, exciting and transformative concept for me. But, the thought of this happening challenges many people’s perceptions and belief systems as the journey represents a profound transformation from negativity and malevolence to a state of existing in a higher vibration and a type of spiritual awakening if you want to look at it that way.

This transition embodies the universal theme of redemption, yes even for demonic beings and the capacity for growth and change whether in human or non-human form. I feel it reminds us that no matter how far we may have strayed from our true nature, we always have the potential to return to a state of existing in a higher vibration.

People often ask me:

Where do dark energy beings go in the Afterlife?

Are they welcomed into Mass Consciousness?

Do they change their ways? And why would God want them?


ALL energy beings have souls. We have all come from one beginning, one Mass Consciousness and can return to this point of origin if we choose to. For me, trust is essential when working with non-physical beings. They have to observe your behaviours, authenticity, and ethical processes to be comfortable in letting you help them. This relates to spirits as well as the darkest of dark energies. They can often be confused, challenged and scared, believe it or not about change, and their self-worth can hold them back from seeking a new level of existence away from the Earth or their Dark Realm where they have existed for eons.



Now, I have a couple of stories for you from my paranormal handbook I wrote back in 2021  called – The Darkness Around Us, which is available on Amazon.com if you are interested.

 Let’s explore the process of dark transition so you understand the information
presented in the following stories



First, we are going to look at the Threshold.  The threshold is that crossing point from Earth into the Afterlife. People talk about the white light you see when you die or the pearly gates of Heaven and as all energy beings, spirits or dark entities, choose to raise their vibration, they step over or enter through this energetic border – this threshold is their transition point into their next phase of existence. In my early days of this energy work I do,  I initially saw the threshold as a golden doorway, but it has evolved to become an open space with a thick black line at the base. The threshold line is the decision point for all energy beings, and free will decides, do I stay or do I go?

So, now you are thinking where do those dark, naughty, malevolent energy tricksters go? Into mass consciousness, Heaven, paradise, or Nirvana?… not quite…

They have their own place in the Afterlife waiting room and I have been told it is called:

The Healing Space.



The Healing Space is the first door on the right as dark energy beings cross the threshold into the Afterlife waiting room. The space had been there for eons but had never been fully utilised because of the different perspectives of the Light and Dark. There had been difficulty in getting dark beings to understand the benefits of higher vibration transition and that it is not retaliation, punishment or trickery instigated by Management, the God Source energy.

Every energy being enters the waiting room after transmuting from a physical body or the darker realms. Some spirits will pass straight through and enter into the place of Mass Consciousness. In contrast, other spirits have energetic clearing work to be done first before their soul energy is ready to transition fully.

There are alternative rooms in the Afterlife waiting room for different levels of energetic beings. I only have an ‘outsider’ view of the Waiting room, of course but I will do my best to describe what I know so far.

Dark energy beings enter their own healing room, the Healing Space, like I mentioned earlier. Here they address emotional and mental trauma and behavioural choices. Some dark energy beings resist complete transition because they are ashamed of their behaviours during their past existence but they are given unlimited support, understanding and compassion and stay until they are ready to move on to the next step. After they have completed their energetic transformation, they are then prepared to move to the next level of their existence.


Now, for story time I was tickled pink to be given access to the following strange and unusual information about the dark transition back in 2021.

I have called the following experience:

Dark transition into light

People often ask me how I came to understand the Healing Space. A vision of a place – a large room was shown to me during an energy field clearing for a client one day. It was like I was watching a movie in vivid colour through my third eye. I saw a blue classroom with rows of small single wooden desks, and I could see a dense energy body sitting at each desk, studiously working away. I continued to silently observe from outside the classroom until one of the energy beings looked up with its small glowing yellow eyes and came to see who was watching him so intently. 

He floated in front of me without speaking a word, and suddenly it was as if the whole room of beings were there with their golden eyes all trained on me. I didn’t budge, instead choosing to let them become accustomed to my appearance and energetic feel, as I knew I would be regularly present near this place. A few whispered to each other, and some dared others to touch me. It was sweet in a way to see their child-like banter and play, a far cry from their previous existence.

A sudden change in the room’s vibration, like a teacher tapping the whiteboard to get student’s attention, signalled time to say goodbye and back to their study. A few lingered moments longer and then joined the others in a studious fashion.

I am sure my spirit guides used this classroom image because I would relate to it from my decade spent as a teacher assistant in a local primary school. Other healers or energy workers may view ethereal places such as the Afterlife through a perspective designed especially for them by their spiritual supporters. 


It is not easy to step into the unknown, especially for dark energy beings. I am kind of proud of them. But the transition is easier with the presence of a welcoming committee, a friendly face not dissimilar to their own offers them a sense of safety, acceptance, and respect, as you will read in my next encounter.

I have called this experience: 

Meet and greet

I was transitioning 2 demonic level energy beings to the Healing Space one morning and came to a point where one of them strongly resisted crossing the threshold. I used everything I had in my tool kit to assist this being but still faced defiant resistance. He had the desire to go but was fearful, so he resisted, and kind of dug his heels in.

Suddenly in my head, I heard a raspy voice say the word ‘punishment” and it dawned on me that these energies, especially the demonic level ones, don’t know if there is retribution on the other side. 

I fumbled around in my mind for what felt like ages, looking for the right words as a type of release for this energy being, so he felt safe to cross the threshold. Then I intuitively said ‘There is no judgement and no punishment’ as part of my release statement, and I felt an energetic sigh of relief from the apprehensive energy being. He let go of his hold on this reality and stepped over the threshold into the Healing Space.

Another time there were some energies resisting again because they were still unsure about the threshold, the crossing point of no return. I unexpectedly saw a long, thick rope being lowered from the threshold, and the energy beings quickly grabbed hold and were pulled through the doorway. I had a little chuckle to myself; I love Management’s varied approaches to helping all souls. 

Since this process has become a regular happening now, there are two Legion Generals present at the threshold. These guys are massive, with big black horns, cloven hooves and have that air of being in charge. They strategically placed themselves, one on this side of the threshold and another on the other side.  Their presence sends a defined statement of ‘ We are here, so you know you will be safe.’

As I look at the threshold and send the dark beings on their way, the Legion General on this side and I acknowledge each other with a nod, no words spoken and his giant hand reaches out, offering assurance to insecure dark entities wanting to step over the threshold or as a sign of respect in escorting the higher-ranking demonic energies into the Healing Space.


This question always gets me, people often ask me, “What happens to dark energy beings after they work through their karmic and emotional baggage in the Healing Space? In November 2021, I was given a part of the answer. Stay tuned for an update in future podcast episodes, as soon as I know I will share it with you.

I have called this encounter:


The next time I transitioned dark energy beings from a home in late November 2021, I observed the changing energy of the welcoming committee. As I looked at them, I could see their darkness had started to dissolve, no longer solid masses of blackness but varying shades of grey through to misty white. I heard the word ‘Graduation’ in my mind as I quietly pondered the changing density of the dark energy beings.

While they were standing at the threshold, ready to meet the new arrivals, I could see exciting changes happening within their energy bodies and behaviours as well. There was an overall feeling of calmness and childlike excitement as they eagerly welcomed newcomers and showed off their energetic changes like a child proudly showing off a new pair of shoes.

These beings ability to transition is a universal sign of hope that no one is lost or abandoned. The change in their vibration defines their new direction as they return to their original white bright soul energy, and who knows where they go from here, but I wish them luck in their new existence.

As I was about to talk to my book publisher in January 2022, I was given one last piece of information to add here in the graduation section – As the dark energy beings return to their initial lighter existence, they can choose to retain all their memories from their previous dark existence. Not as a constant reminder of their unfavourable habits, behaviours, and actions but to assist incoming low-vibrational beings by becoming teachers and mentors.

I hope you have found this episode truly fascinating and an eye opener to the workings of Universal energy, compassion and life changing possibilities.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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