#61 How spirits and dark beings see us?

Do they see colours, waves or spikes of energy pinging off our energy fields, do they hear our voice vibrations, and whether we have emotional or heat signatures emanating from our physical bodies or energy fields. or see us as they did when alive – our hair colour, eye colour, height, personality traits or is it something

In this episode, I am letting you in on what I know about how spirits and dark beings perceive and identify our energy signatures or vibrations and how they discern between different people. I always wondered do they see colours, waves or spikes of energy pinging off our energy fields, do they hear our voice vibrations, and whether we have emotional or heat signatures emanating from our physical bodies or energy fields. Do spirits see us as they did when alive – our hair colour, eye colour, height, personality traits or is it something else?


#61 How spirits and dark beings see us and know we are about!


And I also share my personal experiences unpacking how paranormal beings, both dark beings and spirits know when I am around.

So, we are starting with spirit level energy today and how spirits see or view us from their individual perspective.

I have a sweet story for you about children’s spirits from an old abandoned building here in Tasmania.

I have called: Read me a story

Back when I worked as a paranormal tour guide, one particular building had many many spirit children present and they loved to play games and climb all over me. During one visit, I thought I would ask some questions to see how the spirits knew it was me present and not one of the other tour guides because they didn’t get the same level of interaction as I did.

I love reading and worked with living children for many years as a literacy and speech teacher’s assistant and I knew kids love story time, so why not read to the spirit children in this old, cold rundown house where they still lived.

Setting myself up one night in this building in semi-darkness, I had my torch light ready as there was no working electricity in the building. I sat with my back against the cold damp wall, thankfully in a thick jacket and started to read. Within 5 minutes I felt a slight pressure on my knee and a snuggling sensation next to my left leg.

I stopped reading and greeted whoever was present. The snuggling settled and I thought I would ask a question or two. Now, to receive the answers I used two options – my psychic senses of hearing and seeing and I also had an EMF detector which was one of the paranormal investigation tools we would use on the tour that night. This device had a gauge on top that could flicker once for yes and twice for no and a red flashing light at the front which did the same. The device sitting on my lap along with a spirit visitor, I set to ask the questions:

How did the spirits know it was me? I was curious…

I asked first- ‘Do you understand my words” and I got a yes. I then asked, “May I ask you some questions?” and got a big yes in my head and a solid one flicker of the red light. I said to them I am curious how you see or know that I am here and I asked:

1.     Do you see me as you would have when you were alive? There was a pause… No, they answered.

2.     Do you see me as energy either moving or still? There was a pause… No, they answered.

3.     Do you see me as light? Yes, they answered quickly. Now we are getting somewhere.

4.     Do you see colours in my light? Yes, they answered. Bright colours? I asked, a wavering yes/ no and I imagine it depends on the person they are looking at.

5.     Do you see more than one colour? Big pause and there were mixed responses of yes and no, so with two spirits present maybe they varied in their individual perception of my light.

6.     Do you see different levels of brightness in my light and other people’s light? Yes, they answered.

7.     Do you hear my voice vibration? Again a big yes… I do have a rather loud distinctive voice that anyone living or non-living could hardly miss.

This was great information and getting rather sidetracked there was a sudden sharp nudge on the book, letting me know – enough questions, storytime, please. So, I set to reading as much Winnie the Pooh as I could before the tour started.

After the tour, I hadn’t finished the full story so sat again in the same cold dark room to finish their story. Being a fully-fledged paranormal addict, I had more questions and I thought I better ask quickly before the kids were whisked off to bed by their spiritual caretaker who I could sense in the vicinity.

1.     Do you understand our words/ language? Yes, they answered.

2.     As I was about to ask another question, I heard the word ‘heat’ in my head and I asked –‘Do you see or feel heat coming of us?’ a wavering yes was the answer on the EMF reader. So that told me a little bit more as I had always been curious as to why spirits seem the create cold or sometimes warm spots or breezes in locations and they can create cold or hot energy. As I was thinking this, I felt a sudden hot patch on the front of my body at chest level around about the size of a tennis ball. I could see nothing but I felt the hotness for about 5 seconds and then it vanished and I heard giggling.

So, some of the spirits there can create and sense temperature from others living and non-living … fascinating!!!

After asking all these questions, I have come to the conclusion that spirits all have different perceptions and skill levels just like living people do and see and sense us in their own unique ways.

I know, spirits understand their own languages from when they were alive, like I talked about in episode 37. Luckily, I only visit sites with English speaking spirits, as I don’t speak any other languages. But you will find this interesting, in that particular location, there had been a gruff grumpy German adult male spirit, apparently a previous gardener or caretaker some 80+years ago who didn’t take kindly to people visiting the property. We had to get someone in who speaks fluent German to communicate with this male spirit and he seemed to settle after some comforting communication and explanation about why we were there so often.

Now let’s look at how darker energy beings perceive our energy:

These guys are less likely to answer questions so I can only offer you my observations and experiences from the last 30 years. Mind you, I did have a conversation with a demon back in episode 34 but it was on his terms as he came looking for answers.

Ok, so dark entities are energetic feeders as you have heard me mention on many occasions. They are drawn to us because of the negative emotional vibe that we emit like beacons. They from my collected knowledge are purely interested in vibrations or frequencies as some people call it in our human environment – single frequencies we individually create or collective frequencies from disasters, wars, or mass suffering etc.

I omit an energy worker/ light worker/ paranormal worker frequency as these beings often come to me before I start a house clearing and I know they are present because of my physical symptoms such as brain fog, mild stomach ache, mild heart palpitations. I have become rather well known in the Dark Realm grape vine and I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing,  anyway, it is what it is!

Now I can also talk about curse entities, a different level of dark being who are attached to black magic invocations and how they find us in the Earth environment. These beings as I unpacked in episode 58 are sent on missions by humans to do harm to other humans. I hadn’t had vast experience with those fascinating entities yet but now as they have become more regular visitors, I have more knowledge to share with you about how they find us amongst the billions of human vibrations here on Earth.

These energy beings find us by name through the words either visually or spoken by the black magic instigator but more likely the frequency or vibration of the name when said along with an image of what we look like. How do I know this you ask… Well if you think about it…There are at least a hundred Anna Schmidt’s in the world at any given time and imagine a demon sent to ruffle me up being sent to some poor unsuspecting Anna Schmidt on the other side of the world, just minding their own business and BAM, full on frontal attack!!!

Also, suppose the magical human invoker has hair, clothing or items, books or something else belonging to the recipient of the spell, curse, hex etc. In that case, these entities are a bit like sniffer dogs and will hunt you down by your energetic scent… sounds dramatic, well not really… it is just an easy way for me to explain it.

That is it for today’s episode, I hope I haven’t unnerved or frightened people listening. This whole podcast is about building awareness of the energy world around us and giving you insight into the signs and symptoms of detrimental energetic intruders in homes and other places. If you want to know more about curse entities and the signs and symptoms of their presence, episode 58 is a good place to start and as my knowledge grows, I will share what I learn with you in future episodes.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.



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