Media interviews

Here you will find a selection of interviews with Anna sharing her experiences and knowledge of the paranormal world around us.

What every lightworker needs to know about dark energy

In this episode of “Exploring the Mystical Side of Life,” host Linda Lang is joined by guest Anna Schmidt to delve into the fascinating topic of dark energy and its impact on lightworkers. Anna is a paranormal investigator, psychic development trainer, geomancer and house healer, and shares her personal experiences and insights.

MY BOOK  INTERVIEW: The Darkness Around Us

I share my journey in making the book into a reality and what people think about it.
Talking my paranormal talk about my book and living amongst the spookies as I call them. Sharing info from my book: The Darkness Around Us inspires others to observe the world around us in new ways. I loved doing this interview, Dave from the Living the Next Chapter podcast is a kind, caring and passionate host. Give it a listen and support David’s podcast as he talks with inspiring authors all around the world.

What does paranormal specialist Anna Schmidt say about unseen energy beings?

Theodora Pendragon is joined by paranormal specialist Anna Schmidt and she talks about her experiences with paranormal house cleansing. Listen to find out all about the spirits and dark beings he encounters in her work world-wide.



Exploring the depths of ‘ the Babadook”: A paranormal analysis

Moving beyond the spectral spookiness with Pete Lacono and Anna Schmidt, as our conversation delves into the profound themes and imagery that create the haunting ambience of ‘The Babadook”. join us as we navigate these dark narrative and Anna offers new perspectives around the paranormal possibilities presented in this dark, slightly unnerving yet thrilling movie.


Anna Schmidt talking paranormal addiction and the toll it can take on the person and their family

In this episode, we look in depth at paranormal addiction and why Anna uses this term Anna to define people who have an obsession with the paranormal and the depth of their obsession can affect their mental and emotional health, thus affecting other areas of their lives. She know first hand about paranormal addiction as she has lived with all her life and is channeled into her paranormal house clearing work, world wide.


Life’s Checkmark with Jonathan Emery : Unveiling the Paranormal Journey with Anna Schmidt: Clearing Energetic Imprints Worldwide EP | 66

Jonathan and I discuss the paranormal world and how the supernatural has affected my life journey in the sense of personally and then later as a fulltime career. We look at what is the paranormal, how their energy affected me as a child and an adult and what I feel in our Earth environment.