#58 Black magic, spells and curse entities

Magic, magic…. everywhere! You would be surprised what goes on in the background in this the Earth environment we live in.

In this episode, we are unpacking black magic, curses, spells and the demonic beings that come with these detrimental actions and how dark intentions can turn someone else’s life upside down. I share NEW information about a whole different level of paranormal beings and my struggle to get on top of these supernatural groupies.
Boy did I learn a lot over the last 2 years about how to recognise and release black magic symptoms, understanding the energy of dark magic invocations and the fascinating interactions with dark magic beings and the realm itself where in-service beings reside.


#58 Black magic, spells and curse entities


Today we are unpacking black magic, curses, spells and the demonic beings that come with these detrimental actions and how dark intentions can turn someone else’s life upside down.



Well, I have to say, I never thought I would be talking curses and in-service entities as I have come to call them, they are a totally different kettle of fish than your average freelancing demonic beings in our environment just doing their own thing. This journey of learning about magic-based entities came through a number of experiences, both personal and client-based.

So, curse beings are in service as I mentioned earlier… I hear you thinking…what does that mean??? These energy beings are contracted through various types of black magic invocation by humans to do harm to others in various ways. These beings aren’t necessarily interested in the emotional imprint food in people or places like the freelancers but are sent on a mission depending on what is contained within the spell, curse, hex etc set by human intention. I don’t know much about black magic, it isn’t my field of interest and I don’t intend researching it, but I need to know enough to help my clients and myself ward its detrimental effects off from us, our homes and our life journeys.



The in-service entities linger like groupies as you will hear me expand on later in the episode and how my normal energy clearing practices simply didn’t work on releasing them from my personal space. I am not sharing full on real life stories as such today but more observations from three experiences – one mine and the two others from clients, one in Australia and another on the other side of the world and how we released the magic invocations and set these beings free. … yes free, well some of them! Some of these energy beings like their work and happily return to the dark magic realm once released from all contractual responsibilities connected to the human invocation of their services. While others have been tricked into servitude eons ago and can’t find a way out so continue to go about the drudgery of their work, unhappy and trapped.


CASE STUDY: My client’s curse accidents


So, my first experience came about after clearing three curse entities from one of my regular clients. She has friends, well not friends now but one of her past friends was deeply into dark magical practices and used these invocations often against people if someone upset her. My client knew something was up when she started experiencing bad luck, electrical issues in the home, items breaking randomly, freakish strange accidents, sleep disturbances and she just didn’t feel right. She saw her doctor of course, and all the tests came back normal, so she knew the issue was energetic.

Tuning into her energy one afternoon, I went through my normal energy clearing process and cleared everything I found. At that time, I assumed the three entities were freelancers because I didn’t know about the in-service beings yet. I cleared them from the client, then myself as the big D’s as I call them, demonic beings, always transferred to the energy worker. But later in the day, I still didn’t quite feel right. I didn’t have any unusual happenings or accidents or sleep issues out of the ordinary but there was something strange going on.

I felt like I was being closely followed, that is the only way I could describe it. It felt like someone standing 20cm from my body and everywhere I went it or they went too. It felt like that person, or friend who likes to get really close when they talk to you or they stand in your space feeding off your energy as some people say. On an energetic level, they are actually in your aura or energy field which ranges from 60cm from the physical body to 1 metre from the body like a big energy bubble.



When I dowsed for paranormal presence, the three entities from the client were still here, just lingering like a bunch of groupies… I didn’t panic or worry but I am very practical in my thinking and when I thought about this situation, I realised that I had inherited their contract from the client!!! And they were stuck because they were assigned to her, not me but here they were confused and in limbo. It took a week of trying all my new different ideas to release them and I am very creative when it comes to problem solving. But with each new technique I used… these entities would go and I would feel better energetically but within 20 minutes, they would be back like they were on some sort of energetic bungee cord.

Hmmm, what to do?, tapping my chin… This was a serious levelling up of my skills so I realise now!!! My spiritual management team as I call them must have thought I was getting too comfortable with the standard energy work and threw me in the deep end as we Aussies say… sink or swim!!! So, thinking… I must be missing something… not seeing the full picture and I contacted the overseas client as she had some knowledge of magical practices and shared a process for spirit transition she had used in the past for transitioning spirits into the Afterlife. Between us, we were able to adapt it to suit the curse entities… great that worked… yippee that works… But the process worked for a month or two then had to be adapted again. Management as I call all higher vibrational beings REALLY make us work for the solutions we need, no there you go, use that and all will be good!


CASE STUDY 2: Decades of bad luck

So, let’s move on to the second client, a local lady who had been experiencing bad luck and accidents all her life from a teenager and nothing in life felt good, fun or worthwhile. Again, I tuned in and found 2 curse beings this time, who through my dowsing, I identified as having been there for 28-30 years. These beings had been sent to her from a previous partner who held a deep grudge and these entities relished their work lingering in the background upsetting her thought processes, manipulating her emotions and mental health tendencies and were slightly disgruntled that they would be leaving her. So, what to do with this lot!!! Here I am thinking again, these guys didn’t want to use the spirit transition method and outright refused to go. You can force them to do anything, it has to be through free will.

So thinking, thinking and I realised that thinking of them like workers sent to do a job. Do they have a contract!!! Ahh, now I had stumbled on the core component and was it one contract for the group or individual contracts??? I have to say this element of my work nearly did my head in!!! These energy beings were used to following rules, I like rules and procedures, so I established some rules… they weren’t to come to me, the Arch Angels would step in and energetically rip up their individual contracts… they were now null and void and the entities could return to the dark magic realm knowing that they had fulfilled their contracts and there was no punishment coming their way for leaving their assignment and they would stay there until reassigned to another job. Again, ‘Ahh finally success”, I am thinking… never get too comfortable doing this sort of work because there are always twists and turns and boy the next level up was mind boggling!

MY EXPERIENCE: Magic attack!!!


Let’s step into my topsy-turvy experience from mid-July 2023 to mid-February 2024 but I must say, I have it manageable and under control the best I can now until Management decides to share more information.

A friend of mine experienced a black magic attack one night and contacted me for help. She is energy sensitive and knew something energetic was up. She had been experiencing horrific nightmares, not her normal lovely dreams and peace-filled sleepy state, her energy was being zapped, she was tired, crying randomly for no reason, and couldn’t think straight and these issues were impacting her life big time!

As usual, putting myself in the middle to help clients because that is what you do when employed to do energy work, I set to unpacking her energetic issues. I went about looking for buildups of emotional imprints, the removal of all detrimental energy beings, but found they were not your normal freelancing demonic entities but more curse beings and they chose to go back to the dark magic realm after being released from their contracts. This action upset the black magic practitioner sending the negative energy and she turned her detrimental action to harming myself. I started experiencing hellish nightmares, bad luck, strange accidents etc similar to my friend and got on to it straight away.

The curse entities sent with the spells were denser and heavier than what I had experienced with the two previous clients and were not going to leave willingly either to go to their forever place in the Afterlife or back to the Dark magic realm, so though a process I designed with Management’s help we put together a plan that all dark magic beings coming to me via black magic invocations to do me harm were to be instantly and painlessly transposed into God’s light and returned to the point of creation. This worked and seriously freed up my energy so I could continue my good work helping those in our reality deal with their energetic needs.

I am not sharing my processes for working with curse entities, black magic removal, transference and deactivation because this is not to be messed with for the sake of curiosity, a bit of fun or a party trick! These entities and black magic are real and not to be trifled with for any reason and I only deal with what comes my way through my work and never go looking for connection or interaction with black magic practitioners of any denomination.

So, I hope that got you thinking on a new level about the energy world around us


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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