#62 Elementals: Gnome pranks & antics in our homes

Do you believe in Faeries?… Well, you would be surprised they types of energy beings sharing our environment – faeries, pixies, gnomes and trolls… YES, trolls.

In this unusual episode, I share with you what I have experienced with the elemental realm and some of their energy beings who live amongst us. I have had various encounters over the years with gnomes, yes gnomes, these cheeky rascals are real!
I discuss everything from gnomes causing mischief in a friend’s shed, another one kicking me in the kneecap and one who was so annoyed that he poked a friend of mine in the forehead and jumped on her bed to keep her awake. And what you can do to create a compromise with these invisible home dwellers!


#62 Elementals: Gnome pranks & antics in our homes


Today, I want to share with you what I have experienced with the elemental realm and some of their energy beings who live amongst us. I have had various encounters over the years with gnomes, yes gnomes, these cheeky rascals are real! Everything from gnomes causing mischief in a friend’s shed, another one kicking me in the kneecap and one who was so annoyed that he poked a friend of mine in the forehead and jumped on her bed to keep her awake.


Also, I have a question from Jacqueline about elementals and a fascinating troll elemental energy experience that I shared back in episode 4 which I will give a recap on today, so let’s get into it with a quick outline of gnomes – who they are and why they show up in our homes.


Who are the Gnomes I keep mentioning?… 

Gnomes are confident, feisty little earth-dwelling elemental beings. They generally care for the nature realm, tending to the gardens around our homes, the waterways, forests and mountainous areas all around the Earth. They can be highly reactive if they feel threatened or their living circumstances are suddenly disturbed inside and outside our homes and in our gardens. Gnomes are very materialistic and love hoarding their personal favourite items. From my experience, I have witnessed gnomes generally occupying cluttered rooms within homes, garages and sheds. They love offerings that make them feel special and can be reasoned with to vacate people’s homes and return to nature if you go about it the right way.

Some gnomes have a tendency to ‘borrow’ our personal or household items and adopt them as their own possessions. They can take a fancy to tools, trinkets, and useful and sometimes not so useful items or personal objects such as keys, jewellery, letters, or money can go missing or turn up in odd places. A friend had an important letter to be mailed and left it on the table under his keys. When he went to the table the following morning, his keys were there but the letter was nowhere to be seen. He and his partner looked high and low but didn’t find it until months later when they were moving house and lifted the couch, and there was his letter. They had gnomes on their property who took a liking to these people’s items and constantly appropriated objects for their collections.


How do you get your item back? I hear you ask… That is a good question that I am going to answer in the following story:

This is a local Tasmanian client’s experience from 2017 that I have called:
The missing spanner


I received a phone call from a woman whose partner, John, had items steadily going missing from his shed. The family of three had moved in recently to their new country home, and John being a woodturner, happily set up the large roomy shed to while away the hours crafting his wood-turning creations. Soon after setting up, some of John’s favourite tools started going missing, which was odd because he was a very organised tradesman.

I visited the family one afternoon, and we were all sitting, chatting, and laughing at their kitchen table when in my mind, I suddenly saw a flashing image of a group of little people in an outbuilding on the property. They were pottering and poking about in the old shed and also confidently wandered freely through the house whenever they wanted. The interesting little folk wore pointy red hats, bright blue or forest green shirts with wooden buttons down the front and no pants! They seemed quite at home, ignoring the three of us sitting in the kitchen, and effortlessly moved around the property like it was their own. It felt like we were being shunned or given the cold shoulder treatment, and I wondered why.

We were still discussing the problem of the missing tools when I heard the words in my head, “Take them an offering.” I excitedly shared this information with the house owners. Kay had just made some delicious shortbread biscuits, so I suggested taking out a plate of biscuits, and John offered a small glass of his favourite beer. As the shed was John’s space, I thought it appropriate for him to sit in the shed, offering plate in hand and have a polite conversation with the invisible folk. The little people might be open to cooperating after John’s kind words and peace offering and hopefully return the missing tools.

So off John went to the shed with a plate full of biscuits and a glass of beer. He was gone no more than ten minutes when he came back. He said he felt like a bit of a fool but did as instructed. Now the waiting began! After twenty minutes or so, John was eager to take a peek, so he walked into the shed and started looking busy sorting pieces of wood in a corner, and as he was rummaging around, he found his missing spanner. His other tools soon started to return too, some in unusual places, but all eventually reappeared.


There are three possibilities that come to mind in this situation:

1. Are energy beings from other dimensions living within the same space as us but in their reality? Were the gnomes ‘at home’, in their elemental reality and some random humans just started invading their space, creating chaos? Very possible! We can’t always see them, but they can see us and often get annoyed when we move in on their territory as I have seen all too often now.

2. The elemental beings in John’s shed chose to reside there because they liked the building, close to the blackberry bushes and other fruit trees, away from the road and the noise and chaos of humans.

3. Were these gnomes builders or wood carvers and fancied some new tools? And thought John wouldn’t notice a spanner here and screwdriver there going missing.

In all of these situations, a bit of polite conversation and a peace offering usually help them to be calmer and see that we are really a friendly lot simply sharing the same space.

Before we hear our second experience with unspeakably naughty gnome behaviour, I have a question from Jacqueline who asks:

Hi Anna, I wondered if I could ask you something regarding the Elementals you speak to before you do a house clearing.  When you ask for their permission to enter the property…. do you see them, if so what do they look like?  I’m doing a course on Fairies and Fairy Magic of Tasmania and while I’ve got many books I’ve collected over the years … I was curious about your interactions with these energetic beings.


My response was:

When working with properties, I don’t technically speak with elemental beings more so I feel the house guardian’s presence (could be an elemental) is a type of energetic force without any type of human shape as such. My pendulum gives the ‘yes’ signal if they are ok for me to proceed and I feel ‘welcome’ if that makes sense.


I have encountered gnomes most often. I don’t really encounter fairies, or elves but have come across pixies who can be slightly naughty mischievous tricky fairy-type beings and pinch us if annoyed. A friend of mine in the UK, came face to face with a pixie one day. She was minding her own business walking towards her cottage out in the countryside when she heard the distinct sound of someone running but could see no one until she looked down and a little being ran straight past her. She screamed and the beings screamed as well… they seriously surprised each other. She described the being as around 20cm tall, fully clothed, dirty face is all she could say as it ran past her and didn’t stop.

Now for our second encounter, gnomes can be naughty when we step into what they think is their territory, as you will find in the following story:

I have called this experience: My room!


A family decided to clean out their spare room so their teenage daughters could have a bedroom each. This idea was excellent in theory until they found out there was a gnome living in the spare room. Over a weekend, the family went about busily sorting all the pre-loved items in the room into different categories – resell, charity shop, and objects to keep but store elsewhere in the house. Little did they know, but they had disturbed a feisty gnome who had been happily living amongst all ‘his’ treasures until now.

The untidy room was soon cleared and transformed into a beautiful, comfortable getaway for the oldest daughter. The family was thrilled, and the girls stood in the doorway, admiring the new bedroom creation. The first night the oldest daughter slept in her new room, she experienced disrupted sleep. She put this down to adjusting to a new sleeping space without her sister. 

The next night, she felt something or someone jumping on the bed, not one big jump, but consistent little jumps, which were very annoying and kept her awake. She ran to tell her parents, and they dragged themselves sleepily out of bed to have a look. When they arrived at the doorway, the room was still and quiet, so the parents looked at their daughter with blank looks and returned to bed, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. 

The third night was the last straw! With all the jumping on the bed and now being constantly poked on the forehead by a tiny invisible finger was very disruptive while she was trying to sleep, she again spoke to her parents but this time over breakfast. The parent rang me that afternoon and explained the nightly chaos in the new bedroom.

I instantly knew the problem as I have seen gnome antics before in homes. I tuned in to the room’s energy and yep, gnome pranks were causing the disruptive nightly issues. The family had unexpectedly upset a male gnome residing in their old spare room. He was so annoyed that all his most prized possessions were removed that he decided to make the oldest daughter’s sleep time, a living nightmare! 

I had a polite conversation with the gnome. Initially, I saw him in my mind waving his arms about and made rude gestures, but I remained calm and patient, and he eventually understood why the room had been converted. He was miffed all the same and strode angrily up and down the room, mumbling to himself. I spoke with the family and we reached a compromise; he could move into the shed and the family would store some of the items from the room in there and he wouldn’t be disturbed except when the lawnmower needed to be retrieved and returned to its resting place. He could then tend to the gardens as well, which is a gnome’s natural state of being. The proposal was agreeable to the gnome, and he vacated the bedroom immediately.

This next slightly painful experience is from back in 2021

and I have called it: Take that!


I don’t know much about the elemental realm as it isn’t my main focus of interest but occasionally our paths cross and I come up against a problem that doesn’t fit into my normal line of work. In this experience, there were three little elemental beings living in the attic of a three-story home in a suburban area in North Dakota.

The family in the home were having items going missing, and hearing strange scratching or dragging sounds coming from the attic, day and night. When they would pluck up the courage to go into the attic, torches in hand expecting to find raccoons, rats or other invasive rodents…. Nothing … and the sounds stop instantly when the key clicked in the door!

The parent’s bedroom was located directly under the attic and the endless sleepless nights were starting to drive them crazy. Scouring the internet, Ken found my website and being a non-believer in the possibility of a paranormal or other cause for their issues, nonetheless, he was desperate for someone to stop the nightly noise nuisance. He finally conceded that the ‘issues’ aren’t tangible, so what is it then?

When I tuned into the home, I went through my usual process of clearing the land, then started moving through the house, floor by floor leaving the attic till last. As I finished the second story, clearing all the emotional imprints, trauma imprints, closing any portals, psychic attack energy, recreational drug residue or black magic residue.

I went and made myself a cuppa and came back to tackle the attic and when I entered my work room… it felt different, not hot or cold different but there was a strange energetic buzz near my desk. Sitting at the desk, I observed the energetic intruder and why he or she was there. Picking up my pendulum, relaxing and waiting for the ready swing, I looked at the floorplan of the attic assessing where to start and suddenly out of nowhere I felt a swift pain at the bottom of my left knee cap. It was so sharp and unexpected that I let out a loud ‘Ow, what the… and within 10 seconds, the kick was followed with another and another. ‘STOP’, I said, ‘Who is this?” as I bent over, head under the desk. 

My question was met with silence and I then saw a shift in energy around my desk, like a cloaked someone moving about. In my mind flashed a small being about 30cm tall wearing earth-coloured pants, a blue shirt and a red pointy hat and he did not look happy. His face was red, puffed up and his eyes looked like they were going to burst!

And it occurred to me, what if this entity is from the attic in the house? As I thought that, in my mind, I saw the angry being again with its arms folded and two more little faces appeared. Ah, I was thinking, I have upset someone! So, In my usual fashion, I said calmly and quietly, “ If you are living in the attic, I am not going to harm you. I am just here to give the house an energetic clean and remove all paranormal entities affecting the family’s sleep.” There was silence…. As if whoever it was was thinking … assessing whether the next wave of knee-kicking attacks was necessary. In my mind, I saw the beings turn and leave my room walking through the wall to outside my house. Gnomes again, these little blighters are everywhere.

Now, in 2024 I know that gnomes are the bower birds, the collectors, and the treasure lovers in the elemental reality.. And we as humans accumulate a lot of stuff, items, and boxes of what we think is junk which needs tossing but to gnomes they value what we don’t. 

I decided to talk to the homeowners and we came up with a plan. Like I said earlier, gnomes love treasure. In that attic, there were antiques and newer treasures and the family even the super sceptical husband were happy for the gnome caretakers to stay as long as they didn’t make any noise from 11pm till 8am AND they weren’t to take items from the house that the family used. The family were kind of excited to have these little energy beings in their attic and the kids called them ‘house fairies’.

The energy of the home improved over the next few days and the nights were silent much to the family’s delight. A compromise was agreed and everyone was happy.

A quick recap of my experience with a Troll from episode 4. Trolls as far as I know belong to the elemental realm. They are shy and like to be left alone to go about their business. This particular troll has a purpose here, he has a job to do in our reality and warmed to my gentle conversations and he became so comfortable with my energy that he started asking for items from my house. Listen to episode no.4 if you would like to hear his full story. He is really a great big furry sweetie.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.



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