Follow up Energy Clearing Sessions

Trapped emotions and detrimental energy can be layered in our energy fields. This is where follow up sessions can reveal and remove each layer of blockages freeing up your energy and helping you to face the future with a positive outlook.

Individual follow up sessions

Package Includes:

Clients can choose whether they wish to have monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly clearings and there are no set numbers of sessions required.

Each clearing session includes detection and removal of all energetic blockages similar to the initial clearing. You receive a written report after each session outlining all aspects found and removed including:

  • Check for 7 different levels of paranormal energy and removal of all attached detrimental energies.
  • Removal of all detrimental emotions that are attracting negative energy beings.
  • Psychic attack and detrimental psychic cord detection and removal.
  • Removal of EMF (electromagnetic energy) buildup.
  • Twelve meridian line check for trapped emotions, emotion removal and cleansing of the meridian lines.
  • Detection and repair of tears in the auric field.
  • Thirteen chakra check, for trapped emotions, energetic residue, clean and repair if needed.
  • Anything else which appears on my 30 points energy assessment check list.

After the clearing you receive:

  1. A detailed written report.
  2. A phone or Zoom call to discuss findings and answer your questions.

Cost – Number of sessions are tailored to client needs

AUD $40, International clients US $30

Payment details

Bank or paypal details are given via email


Delivered via email and Zoom

Follow up monthly clearing sessions

Once you have had the full energy field clearing, there can be other layers of energetic blockages that need to be cleared, such as trapped emotions, or limiting beliefs that come to the surface to be cleared. We are complex beings and can have layers of detrimental energy which when cleared benefit our lives in moving forward. Client’s tell me they feel like they have a fresh start with no baggage and are excited about future possibilities.

Follow up sessions can also help to identify situations and emotional triggers. When you have awareness of your triggers, you are able to choose more beneficial reactions to difficult situations which in the long run create less detrimental emotions.


Anna is one of the most accurate and real supports, one can find if you want change or to clear old patterns/energies. Her pure clear energy shines through and her work makes a difference in your everyday life. I have worked with Anna while having a bumpy journey in life and highly recommend her abilities.

Constantly astounded by her talents which are spot on every time. The changes in my life have been very positive, noticeable, and appreciated. I even had a surrogate clearing for a family member with great success. My heart sang at the positive outcome we had.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Anna… it’s worth it.

Donna – England