Energetic clearings for people and pets

People and pets energy whether their energy fields, chakras, meridian lines or physical bodies can become susceptible to many detrimental influences. Help is at hand to get you or your pet back to their usual self.

Anna is located in Tasmania, Australia and works remotely world-wide from her home to conduct your energy clearing needs.



An energetic clearing may assist a client by removing energetic influences not found by conventional treatments. Paranormal presence within a person may affect their mental and emotional functioning. My energy clearing process is not a ‘fix all or healing’ but removes energetic and paranormal blockages so the client has a clearer perspective about their life choices and direction. There is a mind, body and energetic detox process after an energy clearing and the length and depth of this detox vary for each individual client.

I suggest clients see their doctor and mental health professional for support after the energy clearing. Paranormal beings can deplete a person’s physical energy and, for some people, affect their emotional and mental functioning to varying degrees. The length of time the paranormal beings have been present may determine their detrimental effects on the person’s mind and body health. So medical and mental health support is necessary to help the person holistically return to their original selves, so they can function at a higher level and make positive improvements in their lives.

Testimonial from a client:

After Anna’s clearing I immediately felt some major shifts in my life. Interestingly, a toxic relationship came to a sudden end, I let go of a minor online shopping addiction (overnight), and an old friend re-entered my life. I regained energy, focus and motivation. Things feel on track and clear again. Anna is an authentic and lovely person and genuinely cares about her clients. I plan on getting regular clearings with Anna in the future. I recommend her wholeheartedly. AL, Tasmania


Paranormal and chakra energy clearing

As we go about our lives, we can create or absorb detrimental energy from the environment and other people creating adverse affects in our physical bodies and energy fields. This package clears all paranormal beings, energetic imprints and rebalances the meridian lines and chakras, so the energy flow is optimal within your body and energy field.

Package includes:

    1. A 30 min phone or Zoom meeting to discuss your needs and explain the clearing process.
    2. One visit via long-distance remote viewing of approx. 3 – 5 hours to complete the clearing.
    3. A detailed 3 – 5 page written report.

Your report contains information about all energetic aspects detected and removed including:

  • Check for 7 different levels of paranormal energy and removal of all detrimental energies.
  • Detection and removal of emotional and trauma energy imprints.
  • Detection of detrimental psychic energy cording and disconnection.
  • Detection of psychic attack and removal.
  • Twelve meridian line check and removal of paranormal beings and trapped emotions present.
  • Thirteen chakra check,  removal of paranormal beings and emotional imprints present, clean and repair of chakras if needed.
  • Detection and repair of tears in the auric field.



AUD $180, International USD $150

Payment details

Bank or Paypal details are given via email


Delivered via email, Zoom or phone

Extensive energy assessment and clearing package

A full assessment and removal of 30 possible detrimental subtle energetic aspects that may be affecting your energy levels, sleep, emotional or mental states, behaviours, mind function and more…

Package includes:

  1. A 30 min phone or Zoom meeting to discuss your needs and explain the clearing process.
  2. One visit via long-distance remote viewing of approx. 4 -7 hours to complete the clearing.
  3. A detailed 5– 8 page written report.

Your report contains information about all energetic aspects detected and removed, including:

  • Check for 7 different levels of paranormal energy and removal of all detrimental energies.
  • Detection and removal of emotional and trauma energy imprints.
  • Detection of psychic energy cording and disconnection.
  • Detection of psychic attack and removal.
  • Detection and removal of black magic, curses or spells.
  • Karmic issues or detrimental past life vows detection and removal.
  • Identification and releasing of limiting beliefs.
  • EMF (electromagnetic energy) buildup removal.
  • Twelve meridian line check and removal of paranormal beings and trapped emotions present.
  • Thirteen chakra check,  removal of paranormal beings and emotional imprints present, clean and repair of chakras if needed.
  • Detection and repair of tears in the auric field.
  • And other energetic aspects present on my assessment list of 30 detrimental aspects.

After the clearing:

  1. I provide an aftercare information sheet that gives you useful information and tips for the days following your clearing as you will go through a detoxing period while your body readjust and rebalance back to your normal energetic state of being.
  2. A phone or Zoom call to discuss findings and answer questions.
  3. A mini clearing check-in one week after the major clearing. All information is added to the initial report and emailed to you.


AUD $210 and International clients USD $180

Payment details

Bank or Paypal details are given via email


Delivered via email and Zoom or phone

Energy clearing for pets

Pets can be susceptible to absorbing their owner’s emotional energy imprints. Behavioural or other changes which have no medical cause could possibly be a sign of energetic disturbances within your pets energy.

For more information about possible signs of energetic attachment scroll down into the information section below the packages.

Package includes:

  • One visit via long-distance remote viewing of approx. 1 – 3 hours to complete the clearing.
  • Check for 7 different levels of paranormal energy and removal of all detrimental energies.
  • Detection and removal of emotional and trauma energy imprints.
  • Detection of psychic energy cording and disconnection.
  • Detection of psychic attack and removal.
  • Twelve meridian line check and removal of paranormal beings and trapped emotions present.
  • Thirteen chakra check,  removal of paranormal beings and emotional imprints present, clean and repair of chakras if needed.
  • Detection and repair of tears in the auric field.
  • A detailed written report of 3 – 5 pages containing information regarding all detrimental aspects found and cleared.


AUD $50 and International clients USD $50

Payment details

Bank or Paypal details are given via email


Delivered via email and Zoom or phone

Partial testimonial from a client with a unwell chicken:

READ the full story in this website’s blog:  https://www.spiritualbe-ing.com.au/a-chicken-dilemma-helped-by-an-energetic-clearing/

I had a strong (internal) message/thought to contact Anna and ask her to look at Baby, which I followed intuitively.  I sent a photo of Baby to Anna who performed the clearing a couple of hours after that.  Then a couple of hours after the clearing, she visibly picked up to almost being her normal self.  Me and my partner both noticed this!  By the evening, about 5 hours after Anna performed the clearing, thankfully, Baby had fully returned back to her normal state of health and happiness.  Around that same time, Anna performed Baby’s clearing, I also meditated in the room next to her, doing some ‘OM Chanting’ with the intention to heal Baby. I too got an intuitive message from within to do this.

Anna’s report on Baby’s clearing revealed she had dark energies in her energy field attached to negative emotions (yes, chookies have emotions too!) that Baby created for herself when one of her sister’s passed away 4 weeks before that.  This did not surprise me as the girls in my flock are close, and Baby has always had the most soulful eyes out of all the girls we’ve had over the years.


When I first came to Anna for help, I was suffering severe panic attacks on a daily basis. It all started so suddenly, out of nowhere. Somehow, I managed to hide the symptoms from family and friends, but to be truthful, I was really struggling. Deep down, I had a feeling that this was more than anxiety and how right I was. As I started a search online for help, I was drawn to Anna’s Youtube channel.

After watching several of her videos, I very quickly realised that there was someone who had the experience and knowledge to remove whatever it was that was affecting me. After several email exchanges, a date was fixed for my energy field assessment and clearing. I went about my normal day as instructed and waited for the detailed report to arrive. Even before I read the information, I felt the positive effects of Anna’s incredible work on clearing dark energies, psychic attack, trapped emotions, EMF build up, blocked meridian lines, chakra blockages and aura tears all of which I was suffering from to one degree or another.

The result of Anna’s work was immediate and profound, to say the least. The night of the clearing, I slept deeply and woke to a whole new world. I felt amazing, and I had a real sense of something being lifted from me; I was lighter, more open, more engaged with life, to say that I was a whole lot better than I had felt for a long time was an understatement. As the days went by, the positive effects of what Anna did for me snowballed into what I can only describe as a miraculous transformation. I could go on, but I will leave it here only to say that Anna has since carried out energy clearing for other members of my family, and all have had the same incredible results as myself.

Anna, thank you for your wonderful god given gift of helping humanity. I feel privileged and blessed to have received your healing.           

 Dean, England     April 2022

Energy field assessment and clearing

NOTE: Always consult your doctor and mental health professional before assuming you have energetic concerns or paranormal attachments causing any mental, emotional or physical issues. Energetic symptoms can mimic short or long term medical issues and these need to be addressed and treated by a medical professional first before undertaking energy clearing work.

What is an energy field clearing?

An energy field clearing identifies and releases detrimental energetic, emotional and paranormal blockages from not only the energy field, but also meridian lines, chakras and areas within the physical body which may be holding an array of symptoms as outlined below.

As we go about our lives, we can sometimes create or absorb negative emotions, emotional or mental energy from difficult life experiences which create mental, or emotional imbalances or physical injury or trauma. These detrimental life happenings may attracting lower vibrational energies who disrupt our well-being because of their presence.


What are emotional imprints and why do they attract dark beings?

Emotions are energy in motion, and each emotion has its own frequency or vibration. Lower vibrational emotions each carry a different dense vibration, and dark energy beings are attracted to emotions with the same low vibration as themselves. Negative emotional overload in living beings is the biggest drawcard for dark and demonic level beings.

Feeder energies, the most prominent group of dark energy beings present in the Earth realm, primarily get their energetic food needs from the lower emotional vibrations we constantly create. I sometimes call negative emotions ‘Spook food’ as a quick reference when talking to people about how dark energies use our stored negative emotions.

I am often asked, “Why don’t we store positive emotions?’ Positive emotions are lighter, higher vibrational energy that filters out into the environment and the ether and don’t stay in our bodies the same way negative emotions do. Negative emotions are heavier and carry lower vibrations, so they linger in our energy fields, energy bodies, and physical bodies.

If we feel those emotions deeply enough over long periods, we can build a massive food bank for lower vibrational beings, just like an emotional battery. I have found harmful emotions build up in the ‘emotional energy layer’ of a person’s energy field (aura), in the chakras within the body, and also in chakras above and below the body. Negative emotions can also be stored in the organs and found blocking the flow of energy in the body’s meridian lines.

When we feel negative emotions, there can be two sides to the coin:

  1.  We can absorb negative emotions from family or friends to whom we have a close connection.
  2. We produce the emotions ourselves through situations that trigger us. Self-awareness about our triggers can help us make less, or even better, no detrimental emotions; therefore, avoiding creating an emotional build-up that may attract lower vibrational energy feeders.

Signs and symptoms of energetic influence

The following signs and symptoms are examples of how negative energetic influences and paranormal beings may alter your:

Sleep patterns  – causing disrupted sleep, nightmares, or insomnia.

Behaviour patterns – affecting mood or create mood swings and heightened emotions, panic attacks, accentuate OCD or obsessive behaviours or heighten addiction behaviours.

Eating patterns – causing more or less food consumption or eating foods we know are detrimental to our health.

Physical bodyexperiencing unusual pains: sharp, sudden or prolonged, feel uncomfortable in your skin.

Motor functioning – changes in walking patterns and balance, clumsiness, or changes in speech patterns and mouth functioning.

Relationships and work – how we interact and behave towards ourselves and those around us whether at home or in the workplace.

Mind – Impaired mental, emotional and cognitive functioning, creating harmful thoughts towards the self and others, or experiencing brain fog, confusion, disorientation, unfamiliar or undiagnosed emotional disturbances.

Decision making – experiencing difficulty in focusing and making choices and decisions in all or specific areas of your life.

Paranormal Handbook

I outline all the signs and symptoms in my book : The Darkness Around Us, which I have come across from 30 years of personal experience through working with paranormal beings. You will find a link on the Home page if you are interested in learning more about energetic influencers around us.

I have collated information into a handy book which helps people understand the following information about paranormal beings:

  • Definitions of different types of paranormal beings.
  • How dark energy beings around us can influence our lives and health – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Detailed lists of signs and symptoms in homes and people.
  • How the dark energy beings can attach to our energy.
  • Paranormal addiction – what is it and does it affect you?
  • Where paranormal beings go once they are removed from your energy field, chakras,  physical body or home.

There is no other book on the market that discusses paranormal beings the way I do – from an education non-fear based approach.


Paranormal and other influencing energetic factors

Paranormal influences can disrupt our energy such as:

  • visiting spirits,
  • darker energy beings,
  • creating or absorbing negative energetic imprints from people,
  • energy imprints on personal objects such as jewellery, or clothing,
  • Energy imprints on furniture or in the home can disrupt the free flowing energy in and around the human body.

The disruption may cause many symptoms which affect the functionality of the mind and / or body, which I have outlined above in the signs and symptoms section.

Other energetic disruption such as:

  • Detrimental past life vows or limiting beliefs,
  • psychic attack or negative energy cording,
  • and other subtle energy blockages within the energy centres (the meridian lines and chakras) can also cause disruption to a person’s capacity to live a healthy life and the barriers need to be removed.

The removal of all detrimental energetic influences allows the client to feel back to their normal self and then be able to work on raising their vibration and improve their overall wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. The person can do some self-help work but most often benefits from seeing a health professional to assist with any difficult life changes or adjustments.

Symptomatic changes in pet behaviour

NOTE: Always take your pet to the vet if it is experiencing detrimental changes in health, behaviours or habits. If your pet comes back with a clean bill of health, then the cause may be energetic – either a lower vibrational presence in your home, within the pet’s energy field or an extreme absorption of a person’s negative emotional imprints.

Animals are susceptible to energetic changes in the environment and their owners mental or emotional state. Pets typical characteristics and behavioural patterns can suddenly change in a negative way if spirits or darker beings are present in their homes or their owner’s energy fields.

Some of the signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Pets may pace and can’t settle during the day or night.
  • They may look nervous, agitated or constantly have frightened looks on their faces.
  • Pets may hide under furniture and won’t come out when called.
  • Pets may experience changes in eating habits.
  • Pets may experience sleep disturbances or choose to sleep in different locations in the home, sometimes ending up in your bed.
  • Pets may bite or lash out for no logical reason.
  • They may snarl at stairwells, dark spaces, walls or family members.
  • Pets may nervously chew on their joints or pull out hair.
  • They avoid being touched or sitting near people and prefer hiding or staying outside the home, away from people..
  • Pets may obsessively focus on a particular location in the home or look around rooms wildly as if following someone or something moving about the place.


Anna is one of the most accurate and real supports, one can find if you want to clear negative energies and release old patterns and behaviours. Her pure clear energy shines through and her work makes a difference in your everyday life. I have worked with Anna while having a bumpy journey in life and highly recommend her abilities.

Constantly astounded by her talents which are spot on every time. The changes in my life have been very positive, noticeable, and appreciated. I even had a surrogate clearing for a family member with great success. My heart sang at the positive outcome we had.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Anna… it’s worth it.

— Donna – England

Thank you Anna, the work you have done recently with our dog has definitely made difference. He is calmer and scratching less and appears less fixated on gnawing his own leg! Can’t tell you how relieved we are for him. It took a while to kick in but he is definitely different from how he was.

— Tim, Northern Hemisphere

Ace (cat)
I adopted my cat from a cat’s home when he was just a few months old. Years later, he broke his leg and had it removed, which resulted in him experiencing a lot of pain. He was also at times nasty to my family members and me, regardless of us being nice to him. I have previously had Anna complete extensive work in my life, and I asked if she could look into my cat’s energy to complete an assessment and clearing if needed. Anna picked up that my cat struggled in many areas of his past life with a lot of blocked emotions and feelings relevant and specific to his journey, that were affecting him in this life. Anna completed a clearing, which immediately resulted in my cat having a friendlier demeanour about him, his fur was glowing and his eyes brighter. He has been so much more affectionate and seeks to be where my family and I are more than he has before. Your work has made such a profound difference to my cat’s life and our family, thank you! I highly recommend you to others.

— NC , Tasmania

I suspected something wasn’t quite right with my daughter as each time I looked into her eyes, I felt there was some degree of pain and suffering. And as she grew older, I felt there was also some sort of deep trauma within her, which was reflected in her reactions to situations. She also struggled in certain aspects of her life, where others might say someone of her age wouldn’t necessarily struggle. I spoke with Anna about what I had seen, as I wanted her to check my daughter’s energy field and commence a clearing if anything came up. And a lot came up for my little girl. She had experienced a lot of negative situations in her past, which was still with her. Anna was able to clear these areas and assist her to fully ground. Within days, my little girl had a glow I’d never seen and she was more relaxed and settled in the way she conducted herself. She was glowing and calm and was more capable in the areas she previously struggled with. She is freer and had more confidence to be herself. I am so thankful to you Anna for your work in her life. You’ve really helped!! I highly recommend you to others.

— NC, Tasmania

I was very tired and had a grey tinge on my appearance. And I had very negative self-talk, in fact, quite unrealistic and unreasonable negative self-talk for the later part of my teens and into my 30s.
I had many conversations with doctors and it was cleared that there were no health issues. I practiced positive self-talk daily and practiced many routines to assist me in living a more positive lifestyle. Not a lot worked, as my negative self-talk was constant and I felt it was almost unbearable. I was questioning my own negative self-talk and where it came from, and then the universe leads me to Anna.

Prior to my encounter with Anna, I was skeptical of other spiritual people, or people who claimed to have spiritual abilities. Anna was very genuine, understanding, and non-judgmental and I was able to confide in her about the dealings I had with an ouija board when I was in my early teens. Little did I know the consequences of dealing with black magic. Turns out that using an ouija board had let negative energies into my life and were causing me to feel the majority of the negative emotions and negative self-talk. One by one Anna was able to identify and remove the energies that had attached themselves to me, In total, I had 5 energies connected to me.

Anna was able to educate me about having dealings with darker energies and their detrimental effects on me. Immediately, I went from having a grey tinge to my face and skin, to having full colour to my face and skin. My energy came back and I felt like someone had removed a weight from me and opened the curtains to a very dark room in my mind. I began having more self-belief and began looking forward to my days. I was more accepting of who I was and able to focus more. I felt much happier and content.
Others soon commented on the change they had noticed within me. Anna guided me through the process and spoke with me a few days following the clearing and then a week later.

Anna is a very capable and informative person, with a gentle and respectful approach. Her cost was very affordable and well worth the money. I highly recommend and have gone to Anna many times since for some of her other services.

— NC in Tasmania

Helping others is great but sometimes you need to do something to help yourself.
After months of feeling completely drained, sore and just plain blah, I decided to contact Anna for an energy clearing and I’m so glad I did!
Its only been a couple of days since the clearing was done but I no longer feel like a zombie. My body isn’t aching from head to toe any more and I actually have energy during the day again.
I’m so pleased I decided to look after me for a change, it was sorely needed.

— CJ Tasmania

Anna is amazing with a ‘no fear’ attitude! She helped save my life when I need help the most! I would not be here without her love, care and support! Her work is priceless, not many Spiritual Healers can do what she does!!

— RB Australia

Your work is amazing and worth every dollar if not more xx higher than highly reccomend xx

— KL Tasmania

I wanted to express how grateful I am to you with the energy and effort you have put into my energy clearing and assessment over the past couple of weeks. It makes a difference and I can feel you did this with sincerity and a genuine want to help.

— AB, Tasmania

I had approached Anna wanting some help with lack of confidence and feeling held back in the work I was doing, along with a few other issues. I only gave her a brief outline, I’m a relatively private person.
When Anna did a clearing on me, she told me what day she be doing the work and I noted it down on the calendar. I actually started feeling a lot lighter the day before and thought it just maybe one of those things. It then dawned on me… it was the time difference between the countries!!!
The report Anna gave me contained a few things that I had never disclosed to even my closest friends and family. I knew then that she had truly tuned into my soul.
I am over the moon to tell you that my confidence issues have been largely overcome, I can now work freely and confidently, gaining good results in my chosen field.
Do read her books and watch her YouTube chanel, Anna is eminently relatable, she makes it look so easy and encourages you to master the basic skills. Anna Schmidt is a talented and intuitive energy clearer of people and assists paranormal beings to find peace.
Sometimes you come across people that really make an impact on your life, Anna is one of them.

— YM in the UK

‘He’s like a different dog! The next day after the energy clearing, he’s far happier, obedient and no poo-ing or wee-ing in the house. He’s a very good dog. Very noticeable difference. ‘

— J and J in New Zealand

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