#59 Paranormal drama on social media: What I witnessed shocked me!

Paranormal drama is ALL around us, I see lots of over-dramatized behaviours regarding the paranormal world around us, mostly by people looking for attention by using various methods and strategies to get noticed.

Today we are we are talking paranormal drama… what does she mean…, I hear you say? Well, I see lots of over-dramatized behaviours regarding the paranormal world around us, mostly by people looking for attention by using various methods and strategies to get noticed. And I have 4 experiences to share with you today, to give you an idea about what is going on in paranormal drama land.


#59 Paranormal drama on social media: What I witnessed shocked me!


Now, before we start, I must say that what I share today is just my opinion and I am not judging people about what and why they do it. But I see it all too often to ignore, so I thought why not dedicate a whole episode to unpacking what paranormal drama is, why people do it and what they get out of it? So, sit back and let’s delve into the fascinating world of paranormal drama overload from my unusual perspective of someone who interacts with the paranormal world around us every day.


What is paranormal drama?… 

From what I have witnessed, paranormal drama is people seeking attention in person and online through social media and video-sharing platforms using paranormal experiences to fulfil a need for attention. These attention seeking behaviours can heighten stress, and trauma, create unnecessary drama, and feelings of danger or fear in themselves, their families and those who watch their captures of paranormal activity or listen to their experiences. 50% of the time a lot of what you see is classed as paranormal steps over the line into the HORROR genre, not real personal unexplainable paranormal experiences that challenge rational or scientific explanation.


What do these people sharing overdramatized supernatural experiences
get out of creating paranormal drama?

They get attention… that is the short answer. The more detail unpacking looks at how they energetically feed off the viewer’s responses or comments to fulfil a personal need for attention or feeling heard, noticed or valued or to sometimes break their feelings of loneliness or boredom in their lives.

I have had many clients who have used paranormal drama for attention seeking and for some of them it came down to a mental health condition which they then sought medical help. I shared some of their stories back in episodes 19 and 21, covering paranormal addiction and the signs and symptoms and what you can do about paranormal addiction, so check them out if you are interested to learn more.

I must say I can be a little over-dramatic sometimes… I am a Leo so being dramatic is part of my nature But, but… I share paranormal experiences to educate and not frighten. Even the video shorts I create for online platforms do have a slightly dramatic element because if they are too plain and boring no one will watch, and then probably not listen to the full episode and learn something new about the paranormal world around us. The next point is that I could make them way more dramatic and frightening but I don’t… That runs against the grain of who I am and what I stand for and I don’t want to turn into one of those … Please help me, the demon is trying to kill me… type drama queens or kings!

Ok, enough on that, let’s launch into my real-life experiences and observations about paranormal drama in our society. The first experience is a common theme that pretty much sums up what I have witnessed through many video-viewing online platforms sharing paranormal experiences. People think that others want the extremely frightening supernatural drama, whereas when you understand the paranormal world around you, it isn’t scary but more so fascinating.


The first experience is about a paranormal podcast host pleading for help for one of their struggling listeners who had ghosts disturbing their home and upsetting the family…

 I have called this experience: No response!


I was creating paranormal images one afternoon for my video shorts and listened to a paranormal podcast at the same time, a man was telling his terrifying story about his frightened family and how they were struggling to sleep and were scared to live in their family home. I really felt for them. It is no fun dealing with strange unexplainable happenings in the home, so I quickly wrote down the podcast email address where they said to contact them and emailed later that day explaining that I could help.

I introduced myself and shared that I work in the area of paranormal house cleansing and would like to help the family. I gave my business details and shared my website link with testimonials about the quality of my house and property clearing work and my email address.  I also shared my paranormal podcast link so they could see I am genuine and how I talk about the paranormal in a REAL way. 

I asked if they could please pass on my website and email details to the family in need. Do you think I heard from them…. Nope! No response at all… at first I thought how rude and got a bit annoyed and then I thought about why there was no response and some of the following reasons came to mind. 

Here are some possibilities I came up with:

1.     In the big wide world, I would be classed as a nobody. I don’t have a degree, or a well-known name or face or thousands of followers, views or subscribers on social media and unless you are famous no one wants to know you or trust you. Find the logic in that! 

2.     My email went to their spam folder never to be seen again.

3.     The email address could have been incorrectly written, but this is unlikely and I always double check I have the details right before sending communications.

4.     They think I am in it for the money, but if they looked at my website, would see the opposite. I charge very modest or too cheap prices as many of my clients say. There are many, many hours of detailed work up to 40 or 50 hours sometimes for one house clearing job and all details are included in written reports for the clients.

5.     They think I am a crackpot, which is a possibility but they are a well-known paranormal podcast and talk openly about all sorts of out-there topics and say they are open to different perspectives. Also, they did openly ask for help and still do when I listen weekly to their show… so who knows!

6.     What if the situation isn’t real and they don’t want to be caught out as fakes?

7.     The paranormal beings in the home have diverted the communication because they don’t want the house energetically cleaned. This does happen more often than you think. When I communicate with clients, I use at least two forms of digital communication so the messages get through.


Now for my second experience that I have called: Please help my family


Through a photo and video-sharing platform, I watched a short video one night where a father was desperately pleading for help with removing a dark presence that he caught on camera in their home. I watched it and felt my usual paranormal symptoms of sudden headache in the third eye area, brain fog, dizzy head etc, so I was fairly certain the occurrences were real. 

He was saying that his family were frightened out of their wits and were desperate for help to move the evil presence out for good. He had attached his email and another social media platform message link on the video page so I emailed him at both locations hoping he would see at least one of my messages. 

Two weeks go by with NO RESPONSE… I could see that he had seen the message, yes I did check… but still no response. So again, thinking about this situation it dawned on me that if I cleaned up the home and moved out all the paranormal activity, the channel and photo page wouldn’t get their skyrocketing likes and the thousands of subscribers would possibly disappear. People can become addicted to being popular by any means possible and social media can fuel these obsessions.


Our third experience is an interesting take on paranormal drama and attention seeking as you will soon hear.

I called this experience: My first online troll


I have fun creating video shorts for my podcast episodes and share them through my video channel which you will find in the description box. The video shorts are interesting but no jump scares or frightening terrifying images, just teasers as to the content of the episodes.

Well, I must be fully initiated now on this platform because I picked up my first troll. This person was so over the top with their comments, and in my usual way, I would calmly reply answering their questions but the person became more and more irate, abusive and really nasty. Not knowing what to do, I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she looked at the person’s profile which believe it or not looked religious and had a good boy theme until she looked in the playlist on the channel. There were some 300 videos… it was full to the brim with other people’s audiobooks and videos all about Satan, witchcraft, devil worship, ghosts, apparitions, you name it… it was there, so why was he giving me such a hard time when I talked paranormal in an educational, non-fear-based way???

Maybe I challenged his perspective about the paranormal, anyway, I blocked him as he only seemed interested in fighting, wanting paranormal attention and I don’t waste my energy with people like that!


Our fourth and final sharing today has a different take on paranormal drama and I have called this situation: Tease, taunt, leave

I watched a real-life paranormal investigation one night on a video platform and it was real, what was happening in the home. There were experiences and happenings that I had seen and experienced personally such as flickering lights, items moving, glasses falling off benches, dark shapes moving and darting about and the poor woman was absolutely terrified. The two jokers hosting the show thought it was funny and quickly left after riling up the entity in the apartment with their taunting banter and disrespectfulness and the woman had to continue living there. There was no way to contact this lady but the views on that video were phenomenal, in the millions and all at someone else’s expense. 


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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