Spiritual Be-ing, my business, came about through my 30 year+ personal journey to explore and understand the energetic and paranormal world around us. I have observed paranormal beings in our environment and developed a fascination with the darker energy beings around us wanting to understand them and to be able to educate others with what I uncover – why these beings are here, how they affect us and why they behave the ways in which we perceive them.

I use my unique psychic sensing skills – feeling, seeing and sometimes hearing the unseen beings around us to uncover detrimental energy within the land, homes, properties, people, pets… the list is endless. Emotions are energy in motion and this energetic imprint when on the negative end of the scale can affect our mind, body and spirit and upset the balance within homes and workplaces.

Delve into the world of the unseen and uncover what lies hidden in your home… are you curious? You would be surprised what lays silently simmering away in your home and on the land.

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YouTube – Anna Schmidt Paranormal Specialist

On my YouTube channel, I openly talk about spiritual and psychic awareness. I offer easy, simple tips and ideas to assist you in developing your unique psychic abilities and in connecting to your spirit guides. As a house healer, I discuss varied topics including geopathic energy, paranormal beings, and everything in between. I love educating people about energy and how to use dowsing both, body and pendulum dowsing to gain insight.


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On my Facebook page, I share my Perfectly Paranormal podcast episodes plus interesting information I uncover about paranormal beings in our environment.



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