#60 Tarot, spirit guides and visits from beloved pets: Beverley tells her story

Beverley Danielle is a tarot reader, energy healer and life coach and Beverley shares her many years of spirit and spiritual experiences with you today.

In this episode, we are putting the dark beings in their box and instead shuffling tarot, exploring clairaudience, opening the door to spirit guide communication and why you should listen, also, also beloved pets in spirit, do they enter the Afterlife and can they visit us?
Beverley Danielle is a tarot reader, energy healer and life coach from hummingbirdenergyhealing.com and The Ready, Set, Share Podcast and she shares her many years of spirit and spiritual experiences with you today.


#60 Tarot, spirit guides and visits from beloved pets: Beverley tells her story


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The paranormal pusher story

At 16, we were getting ready to go to like a shopping mall and I remember I was so excited to go for some reason. And I was running up the stairs in my childhood home. And I was probably about two steps from the top. And suddenly I felt almost like I was like pushed and it raised me up and I fell on my hands and knees, like at the top of the stairs. So I was like, Oh my goodness, like what was that? And it’s interesting because to me, it’s like paranormal stuff makes me uncomfortable despite the work that I do. But like talking about like ghosts and like entities and all that stuff.

I have a friend who does a podcast show and he had someone that does ghost hunting. And I listened to the episode and the entire time I had like chills and I was like freaking out just because when I get chills, it’s almost like stuff is true. And it was just like, so uncomfortable. But anyhow, the next instance, I remember I was working in a bank.


STORY: The parking lot paranormal pusher 

It would have been around 2006, 2007 and I was working on my bachelor’s degree at college and I had left work and I was walking down through the parking lot and I was holding the books for class on my chest. And I remember feeling like I had been pushed from behind and I remember I fell down and it was  Oh goodness me, who pushed me?.


STORY: Shut my door 


The most recent experience was at a historical centre. I set up for a psychic fair, right? So I was doing readings and things like that. And the belief was that this historical centre was haunted. They were doing, like, an overnight investigation and all that stuff.

So we were there during the daytime for the psychic fair. And I remember I was placed in like a room to get set up and, you know, all the rooms were like decorated from way back in the day, because that was the historical centres, you know, décor and I’m like a little bit of a busy body, like kind of nosy.

I saw this door kind of like tucked in the corner and I was like, Oh, I wonder what’s in there. I kind of want to open it. And there was like, you know, mannequins in front of it. So I kind of moved those out of the way and I opened the door and all of a sudden like this energy just like hit me. And like my third eye started, like, I don’t know, like hurting and just, it felt awful and like really like difficulty hearing, but I could hear my guides being like, shut that door, shut the door.

And I was like, oh my goodness. So I closed the door and I remember getting like a piece of selenite, like for those that are into crystals. And I put it like on my third eye and I was just holding it there. Cause it was that bad. And. There were other individuals doing readings there at the time. So some of them were, you know, have the ability to turn the mediumship on and off.

They came into the room and they were like, oh, there’s like an older lady in the corner. I guess you like disrupting her things and she just wants to be alone with her sewing and you came in here and. Move the stuff around. So she wasn’t too happy with you. Needless to say, I moved my table and everything and set my stuff up in a different space and I still was feeling like way off. And I remember my guides being like, go outside under the sun, like, let the sunlight hit you. And I was like, so I went down outside because the fair wasn’t that busy and I was out on the porch,  standing in the sunlight, just allowing myself to feel better.And luckily it worked.


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