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The home of House healing, paranormal clearing and spirituality ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. HOUSE HEALING AND PARANORMAL CLEARING rebalances the energetic feel of your home inside and out by the removal of geopathic & technopathic stress, and paranormal disturbances. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT AND LIFE COACHING – unlock your personal connection to the Universe and discover your unique life purpose.

House Healing

The energy within your home affects you, your family and your pets. Does your home feel unwelcoming? Do you experience vagueness and poor quality sleep?

Energy Field Assessment

Are you feeling unwell and your doctor can not find the cause? There are a variety of energetic aspects which can affect the functioning of our bodies and minds.

Insight Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck and life is just not fulfilling what you desire? Life coaching offers you strategies to get you moving in the right direction for you.

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At Spiritual Be-ing, we offer a variety of workshops to enhance your association to your spiritual self and universal connection. We are energetic beings who live in physical bodies and can sometimes find it hard to fully connect to our spiritual selves and live in a balanced state of well-being. When you embrace living in a higher energetic state through raising your vibration, finding the right tools for universal connection such as reading cards, understanding numerology, or using a pendulum to consult with your higher self and spirit guides, you can then focus on what you need for personal growth.

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The Darkness Around Us

A paranormal guide to understanding darkness, so you live in the light

What are dark energy beings, and why are they here?
How do they affect us and our homes, and what to do about it?
How do we respectfully remove them from our home, and where do they go?
How to recognise paranormal addiction and what to do about it!

In your hands, you have a handbook like no other. This book aims to educate the reader by demystifying the Dark Realm and its inhabitants. As we live in a shared environment filled with invisible energy beings, awareness of their tactics and intentions is essential for maintaining our well-being and harmonious surroundings.

You will read page after page of helpful information and more than 110 real-life experiences, which I have collected over 30 years of my personal and work-related experiences with dark energy beings. They are not as scary as you think! When you have the knowledge and clear understanding of what is out there, you improve your self-awareness and make more appropriate life decisions. You consciously choose to raise your vibration and create more positive emotions, therefore avoiding dark energy presence within yourself and your home.

The Darkness Around Us is available in paperback –


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“The Darkness around us”, I was anticipating this follow-up book after reading Your Psychic Self. I like it, it’s worthy to acquire for your paranormal library. Sceptics eat your hearts out until you meet some quite interesting case studies, where, like me, you read of something you perhaps met or saw or experienced that couldn’t be explained and you didn’t know how to talk about it. There’s a philosophy that’s quite unique that stitches the book together with advice and case studies. It could be just pure entertainment or a way of helping to deal with what may actually resonate with the reader as I have experienced. Very approachable informative and not in contradiction of living a decent life or good mental health. But just delivers it and you to another dimension of existence. Enjoy, Mal in Tasmania

Your Psychic Self

How to walk a psychic path and own it!

An easy to follow enjoyable psychic development book for all ages from 10-90 years of age.

I am a natural educator and love nothing more than giving people tips, ideas and practical strategies to enable them to build confidence and be accountable for their own personal growth.

Your Psychic Self – How to walk a psychic path and own it – is available in paperback and Kindle:


AUSTRALIA – contact Anna at spiritualbe-ing44@gmail.com for direct postage


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Latest news

20th May

Listen to the Universe in 10 easy ways

Why should you listen to the Universe? What can you get from opening up to a new source of information? You can receive information from your spirit guides, and other members of your spiritual support network and access the Akashic Records. When you show interest, help will come and the information …

1st May

Are dark energy beings connected to our behaviours?

Lower vibrational dark beings are part of our earth experience as much as Spirit guides and Angels. They are energy beings who feed on negative emotional energetic imprints created by human beings all over the world every day. Once you understand what attracts them, you can work on not creating the …

23rd March

Activate your pineal gland… live in your highest potential

What is the pineal gland, how do you activate it and then what do you do after the activation? What is the pineal gland? Scientifically – The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland that is located in the centre of the brain. It is responsible for regulating the body’s melatonin levels, which affe…

22nd March

PARANORMAL CASE STUDY: The dresser with a secret

Objects, jewellery and furniture can absorb energetic imprints from people and their energy. The following real-life account talks about second hand furniture and its sometimes hidden secrets: A family contacted me through social media about everyone’s sleeping problems in their home. Ellen, the m…

7th February

Real-life paranormal account : My daughter has a little friend

As a paranormal clearing specialist, I experience fascinating interactions with many an invisible energy being. The following recount is from my soon to be published book ( March 2022) – The Darkness Around Us. My book discusses real-life experiences and informative knowledge collected over 30…

17th December

The importance of grounding and how to do it for yourself

Grounding techniques keep you focused in this reality as you go about your daily lives. If you are ungrounded, you can feel spacey and vague and have difficulty functioning due to your mind being elsewhere.

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