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ENERGETIC and PARANORMAL CLEANSING of homes, businesses, properties and people to restore balance and revitalize their energy creating a heightened sense of well-being, stability and peace of mind.

Energetic House Cleansing

The energy within your home affects you, your family and your pets. Does your home feel unwelcoming? Do you experience vagueness and poor quality sleep?

Energy clearing for people and pets

Are you feeling unwell and your doctor can’t find the cause? There are a variety of energetic aspects which can affect the functioning of our bodies and minds.

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House clearing testimonial:

Hi Anna,
You will love this. My friend who is a non believer came to stay. She always stays in the guest room and I hadn’t said a word to her about the recent house clearing you did. She said…” I don’t know what’s happened but that room feels totally different. I used to hate that bed and never had a good night’s sleep. I slept like baby! Even the artwork looks different.” So I told her about you and your work and she was gobsmacked.    JC, Tasmania

The Darkness Around Us

A paranormal guide to understanding darkness, so you live in the light

What are dark energy beings, and why are they here?
How do they affect us and our homes, and what to do about it?
How do we respectfully remove them from our home, and where do they go?
How to recognise paranormal addiction and what to do about it!

This is a handbook like no other. This book aims to educate the reader by demystifying the Dark Realm and its inhabitants. As we live in a shared environment filled with invisible energy beings, awareness of their tactics and intentions is essential for maintaining our well-being and harmonious surroundings.

You will read page after page of helpful information and more than 110 real-life experiences, which I have collected over 30 years of my personal and work-related experiences with dark energy beings. They are not as scary as you think! When you have the knowledge and clear understanding of what is out there, you improve your self-awareness and make more appropriate life decisions. You consciously choose to raise your vibration and create more positive emotions, therefore avoiding dark energy presence within yourself and your home.

The Darkness Around Us is available in paperback –


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Paranormal book testimonial:

“The Darkness Around Us”… I was anticipating this follow-up book after reading Your Psychic Self. I like it, it’s worthy to acquire for your paranormal library. Sceptics eat your hearts out until you meet some quite interesting case studies, where, like me, you read of something you perhaps met or saw or experienced that couldn’t be explained and you didn’t know how to talk about it. There’s a philosophy that’s quite unique that stitches the book together with advice and case studies. It could be just pure entertainment or a way of helping to deal with what may actually resonate with the reader as I have experienced. Very approachable informative and not in contradiction of living a decent life or good mental health. But just delivers it and you to another dimension of existence. Enjoy, Mal in Tasmania

Your Psychic Self

How to walk a psychic path and own it!

An easy to follow enjoyable psychic development book for all ages from 10-90 years of age.

I am a natural educator and love nothing more than giving people tips, ideas and practical strategies to enable them to build confidence and be accountable for their own personal growth.

Your Psychic Self – How to walk a psychic path and own it – is available in paperback and Kindle:


AUSTRALIA – contact Anna at spiritualbe-ing44@gmail.com for direct postage


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Latest news

12th May

#68 Spirits, fear & understanding hauntings: Eric Lingen interview

Eric educates people from all around the world about the spirit ecosystem that we live amongst. He shares his thoughts and experiences with the upward spiral of fear in home hauntings and how to manage those emotions and your responses when you have spirit interactions in your home.

5th May

#67 Spirits haunting abandoned medical facilities… Why?

Many spirits are present in now abandoned medical facilities because they are still at work and some know nothing else and like being with their mates going about their daily lives enjoying each other’s company. Others choose to stay out of fear of the unknown… not knowing what the Afterlife is …

30th April

#66 The Devil’s number 666 and its influence on society

The number 666 strikes fear in even the strongest of us. We wonder if the Devil is here round us when we see and hear the number 666. What brought about the quaking fear and worry people carry about this number?

25th April

#65 Spirits won’t leave me alone!… WHY?

Your intention to connect to the spirit realm creates a vibration,  that can attract one or many spirit visitors…. AND THEN what do you do ?

18th April

#64 Paranormal V’s Horror: Are they the same?

People confuse the paranormal with horror especially in the movies and there are many reasons why this occurs. Do you fear the paranormal?

11th April

#63 Paranormal stinkers and why they do it!

Why do paranormal entities drop stink bombs, what they get out of invading our noses with the stinkiest scents you could imagine and also what you can do about it. Some of these entities just love to drop super rancid smells and watch us scramble. 

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