Perfectly Paranormal Podcast – my 1st episode

And as this is my very first podcast, I thought I would share some background information about my lifelong fascination with dark entities, and why I do what I do as a paranormal specialist. Then we are going to delve into a real-life paranormal experience, which I encountered back in 2018 called – The demonic triplet sisters.

I have a rather unique perspective and approach to educating people about dark energy beings, which I’ve developed through my own experiences over the last 35 years. And boy have I had some curly ones. I work from a non-fear based approach, which challenges the general opinions in society about dark energy beings and a demonic beings. And I hope to help people understand these energy beings and their intentions. from a different perspective. I have this undeniable curiosity about these tricky energetic interlopers. And I love a good puzzle, something that compels me to put on my detective hat and learn and uncover who these beings are, why they’re here, and how they affect us in this reality in which we live.

Episode 1:
My life as a paranormal specialist and my experience with the demonic triplet sisters


So my work as a paranormal clearing specialist takes me worldwide, working remotely as a house healer and personal energy clear from my home in Tasmania, which is an island state in Australia. As part of my job description, I focus on removing paranormal beings and the negative energetic imprints, which draw these beings into people’s homes, on the land in garages, in caravans, cars, and anywhere really where people gather or live. The supernatural hitchhikers also like to look at times in people’s energy fields, where they can upset the delicate balance in the human body, affecting people’s sleep patterns, eating patterns, behaviour patterns, and a plethora of other energetic aspects within the person. And I’ve developed a really detailed process of removing these paranormal annoyances and helping restore the client’s well-being while learning the skills to work with dark energy beings.

My adventures have been rather exhilarating and quite treacherous at times. No one else talks about dark energy beings the way that I do. And I have a lifetime, 54 years of experience that I’m going to be sharing with you through this podcast. And it’s full of fascinating experiences, which have enabled me to understand these invisible beings from a unique perspective and share useful information with other people around me.

So during this podcast, you’re going to hear me talk about dark and demonic beings. Now I use those two terms to describe two different levels of dark energy beings. Occasionally, I will talk about spirits but I don’t class spirits in the lower vibrational realms, which I will be talking about most of the time.

These dark energy beings can be a tricky bunch to work with. Sometimes they’re full of condemnation and distrust. But other times as an energy worker and a house healer, I’ve built a really solid, respectful and compassionate working relationship with these beings. You’re probably thinking, Oh my God, this woman is a fruit loop. No, I get very good results, working with these beings moving them out of people’s homes, out of people’s energy fields, and even out of people’s pets, believe it or not. The other day, I worked on a chicken. Last week, I worked on a little dog who had some issues. And the energetic work that I do, especially with people is part of a holistic approach.

So I always send my clients to see their medical doctor, or their mental health professional. If they come back with a clean bill of health from those two different medical practices, then it’s got to be an energetic cause for the person’s issue.

During each weekly episode, I’ll be sharing a real-life paranormal story with you and relevant information that I have learned through my experiences, or through experiences I’ve had with client jobs. And I would also be up for sharing your paranormal stories and answering your paranormal questions.

If you would like to contribute, you can send your questions and stories to spiritual I’ll leave the email details in the description box for you.

Now for our very first paranormal story on this podcast, I’m quite excited to share this story. This was one that was a real game changer in my line of work. So this is a local Tasmanian experience from back in 2018. And it taught me that the devil is in the detail.


The Demonic Triplet Sisters

A bit of my background is I’m not a terribly social person, I don’t go to a lot of events. But something came up on Facebook, a friend shared an event that she was having at another lady’s house, and I hadn’t met her before. And I thought I’m just going to go, I want to go and just get out and meet some people well.

I was meant to go to this particular lady’s house because, since 2018, we’ve built a really good friendship. I’ve done a lot of work for them energetically with paranormal issues. And this is the very first experience that I have noted down to share with you.

So I met Kim at the fore mentioned social gathering. And this was in December 2018 and we got onto the topic of paranormal beings. She said that her daughter was being kept awake by invisible intruders in her bedroom and could I come and have a look. She said that the spirits would talk and annoy her daughter all night every night, and it had been going on for years. So we agreed that I would come and visit the following day.

I gathered all my tools, which are my pendulum and my folder with all my energetic tables and the next day I arrived at Kim’s house. I knocked on the door and waited to be greeted by Kim. And as she opened the door, I looked into the house and I could see her daughter in the kitchen, sort of watching me, you know, thinking Who is this new person who’s going to be entering into their home?

We all sat down at the dining table and we started talking about my work as a house clearer, where I work with paranormal beings and how I use pendulum dowsing to find out where these beings are, what they’re doing and what they’re up to. Her daughter didn’t quite trust me to start with. She was a bit dubious because she had been around other people who talked about paranormal beings and they hadn’t really been able to answer her questions or help her in any way that was beneficial.

Kim and her daughter Rebecca shared some of their paranormal experiences which had been happening in Rebecca’s life, probably for the last 10 years also, in any house that they lived in, there always seem to be some paranormal occurrences happening. As we were talking their other daughter joined us and listened and shared some of her stories too.

And as we were talking, I started to feel a little bit sick in the stomach, which is my very first sign of paranormal presence because our bodies are natural sensing tools whether you see, hear, or feel, just know that there’s something around us that you can’t see.
I’m very much a feeler, I will feel it with my body, I will feel it with my senses and I will just know that something that’s not quite right in the house. As I’m sitting there, I just observe and this is what I’ve come to learn now is that you don’t dive in and start asking questions of these paranormal beings straightaway. You just observe them, you see where they go, and you see what they do.

After I’d sat there for probably about 20 minutes, I was really starting to feel super, super sick in the mind, I couldn’t focus couldn’t think straight. I thought, right, I’m going to get my pendulum out, which is the focal tool that I use as my focus point for detecting dark energy. when I do my dowsing, I don’t just have to use my mind and my ESP senses, I can use this extension of my energy to connect with the energetic environment that surrounds us.

As I asked the question, “Are there any paranormal beings in the house?” I got a very strong ‘yes’ from my pendulum which is a clockwise circle. I asked how many demonic beings were in the house and I got 1, but it kind of wavered a little bit. It wasn’t quite sure and I wasn’t quite sure how to read that. So I went with one at that point in time.

As the pendulum identified the 1, a demonic being that was in the house appeared. And you are thinking, ”How did she know it was demonic?”, because I felt really sick. Dark energy presence I might get a bit of brain fog and feel a little bit like, Oh, I feel a bit queasy. I felt really, really sick in the stomach. And I knew when I got to the house, I was totally fine. My energy was normal. I’d felt fine all morning, but stepping into this home, told me that there was something there that shouldn’t be there. This is how my body works. This is how my senses work.

As I’m doing my dowsing, this one being must have felt slightly annoyed or a little bit upset that someone’s come into the house that can actually detect them. This is how they are. They’re quite fascinating once you get to understand them. So this being was in Rebecca’s bedroom, which is Kim’s daughter, and I got the feeling that something was standing at the door now. I’m not terribly visual, with my paranormal senses are more of a feeler as I talked about before.

But as this being started to move towards me, I had this really unusual vision of a pair of very long legs, wearing fishnet stockings, and six-inch heeled black stilettos. And you’re probably thinking, What is she talking about? Sometimes these beings will project an image of what they want you to see. The energy being felt very upset and annoyed that I was in the house. So, it was projecting an image it me that it thought might, how can I put it, it gave this being a sense of air of authority because the way it walked was very dominating.

Now I only saw the pair of legs and it was only for a fleeting, maybe two to three seconds. You know, and it was like that’s not from my head, I know that is not me. That is the being saying, I’m here and I want you to know, I’m in charge. It had this very, ‘I’m in charge strut about it.

This entity that had been listening to our discussion stood right in front of me like, in my face, I could feel it. It was like trying to listen to Kim talking through a really thick fog. And she’s looking at me like “it’s here, isn’t it? Yeah”, she said, “Yeah, I can feel it. But I’m I can see that you can feel it more than me.” She said, “Yeah, that’s it.”

Now the family gave this being a name, which I’m not going to share because it was very personal for Rebecca, the daughter, and I don’t want to share it on a public forum. But this being had been given a name and it had been following Rebecca for many, many years. And it was about time that it left.

So Management as I call them, God, Source, Creator energy had sent me to the social gathering that I never go to social gatherings to meet Kim and Rebecca to be there to help remove this disruptive detrimental energy from Rebecca’s life and from the home.

So as soon as Kim said, it’s here, isn’t it, The entity actually disappeared, and the fog lifted. After we’d acknowledged its presence, this energy being disappeared back into the bedroom into the house.

Now, in this home, there were three bedrooms, all on one side of the building and Rebecca’s bedroom was in the middle and that is the room that I felt this being went into. So I asked them if it would it be okay for me to do a walk around the house and if I’d like to start in Rebecca’s bedroom.

Now I’m not going to touch anything, like I mentioned before, I use my body as a dowsing tool and I’ll be able to pick up where these beings are, portals, any psychic cording and any spirits that may be present, usually come forward and say please help me on want to transition.

Kim got up and made a drink for herself and her daughters and they sat at the dining table while I went off to the bedroom side of the house. I was drawn to go into Rebecca’s bedroom, so I just partially shut the door and she had a chair in her room. So as I sat down I found a portal over her bed I could feel it I could see the energy I could feel the pull of this whirling doorway this whirling energetic doorway that leads into another reality.

Portals can be opened through black magic curses spells negative energetic imprints within the home now this may have been something that Rebecca created, it may have been there from actions or interactions that the previous owner created in the home. Anyway, the portal was closed through a process that I use with Archangel Raphael,  as I work with the dark energy beings, I also have a strong connection to the higher vibrational energies, Angels, Archangels, God, Source, Creator energy, whatever you want to call it, it’s just that higher vibrational connection.

As that Portal was closed, the energy of the room changed, it wasn’t swirling and heavy anymore. As that doorway closed, there were half a dozen spirits that stepped up and they were literally like, “Can you please help us? We want to go. We’ve been here for a very, very long time.” I think they came with the land, I can’t remember exactly because it was quite a long time ago. Spirits can simply transition through intention and I called in Archangel Azrael, who is the archangel who helped spirits transition into the afterlife. These six beings, I could see them literally hold hands, hold on to his hand, and away they went.

While I’m sitting there thinking about these six spirits, and how lovely it was, for them to be able to transition into the afterlife, the demonic being stepped up very quickly and put his hand into my energy field and grabbed me around the throat. Now it was the most uncomfortable experience, I can laugh about it now. But at the time, it was the most uncomfortable feeling that I have ever felt from any paranormal beings that generally don’t go hands-on. But this one was very, very nasty and not very happy. Now, at that stage, I hadn’t dealt with a lot of demonic level beings, but mostly dark energy beings, which are much easier to transition, or to move out of people’s homes, they go much more willingly.

This energy being at that time was the nastiest one I had dealt with. As I’m sitting there, I’m starting to feel quite faint, and my thought processes just didn’t happen. I just couldn’t think about how to deal with this. I heard this, I heard this very clear voice in my head that said, “We’ve got your back.” And I will never, ever forget hearing that phrase.

After hearing those words, the grasp around my throat loosened to the stage where I gasped in this very, very deep breath and just sat there, just trying to centre myself and trying to ground myself. And in my third eye, I could see this black mass of energy with all these kind of like tentacles coming out of this entity and it was being surrounded by what I can only describe as Archangel-type beings. The rogue entity was literally taken away and I’m sitting there going, Wow, this is something new. This is, this is a moment to remember!

Now, what happened next was very, very interesting. As I’m sitting there watching this mini-movie happening in my head, both bedroom doors on either side of the room I was in, slammed. At that moment, I got up out of that chair, and walked to the door and I looked into the dining area.

Now sitting at the table were Kim and her two daughters. Let us just take that in for a moment. They’re sitting at the table, two seconds after I hear both doors slam and I stand there at the door and I said, “ Did someone go to the bedrooms?” And they’re looking at me with these shocked looks on their faces, these shocked expressions and they’re shaking their head going, No, we didn’t go to the bedrooms.

So in that moment, I spent around five minutes just walking around. I needed to calm myself down needed to gather my energy. I walked over to the table and I sat with the ladies and we just kind of looked at each other, we had this moment. It felt like we were in a paranormal movie. It is literally like experiencing something that you have seen on screen.

Once I composed myself, I talked about the portal that had been in Rebecca’s room, about the spirits that had been transitioned and also about the one demonic being that had been removed from Rebecca’s bedroom and the ladies just sat there looking at me stunned, absolutely stunned.

Now, while I’ve been in the bedroom, Kim had got out her pendulum, because she’d seen me using my pendulum at the table, demonstrating how I use it, and what I do with it, and she’s got hers out. And she said,” I’m getting three, I’m getting the number three.” I’m just sitting there, exhausted. I’ve been at the house for four hours. And I was really, really like brain tired. I couldn’t think any more. So I observed what she said and I exchanged a little bit more information with them and said that I’d come back and see them tomorrow, but I really had to go home now, because I was very tired.

So the following day, I rang Kim to see how Rebecca and the family had slept overnight, and Kim said that Rebecca had slept better. She was much more settled within herself. She was actually chatty and talking to people, not so quiet and spending time in a bedroom away from everyone. But there’s still there was still something that wasn’t quite right. She asked me if I could come back to the house. I arrived at Kim’s house at around one o’clock that afternoon and as we were sitting there, having a cup of tea, and talking about the events of the previous day, Kim is still talking about this three, what is this three she said, I dreamt about this three. This number three is really, really important.

While Kim’s talking, I’m getting that sick feeling coming again. And I’m thinking oh, here we go again. The bodily signs are a great way of identifying paranormal beings in the environment. And as she talked about three, I caught this vision of triplets, triplets, we had triplet sister demonic beings in this house. Now, two demonic beings appeared from the bedroom end of the house and they came almost running at me and stopped right in front of me. They were really pissed. They were annoyed that their sister had been taken away by the Archangels. They were seriously annoyed, my sleep that night had been quite disrupted. And in those days, I didn’t realize that they could come to my house and annoy me during the night because they were disgruntled, you might say about me having moved their sister on.

Before these two beings could get into my space, I did not want any more throat-grabbing, or any harm to come to Kim, her daughter or myself. I called in Archangel Michael, and a plethora of other Archangel beings to be present in the home. It was almost like having 50 bodyguards in the house. Seriously, it was very high vibrational, these two demonic beings stopped in their tracks, and they were literally centimetres from my face. I could feel them, I had these waves of sickness, it’s really hard to explain until you have actually experienced it yourself. And in my mind, I could see the angelic beings showing that they are there to protect us.

These two demonic sisters did not want to go down the same path as their sister, who I think had been terminated by angelic beings. I can’t say for sure because that’s not my place to know that information, so I wasn’t told. But she hadn’t come back and they hadn’t gone to her and they were a little confused and upset too. Now I have more compassion for these beings and understand that they are energy, they feel emotion, and they can get just as annoyed when things happen to their family just as much as we can.

So anyway, back to the story. These two demonic beings stood in front of me. The angelic beings were surrounding us in the dining room and all through the house. I could just see them you could feel their presence. These two demonic sisters chose to willingly leave the house. They left Rebecca, they left the family, and they did not enter the home again. Because as I felt them leave, I said to them, “If you come back, you will get the same punishment as your sister “. They didn’t turn, they didn’t look, they simply knew that they couldn’t win, so they chose to go somewhere else, now where that somewhere else is, I couldn’t tell you. But these beings have free will, so they can go anywhere in our environment where there are energetic imprints that attract them.

Once these beings had left, the higher vibrational beings also at the same time, left the house, and we’re all sitting there again, mouths open, just kind of looking at each other going. what just occurred, what just happened. And this is one of the stories that I’m sure I’m going to tell many, many, many times the demon triplet sisters, and Kim and I still we laugh about it now it wasn’t funny at the time. But now we can look back and go, Oh my gosh, we both learned so much from that experience.

Since the three entities left Kim’s house, they were never seen again. Rebecca’s energy and her sleep and her behaviours improved to another level. This girl is very, very psychic and psychic people are an attractant to higher vibrational beings. But also, sometimes the lower vibrational beings will come looking but just checking you out. You know, because it’s all energy, we are energy in these physical bodies, the same as those beings that they just pure energy.

I hope you found this paranormal experience interesting and it gives you some understanding of how your body can sense changes in the environment. And it’s not always tangible things that you can see.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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