#65 Spirits won’t leave me alone!… WHY?

Your intention to connect to the spirit realm creates a vibration,  that can attract one or many spirit visitors…. AND THEN what do you do ?

In this episode,we are exploring a question from Carol in Ontario, Canada amongst others who asks:

Why do spirits keep coming to me? I just don’t get it!

People ask me this question a lot and there are openly definable reasons why spirits linger around people and also some not so easily defined reasons which we will unpack today along with some relatable real life experiences of mine and my house clearing clients.

Today’s episode is not specifically talking about passed loved ones or relatives coming to visit because that can be commonplace for many people at one time or another in their lives – the dream visitations, the familiar wafting scents of pop’s cigars or Nanna’s scones, or those sentimental songs on the radio, all the common sorts of signs that people experience.


#65 Spirits won’t leave me alone!… WHY?


Let’s look at The WHYS? There are lots of possibilities as to why spirits and sometimes dark energy beings keep coming back to people.

We will look at spirit-level energy first:


Your intention to connect to the spirit realm or passed loved ones either consciously or a subconscious hidden desire creates a vibration, sometimes many different vibrations all happening at the same time and that energy you are pumping out can attract spirit visitors.

Here is an example –

A friend came to me with issues of continuously being annoyed by spirits and spirit-type happenings in her home. At first, it was fun and she loved it but that soon wore off when she realised, she couldn’t control the situations happening on a daily basis and her sleep and mental health were declining. She had been told she had a gift to work with spirits but wasn’t given tuition on the pros and cons of this work and some of the downfalls with it.

Long story short, she made a declaration to the Universe that she didn’t want to do this work and asked that all spirits in or coming to her home be directed elsewhere to someone who could help them when needed. She needed to say this statement multiple times to finally shift the vibration around her and focus her attention on other aspects of her life with family, hobbies and keeping busy away from all thoughts about the paranormal.


Psychic openness – either known or hidden, if you are really in tune with the energetic environment around you, your vibration may attract spirits. Sometimes people have a natural gift to help transition spirits but they are unaware of it or it is of no interest to them but you have to deal with invisible visitors in the home flickering lights, moving items, and touching you. I often used to get a gentle squeeze on my right upper arm if a spirit or group of spirits wanted help. I knew what the sensation was straight away. The squeeze was a reminder as I usually got sidetracked in the morning and forgot to do the transition for them.


You work as a lightworker, healer, tarot reader, mediumship, or house healer… any type of energy work shines or vibrates your aura or energy field light and brighter or you are meant to be an energy reader, medium or reiki energy worker for example but haven’t found time yet to do the training.


You desire to be a spiritual worker or transitioner of spirits but you can’t dedicate regular time to do this – This situation can be tricky because we all have family commitments, work long hours, have social lives, and sports or exercise routines and dedicating time to transitioning spirits can be difficult. Spirits aren’t ruled by day, times, jobs, routines or schedules and can turn up in your home 24/7, loitering in groups or following you around the house.


No energetic or personal boundaries are a big issue… give spirits an inch and they can take a mile. Boundaries and rules are important and some of them will test your boundaries so be firm but kind at the same time. I had to do this as I was having spirits coming into my house all hours of the day and night waking me up, poking me when in the shower, standing right up against my legs when sitting, and in my face when eating dinner.

I set up a rule that they were to wait outside my home next to the window where I work and when I sit down to start work every morning, I would call them in and spend 20 minutes clearing and transitioning them in groups. This routine worked well and when a naughty spirit turned up in my bedroom, I would sleepily ask the person nicely to go and wait outside the kitchen window until the morning.


Some people I ask this question: Do you really want them to stop coming to you? Some people like to complain about their homes being haunted or they are being attacked by unseen forces basically to get attention. I talked about this very subject back in episode 5 with the part-time demon slayer who only wanted to work Tuesdays and Thursdays. And again in the Paranormal addiction episode no.19 where I unpack why people use paranormal happenings to get attention and sympathy and what causes them to behave this way.


I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about passed relatives but sometimes if you haven’t dealt with grief about a particular person’s death, they may visit you because of concern for your worrying about them. Seeking counselling may help alleviate your pain and then your spirit visitor will return to the Afterlife happy in knowing you have sought help.


Astral travelling can attract spirits or cosmic or the darker energies when you are out wafting around in the Universe. I don’t think or remember if I astral travel so don’t really have more info on this aspect of spirit or other energy being attraction.


Star seeds this is an interesting aspect of energy being attraction. Some people say we all come from other planets and galaxies and earth is a melting pot of all dimensions and beings from everywhere in the Universe… well that would make great sense for all the topsy turvy energetic interactions and happenings going on all the time! Star seeds, I was told once that I am one… no wonder I don’t feel like I fit in here on Earth. Anyway, food for thought!


Let’s look at the darker end of the scale:


The darker beings are attracted to people for other reasons:

There are a couple of reasons why dark beings are attracted to us mere humans – your vibration and your intention:

1. VIBRATIONS carry YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, WORDS, ACTIONS AND REACTIONS; You hear me talk a lot about the emotional and trauma imprints, recreational drug vibrations, addiction and other lower vibrational activities all the time in relation to attracting dark beings. And basically, if you don’t change your negative thoughts, words, habits and activities etc, you may keep attracting the dark beings back again, it is as simple as that! They are drawn to your vibration.

2.     INTENTION carries YOUR DESIRES AND WANTS: Some people want to connect with the darkness to experience it or even WORSE control it and use its power for their greed, selfishness, ego, need to feel powerful, or want the control of or to do harm to others but boy are they in for a surprise… dark beings aren’t to be controlled like puppets they have minds of their own and eventually will turn on those who invoke them!


I am going to mention COSMIC BEINGS here too…


and I am not talking about alien abduction, but also I am not saying that doesn’t happen. I sometimes feel like I am being watched and when I do the dowsing, there are no dark beings present, angelic beings are present which is the norm for me ( and many others) BUT there are also cosmic beings from many planets and constellations watching and observing us – our habits, actions, and our reactions.

I feel a bit like a lab rat sometimes with what I go through as if they are there with a checklist ticking off how I go or writing notes and shaking their heads. They don’t interact or harm me, just observe and really I can’t do much about it, so I just leave them to it. I feel like they are mostly helping humanity, but I can’t really comment as I don’t have enough experience or information to make a long-term judgment.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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