#63 Paranormal stinkers and why they do it!

Why do paranormal entities drop stink bombs, what they get out of invading our noses with the stinkiest scents you could imagine and also what you can do about it. Some of these entities just love to drop super rancid smells and watch us scramble. 

In this episode, we have a slightly ‘off’ topic (little pun there) ….. We are unpacking dark beings and their stinky habits. Have you ever smelt an unexplainably bad smell that caught you by surprise? There was no tangible reason for the upsetting stink and you were left wondering what and why the stinky stench had occurred. AND worst of all, the odorous stink seemed to follow you around your home and you couldn’t get away from it.


#63 Paranormal stinkers and why they do it!


If you have never smelt a paranormal stink, here are some of the descriptions people have shared with me and some I have experienced myself. I have defined four main types of stink to look out for as they vary in their level of intensity:

1.     The sulphur gas smell  – that feels like it burns your nose

2.     The classic rotten egg smell – who hasn’t smelt that at one stage or another

3.     The rotting carcass smell – These stinks are particularly bad! They can make you feel very queasy or even vomit! I have dealt with a few like this and they really do make my stomach turn.

4.     That dank, musty, mouldy smell  – and you can’t put your finger on where it is coming from. Many of my clients have had this type of smell in certain areas of their homes. And before contacting an energy worker to investigate the problem at an energetic level, they do all the rational debunking by looking at ventilation issues, water leakage into rooms, building issues, spilt liquids, or sewerage pipe issues located in specific areas under the home.

These stinks can be fleeting and gone in a flash or they can be stationary in a space in the home or seem to stick to you and you wonder what on earth is going on!

I will expand on this explanation in the following real-life account that I have called:

 The Follower


A mate of mine in the UK is a fellow house healer and after he finished a long intensive job on a large property, he noticed a smell in his flat and not a very nice one. Were the two connected? At first, he thought not, but the awful odour lingered and seemed to follow him everywhere he went. He did all the rational debunking, and this smell was not the normal food cooking smells or that occasional beer half-drunk and left sitting on the table in the lounge room. this was something else! 

This smell was nasty and really irritated his nose and felt like it was burning the hairs in both his nostrils. And he sat on his couch one night perplexed as to what it was until he remembered my mentioning on a group chat one night of paranormal beings having the ability to drop stinks and the recent property clearing had indeed had many paranormal beings present.
He messaged me and got me to have a look in his flat and around him. Indeed, there were two disgruntled paranormal beings who had not taken lightly being moved out of their long-term home and felt retribution and revenge were necessary!

After lengthy mediation with these supernatural intruders, I conceded that my friend had only been doing his job and they agreed to now leave him alone having had their fun and taking their smelly antics elsewhere. Over the next few days, the energy of the flat improved and he experienced no more unsettling odours.

Before we look at our next experience, let’s unpack:
Why do paranormal entities drop stinks and what do they get out of it?

I have put together some possible options for the smell antics:

1.     They like to see our reactions. Paranormal beings have a sense of humour and I did a whole episode back in episode 9 talking about this exact problem. Check it out if you are curious about supernatural humour.

2. They do it to frighten us, keep us away from a particular location or just purely for the fun of it! Again, they think they are funny!!! Because we give such great reactions.

3.     This is a biggie – Letting us know we have overstepped a boundary. They will let us know they are annoyed or upset if people other than energy workers are disrespectful, say on a paranormal investigation, for example.

4.     Sometimes they will guard a particular location because of the energetic imprints there. Their favourite energetic food source is a prized possession and won’t give it up easily.

5.     Might not be a dark being doing the stinking, elementals such as gnomes from my experience can on occasion create horrid smells when they are upset, like the stink bombs some of us smelt at school as kids. I did a whole episode on elementals and their habits and what they get up to in our earth’s environment, back in Ep. 62. Check it out if you want to know more about a different realm of energy beings who live amongst us and sometimes influence the energy of our homes.

Our second experience is one I observed late one night during a paranormal investigation.


I was employed in those days as a tour guide in a local abandoned site here in Southern Tasmania. We had a lively bunch of guests for the tour that night and one of the buildings we were visiting housed a slightly volatile energy being. When left alone in the quiet of the building he was fine, but he didn’t tolerate loudmouth hooligans which some of these people were.

The night tour began and halfway through two people were complaining of a disgusting smell in certain parts of the building. They said the smell seemed to be following them. I kept my mouth shut as while working as a tour guide, I wasn’t allowed to share my work type information, which was fair enough. But I stood there listening to their constant complaining with a smirk on my face. I knew who was haunting these two uncouth people and they had created this problem and suffered for the whole 2 hours with a stink bomber hot on their heels. Coming to the end of the tour, I saw in my mind the creator of that night’s stinky trauma retreating to his hiding place behind the stairs, feeling quite happy with himself for his night of fun.

As we walked the guests to the gate, it was a relief to see the cars drive away with their noisy disrespectful passengers. I do wonder if they ever experienced other stink bombers at other haunted locations.


So what can you do if you have any unexplainable smell in your home with no rational cause? 

Two options come to mind:

1.     Ask it or them to leave your home. Be polite and apologise for possibly upsetting them. I have done this myself during many house clearing jobs. It is just like stepping onto another person’s property and they get upset and can sometimes lash out. Observe the location and if the smell doesn’t leave move onto option 2.

2.     Call an energy clearer with experience in dealing with paranormal issues. This person needs to find and identify the cause of the issue and why the paranormal beings are acting in such a way.

I just want to mention too, that if you are energy sensitive, you might sense the stenchy stinkers more than others around you and no, you are not going mad, you are just more aware of the energetic environment around you than other people.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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