How to sense dark beings in the environment

Do you feel the energy in places – positive or negative? You would be surprised how sensitive your body and senses are. We are after all soul energy in physical organic bodies.

Paranormal beings LOVE getting close to us and our bodies and minds can react in various ways to sense their presence. Some signs are simple like sudden brain fog or a stomach ache which occurred after entering a building or standing next to someone and suddenly feeling strange or unwell.

More complex signs, for example, can be changes in your motor skills – walking or hand function feel different or you experience sudden behavioural changes – mentally or emotionally and your doctor can’t find the cause.

In the following video, I give an overview of the common signs of sensing dark beings’ presence which I have experienced over many years of living with their habitation in my home and work environment with client house clearings.

I have written a paranormal handbook called The Darkness Around Us – which lists an extensive collection of signs and symptoms that affect our minds and bodies. If you want to know more, look at the link below:

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