A chicken dilemma helped by an energetic clearing

Yes, energetic clearing works for members of the animal kingdom as well as for human beings. A friend let me conduct an energetic clearing as part of an overall well-being process to help their egg-bound chookie girl, Baby get better.


Client Testimonial:

I am a ‘chicken mother’ (that’s right, I love my feathered babies) and always have my eye on them to ensure they are healthy and happy.  At times things pop-up that need addressing (as all you chooky owners know ;)). 

On this particular occasion my beautiful big white Australorp, Baby, was not herself.  She was displaying some signs of being egg-bound (tail down, no appetite, moving slowly) so I (with some help of my partner as my hands are way too little to contain her massive wings lol) immediately took action. 
I gave her an Epsom salt bath.  We had given her a few baths over the course of a day or so (plus altered her diet accordingly) and there was no visible improvement.  Her back end did not seem too bloated either like a typical egg-bound chook. 

I had a strong (internal) message/thought to contact Anna and ask her to look at Baby, which I followed intuitively.  I sent a photo of Baby to Anna who performed the clearing a couple of hours after that.  Then a couple of hours after the clearing, she visibly picked up to almost being her normal self.  Me and my partner both noticed this!  By the evening, about 5 hours after Anna performed the clearing, thankfully, Baby had fully returned back to her normal state of health and happiness.  Around that same time, Anna performed Baby’s clearing, I also meditated in the room next to her, doing some ‘OM Chanting’ with the intention to heal Baby. I too got an intuitive message from within to do this.

Anna’s report on Baby’s clearing revealed she had dark energies in her energy field attached to negative emotions (yes, chookies have emotions too!) that Baby created for herself when one of her sister’s passed away 4 weeks before that.  This did not surprise me as the girls in my flock are close, and Baby has always had the most soulful eyes out of all the girls we’ve had over the years.

Anna’s report also showed that Baby had absorbed some negative emotions from me.  This information resonated as I do spend time connecting with Baby while I am outside gardening.  Because of this emotional connection, I performed a cord-cutting exercise between myself and Baby to protect Baby from absorbing any more of my negative emotions that I may (inadvertently) transfer to her in the future.  Baby’s health has been 100% since Anna’s clearing which also indicates the cord-cutting has worked.  This experience highlights how vital Anna’s work is to not only people but also animals – animals of all kinds!!!

This experience is a classic example of how all sentient beings can feel and sometimes absorb emotional energy imprints. It is great to see animal owners looking beyond the normal perspectives which can affect an animal’s health. All living beings can be affected medically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

So far, I have worked on cats, dogs, and now a lovely white australorp called Baby.

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