#55 Four trapped spirits tell their traumatic stories

Spirits wander the Earth looking for help and when they find someone who can see or hear them and find the solution they need, help is at hand. In this episode, we are stepping away from the dark beings to hear four REAL life experiences shared by spirit souls who were trapped within the Earth realm. We are going to look at what kept them here and how they were released to find peace on the other side.

Today we are stepping away from the dark being to hear 4 REAL life experiences shared by spirit souls who were trapped within the Earth realm. We are going to look at what kept them here and how they were released to find peace on the other side. You may need a box of tissues because these stories are real tear-jerkers.

The four experiences I share with you today are all mine from within the last 5 years or so. They all come with despair, sadness, and pain but also relief and peace so bear with me to the end, you will love the happy endings. I seem to be a magnet for all levels of paranormal energies and have found once spirits understand that you can see/ hear or sense their presence often they will come forward for help. The help can be in the form of an acknowledgement of their struggle, assistance to release pain and trauma or to release an emotional tie to this reality, sometimes they want their story heard, and find peace in knowing someone cares.


I must say, this episode comes with a BIG TRIGGER WARNING for anyone who has experienced personal abuse or trauma and grief at the loss of a child. There are no graphic descriptions shared today but if any of the information upsets or triggers you mentally or emotionally, please see your doctor or mental health professional.


#55 Four trapped spirits tell their traumatic stories


Not all spirits are ready to transition as I discussed in episode 20 of this podcast, they all have different reasons as to why they are still here and today we are hearing the stories of four souls who came forward to finally be released from this reality and wished to now be with friends and family on the other side.


Our first experience today is about a spirit lady under the stairs and she shares from her perspective why she stayed:

I have called her story: The hiding place

A client employed me recently to check her home for suspected paranormal intruders as she had been experiencing strange knocking on the walls in the middle of the night, continuous sleep disturbances, rancid smells in some rooms and an overall feeling of being uncomfortable and unsettled in her home.

She emailed me the floorplan for the home and I set to doing the detective work and defining the core issue of these energetic disturbances disrupting her life. She specified the smell in the storage room in the middle of the house was particularly bad and mentioned the outline of an old small now sealed door on the far wall, and this immediately caught my attention. There was an uneasiness about that door that tweaked my paranormal radar and I thought it best to work through the rest of the home, room by room and leave that area of the house till last.

After 10 to 12 hours of finding and removing all the energetic imprints and paranormals in the rest of the home, it was time to tune into the storage room and the mysterious doorway leading into a small dark space that had been unused for some 30 years under the newly built staircase. The client, Bec had highlighted early on in our conversation that the storage room was the main place where she had heard constant knocking and rotten smells and she felt uneasy in there but was also curious about what lay hidden behind the door of the solemn little space now under the stairs.

Focusing on the floorplan and dowsing to identify the emotional imprints in the storage room, the unusual nook under the stairs with the sealed-up doorway suddenly tweaked my attention. In my mind, out of nowhere, I heard a voice. A very clear female voice as if someone stood right next to me who said in a whisper, “Shhh… he won’t find me here.”  I found myself in a mild trance-like state, putting my left index finger to my lips and repeating the phrase over and over and kind of rocking gently in my chair. As I said the words, I caught glimpses of the battered and bruised face of a middle-aged woman. And for a second, she looked at me through her black and blue swollen eyelids, her face still and emotionless. She sensed my presence as much as I saw her image in my third eye.

She had lived in this home many years ago and now in spirit form, found herself repeating old patterns of fear and panic hiding in the small secluded space under the stairs. She told me it was the only place she felt safe when she was alive. She didn’t tell me if she passed away in the home or maybe she didn’t remember. Her husband had been mentally unstable for most of their marriage and coupled with constant drinking to mask his worries, the excess alcohol and instability led him to blame her for his life problems.

After telling her story, and releasing her pain, she felt relieved. I felt a deep shift in her energy, she felt more at peace and calm. She was ready to move on from her previous painful existence and told me she longed to be with her grandparents on the other side. So I suggested she close her eyes and see them in her mind, smiling and welcoming her and within an instant she was gone, released from her fear and trauma, a free soul ready to explore existence on the other side.

Such a powerful release for this lady from the trauma holding her here, and  I truly hope she is now at peace with her loved ones in the Afterlife.


Our second experience is a recent one from October 2023 about a lady wanting someone’s attention and finally getting the help she needed.


I have called her story: Eliza’s baby


A friend and I visited a local historic site here in Hobart one afternoon. I have never been there before even though I have lived in Tasmania all my life. I was excited to learn about the early history of this particular site. My friend loves history, especially our convict history and had been to this place many times before. So, we arrived, parked, and paid the fee to enter the location and I was instantly pulled to enter one specific side of the site and my friend came with me, her head buried in the brochure.

I was a little nervous because of the paranormal side of things – all sorts of paranormal beings find and follow me when I am out in public and today as you will hear was no different! But in a good way which slowly unfolded throughout the afternoon.

We entered the left doorway and no more than 5 steps in I saw a woman in my mind, my third eye if you want to look at it that way. She was dirty and dishevelled from head to toe, dressed in old late 1800’s style work clothing and an apron and holding out what looked like a baby’s shape wrapped in a crumpled white blanket. The woman had a forlorn look of despair on her face and her outstretched arms showed me the blanket which looked like it was wrapped around a baby but it felt like there wasn’t a baby there, the blanket felt empty. This poor lady looked desperate, in despair and I will never forget her face as the image is firmly imprinted in my mind forever.

She stood looking at me, pushing her arms out for at least a minute as if she was trying to tell me something with her gestures. I said to my friend, ‘There is a lady here. I think she is looking for her child, possibly a newborn.’ In that next second, the spirit lady image vanished from my mind and we continued to explore the site. I asked question after question and my friend shared her knowledge of the place. Women and their babies had been housed in this location in convict times and many mums and bubs had passed through that place. The feeling of the despair-ridden lady followed me and I stayed open to any more communication she might like to share as we wandered around reading plagues on the walls and feeling the energy of each area at this site.

We had arrived at the location, 1 hour before closing time, so it was rather a quick visit. Near the end of the visit, we saw a large display on a far wall noting all the women and children’s names who had been through the site and my friend pointed to one of the names out of hundreds, she was drawn to one in particular. She said the name out loud and I listened as we looked at the display wondering about the people’s hard and traumatic lives in that place. Closing time was looming and the man at the admission desk told us to make sure we were ready to be out by 5pm, so as the time drew near, we moved towards the exit and walked to the car.

Driving back to my house, the distressed female spirit was with me again, I felt she didn’t leave while we explored the site, more so blended into the background and followed at a distance. Now she was in my mind. I heard, ‘Liz, Eliza, Liza, Elizabeth and then a surname starting with B. I don’t want to share her full name’. As I heard it, I didn’t realise but I said the names out loud, my friend who was driving said, ‘Who, what?’ I said, ’She is here, she wants help, she doesn’t understand where her baby has gone and she is holding out the white blanket again. She has been waiting for years and years for someone to take notice of her.

When we arrived home and sat at the kitchen table, my friend who is an avid genealogist, scoured the relevant internet genealogy sites connected to our local history to see if the lady’s name came up. I rarely get spirit names let alone first and last names as clearly as this and appreciated the spirit lady’s persistence in getting my attention! As I was thinking about her, my friend said, ‘There she is, Eliza B and there was also fairly detailed information about what happened to her daughter which I won’t go into here. I will say that the location was a site where care for children wasn’t of a decent quality at that time and her daughter has passed.

Eliza listened eagerly to the information my friend read out about her missing daughter, she finally understood what had happened to her missing child and, in that instant, there was a wave of relief that flowed through my energy and I felt Eliza was ready to go and be with her daughter on the other side. She let go of the trauma and pain she had endured for many decades and would now be at peace with her beloved daughter. 

I have to say, I love my work. It is tiring and never-ending in some ways but also extremely satisfying knowing that spirit souls and of course the darker energies can get the help they need when they are ready for change.


Our third experience is a story about a mother getting my attention through a phone call to a friend where I was booking accommodation. It was the first of many experiences at the location and one I will never forget.


I have called this encounter: Help me find my baby

Talking to Jim, one morning, I was booking accommodation for a week-long visit, and I had a sudden vision of a lady in a hospital gown. She stood silently in my third eye, waiting for me to see her. I was talking to Jim and seeing her stopped me mid-sentence. I said, “There is a lady here in a hospital gown and she is cuddling a blanket”. As soon as I said that, she loosened her hold on the blanket and there was nothing in it. She was holding out the blanket, confused and her hands were moving frantically as if she was looking for something. She then vanished from my mind, my third eye and I said to Jim that I think she is at your location and I reckon when I arrive, she will show herself again.

The drive to the location was a long one but I enjoyed the scenic views along the way and arriving at the accommodation, Jim greeted me and showed me to my room. That afternoon, I was meeting my friend Maureen at the hospital as she wanted to set up paranormal tours and the spirits at the location wanted people to come to the building and I was there to help. The site was now an unused medical facility and there were a lot of resident spirits there and paranormal activity. Oh, the stories I could tell about that site, but let’s focus on the lady in the hospital gown today.

Meeting with Maureen, I shared the vision of the confused lady spirit looking for her baby and she told me some of the history of the time from around the mid 1800’s right through to the mid 1900’s. She said that stillborn babies were taken from mums at birth and buried on the site. The mums didn’t get to say goodbye and cuddle their little bundles but were left wondering what had happened to their children.

Maureen showed me through the location, the building was in fairly good repair and as we entered the labour ward, I got chills all through my body. I said to Maureen, “We need to sit in here… we need to do something in here for the mum and her baby.” As I said this, Maureen who was very open to the spirit world around us, saw a vision. A vision of many female spirits in hospital gowns coming forth and standing with us. I was shocked at first, I was feeling cool wafting energy moving around us but couldn’t see what or who it was.

We both agreed to return later in the day with some large comfortable cushions to sit on the hard, cold floor in the labour ward and see how we could help bring some peace to the mothers’ situations. So, later that night around 7pm, we entered the labour ward, set up our cushions and got ourselves as comfortable as possible. No sooner had we settled than the lady in the hospital gown appeared in my mind infront of me, she calmly sat opposite me with her empty blanket. As I had my eyes closed focusing on her, Maureen said there were more lady spirits coming in, 4, 5 then 6, and she could see them as plain as day. She said they sat in a circle around me and all had small white baby blankets and were cuddling their beloved little bundles. 

The spirit lady in front of me sat with them in the circle and her blanket now held in her arms was filled with the shape of a newborn bundle. The spirit lady in front of me held this little delight with such joy and in that moment, she vanished and I heard a quiet thank you. She and the other mothers had their precious darlings and they all transitioned into the Afterlife. I felt their babies in spirit had come to collect their mothers, now they were ready and had released their pain and anguish and felt filled with peace and acknowledgment.  That experience was such a tear-jerker and still is today, so powerful and I still remember it as if it happened yesterday.

Our fourth and last experience for this episode today shares a dad in spirit and his love for his baby daughter and how he stayed at the hospital hoping to get a glimpse of his baby girl.

I have called this story: My darling girl

This is the second story set in the 1920’s from the now unused hospital location here in Tasmania. My friend, Maureen and I frequented the old hospital often as we discussed with the staff in spirit form how we would set up the paranormal tours to their liking and share the story of the hospital and its very alive bustling spirit staff members. 

I can’t remember the exact happenings in this story but I will do my best to relay Ben’s message to you today. So, here we go, while in the nursery late one day cleaning and clearing the space, Maureen saw a man, a spirit man. He was in a big dirty-looking work coat wearing sturdy canvas pants, steel capped work boots and his face had the hard lines of a miner even though he was only 19. This made total sense as the town was and still is connected to the large mine on the west coast of Tasmania and in the day, the hospital had been the only large medical facility at the time in the area.

Maureen told me from the history she gathered about the hospital that only dads were allowed in the nursery at 8 pm every night to spend quality time with their newborns. So there was Ben standing in the nursery. He had a gentle quiet demeanour and told Maureen he went to the nursery where his daughter had been when he was alive. He missed her dearly and wanted to be with her but didn’t know where she was. 

Maureen and I met for a cuppa the next day and she shared about the man standing patiently in the nursery waiting to see his baby daughter. I was astonished as I listened because I had seen a brief vision of a man fitting that same description in my room while staying at accommodation in the town, but I didn’t know what he wanted.

He openly shared with Maureen that his wife had died of a haemorrhage either during or after giving birth, and what he was worried about was the fact that he would lose his baby daughter Amanda, to be cared for by a family member and possibly never see her again.
In those days, other family member’s children were often integrated into families where child services knew they could be cared for properly If the dad worked full-time. Ben was a miner working long hours, 12-14 hour shifts, who would care for his daughter while he was at work, but to lose her nearly broke his heart.

He sadly died in a mining accident either a landslide or cave not long after his wife’s passing while his baby daughter was still in the prem nursery. Now in spirit form, he found himself visiting the hospital and the nursery where he had last seen his baby daughter and wondering where she was. His grief and the loss of his wife were compounded by his daughter’s disappearance and his emotions kept him stuck here in the earth’s reality.

So fast forward to 2019 when Maureen had communicated with the miner dad. Maureen and I sat there thinking thought how we could help reunite Ben, his wife and their daughter, Amanda.  ‘If Ben is visiting the nursery, we could call on Amanda to come and collect her dad from there. That is where he expected to find her, so, set on this idea, later that night, at 8 pm, we waited for Ben to arrive and Maureen saw him appear as clear as day standing patiently in the nursery.

Maureen shared with Ben that his daughter Amanda, was here now in spirit form and she was with her mother and they both longed for him to come and join them. At that moment, Maureen said Ben’s face lit up, he could hardly believe it, they were here for him. His smile was enormous, from ear to ear.  I suddenly felt his energy shift from despair and grief-stricken to elated and excited. Ben looked peaceful, he closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the light and Maureen could see the family reunited and whole again on the other side. This story brings tears to my eyes every time I tell it. It is heartwarming to think that family members can find their way back to each other and be finally reunited in the Afterlife.


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And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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