#53 The witching hour: Truths and falsehoods

The witching hour – is it real or a fallacy? Do you believe that paranormal entities roam the Earth between 12 midnight and 4am? I offer another perspective from my years of observing the paranormal world around us.

In this episode, I am cracking open the truth and pork pies ( lies) about the witching hour –
what it is,
is it real or
even relevant and how does it affect us?

And I will share some of my paranormal experiences after dark from midnight to 4 am……

As we delve into the witching hour, we will look at it from a paranormal sense and also touch on a scientific explanation for sometimes strange occurrences between midnight and 4 am. Many people believe that the witching hour is a magical time of the day when witches create potent magic spells and demonic beings can be summoned or that paranormal beings including spirits, are more active. Midnight has always been thought to be a powerful time of the day, neither in one day nor the other, a type of crossing point invoking the possibility of supernatural happenings.


#53 The witching hour: Truths and falsehoods

Researching the Witching hour  

I did a little bit of research about the history of the witching hour to find out why people think such things and I found that as far back as the mid-1500’s, the Catholic church put the mockers on activities in the middle of the night, banning all gatherings or mysterious activity between 3 and 4am.

Christ was thought to have died at 3pm, so Christians deemed 3am being the complete opposite could hold some sort of unnaturally devilish power.

They were fearful of people partaking in any type of secret black magic practices or devil worship being carried out invoking the darkness into our earthly reality to plague us for all of eternity. I have to say, I imagine most people in those days would be in bed at that time trying to get that last few hours of sleep before getting up to tend to the day’s work on the farm at sunrise and getting the family ready for the day’s activities and routines.

The witching hour has also been thought to bring ‘bad luck’ or that the darkness could envelop you, warping your mind and your soul. While many people may not take the idea of the witching hour literally today, it has left a lasting mark on history as people these days loosely use the term to describe an troublesome time of the day or unsettling experience as having been blamed on the bad luck of the witching hour.

Scientifically exploring the body’s reactions to the wee hours of the morning may suggest a physiological response where the body’s sleep cycle goes through REM sleep and may experience unsettling occurrences if people wake suddenly such as disorientation, experience dread, panic or anxiety, sleep paralysis, night terrors, or possibly nightmares.

And if we look briefly at Chinese medicine, the wee hours correspond with the regeneration of two organs within the body – the liver and the lungs. The liver goes through a cleansing process daily between 1 and 3am and people may wake sometimes experience digestive disruption or distress and the lungs do their thing between 3 and 5am daily, I must say I always feel a bit wheezy at 4-5am every morning, so I probably should get that looked at medically!

In the old days, many thought ghosts, spirits, witches and demons were more powerful in the wee hours of the morning but in truth it doesn’t really matter, as the paranormal world is open 24/7 and around us all the time. I see it, I feel it, experience it and know from many years of personal experience that they are always here!

Before we get into the witching hours experiences, I wish to share today, if you find you constantly wake at around 3am, here are some suggestions to keep you asleep until hopefully at least 6 or 7am:

  1. Try listening to a sleep app with soothing talking or meditative sounds or music.
  2. You can use a sleep mask to avoid flashes of light from passing cars or street lights entering your eyelids and waking you up suddenly.
  3. I find if I go to bed later, I wake up later… this works 80% of the time.
  4. Some people use white noise apps help to block outside noise.
  5. Understanding your sleep comfort really does help you work out the best way to stay asleep a comfortable mattress, pillow which supports your head just right and not too many blankets or too little bed coverings.
  6. I find what work for me sometimes is to not drink liquids just before going to bed. Then my bladder is not over full and I can wait until the morning to get out of bed.
  7. And if you do wake up, just stay relaxed, don’t over stimulate your mind , do some deep breathing and don’t trigger any fear responses, you will soon nod back of to sleep.


Now listen to what I have been told by dark beings and witnessed and felt myself during the witching hours between 12 midnight and 4am.


 I called this experience: My bedroom boundaries action plan

Paranormal beings tell me they do like our nighttime as they know that is when they will get the optimal responses and people are most afraid of them – the whispers in the night, spooky rattles, groans, banging, knocking and all that! And people being gullible give the best emotional reactions creating this energy beings beloved energetic food. And this is where my personal experiences chime in… I am not ashamed to say that a few years ago when at 2am I was being continually poked, prodded and sometimes experienced electric shocks which I am sure these naughty unseen forces thought were funny! I was well known for easily creating ‘hostility’, in the middle of the night, both verbally and physically by yelling at them to go away and flailing my arms about like a mad person when annoyed by their intimidation tactics!

This is where my bedroom boundaries action plan steps in:

I don’t respond in the angry annoyed way anymore… I am older and wiser, and I am onto it! I simply remind them gently of my bedroom boundaries and that is:
I say out loud: If I am lying down in bed, then I am out of work hours. If they want help, they need to wait in my kitchen or outside the kitchen window and come in when they see me sit down to start the day’s work. I often repeat the request twice so they get the message!

I do get some paranormal pranksters who don’t and won’t follow my bedroom boundaries and at 2 to 4am sometimes I do my best to ignore them. Being a Leo star sign, I have had to train myself NOT to roar at them as any negative emotional response creates some type of energetic food source, I mentioned earlier. So, I work smart these days instead, choosing to zen out refusing to create any of the usual hostility or resentment when I am annoyed or sleep-deprived!


The thigh slap story was unsettling!

Although, an inside thigh slap in the wee hours of the morning usually wakes me with a start and I lie there wondering… who and why? I haven’t quite worked out what type of energy beings uses that particular tactic, but it is somewhat unsettling when you are sleep or dozing lying on your side, curled up, legs together and you feel a sharp slap on the inside of one of your thighs! Is it done in jest? They do have a sense of humour and know what triggers us … but yet again, I give no negative or otherwise response to that tactic and just lay there looking into the darkness.


My daily experience I have called: The wall cracking wakeup call


Every morning, 4am is the time when my brain seems to come online again after around 4-5 hours good quality sleep. Paranormal beings waiting for help seem to sense my mind consciousness thinking about the day’s happenings and come through the wall with a type of cracking sound. Other people have heard this sound too at that time. A friend stayed in the spare room and more than once has been woken by the loud cracks. It frightened her at first but after my explanation, she understands what it is and we laughingly call it: Incoming!

We discussed the debunking of the house noises in the following way:

  • It is not the house moving as it is too early for the sun to hit the house and anyway my bedroom is on the west side of the house
  • There are no rodents or possums in the roof to cause the noise
  • I tried sleeping on the couch one night and the cracking followed me to the loungeroom
  • The sound is regular at around 4-5am and I am not making or willing it to happen because I would rather sleep till 6am
  • The crack happens, I feel the poke or prod, I respond with , “ Yeah, yeah I will be up at 6am. The wall cracks again and no more prodding.
  • I used to think there was a portal in the wall, but I couldn’t close it… anyway they just walk through our building anyway if they are already in this reality.

Some of them are impatient and will get my attention by gentle nudging my back and sometimes my legs or I feel a flutter of heart palpitations which are not a medical issue as I have had my heart function checked. There is nothing nasty in it, just a wake up call, its what I call it.

And I have to say, I always giggle or roll my eyes when watching paranormal investigators getting all mysterious talking about the witching hour and roaming around building at at 2am. Paranormal beings are here in our reality ALL the time, day and night. People just love the drama of the Witching hour.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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