#51 Spirits following you home… really?

Paranormal beings roam the Earth and can sometimes take a liking to people… thus following you home and possibly making a nuisance of themselves.

In this episode, we are busting open the myth about ghosts, spirits and dark beings following you home from gatherings, seances, paranormal investigations, or spiritual get-togethers. Can they really do it? Why do they do it and what can you do to move them on? I am often asked these questions and my answers might surprise you!


#51: Can spirits follow you home


We are going to get straight into the info first today and then I will share a couple of fascinating ‘follow me home’ ghost experiences. So get comfortable as we look into all things spooky.


Let’s answer the big question:

Can ghosts, spirits and dark beings follow you home?

And the answer is YES and before your mind goes into a mild panic. Spirits and dark beings are around us 24/7, 365 days a year… not all of them are going to invade your home and cause a ruckus.  Many of them choose to stay in their chosen location for various reasons. They exist alongside us and have done so since the beginning of time. But, there is always a buy… there can be specific reasons why some may follow you from a place or event and sometimes turn the energy of you and your home upside down.

So, Let’s look at the whys…

I am grouping spirits and the darker energy beings together because the reasons can sometimes overlap as to why the different levels of energy beings may follow you home:

  • If you show too much interest or become emotionally invested in a location or a particular spirit, I have a story about this later on in this episode.
  • If you are rude or disrespectful – both spirits and dark beings like respect and may show their disapproval of your rudeness in a multitude of ways – causing brain fog, nightmares, pushing, poking, or scratching you, although the dark paranormals generally scratch. Your favourite coffee mug may mysteriously fall off the bench for no logical reason, or car keys go missing and you are normally very organised, you would be surprised how these unseen forces can instigate revenge!
  • You want to do spirit transition work… You put out that vibe and they will come! So many people think this work is fun and exciting but don’t really think it through and find they feel suddenly tired all the time, can’t sleep, have dark dreams, experience tugs of their pillows or blankets, items going missing, or they start experiencing random strange bouts of bad luck, for example. Paranormal beings don’t sleep, they are active 24/7 even if you are not and they can be impatient and pushy wanting your attention at 2am, 2pm, sometimes all the time until they get what they want. Think of them like a child who wants the lolly jar or their iPad and you are not listening or saying no… they will find a way to get what they want!
  • If you are a paranormal addict – in the closet or openly verbalising your love of the paranormal world… They read your energy and know what you are thinking! And can sometimes pester the daylights out of you because of your interest in them. I know because I live it and kind of love it, so I have to deal with the consequences!
  • This is an interesting and thinking outside the box perspective: As an energy worker, I have experienced dark beings following me home long distance through a conversation with another energy worker. I shared this fascinating concept back in episode 8, take a listen if you want to hear the whole story.


Let’s look at more whys…

  • You are an energy worker… Your energy or aura vibration is pumping out the healer vibe and random spirits might follow you home if there is unfinished business or unresolved emotions tying them to the living world. They want closure, assistance, or acknowledgment from the living sometimes to then move on peacefully into the Afterlife. I find spirits will come out of the shadows in homes to be acknowledged, share an experience, and then want help to transition to the other side.
  • Spirits may be drawn to specific locations or individuals with whom they share a connection. They can be friends, family or workmates, like the story I shared in episode 20 – Why spirits stay. The story tells of a spirit friend who wondered why his best mate wasn’t at his funeral, so he went to his mate’s house and banged about until he got his friends attention and what happened was truly wonderful.
  • Spirit relatives may linger in the earthly realm due to attachments or unfulfilled desires, and they may choose to follow someone home in the hope of finding a resolution. They haven’t transitioned into the Afterlife yet and have a message to share and can linger in your home or their home if a family member is still living there until they are heard.
  • Spirits may be attracted to places with high emotional energy, such as a well-known haunted site here in Southern Tasmania which had housed many people with mental and emotional difficulties since convict times. I used to work as a paranormal tour guide there for 18 months or so and I called it an energy or spirit hub. And I am sure some of the spirits followed tour guests home, but they generally visited and returned to the site.
  • Some individuals who are particularly energetically sensitive, open to spiritual experiences or going through intense emotions or significant life changes might inadvertently attract spiritual entities. Whether it’s grief, joy, sadness, anxiety or stress, heightened emotional states can create an almost electric environment that may attract spiritual activity around you or in your home.
  • Last but not least, some spirits may follow individuals for protective reasons. Relatives in spirit form may choose to accompany people to offer guidance, support, or protection. I have experienced this with people and animal spirits when doing house clearing work. If they want to stay, I leave them to do their work.


MY EXPERIENCES: Spirits hitching a ride  and inhabiting my home

Often, when I worked as a paranormal tour guide, I would get spirit hitchhikers hitching a ride home from the tour site, messing with my radio and trying to sit on my knee when I was driving. Or when it was my night off, the spirits at the location would visit me at home instead of being at the site and my employer would message me later and ask if spirits from particular buildings were at my house that night as the tour participants had minimal or no activity on the tour. It was so funny, the kids especially, would snuggle up on my bed and watch movies with me on my laptop. Afterwards, at my bedtime, I would kindly remind them that it was time to go home and within seconds off they went.

Sometimes, what looks, feels or sounds like a child spirit or a favourite relative might be something else more sinister. Dark beings know we are weak when it comes to child spirits and dark disguises can sneak them past unwitting homeowners.

This next real-life account is not your traditional ‘follow me home’ experience but it still fits into the category of conversation in this episode today. This is a story of a lonely man who moved into a new home after his wife died. He downsized to a small two-bedroom unit outside a bustling town not far from where he used to live. He liked the quiet and thought this place was perfect. At first, he loved it – his vegetable garden, his chickens and the dog named Fred. But he started to crave human company.

Little did he know but the lady who owned the unit previously had suddenly died of a heart attack in the kitchen and was lingering in her home. She felt his loneliness as she too had been lonely in life and now in death, loneliness seemed to follow her. The man got into bed one night and felt ‘something ‘ or ‘someone’ lying on the bed. As he looked at the space, not frightened at all, he could see a slight indent on the bedding and he felt a warmth next to him.

He said softly, ‘I know you are there, Jenny, I am so happy you are here”, thinking the spirit visitor was his wife. Little did he know but this lady in spirit form would follow him everywhere and I mean everywhere, in the unit, in the garden, to the shops, at the pub, on the bus, while he prepared his dinner and his toilet wasn’t even safe from her presence!

A friend referred John to me and I rang John that night, listening to his story about his spirit attachment,’ Like some groupie’, he said, ‘I can’t take it anymore. Can you help, please? And help I did. John sent me his address along with a photo of the front of his house. I tuned in asking permission of the land energies and spirit of place in the home, to enter the home to speak with the resident spirit lady and there she was in her pink dressing gown right next to John in the kitchen.

John had started to ignore her. There were no comforting conversations or jokes, she was getting the silent treatment and didn’t understand why her new friend was avoiding her. As I was looking at her in my mind, I suddenly saw a man. He was in the distance and walking towards her. He wore an old hat and waved his right arm about trying to get my attention or her attention, I couldn’t quite work that out. I said out loud, “I think your husband is here.” She turned and the smile on her face was unforgettable, her husband had finally gotten her attention after all these years. She hugged him and held him and forgot her loneliness at that moment, and in a flash, they were both gone.

When I told John, all he could say was thank goodness, I thought she would never leave! He knew after the first week that she wasn’t his wife. She felt different in an energetic sense, her energy was needy and dramatic, not at all like his lovely Jenny. He vowed not to be lonely anymore and joined a local golf club. His days were filled with living friendships and he loved every minute of it!

There is also a story in episode 2 of this podcast about a spirit ‘child’ who came to stay and turned out to be something else. That entity had come from a paranormal investigation site that Jen and her partner had visited that night. It knew she would be a soft touch, so it followed her home. Check out the episode if you want to hear the kafuffle those beings caused, yes there was more than one in Jen’s home and what we did about it!


So in episode 52, I am speaking with Liz Entin, a science-minded self-proclaimed sceptic. Liz explores grief, healing, parapsychology and evidence of the Afterlife through researching with others who delve into the survival of consciousness after death. Liz also shares her paranormal experiences with her Dad getting her attention with of all things… feathers, also one of her beloved pets visiting from the other side and how she practiced mediumship one day and was completely blown away by her accuracy.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.



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