#50 Paranormal hitchhikers from your past lives: Is this possible?

The emotional and behavioural connection between dark energy beings, us and our past lives… do they come with us through previous lifetimes and how does their presence affect us in this lifetime?

In this episode, we explore the connection between dark energy beings and past lives… do they come with us through previous lifetimes and how does their presence affect us in this lifetime? I am sharing two clients’ experiences with how detrimental energy beings were affecting their health and mindset in this lifetime and the medical and mental health professions couldn’t fully find the core of their problems.


#50 Paranormal hitchhikers from your past lives: Is this possible?


Many people believe that we experience many lives, in other words, our souls keep reincarnating in new bodies going through a type of soul evolution learning, growing, discovering our true path or solving long-term problems that have plagued us for centuries. I have always wondered – Is there a connection between our behaviours and experiences in this lifetime and our previous times and can dark entities attached to us in previous lives travel with our soul energy through each lifetime?

I have worked with many clients who have been cursed and plagued with dark entities for various reasons in previous lifetimes and feel that they were born with bad luck.

The following story, I have called:

Dan’s debilitating dilemma


 A client whom we shall call Dan came to me after being referred by a friend. Dan had been suffering for years with ‘mind splitting headaches’ as he called them. All the migraine sufferers out there will know what he means! Dan had seen all the doctors, had all the tests and taken medications for years to alleviate the pulsating, blinding headaches that put him in bed in a darkened room for days and weeks on end, but nothing helped ease Dan’s pain.

 Dan met my first two criteria for doing energy work with clients, he had seen the medical and mental health professionals to help rule out those issues but Dan’s problem was something else I hadn’t seen before, so hang in there as I explain what was affecting Dan and how I discovered it. Dan was referred to me by a friend who knew of my alternative approach and looking outside the box for energetic causes of our problems.  

 Dan booked in for a remote energy clearing and the next day, I set to unpacking the problem which had been plaguing Dan for years. Dan’s case wasn’t simple by any means and I started in my usual fashion looking for all the energetic imprints blocking Dan’s physical body, energy body and energy field and the paranormals attached to their favourite energetic food source, distress and helplessness.

 It took approx 20 hours to detect and remove all the detrimental energy – all paranormal attachments and their emotional imprints drawcards which kept them with the client, checking and clearing the chakra and meridian systems. Dan said he felt some improvement. He said the density of the headaches had changed but they were still lingering in the background and sleep and daily life were still difficult.

Hmmm…. I thought to myself… I like a challenge and Dan’s situation had me really perplexed! I worked on Dan for two to three more weeks, a few hours every day, checking for cloaked or hidden paranormals, energetic cording to others, either living or non-living until one day, I thought to myself, I need to look at this from yet another angle… what I am I missing? 

No sooner had I thought that than in my mind, I saw a very vivid image of a burly young man all suited up in primitive armour in the middle of a battle. There were arrows flying past his head, yelling and blood-curdling screams surrounded him and without warning, I suddenly witnessed a gory vision that explained Dan’s mind-splitting headaches. Think about those words… mind splitting and you will get the point… Dan in his previous lifetime had been a warrior killed instantly through a blow to the head which ended his life. For unknown reasons, the trauma imprint followed him through two more lifetimes and was now presenting in this lifetime to be cleared, or made null and void as I call it. Dan just needed to find someone who could recognise and unpack the issue, releasing Dan from the debilitating condition that put his life on hold.

 Two weeks after the trauma imprint had been released, all emotional imprints attached to the situation were released to the Universe, and Dan started to improve. His energy returned, the headaches alleviated and life was looking good again. It wasn’t a quick fix, Dan still saw his doctor and mental health professional but the positive energetic shift has improved Dan’s chances of living a normal migraine-free life.

Sometimes paranormal beings can also be attached to these types of deep past life imprints and travel through lifetimes with people. I have worked with parents who have had energetic clearing done for their aged 8-10 years old . Some parents say, my child was just born angry and has hated life and school and people and nothing we do helps.

Tuning into these youngsters with their parent’s permission and the child’s higher self also giving permission, I look back past this lifetime and sometimes find situations or experiences in past lives which caused emotional turmoil, paranormal attachment and the dark energy beings can stay with the person through all future lifetimes until the problem is identified and removed freeing up the child’s mind, body and energy for them to be themselves … free of past emotional and trauma energy baggage.

Parents have told me of the sudden change in a positive way for their troubled kids… the fix isn’t instant or 100% done and dusted, but they see light in their children’s eyes instead of hate, they sleep better and their eating patterns improve and most of all their behaviours start to shift into calmness and happier state of well-being. The child’s mind and body are on the path to living in a higher vibration and have to unlearn detrimental behaviours adopted in this lifetime, this takes time but with parental awareness, and medical and mental health care, their life outlook can be greatly improved.


This next account, I have called:

Satanic Satisfaction and you will soon see why…


Mike loves all things dark and demonic, the more satanic the better. His family didn’t understand him and at 23, he was an outsider. He didn’t like being on the outside of the family unit but knew nothing else as he loved his activities even though they were not to his family’s liking or understanding. They had gone down the medical and mental health path and no illnesses could be found to identify his problem.

 He didn’t know why he craved satanic practices… it wasn’t black magic, spells or hexing people that he loved but more so a dark fascination with the devil and what he could offer him to use, to gain influence, and power and be seen as someone important.

 Mike’s girlfriend guided him to me. She had had enough and was ready to leave but she also deeply cared for Mike when he was loving and caring but she wasn’t putting up with his depraved darkness which shone through more and more now and truly started to frighten her. She felt that if he didn’t seek help, death might come his way, way too young in his life. He was to see me or she was leaving!

 Mike agreed to keep her happy but didn’t know what I could do to help. I started with my usual practice like I outlined in Dan’s story, the clearing of emotional and trauma imprints from this lifetime, any black magic, occult or ouija board residual energy, portals in his chakras and energy field and of course the paranormal energy feeders.

 Halfway through Mike’s energy clearing, I hit a brick wall as they say… something didn’t want me going further. I had to have a conversation that runs along the lines of ‘ I have been professionally employed to do a full energetic clearing for Mike so please step aside’. No change… hmmm. I stopped and tried another tact… you have to be prepared to be flexible and listen to your intuition in these cases, even with the weird and wacky information you get sometimes.

I dowsed for past life issues and the ‘yes’ swing on my pendulum was so big and strong that I thought the hematite point was going to fly right off the chain. I thought to myself, ‘ Slow and steady there’, and I took my time, unpacking 2 lifetime experiences that came to now be made null and void. The first was connected to the second. Dan in this lifetime was living out something that had happened to him 2 lifetimes ago. He had been forced into satanic practices as a victim and lost his life because of it… you don’t need the details but get the gist of what I am talking about.

 Dying in that lifetime, into the next lifetime, he came back as a practitioner of dark arts, a bit like a demonic gangster sending out demons to attack those who had done wrong by him. The paranormal beings attached to him in the previous lifetime were enjoying their new host’s evil ways and they happily triggered and provoked him to get deeper and deeper into satanic practices.

 Mike upset many people in that lifetime and he became known as a summoner of the darkness who sold his soul to the Devil. So the villagers took to his home with fire and burned him and his dwelling to the ground. Now we head into this lifetime for Mike, a dark child, his girlfriend shared with me. He was prone to hurting animals and could lie through his teeth to get what he wanted. His family were kind and like most families, they had their ups and downs but overall, they talked out their problems and supported each other. Mike would have none of it though and resorted to the darkness as his family watched helplessly.

 What Mike experienced was a type of past life possession carrying through into the now and these beings would eventually take him down and fully drain him of his life force if he didn’t rid himself of them. The energy clearing process was long but it worked and the brick wall I hit earlier crumbled into rubble! I didn’t claim victory though, as ego and bragging don’t fare well with dark beings. They did concede as all the energetic imprints from the past and this lifetime had been removed. The energetic contract Mike signed in blood went up in flames in front of my eyes and the pastlife paranormals left Mike for good!

 Mike told me he felt the shift, the lightness and waves of cool energy that flowed through him was a strange feeling but he knew it was for the best. His learned habits from over 2 past lifetimes had to now be undone. His girlfriend stayed and together they planned out their life together away from all paranormal stimuli. Mike remembers the dark but now chooses to live in the light where he can flourish and be the best he can be.


Dark entities and the concept of past lives are two intriguing aspects often explored in various spiritual and metaphysical belief systems. The idea of dark entities typically refers to malevolent or negative energies that are believed to exist in the spiritual realm. I believe and have witnessed first-hand how these entities can influence our thoughts, words, emotions, actions and reactions, creating upheaval and disturbances in our lives.

In the exploration of past lives, many spiritual traditions and alternative therapies such as past life regression propose that our souls undergo multiple lifetimes, each contributing to our spiritual evolution. The connection between dark entities and past lives is often seen in the context of our shadow selves, unresolved issues or negative energies carried over from one lifetime to another. According to this perspective, the presence of dark entities may be linked to unresolved karmic patterns or lessons that need addressing in our current lives.

Some spiritual practitioners and regression therapists believe that delving into past life regression can help individuals uncover and heal these unresolved issues. The idea is that by understanding and resolving past life traumas or negative patterns, one: can release the associated dark energies and break the person’s soul energy free from their influence. This process is seen as a means of spiritual growth and personal transformation, allowing individuals to move forward unburdened by the weight of unresolved past experiences and the potential influence of dark entities.

However, there are always going to be sceptics and sceptical points of view around the idea of dark entities let alone their connection to past lives. People like me can be seen as money grabbing charlatans out to prey on vulnerable people. To that, I say, if your problem is not medical or a mental health concern, it may be energetic. Energy work is not a fix-all but part of a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit health.


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And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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