#48 Axl the spirit cat tells all from the Other side!

Pets often stay after death or visit and keep a keen eye on their human family, Axl the cat is a lovable character who has a LOT to say…

This is a special episode dedicated to cat owners and their beloved pets in spirit form and a special cat who tells us of his perspective in the Afterlife and how we can communicate with our pets now in spirit form. This is totally fascinating!

Let’s get into enjoying the interactions between a pet owner, Jacqueline and her very talkative beloved cat Axl, who is now in spirit form. Jacqueline openly shares their conversations and the sense of joy she feels knowing her Axl’s soul is alive and well in the Afterlife. So, get comfortable as we get an inside view of a pet seeing his owner from a different light and what he had to say about the spirit realm.


#48 Axl the spirit cat tells all from the Other side!


Axl’s story from start to finish

We are going to start with Axl’s background story and then hear from Axl through

a well-known Pet medium here in Tasmania, Leonora Faferko.

 Jacqueline writes:

 Hi Anna, I started this story Anna a couple of months ago and finally decided to send it to you. These are long stories about my most recent cats, my 3 ginger boys and then Axl’s spirit return and conversations through Leonora, the pet medium 

 I was listening to your last podcast today, as I was sitting sewing a tapestry cushion, they’re all so interesting and you explain everything so eloquently… easy to understand!  I note that your next podcast is going to be about animals, our pets who sense spirits around us which has prompted this email and I thought you might like to hear some of my experiences and if you find anything useful you could include in your podcast. 


Now, let’s set the scene for Axl’s life before we listen to what he has to say from the Afterlife:

Jacqueline writes:

I’ve always had cats from a very young age…My last 3 ginger boys had incredible personalities and we were totally devoted to each other.  Jasper, Jazz & Axl.  I’ve had them over last 30 odd years and I’ve never been away from them. I was inconsolable when Jasper passed under difficult circumstances, he was my safety and always knew when spirits and other beings were around…I can’t help feeling ‘they’ may have had a hand in his death.

 When Jasper was alive, I learnt to communicate with him telepathically…I’d send a thought to him and he’d respond. He’d wait at the top of the driveway for me each night and if I was late home, he’d be pacing the footpath like an anxious parent. Needless to say, my life was taken over, I never went on holiday at all, and he didn’t take to staying in a cattery.  I tried once for a long weekend away and ended up ringing them every day to see how he was…he didn’t cope at all and I never tried again. 

 Same for Axl although no catteries were involved, just very expensive vet and hospital stays, he cost me a small fortune with no expense spared! He’d developed a dodgy bladder so very expensive bags of prescription food for the rest of his life. And for a few years after his death,  I’d often hear Jasper’s bell beside me and after he passed various cats started arriving at our house, I’d never seen them before, but it was like they knew Jasper had gone and were paying a visit. 

 There was one particular one that stood out…a stray, a very scruffy Rag Doll/Birman who was terribly excited to see me and I wish I’d taken more time with him. I fed him for a couple of days but he went to the cat home and was quickly adopted. 

 There was a Russian Blue next door (Nadia) who NEVER left her house and was very aloof but one morning I was out in the garden and the next thing she came tearing through the bushes and jumped all over me, very excited. I knew it was Jasper! She stayed with me being patted etc for about 10mins then quietly wandered back next door looking very puzzled!

 My partner decided to get me another ginger kitten, Jazz,  that I wasn’t ready for and while I did everything for him,  he was a whirlwind of out-of-control energy… his personality was almost human, very naughty, demanding and very vocal.  He befriended Axl who lived across the road, who was several years older than Jazz.  Sadly Jazz was run over and died not long after his 1st year.  The night it happened we were waiting for Eternal Pets to collect him for cremation and Axl suddenly appeared sitting not too far away from poor little Jazz.  

 Axl decided to follow us inside which he’d never done before and lay on our stairs, just like Jazz used too, for a while before going into the lounge room and jumping onto J’s lap and lying back (like Jazz) much to J’s horror.  I might add he’d never been inside except once with Jazz and he wasn’t very friendly at all.  I was lying on the couch so he jumped on my back and walked along and nibbled my ear, again Jazz used to do this. He slept on the couch exactly where Jazz used to sleep for 2 weeks, going back home across the road but coming back to us, long story short his owners moved house but left him with us and we had him for 12 extra years, he died 2 years ago, aged we think 20/21. He always came to the deck door and scratched the glass to come in the morning, noon and night and for weeks after he passed I’d hear scratching at the door around 6:00pm his tea time.

 I have a friend who has heard him meow when she visits, I’m not so lucky but there have been a couple of times I did hear a meow but thought it might’ve been outside, when I looked there was nothing…he’s probably given up on me now! I might also add the night Jazz died I dreamt of him running around in the garden with me, so I knew he was ok.

In the years Axl lived with us, he made quite a name for himself around our immediate neighbourhood, befriending everyone who walked past including their dogs.  He had quite a fan club and people would stop to ask after him all the time.  If he was outside at night after refusing to come in, he’d climb up on the roof and walk around to our bedroom, jump onto the small deck outside our sliding door rattle the screen and meow because he was hungry!  After some time he hid outside during warm summer nights. I’d put water/food out and the early hour wakeups stopped.  He had 2 very comfortable safe sleeping areas I made for him because as he got older he stayed put pretty much and I found myself bringing him hand-chopped warmed chicken and crunchies 2 or 3 times a day … all he had to do was stick his head out and open his mouth!!!  

 He loved his picnics and being waited on hand and foot. For a few years, I had a mother blackbird who was very happy to get his scraps too!  She always arrived at the right time and wasn’t afraid to hop around him.

 There was an instance when as much as I didn’t really want to, I let Axl in under the house because he’d always sit outside the door and demand to be allowed in…this was the area of ‘contention’ for me Anna…anyway he roamed around in the darkness for a while and came out unscathed but I think it was the next day or 2 he became very unwell and spent the next week ferried to the vet with chronic pancreatitis – he nearly died! And was never allowed underneath the house again! That was the area you found full of dark energies & demons.

There was a time in his last year one day, I couldn’t find him and spent 1/2 day searching and calling…very unlike him.  J was upstairs and looking out the window, and saw a cat coming across the road and down our driveway.  I immediately went out the front door as this beautiful cream rag-doll type cat I’d never seen before walked past me without even a glance when I spoke, went under the gate and disappeared around the back…so I ran around the other side worried thinking if Axl was around, he wouldn’t be too pleased…and he sauntered up from down the back…the ragdoll cat had disappeared…I never saw it again!  In my head, it became an ‘angel’ cat bringing Axl back from wherever.  No one was missing this cat from anywhere!

Again I dreamt of Axl, I was walking down a garden path looking for him and passed a fluffy white cat – I went around a curve and when I looked back there he was, just casually lying beside a bush watching me. I said ‘There you are, I’ve been searching everywhere for you’ …. It’s very strong in my mind still.

So many stories to squeeze into a few paragraphs Anna. I hope you find some of this interesting and useful.

Axl passed into the Afterlife at around the age 20 to 21 years old.


Here is what Axl has to say from the other side speaking through pet medium, Leonora.

Leonora writes:

Hi Jacqueline, I have now spoken to Axl and I have asked him to please respond to your three questions in his own words and from his own point of view.  Thank you for the lovely pictures of him.


Question 1.  Can he let me know that he is well and happy again?  It was with huge reluctance I set him free from pain and I am heartbroken.

QUOTE:  Hello my dearest darling.  Your gentleman is here, loving you, caring for you and knowing that all you ever did was for me, was in my best interests and now, because of your kindness and love for me you allowed me to return home to heal, once more to be healthy.

 This is a gift you gave me.  This is not something you should be upset about. I have lovingly accepted your gift in the spirit it was meant, so do not be upset.  Because of you, I AM INDEED HAPPY AND HEALTHY once more.  I am even ‘chasing butterflies’ with joy and happiness in my soul and in my heart because of you, the one who did all she could for me, I am your man, your gentleman!!


Question 2.  I want him to feel he is always welcome to visit and can he leave a sign he has been.

QUOTE:  I have been already, I have watched you, sob in fact, but please do not cry for me.  We had many happy times, when you think of me, please smile and think of the good times, not the final times.

 I know there is a hole in your heart for me.  Please, please know I am in a good place and I lived a life of superb luxury and love.  How blessed was this little pussy cat, the King of all he surveyed.

 I have visited on three occasions.  Please also know that when you dream of me, it is I visit you.  It is very hard for me to visit you at other times because you are blocked with grief.  In fact, one visit was shortly after I left.  A sign is anything you ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ has to do with me.  A dream, a strong sense of my presence, then a butterfly or a feather found in a spot unexpectedly.   Even something on the radio or your television that reminds you immediately of me.  These are all signs and I bring them to you, simply to say … I am close and I remember our times, love you.

 On one occasion during the last few days, I came and sat quite close to your feet while you were in the kitchen.  I sat close and hoped you sensed my presence.  I have also watched you sitting in a chair, a comfy chair, well padded and very comfortable.  I will not leave you.  Love does not leave just like that.  Love is eternal and the thread of love cannot be broken, if it is as real as our love was.

 Thank you for everything you have done for me.  I love you sooo.  


Question 3.  Can he come back in spirit if I ever have another cat?

QUOTE:   This is something I cannot promise, at this time.  We of pet soul do not make these promises, but what we do say is this:  when next you go to find your little friend, look into the eyes of those that come to you and you will know if it is I.   We of pet soul need to teach our humans to trust their own gut.  To know instinctively and to trust that their own souls speak.  For when I return in time to come, then your soul and mine will simply connect and we will immediately know each other and that knowledge will be acknowledged immediately.  Soul connection between two souls is immediate.

 It is also true that at times when loving souls miss each other, the pet can discuss with a soul that is living in the physical to be a ‘walk in’, so that one soul leaves the physical body and the soul that yearns to return simply ‘walks into the physical body’ …. Agreement needs to be reached between the two souls, so this of course can happen as well.

 Should I choose to return you will get a yearning and my return will be by way of surprise.  If you, however, yearn for another little companion, please feel free to give another loving soul a home, because pets need homes such as ours, for you are sweetness, complete love and caring for pet souls. 

 I have boasted most fully in this realm about you.  You are my angel and I love you.  How lucky was I, to now be surrounded by angels and to have had an earth angel to call mother.  Thank you for allowing me to be King, hope I wasn’t too much of a handful at times. I did take advantage of my advanced status, but really and honestly, I couldn’t help myself and I enjoyed the adulation, so thank you for pandering to my whims, I really do appreciate all the love and kindness shown to me. 

 Love you, love you forever and a day.   Let’s wait and see what the future brings … perhaps I will return, but I am still deciding on when and how this might occur.  Life was sweet and I remain in the home, watching and protecting your soul.  


Now let’s forward to October 2023, and hear what Axl says through his most recent mediumship reading.


Jacqueline asks Axl:

Are you still visiting me now, it has been 2 years since you passed.

2 years!!   Really!!!  Time does not exist in this realm, but really, 2 years … heaven’s time DOES fly when you’re having fun!! So to speak.

 I am well, I am happy and I am well loved in this realm.  A lady looks after me and in fact she has taken up where you left off, I am very spoilt, much attention paid to me and we chat, oh yes, we love a chat, so I am well cared for, well loved and VERY healthy and eating so well these days, so I can keep my strength up in order to allow my visitations around your house and to you especially.  

 I am always around the home.  I LOVED our home and I LOVED our time, together, just the two of us.  I just LOVED everything about US.  I am always around the home and I am at times near your feet, especially in the kitchen at dinner time.   Yessssss … I can still smell the food.  I like food!!! 

 You try too hard at times to sense me.  Let it flow and you will sense things and then, even then you will doubt yourself and wonder if you REALLY can sense me or if it is your imagination HOPING you can really feel my presence. 


Axl tells Jacqueline how she can communicate with him and you can learn to do this with your beloved pets:


 We can communicate quite easily actually.  Some of the ‘rules’ are simple …. But you need to TRUST. 

  1. Sit quietly and look at my picture, look into my eyes, then close your eyes and you will see my eyes in your mind. 
  2. Call my name quietly and you will sense me or see me or my eyes.  This is not your imagination and then start a chat going.  
  3. Start slowly by asking me a simple question, but you need to give me time to reply to you, not to continue chatting because that way I won’t be able to say anything back to you, so ask a question, just a simple one to start with, like ‘’how are you’’ …
  4. Then wait a couple of minutes and my reply will come usually if a reply comes quickly you know it’s me because your imagination won’t have time to make anything up, or if the reply is very me-ish, then you know it’s me, you could even ask a bit of a test question if you like.  


Axl tells Jacquline… patience and practice:

Learning to do this can take a little bit of time, but with practice, we can have chats all the time.  Eventually, you can walk around the home and ask me questions and you will hear a reply and you will just KNOW it’s me.  So start slowly, with simple questions, but always allow some time for me to reply. 

 If you just want to chat with me and tell me your problems, then please feel free and at the end of the chat, sit quietly and I will send some sort of reply or better still, a sign.  You can even ask me for a sign.  I’m more than happy to give you a sign, but you need to TRUST it is from me, OK.

 See, that’s easy.  I’m open, ready and willing any time you want to start, it would be so sooo cool if we did this, but it’s up to you because I’m always around. 

 I’m always around you, there is a special place in the garden we both love.  I still love it and go to this place, waiting for our chat. 

 Ahhh, I now go to my fan club.  I can do what they can’t … I can visit anyone I like and when I miss their company I simply pay a little visit.  One of them gets spooked a bit easily and I think this is a bit of fun, but I don’t do anything to frighten anyone, I just go visit and chat and they know the ‘spirit’ is me and this is very good for me and for them.

 You see, when it’s time for them to come here, we will all have some company together.  One in fact is not as well as he could be.  I will ensure everyone is happy when they arrive, just one of my little jobs!!!!

 Oh yes, I didn’t think I was spoilt … I think I was perhaps a little entitled and deserving of regal attention  !!!!!    You were a very good servant (hahaha) I meant mother!!!  No, I don’t for one moment believe you were a servant, but I often felt you gave me my goodies on a silver platter, although it wasn’t a silver platter it sort of felt as if I really was being treated like a true King.  I am a King aren’t I and I know I am a King in your eyes and that’s just how I love it.

 So, how about we start our chats … ok.  I’ll help you.  But you have to tell me what it is you want and I’ll do my best, keep it all simple to start and then we can go further, ok?  Sounds good to me.  Love you, love you, LOVE YOU, my special mum and my special LOVE.

The beautiful ending to Jacqueline’s communication with Axl through Leonora.



You can contact Leonora through her website:  www.leonora.net.au

OR direct email at:  leotone@iprimus.com.au.



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