#47 Satanic contracts and demonic attachment: How Hilly the poet survived! Interview

When you deal with the devil, you don’t always get what you want!

Before we look at the content of this episode, I am putting up a BIG TRIGGER WARNING and if anything you hear today upsets or triggers you, please see your doctor or mental health professional because we are delving into satanic contracts, substance abuse to the extreme, self-harming, and more on tattoos with dark embedded intent, and some extra content about when what you think is just marijuana… might not be, so stay to the end to heal his experience with tampered marijuana,  all coming from the mouth of a young man, at the age of 19.

Hilly openly shares how the darkness nearly drove him to suicide and how he survived their continuous attempts to establish more and more control over his mind and behaviours, until one day when it all changed for the better!


#47 Satanic contracts and demonic attachment: How Hilly the Poet survived!


Transcript of the interview with story sections highlighted

This is a transcript of Hilly’s interview and I have highlighted the story sections where he shares his experiences with the dark entity that plagued him constantly over 7 years.

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

Okay, I’d like to welcome Hilly the Poet here with us today. He’s been going through some really tough things in his life and we’ve done some work together which I think has really helped him to see a different perspective and he would like to share Choices that he made that he wishes he hadn’t made all those years ago. So I’m going to hand it over to you Hilly. How are you today?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yeah, I’m feeling good. Thank you, Anna. Today, what I wanted to do with Anna and her podcast is take an opportunity to bring a bit of awareness to a certain subject that I haven’t heard much conversation in our society. You know, I haven’t heard many people talk about the things I went through or the things that many other people in our society may be going through.

I’m very thankful to be here, Anna. Thank you for inviting me. I’m really pleased to have you here because you were such a young man at the age of 19 and so, so wise and open to looking at different perspectives on life.

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

So, would you like to tell us about that rather interesting tattoo that you have on your left forearm?


Hilly the Poet share with “Made in hell’ tattoo experience

I would like to talk about that, I guess I’ll start with the idea of when it first popped into my head. I was 17 and it was my 18th birthday, so I wanted a tattoo. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted. It took me a lot of, Oh, but is that me? Oh, but is that me? And, um, I stumbled across this wording made in hell and I thought, well, Everyone says I’m like a devil, do crazy spontaneous stuff.

I look a little bit wild with my hair. I collect skulls and bones and, and, you know, I make all this dark music and I’m all, I’m all dark all the time and stuff. And I’m like, okay, well, I guess that describes me. So go on my 18th birthday, $150 later, and it’s on my arm for the rest of my life. Two months later, I’m craving that feeling again.

I want the pain of the needle on my skin. I want something else. defining the devil. I see it and I think, made in hell, yeah, I want something else. So I go back to the same studio, not the same tattoo artist, different tattoo artist, but the same studio, and I get these three devils on my arm. And back then I thought, three devils, they look cool.

But now I look at them with a bit of a different approach and different angle. It gives me goosebumps and makes me kind of like, get all weird, you know, think I made that choice. I don’t think I made that choice.

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

Do you want to tell us your perspective of living with that tattoo and some of the other choices that you’ve made that kind of, I think led you to getting that tattoo put on your arm?


 Hilly the Poet shares his dark experience with summoning the devil
and the aftermath of it all for 7 years

Well, I suppose as a young boy, when I was in primary school, grade five, I would often get bullied by my fellow classmates and not bullied in the way of pushing me around and picking on me and saying things in the way of leaving me out. I didn’t, I didn’t have a friend. So as I went to high school, that, problem kind of continued, I didn’t have a friend, I never had any friends, and so I found this one friend, I won’t say his name, I’ll call him John for now, John, he said to me, have you ever looked into devil worship and demon summoning, and I said, well, no, not really.

He said, I’m not too sure if this is going to work, but what you do is you draw a pentagram, and you put a few symbols around it, and he told me to look on the internet for a photo, so I did. I copied it. Did a bit of a ritual, you know, to the devil saying to summon a demon and be to take my soul in order to give me fame in not just music, but in life, in fame, in everyone’s eyes for them to look at me and think he’s just the guy kind of thing. That was the first time I ever did it and I didn’t know if it worked, so I did it again and I didn’t know if it worked, so I did it again and I did it again and again and again until I just didn’t know if it worked or not until I met you.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

Can I just say, after you did that ceremony, did that ritual, you’re saying that it didn’t work? What did you expect to see, and feel, how did you think it was going to affect you?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

I didn’t know, I honestly thought I might have some weird dreams, I thought I might lose touch with who I was, but I never felt like I did, I never felt like anything changed, but now I look back, something did, I just didn’t notice.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

Yeah, yeah. So, when did this dark figure that I actually remove, it wasn’t one, there was a group of five or six that had attached themselves to you because of the intention that you put out, because you were vulnerable at that stage, and you really felt lost and alone and no one giving you attention, and you thought that with A little bit of this dark help, you might get what you needed.

This dark being that was attached to you and that you were telling me about, you were feeling something was following you. Can you tell us a bit about that?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Okay, well, this was really weird because I was not scared. I was not, Oh, there’s a ghost. Oh, there’s a spirit. Oh, there’s something bad. It was simply, something’s here, something’s in the room. I feel it. The energy has changed. I would be down in my shed, the shed that I claimed as my own place of sanctuary. Me and my friend would be down there partaking in, you know…


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

You can talk about it, that’s what we’re here for today.


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Partaking in marijuana. We would all of a sudden just be sitting on our phones talking and then go, whoa, did you feel that? And then, yeah. It just feels darker in here, doesn’t it? It feels heavier. And I’d say, yeah. And then before you’d know, you’d hear a crunch, crunch. Like it was, someone was like, oh, in the wall coming up to the door and you just know, you would just know. It was, it’s hard to explain.

And then there’d be times when I would be in bed going to sleep. All of a sudden someone is standing behind me, watching me. So I have to turn around and look. I just have to, you know, I’m in the shower, washing my hair, close my eyes. There is someone watching me. As a human, you know, when there is someone watching you, you can feel it, the tingle in your spine, your goosebumps, you know there’s someone there, so I open my eyes and long behold, there’s no one there, but there is someone there, you know, like, and I always knew there was, it just, yeah.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

And this occurred to you about grade 5, grade 6 is when you put out that intention to the dark realm?


 Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

I would have been about 12 and I’m 19 now.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host) 

Okay, so you put out the intention, I’m not pointing the finger at you, I’m sort of outlining this for the people who are listening. Hilly the poet put out an intention seven years ago to connect with the dark realm. They heard and they came. And you’re feeling this being moving around, it’s attached to you in some way, it’s actually corded into your energy field or into your chakras, because they’re the energy centres within our body.

So that intention attracted these beings, now you might see it as one, but it’s, they’re usually more than one like I explained earlier. And it simply has followed you, it’s followed you for seven years, everywhere you go in your sleep, in your dreams, eating, going to the movies, down to the shed with your mates. And do you feel that that being or beings affected your energy, the way that you thought, and your decision-making?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yeah, a hundred percent, a hundred and ten percent. There would be times when I’d think to myself, okay, I’m going to go in and I’m going to have some tea, have a shower, brush my teeth, then get ready for bed.

Next thing I know I’m down the shed using drugs. That’s not what I was going to do. I was going to do something positive. I was going to do something healthy. It’s even little, it’s even like tiny little things. I’m going to go on my phone and put on a good song, a happy song, a song that would make me want to get up and have a bit of a dance.

Next thing I know I’m listening to a song that makes me want to, this is going to be a little bit on the darker side, what I’m about to say, so pre-warning. Even things with self-harm. I love my temple. My body is my temple, and I do treasure my body. I take a lot of pride in my body and being healthy these days and I think I always wanted to, but there was a stage where I was self-harming and quite aggressively. I think half of the decision-making in that was caused by not just mental health conditions. I’m not debunking the science, I’m just saying, I think these, these entities that, that were using me and my energy was simply amplifying the effects of the mental health disorders or whatever you want to call them, making them unbearable. I couldn’t control anger, I couldn’t control sadness, and I couldn’t even control happiness. It was weird. It was weird.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

These darl beings do that because they’re keeping you in a state of control. They don’t like it when you’re happy. When you’re happy, you’re not creating the food that they want. They want to keep people in a negative state so that you’re then creating the rage, hostility, sadness, despair, sorrow, whatever your trigger emotions are. That is what they’ll keep you creating because then you’re feeding them. It’s just like a vicious cycle.

I’ve had a lot of people explain to me that they feel, there’s a lot of my clients have said to me, look, I feel like I just need to move forward with life. I’ve got a job interview coming up. I feel like I want to get out and exercise. But something just keeps pulling me back. I just feel like I can’t break through the barrier.

And it’s because you were in a really vulnerable state when you made that intention. But we got rid of the intention.


My experience with Hilly’s demonic contract dark attachments

And I haven’t shared something with you that I’m going to share now about these five or six demonic beings. I did an energy clearing for Hilly. Took me a long time, was about six or eight hours work.

And that night when I went to bed, I still didn’t quite feel right. And I know when I clear demonic beings from people, they will transfer from the client to the energy clearer. That is a standard thing that demonic beings do. They’re just looking for another host. Now, when I went to bed that night, I didn’t feel right.

And I do my pendulum dowsing all the time. I’m like, I still don’t feel right. I check and I see, are there any dark or any demonic beings present? And I kept getting no, but the pendulum wasn’t quite working right. And. When I asked the question another way, your contract that you had created with these dark beings had transferred to me with them.

Normally I’m really respectful with these beings because they can sling retaliation back at you, so I’m like super respectful and I went, no, this is not happening. The contract that you, that Hilly created with you was made null and void for the rest of Hilly’s lifetime, in this lifetime. That’s the only lifetime I can work with.

And they’re very sly, and they decided they were going to transfer to me. And I felt, I felt spacey, I had brain fog. My walking had changed slightly. I get a lot of physical symptoms when these beings attach to me because they don’t affect me mentally or emotionally. So I gave them the hardcore telling off.

And when I called in my angelic team to help me, these guys left pretty quick smart because they knew that they couldn’t mess with me. I wasn’t in a vulnerable state. I know what their signs and symptoms are when they attach to people. But I found that really interesting, that not only did they transfer to me and I thought I cleared them, I didn’t even think to check whether your contract had transferred to me.

This is what you’re working with when people get involved with demonic beings. But I learned something new from working with you that time, is that if I get contracts in the future that have come from a client, I need to check to make sure that they’ve been cleared from me.


Hilly talks about his substance abuse and the dark attachment’s influence

Do you feel that there was a connection between your long-term substance abuse and these demonic-level beings? Did your substance abuse start when you made that contract?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yes, the year I made that pact with the devil, that contract, is the exact same year I got introduced to marijuana and being, and being used in a bong. And the bong got me and it kept me there for ages and I never ever could figure out how to get off it, how to stop it.

Or how to even remotely think about stopping, I didn’t want to stop and no one could tell me to stop because it wasn’t going to happen. It was never going to happen. You have no idea. It was literally my life. It wasn’t just a drug I did. It was my life. And then all of a sudden, one day I thought, no, fuck it.

I’m not doing this anymore. I thought, I’m not doing this anymore, I want to move on, and I’m not going to be some lazy stoner sitting down in his shed just smoking weed, like, losing my money, you know, like I had no money, so I was like, I’m not doing this anymore, I just couldn’t quit, I couldn’t quit. I want to get off this, I have the tools to get off this, and I, and it was getting worse, I was starting to use other drugs such as MDMA, pharmacy grade cough syrup, codeine, ketamine, just horrible drugs that 18, 19 year olds shouldn’t be even thinking about using.

And that was simply because I felt like I couldn’t cope with the reality I was living. I needed to escape reality.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

Did you feel that that was you creating those thoughts or was it something else telling you that your reality wasn’t, how can I put it, telling you that you couldn’t cope so that you needed the drugs as a coping mechanism?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yeah, yeah, it was a hundred percent clouding my judgment and my perception of my family, the world around me, my friends, my choices, and my hobbies, which stripped me bare of my personality in a way. I remember I stopped making the music I wanted to make. I stopped skating. I stopped doing my art. I stopped playing games, and online games with my friends.

I stopped communicating with my friends. I started snapping at my friends. I stopped accepting help. That’s a big one. People would come to help me. Even when we first started talking, I remember I was getting thoughts in the back of my head of ‘Don’t go through with this, get away’, but that’s not what I wanted.

That’s obviously what they were telling me and became more aware. When we did start talking and you started giving me an idea, I became more aware of what it was telling me, when it was telling me it, and why.

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

And this is why we’re talking about this today because I always bang on about how dark, and especially the demonic level beings, can affect people’s thinking. Especially vulnerable people who’ve had a lot of trauma in their lives. They’re just worn down. And as you were talking just then, I was feeling that they were wearing you down in such a way that one day you may have even taken your life if you’d got to that totally vulnerable stage.


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Right before we met, I made a very regrettable choice of trying to put myself into a coma. And when I say that, it sounds stupid. But I was physically hitting myself and I remember I kept saying like in my head, stop like you need to stop, stop doing this to yourself, stop it. But I couldn’t, I was hysterical. I was screaming. I was, I was frantic. I was uncontrolled. There have been many other times as well where I’ve like, I don’t really want to describe it in a graphic way, but I’ll just say where, yeah, I was close to maybe making a choice to where I would not have come back from. Yeah.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

And you know what, since we’ve been talking, I haven’t seen Hilly the Poet for many, many years. I knew him when he was very young. I worked with him in the education system. And when he came back into my life, it was like that person that put us together again. She’s your angel. Like she has sent you to me because she knew, she could see the goodness in you. And I know it’s there. You’re 19, right? And you are so wise.

You have so much wisdom to offer. You have survived taking all those drugs that I can’t even repeat the names of. Someone was looking after you, like your higher vibrational support network, your angels, guardian angel, whatever you want to call it, they were looking after you because you have a message, you have something to share through your music.

I’m proud of you for coming on today, talking about your experiences, being willing to share and be vulnerable. So that other people can see some of the things that you’ve gone through and how you’re still here, you know, you’re still here because you want something better. I would love to see what you’re going to be doing in the future with your music.


YOUR PASSION: What do you do as a music creator?


 Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Alright, so basically I started off making rap. I thought, well, this is fun, this is, this is cool, and then I learnt the art of death metal screaming, so like, like Metallica, ACDC, stuff like that. I learned that and then I, I took, incorporated that into my music and now I’ve gone to wrap it all, forget about it, don’t wrap, don’t scream, just do something that’s going to make people appreciate the world around them.

I want to make music that you listen to and go, hell yeah, I’m going to go and walk on the beach, you know, I want you to listen to my music and think I’m going to sit in the sun, I’m going to walk the dog, I’m going to play with my kids. I want. Motivation music, you know, I don’t want negative music anymore.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

You can do that with rapping. I would like to see, I’m going to set you a challenge to see if you can create some different pieces of music, maybe some with the rapping and some without, cause you’re so good at it. Like I’ve listened to your music on Spotify and I’m like, this young man has talent. He’s still finding his way.

He’s not quite sure where he’s at yet, but play with different mediums. You’re Hilly the poet. You’ve been here in my house. And that day we stood at the front door and you were there with your partner. And I’m like the words that were flowing out of your mouth. I’m like, there’s, there’s a song in that, like there is, there is something to share in that.

So your life struggles and your choices and what got you down. That’s going to help you with your music.


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yep. You remember the first song I ever sent to you and said, you might be able to get some insight from listening to this. Oh, yes. Came from Temptation Part One. I’m currently working on Temptation part two, and that’s going to be completely different than the first one.

It’s all about positive change. It’s all about self-development, all about kicking out the dark side. You know, I remember I said to you. I was chasing happiness. I thought I’d find it in the darkness. And that is, is now in one of my songs.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

Yeah, excellent. And it would be good to keep them, I’m not telling you what to do, but just from an outsider’s perspective to show where you’ve been and where you were going. So people can see that transformation that you’ve gone through at 19. Like seriously, you, you are amazing.


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Thank you. You’re amazing though. Do not try and give me credit for everything when without you I wouldn’t have even identified the issue in the first place.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

All I did was step in with some of the information you gave me, some of the signs and the symptoms and the way that you were feeling and what you were feeling in the house and the shed. And we talked about using recreational drugs, creates a very low vibration because we’re in a low mind state, we’re hiding from something, we’re not dealing with trauma in our lives. And what that does. Attracts the dark and the demonic level beings. They’re only energy feeders. If you don’t do those activities, they’re not interested in you.

They’re simply just going to go somewhere else. So you’re in that really positive mind state now. Do you think, now I’m going to put you on the spot here. Do you think you will go back to using recreational drugs again? Um, now. You don’t have to say if you don’t want to. I’m just, I’m just curious to know.


Hilly the Poet tells of his experiences with tampered marijuanna
during his dark attachments days

All right, well, I’ve, I’ve done a bit of a discovery with recreational drugs. Now, I’m never, ever, ever going to use pharmaceutical drugs. Never MDMA, like I said, never any pill. I have this belief, and it’s not a belief that I have through using drugs, it’s a belief I have through research and science. Marijuana was put on this earth by the higher power. It is a plant. And I believe mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms are also in that category. They are a plant. They are here. They were put here for a reason. And I am interested in knowing what that reason is. And I don’t know. I mean in using that substance every morning, using that substance to deal with your past traumas, or even using that substance every day, every week.

I’m talking, let’s figure out the benefits of CBD oil and what they do for old people’s hands and their joints and people’s seizures and autistic kids. Let’s figure out what psilocybin mushrooms do for the pineal gland, and, and the chakras, meditation, yoga, and depression. You know, I think it’s a much wider question.

I think in general what we need to ask ourselves. I’m, going to use them how people use alcohol. People drink alcohol out with their friends. I’m going to smoke a bit of weed with my friends. You know, but I’m never, ever, ever going to wake up and have a bong ever again.

With the marijuana, what I found out was the person who I used to buy it off,  was selling me and many others my age, weed that wasn’t exactly marijuana, weed that had pesticide spray, PGR, bug repellent, everything under the sun, even sugar, all laced within the marijuana.

So that just goes to show that if I’d kept using it every single day, I don’t know what could have happened to my mental health. I don’t know what the, you know, repercussions would have been.


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