#46 Haunted highways: Ghostly distractions on the road

Driving distractions of the paranormal kind!

Driving under the influence takes on a whole new meaning! In this episode, we are exploring paranormal driving distractions and why dark entities hang around our roadways. We’re going to look at how our bodies can react to these paranormal influences, why driving can be dangerous with supernatural hitchhikers, and where you might expect to find dark entities on the roadway, possibly accident sites, and other locations.


#46 Haunted highways: Ghostly distractions on the road


I have called this strange little experience a friend and I had back in 2020:

The raging road headache


Driving to a country town on the west coast of Tasmania one day, a friend and I were happily chatting when I suddenly developed a massive headache that came out of nowhere. I don’t get headaches unless I am getting sick OR there are paranormal beings present in the vicinity. So, I kept driving and just observed the headache and where it went. The constant pulsating pain was located in the middle area on the left side of my head directly above my ear. It felt as if ‘something’ was energetically sitting between my friend and me enjoying the ride in the middle of nowhere.

After driving 20kms or so, the headache simply disappeared… gone… vanished and I said out loud, “ Glad that left!” My friend slowly turned and stared at me, saying,” So you felt that too! My head felt like it was going to split in half. I didn’t know what that was so didn’t say anything.”

Had this energy beings been looking to simply hitch a ride? Or did it have other intentions… Maybe checking each of us out as a possible new host? 

Why was it located in a totally desolate place on the side of a bush road, not a house in sight?
Was it there because of an accident or trauma that had occurred there? 

We will never know. But the strength of its energy told me it was a high-level demonic energy being who hitched a ride with us that day.



This next experience used to happen to me a lot! Have you ever been driving along and heard internal voices and wondered if your mind is playing tricks or if ‘something else’ is talking to you? I have had many experiences with energy beings who only connect to us using words. They use telepathy to project messages which can be delivered as a whisper or a shout. The messages are often repeated, usually with harmful content, and manipulation is their prime objective.

The following story is a prime example of auditory energy intruders. I have spoken to many people who have experienced similar situations and were perplexed about the cause.


I have called my experience:

Dark whispers with darker intentions


On many occasions, I have been driving along, minding my own business, when a cyclist was approaching on the other side of the road. I would quite suddenly hear a raspy voice in my head saying, “Run him over.” Each time I heard those words, I was instantly shocked. I said out loud, “No, and go away” or simply chose to ignore the voice and safely drive on, unaffected by the horrible suggestion. I have shared this experience with others, and they have admitted to having similar experiences with unseen perpetrators whispering nasty messages encouraging them to hurt people sometimes while driving and sometimes in locations. 

There seem to be waves of these auditory dark energy experiences that come and go every six months or so. I would find them positioned in the same places beside roads, and if I stopped at that particular spot, they wouldn’t speak. So, I gather that they prefer connecting to our energy as we drive by.

Most people are too scared to mention dark energies as a possible cause of the voices in their heads because they fear judgment or being carted off to the doctor for a mental health assessment. Many dark energy beings use telepathy to implant suggestions into our minds as they know people are vulnerable this way.



Also, accident sites on roadways often have large pools of energetic buildup for the physical crashing of vehicles, personal trauma, injury and possibly death and these occurrences all leave energetic imprints that can attract the dark energy feeders that are drawn to the vibrations the locations are pumping out.

A friend shared the following short experience about his near accident at a location where there had been many previous car crashes:

He writes: One day after work, I was on the way to pick up my wife. There was a lot of traffic on the highway, it was getting dark and this patch of road was notorious for accidents at sunset. I had this uncontrollable urge to drive faster and faster, not my usual grandpa style of laid back driving. As I slowed got a grip and gained control of my strange thirst for speed, I slowed down to honour my inner grandpa, and this random black car came out of nowhere with no lights on and passed so close to me that our mirrors collided. 

I pulled over, I was totally shocked. I thought to myself, “I had have been speeding, I could have been killed!” And ever since then. I keep my mind fully focused on the road and let my road-savvy inner grandpa guide me.


 INTERESTING MEDIA ARTICLE: Driving under ghostly influence!

I found this article online and I will share a link in the description box about a woman who blames getting distracted while driving on the ghost of her boyfriend who haunts her pickup. Check it out and make your mind up for yourself on that one…. Is it real or an excuse for her distracted driving?




For many people and those whom I talk to about paranormal driving distractors, the notion of paranormal beings employing telepathy to implant harmful messages and actions into our minds while driving introduces quite a chilling dimension to the already perilous act of being on the road. These entities sometimes seize the moment when mentally vulnerable individuals are behind the wheel and preoccupied with navigating traffic, worrying about current life situations or issues, and are not fully focused on the road. These beings use their telepathic abilities to manipulate drivers and know how to distract you, sometimes planting distressing thoughts or triggering memories, I have experienced this but am now aware if my thoughts take a dark path while driving that it is not me but something else!

The consequences of these dark sinister interventions can range from creating minor accidents to possibly catastrophic collisions including other factors such as extreme weather conditions, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs, raising questions about the true source of many accidents on the highways. And no, ‘The devil made me do it “, won’t hold up in court for your 50 speeding tickets!

So when you are driving, be responsible, use safe driving practices and watch out for all sorts of mental distractions and external influences that could compromise your safety while driving a vehicle.



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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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