#44 The darkness within: Dark manipulation of a 3 year old girl

In this episode, we explore negative behaviours which can of course be a part of normal life BUT when they get out of hand taking a dark turn, twisting and damaging a young child’s life. Is there ‘something’ else at play here?

DISCLAIMER: Not all negative behaviour is induced by dark entities! The issues can be medical, mental health causes, life situations and traumas. ALWAYS seek medical professional diagnosis before assuming anyone adult or child has paranormal attachments.

Today I have a family’s experience to share with you about a 3-year-old girl and her sudden extreme behavioural changes that were starting to concern her family. Jenny, the mum is a good friend of mine wanted to share this experience with my listeners to highlight paranormal attachment and what she witnessed over 2 weeks with her 3 and a 1/2 year old daughter and how Jenny strongly felt there was something energetic wrong going on with her daughter’s sudden extremely negative language and behaviours.

Jenny has called her recount of their family’s harrowing experience:

The darkness within

Jenny writes: I organised a day to have lunch with Anna for a chat and to enjoy some spring sunshine. My daughter Gracie was home from daycare that day and came out to lunch with us. Gracie is three and a half and a happy and well-loved little girl. She recently started Daycare so I could go back to work. Gracie settled into daycare easily and was excited to go every week. She loved it, everything was good and I was happy to see her enjoying daycare so much.

Gracie is a Daddy’s girl, she loves Steve. Every day he comes home from work and is greeted by Gracie who is thrilled to see him. They play and she generally sticks with Dad like glue when he is home. One day this all changed, Gracie gradually started to stick with me when Steve came home, which was unusual as she loves her Dad. We didn’t think anything more of it and thought she was going through a phase and that mum was the favourite this week.

Gracie is generally a good sleeper, sleeps in her own room and wakes up occasionally for a cuddle or to be settled back to sleep. She started waking up almost every night and came into Steve and my bed to sleep with us. She would chitter-chatter for a good few hours and eventually go to sleep just when it was time for Steve to get up for work. Note that Gracie stopped having a daytime nap when she was around 2 years old.

This sleep disruption went on for a couple of weeks. Steve needed his 8 hours of sleep every night to be fully alert and function properly at work, as he is operating heavy machinery. So we decided that I would deal with Gracie when she came into our bed and Steve would go into Gracie’s room to get a good night’s sleep.

Gracie started to display unusual behaviours when she would come into our bed. Not only was she chitter-chattering for hours at a time but she would kick me out of frustration and she made it very clear that she didn’t want me to look at her or even lie on the bed facing her. I had to have my back to her at all times. I was exhausted so I just went along with it and thought to myself “You have to pick your battles”.

I would drift off to sleep on my side and when I thought Gracie had drifted off to sleep too I would turn around to my right side as this is how I normally sleep and is more comfortable for me. No sooner had I turned around to face Gracie she would stare at me saying in a very dark gruff voice “Don’t look at me” and kick me until I turned back around. I would then hear her little voice say “Mummy cuddle me” so I would turn around and give her a cuddle only to be told “Don’t turn around” or “Don’t look at me”, I just thought she was tired and being a drama queen and was just too tired to do anything about her behaviours at 3am and this went on night after night.

At meal times, I noticed too that Gracie would pull the strangest facial expressions while sitting at the kitchen table. These were not the silly, funny innocent facial funnies that 3 year olds create but something else… they had a dark twisted look about them and made me feel very uncomfortable.

Other times, Gracie would randomly burst into tears and sob her little heart out when she was at home with me doing our usual things. It was so strange to see and she couldn’t tell me what was wrong.

Gracie’s language changed drastically. She started using the word ‘Hate’ a lot which is totally out of character for her and she had a really negative attitude at times throughout the day. Again I just thought she was going through a phase. She then started saying that she hated daycare and didn’t want to go, crying and saying that she hated it. It was a real struggle to get her there. This was not Gracie’s normal happy loving attitude towards daycare and playing with her friends there.

One night she came into our bed, Steve went down into her bed as usual and she started chatting and kicking and saying “Don’t look at me”, all of her usual things. She then got out of bed and walked down into her room where Steve was sleeping and yelled in her gruff and angry voice “Get out of my bed, get out of my room, go sleep in the loungeroom”. Steve stood his ground and just ignored her demands. After she said her bit to Steve she just casually walked back and jumped back into bed with me and eventually drifted off to sleep.

I am just jumping in here – I witnessed Gracie’s odd strange face-pulling and wild behaviours when I visited that day and I could sense paranormals in Jenny’s home. We openly talked about it as I have done work for Jenny in the past and she is very spiritually aware and we joked about ‘them’ coming from the inlaws as they lived across the road. I observed Gracie throughout the day as she was very unsettled, clingy with Jenny, pulling her clothes, banging plates at the place where we went for lunch and the dark mysterious look in her eyes was not the normal funny wistful playful look of a 3 and a ½ year old.

Most people would just think all these happenings were normal 3 year old behaviour BUT Jenny knows her daughter well and recognised the odd strange behavioural changes in her. I offered to check into Gracie’s energy field and sure enough, there were 5 demonic level energy beings present that had come through energy cording to a male from approximately 2 weeks ago. No other male had been in the house apart from a family friend and I checked who this detrimental energy was all coming from so that we could get to the source of it all. Sure enough, they were all coming from Steve.

Jenny writes: Steve is a country bumpkin, an all round  great husband and father, kind and caring but he has been dealing with some very negative interactions with his elderly parents. Steve was working and running the family business, as his father had recently had surgery so he had been out of action. Steve had been taking his father and mother to appointments and visiting his father when he was in the ICU. All of the work was piling up and it was such a stressful time for him. It is a complicated family relationship as most family relationships can be. This closeness to his parents and Steve’s run-down mind and body state due to lack of sleep and stress with his parents and at work had made him mentally, emotionally and energetically vulnerable to picking up all of his parent’s negative emotions AND their energetic hitchhikers.

Steve had an energy clearing from Anna and we also got the house cleared and the beds at the same time. It was interesting to see the energetic imprints attached to our bed and Gracie’s bed which would have been contributing to Gracie’s disrupted sleeping patterns and negative behaviours. There were energetic build-ups of sadness, anxiety, burdened, unworthy, hatred, distress and hostility in both beds. These emotions were witnessed in her behaviours and now made total sense.

Gracie’s negative behaviour pretty much stopped immediately after her energy clearing and that night she slept all night, still in our bed but she was peacefully and still. The next morning she said she wanted to go to daycare and ever since then she has been the happy and loving little girl that she has always been.

Steve and Gracie have now reconnected and she runs to the door to greet Daddy excitedly when he comes home from work every night. They play and laugh together which is great to see.

Since his energy clearing, Steve also noted a positive uplifting change in his attitude and his energy levels. He looked out the window the morning after his clearing and happily said “I feel a lot better”.

This experience shows you the power of awareness of behavioural changes in people especially family members who we spend a huge part of our lives with. Sudden behavioural changes can of course be medical or mental health and I never assume anything is energetic or paranormal until my clients have seen their doctors first. Remove the emotional imprints and the paranormal energetic feeders simply move on, no food so why would they stay?

UPDATE: Jenny messaged to say that 4 weeks after Steve’s clearing he hasn’t absorbed any more of his parent’s emotional imprints or dark hitchhikers because his parents are in a better mind and energetic state, they are settled and happier and Steve can go about his work on the farm, relaxed and not stressed at all.


It is interesting for me to observe the changes in people’s behaviours when they shift from stressed, drained and depleted energetically to peaceful, and coping with life. Paranormals aren’t interested in us when we are happy, there is no vibrational food in happiness and when we live in higher vibrational states.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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