#42 False Angels… paranormal imposters in disguise!

Yep, the dark even attempts to mimic the light but eventually they can’t hold their patience and the darkness shines through.

You have got to love supernatural ingenuity… Dark imposters do their best to impersonate the light but there are subtle and sometimes not so subtle signs if they lose their patience with their hidden agendas. Their body language if you see them will be demanding no matter how demure they try to be, they just can’t keep up the ruse! Their language or the feeling you get from them …feels pressured, or manipulative, wanting you to carry out inappropriate actions.


#42 False Angels… paranormal imposters in disguise!


In this episode, we are taking a look at the difference between authentic light beings and dark energy imposters who pretend to be from the light to trick us mere humans.

There is quite often a lot of confusion around knowing the difference between the two and people get sucked in by the dark imposters and can sometimes be led down very dark paths indeed when they actually think they are beings guided by higher vibrational beings.

There are subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences which your intuition, body sensations and feelings and good old common sense will alert you to:

Light beings do not physically or mentally attach to us; they don’t need to. If a voice is in your mind telling you that it is a Light being, and you are experiencing some of the negative signs and symptoms I am going to outline in this episode, question the voice’s authenticity.

Light beings as in Angels, Arch Angels, and spirit guides for example have energy that feels light and loving. You feel protected and supported and the information they share or show you gives you the feeling of being connected to the bigger picture in a good way. They may suggest activities that will raise your vibration, life choices and life direction, such as meditation, mindfulness, solitude, exercise, spiritual learning, meeting like-minded people, eating a healthier diet, and taking that course at work that you have been doubting you are good enough to do.

They will send you synchronicities to get your attention, such as repeated numbers, animal totems, feathers, and people with messages for you dropped in random conversations and only give you enough to cope with at any one time; they know your limits but sometimes will push you if you are procrastinating!

Basically, they guide, encourage and make suggestions to enhance your life choices and direction.

Now, let’s look at dark imposters who may appear in a blaze of white light, or speak softly, whispering to you as you sleep or appear in your dreams… There are other attentions at foot.

Dark imposters do their best to impersonate the light but there are subtle and sometimes not so subtle signs if they lose their patience with their hidden agendas.

Dark imposter’s energy feels heavy, and dense, or gives you adverse body reactions, such as intense headaches, and nightmares or triggers negative emotions.

Their body language if you see them will be demanding no matter how demure they try to be, they just can’t keep up the ruse! Their language or the feeling you get from them feels pressured, or manipulative, wanting you to do probably inappropriate actions.

They can suggest information that doesn’t feel right or valuable to you and repeat information or make suggestions in harsh or pressured ways. Dark imposters often provoke you with your triggers whether emotionally, mentally or an addiction or attempt to control you with fear or create paranoia. They can utilise negative words or images to manipulate you into doing what they want. Remember, you ALWAYS have free will, so if it doesn’t feel right, question it or walk away, you have the choice!


So, let’s delve into what I and my clients have witnessed over many years and some rather confounding experiences that highlight paranormal interference of the darker kind.

I have called Cathy’s story:

I can help you!


Cathy was up for a promotion at work and she really really wanted it and thought she deserved it. Kay was also interested in the promotion and she had years more experience than Cathy and felt it was in the bag, so the ladies who were once good friends now had some rivalry going on.

Cathy meditated every morning without fail as it helped relax her mind and she felt settled to start her day on a good footing. For the last month during her 30 minute meditations, she had been focusing her thoughts on how she could improve her chances at getting the promotion. She asked her spirit guides to show her what she needed to improve within herself and her quality of work… well… this one morning Cathy had a new guide step forward.

This quiet unassuming presence all dressed in white, stood infront of Cathy and they shared a moment of peacefully observing each other. The Guide moved towards Cathy and sat next to her and put its hand on her shoulder saying, ‘You are looking forward to your promotion, aren’t you. What are you doing to secure your success?” Now Cathy was a little shocked. Her spiritual helpers had never approached her this way before and she snapped out of her meditative state and just sat there a bit bewildered.

The next morning, this ‘Guide’ was present again and sat next to her and whispered in her ear, ‘I can help you’ turning to look into Cathy’s eyes. Cathy was torn as she deeply wanted the promotion but felt like she was selling her soul to the Devil even sitting with this presence.

Again, she shook herself out of her meditative state and this time said outloud, “NO, I don’t want your help whoever you are and don’t show up in my meditations ever again!” Looking at the clock saying 8.45, Cathy was late for work.

Cathy jumped in the car, toast firmly clenched in between her teeth and off she went… at least the highway was clearer, she thought. Coming around a corner near her work building, she saw Kay’s car banged up on the side of the road and Kay standing, waiting for a tow truck. Cathy stopped to see what had happened and Kay told how she heard strange sudden whispering which turned into a horrendous growl at around 8.40 and she drove into the back end of the car in front of her. Kay was an excellent driver and was quite shaken up by her accident.

Arriving home at 6pm, Cathy flew through her front door, threw her bag on the floor in the kitchen and sat in her lounge chair. Shutting her eyes, she relaxed and went into her deep slow meditative breathing. Five minutes into her trance like state, Cathy saw the Guide casually walking towards her and before he spoke, she said loudly and unashamedly, ‘YOU, you caused Kay’s car crash”. Silence is what she received from this sly grinning presence all dressed in glimmering white. “Oh”, he said, “ That wasn’t me… or maybe it was… you want the promotion don’t you”. The Guide’s bright blue eyes turned a shade of grey, as Cathy said in a demanding voice, “No actually, Kay deserves it more than me, so you can stop your tricks.” “Aw, you’re a spoil sport, don’t you…”. “And you can stop right there, I can see the devil in you, you trickster, you (swear words), get out!!! 

And before the Guide could answer, Catchy called in Arch Angel Micheal to expel this destructive manipulate entity whose simple white robe morphed into black flapping wings and it was gone. As this happened, Cathy fell out of her lounge chair and landed on all fours. “What just happened?”, she said out loud. 

As she rolled over and sat leaning up against the chair, she could see orbs of white light in front of her. Cathy had never been a full believer, but now she was. The devil is real and will manipulate us if we let him, she thought to herself.

Fast forwarding to the next week, Kay did get the promotion AND Cathy was given the assistant level job which was a step up from her old job. She was so happy that she and Kay would be working together. Cathy still did her morning meditation but called on an Arch Angelic watcher to support and protect her during her spiritual journeying and the winged tormentor didn’t show his face again.


Second experience:

Well, that was an eye-opener for Cathy as to the trickster nature of some dark beings. The following story comes from Craig in the UK who shares his experience of meditating with mum and how it all went wrong!

Craig called this encounter:

A malevolent mother moment


I am 42 and for most of my life meditation has been his early morning practice to start my day on a good footing. It helps me to ground, feel settled and motivated about the day’s activities. I have had money issues and often stressed about paying the bills and whether I would have enough to survive through the next month or two.

One morning during my meditation, a presence appeared and as I stared at the new fixture in my meditation, the wafting presence slowly morphed into my mother. She stood quietly, smiling at me but there was something odd about this apparition, it looked like her right down to the matching shoes and handbag she took everywhere but there was something not right when I looked into her eyes.

Mum had passed many years ago and I wasn’t grieving anymore. I have come to terms with the loss through counselling and was sure she was safe and happy with Dad doing whatever they do in the Afterlife. So, I was more than a little confused as to why mum was standing before me now, so I proceeded with caution. Craig and I have worked together with my cleansing of his home, his self, and his car and even the cat and we discussed paranormal trickery in all its forms, so he was well aware of paranormal pranksters and their tactics.

He writes; I felt this wasn’t my mother but something dark disguised as her for its own nefarious purpose. I questioned the presence over the next few meditation sessions as it would show up uninvited and smile a smile that was slowly morphing into something else and made me feel uncomfortable. The presence was losing patience with me. I could see changes in it’s body language and harshness in it’s voice. The tipping or turning point was when the apparition told me to put my savings into the stock market and I would easily double or triple my dollars and be a rich man within a few months. 

I now firmly knew this was not my mother as she had no idea about stocks or even handling money as Dad had done all the family finances. I openly challenged the entity, “You are not my mother, your tricks won’t work on me. Leave now and don’t come back!”, I said in a firm voice. What came next frightened me beyond belief, but in my mind, I stood my ground still firmly planted in my meditative state. To waver could mean demonic retaliation and that is never good! My mother’s demure appearance finally showed it’s true self morphing into the blackest darkest thing I have ever seen, it reeked of hatred and disgust, standing before me in defiance. I bellowed out in a firm voice, “Leave and don’t come back” and with that, it was gone.

I came out of my meditation, panting, exhausted and sweating profusely. After a cup of tea and a huge piece of chocolate cake, not my usual breakfast, I emailed Anna sharing my experience and wondering if meditation is still safe to do.

I replied within the hour and said:

Hi Craig, well done for standing your ground. The dark only has power over us when we let it. Yes, meditation is still safe for you to do and you have a great awareness of paranormal tactics now and will pick up on if any other entities try their naughty tricks. Enjoy your meditation and call in your higher spiritual supporters to be with you and protect you always.


Third experience:

The next experience opened Jenny’s eyes to supernatural sneaky tactics which she won’t fall for again. Jenny had yearned for years to connect with higher-vibration beings or spirits. She felt blocked and wanted to see something, anything that would prove to her that there is life after death. Boy did she get more than she bargained for!

I have called this experience:

Jenny’s jolting experience

One of my early clients Jenny said late one night, she was meditating before bed and saw a spirit in her mind. The image was so vivid and shocked her so suddenly that she opened her eyes and stared into the darkness. In her loungeroom sat a child, someone she knew. The apparition looked like a friend’s child who had passed away recently. She had looked after the girl and had a deep love for her as a kind of adopted nanna. When the child passed from an illness, Jenny was devastated and thought about the little girl constantly. When the child appeared in her home and sat in her favourite chair just like she did when she was alive, Jenny didn’t know what to say or do. 

The child spirit spoke in Jenny’s mind and asked to stay. Deep down Jenny wondered why she chose her instead of her family but instantly said yes not wanting to hurt the child’s feelings and the sly grin she saw should have tweaked Jenny’s intuition as to the genuineness of the not so innocent child that stood before her.

In the days and nights ahead, Jenny’s life was turned upside down. There were items suddenly going missing, the stove would randomly turn on, glasses fly off the bench, strange jumping on the bed at night, pulling on the blankets and whisperings in her ear of a horrible nature. Jenny was wondering now what she had let into her house.

I visited Jenny as she lived locally and as soon as I entered the home, I felt a dark disapproval of the demonic kind. The lights were flickering as Jenny and I chatted, rotten smells appeared out of nowhere in a clean and tidy home and I knew what or who was present. 

I spoke about what I would be doing for Jenny and how the energetic being present wouldn’t be harmed but more so moved out of Jenny’s home and needed to find a new location to reside. In that instance, the lights stopped flickering and the smells dissipated. The gig was up!

I worked on Jenny’s home over the next few days and Jenny promised to seek grief counselling. Jenny phoned me a week later to say her home was hers again, no odd or strange happenings. She was seeing a counsellor and had found another family needing an adopted nanna to babysit their 2 year old daughter. Jenny was happy and she promised me, no more giving permission for ‘spirits’ or anything else to stay in her home ever again. 


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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