#41 The low down on sage, crystals and demonic defiance

Smudging the evil out of your home…..Everyone loves smudging and think it creates a paranormal-free environment. Well, no actually it doesn’t!
How do I know… Dark beings tell me… they laugh at all the saging and wafting intentions going out the window.
In this episode, I share my perspective on why sage doesn’t work gained from 30+ years working with paranormal beings, and why sage is not the supernatural ostraciser everyone thinks it is.

Everyone loves smudging their homes thinking it creates a paranormal-free environment. Well, no actually, this activity creates a false sense of security. Why don’t sage work or crystals repel or rid of entities in homes or other places?… An interesting question which I am asked A LOT!

In this episode, I share my perspective on this subject gained from 30+ years working with paranormal beings, and why sage is not the supernatural ostraciser everyone thinks it is.


#41 The low down on sage, crystals and demonic defiance


Brunhild from Canada sent me her story on the 10th of May this year where she tells of paranormal intruders running amuck in her home and how smudging and crystals simply didn’t help.

Dear Ms. Schmidt,

 I knew exactly when my uninvited guest arrived at my house.  It was in the middle of Covid, winter of 2022 when a young lady realtor visited my house.  I wore a mask and we sat six feet apart in the basement family room so I could keep my living area upstairs clear of the virus.   About two weeks later I noticed weird things happening in my house.  Because of Covid, I did not invite many guests so it was easy to figure out it was the realtor. 

I phoned her asking where she had been before coming to my place. “In an empty and very old house,” she confessed and promised to help me with my situation.  She bought little pieces of black tourmaline and selenite and placed them on all the window sills.  She also saged the whole house and showed me how to do it.  Days later I did the whole house again, closets, under the stairs, saging till I could hardly breathe and then I left the house and went shopping.  Hours later I came home and I felt like “he” was waiting for me outside the door and hopped in when I opened it.  After that, another lady tried her saging and chanting method but nothing helped.

 My dog Bobby didn’t mind our uninvited guest at first, at least I didn’t notice anything.  But then I’d see Bobby staring at the wall for a long time, especially in the evenings when we would lie on the bed and watch TV.   “He” would come in front of the dog’s nose. Bobby would be lying close to the wall at the headrest and suddenly look up so I knew “he” was only a foot away from him.  I followed Bobby‘s head jerking here and there.  First I tried a black umbrella over Bobby so my dog wouldn’t see“him”, but that didn’t work.  Bobby would just stick his head around or under the umbrella to see if “he” was still there.  Then I tried covering him up with our blanket but by then Bobby was too worried about what “he” was doing and always had to watch “him”.  And “his” usual place was on the side where Bobby lay on my bed.  My little boy is a very good watchdog and the energetic intruder annoyed him a lot.

 I felt “he” was ramping things up when Bobby yelped in the other room one day and ran out, scooting over to me with his ears pinned back.  Bobby turned and sat facing “him”, shaking.  “He” did that twice to poor Bobby.  The final straw came one night as I was just dozing off in bed when I felt a presence come close to me.   Then it took another step and that was too close.  Instantly, in my mind’s eye, I saw and felt my aura being poked like you would try to poke through cling wrap.  The next second, I heard a kind of a loud buzzer go off and “he” retreated as fast as I woke up.  Two evenings later, I was just falling asleep when I felt a faint presence again but when my buzzer went off, “he” backed off right away without waiting for the buzzer to stop.  

 Enough was enough so I called my healer who knew of your work. I agreed to have my house energetically cleared and told her that I did not want to know when it would happen as I wanted to see if I could feel the difference.

 I paid attention to anything strange or different.  Around the first week of April I felt lighter, and happier in my home.  But on the 7th of April 2023, we were both in bed watching TV (in bed) when I happened to look down at my little boy who was lying at the foot of the bed, on the corner edge of the right side.  All of a sudden his head jerked up, down, up again and out the open bedroom door to the left.  It took a minute for me to realize what happened.  Ooooh, I said out loud, “You” finally got kicked out of my house!  Boy, “you” must’ve been mad because “you” never did that before!  And I laughed out loud. 

 A week later I contacted my healer and she told me that Ms. Schmidt had done a clearing on the 4th, 5th and 6th of this month.  Well, I said, I know because “it” got booted out on the 7th and it’s been quiet, peaceful and happy in my house ever since.  Even Bobby is happier, he’s sleeping under the covers like he used to.  He’s still a little apprehensive but a lot more relaxed. 

 Brunhild told me she desired to transition spirits into the light when they came to her and this clear intention attracted more energy beings to her home. She writes:

But, alas, that didn’t last too long.  As a fledgling artist, I visit and show in the area and my hometown gallery, which are old houses and also love shopping in second-hand stores.  About two weeks later I saw my dog noticing an invisible visitor again, fortunately, “he” is not as aggressive as the last one was.  The dog seems to have calmed down, maybe he realized this visitor is quieter than the last.

This was more likely a spirit answering Brunhild’s request to transition lost souls/ spirits into the light.



After reading your book – The Darkness Around Us, it has helped me to understand my predicament.

In the past, I have had unseen visitors and was told that maybe I could help them transition over through a portal.  What the heck did I know? Compared to what I know now after your enlightening book!  So I’m retiring from that hobby!  That and after reading your House Clearing Report, the section about Protection for the Home”, I will try to practice the advice you recommend every day so that it becomes a habit.  

 Your book was extremely helpful and with the new respect for “them” I am hoping that we (me and my dog) can live quietly and hopefully undisturbed.




The advice I gave Brunhild in the ‘Protection for your home‘ section at the end of her house clearing report was:

There is no foolproof method to keep paranormal energies away from your home BUT the results of an energetic clearing raise the vibration of the home by removing ALL past and recent energetic blockages – emotions, trauma imprints, portals, black magic, negative energy cording and paranormal beings.

Then it is up to the people living within the home to keep the energy higher through making positive lifestyle improvements with their thoughts, words, actions, reactions, decisions, choices, behaviours, and health – mentally, emotionally and physically.



Now we are going to explore what sage and crystals are good for and how you may choose to use their benefits for yourself and your home. When we look at the history of smudging and using white or grandfather sage as it is known, smudging is a centuries-old ritual of symbolic and spiritual purification. This custom has been practised by various indigenous cultures, particularly amongst Native American tribes, as a traditional means to cleanse and purify spaces of negative energies or spirits. The smoke is believed to enhance mindfulness and intuition during meditation, and carry one’s intentions and prayers off into the universe while also improving the flow of energy and cleansing the environment.


For some people, the scent of lingering sage in the home alleviates stress and enhances calmness, and relaxation and may improve sleep quality. Others have told me they use sage smudging to keep the mossies away during summer. As none of these qualities have been given the scientific tick of approval, be cautious about using sage especially if you or any of your family members have respiratory conditions.


I personally don’t burn sage in my home for 3 reasons –

1. To my nose, it smells like marijuana and the scent lingers in the house, on my clothes and in my hair and I remember my kids coming home from high school one day, looking at me funny and asking if I had been smoking weed in the house.

2. The smoke makes me cough quite badly, now I don’t have a respiratory condition but it affects me big time.

3. It made me hyperactive, seriously my mind races and sometimes I experience heart palpitations when around people who are saging in an enclosed space. I am hypo naturally and don’t need an outside source intensifying my energy levels even further.


While I don’t doubt smudging can be carried out with intention and is a meaningful and spiritual practice for many. It’s essential to clarify that it doesn’t have the power to shift or expel paranormal beings from people, homes, other places or objects from my professional opinion. I have been called in to energetically clear many homes after smudging where people have felt dissatisfied with the smudging results.

Paranormal encounters with spirits or dark beings are complex and multifaceted as you will know if you have listened to many of this podcast’s episodes, and it takes professionals who specialize in paranormal house clearing to get to the core issue of why these beings are present with tried and true methods and moved them out for good.

If we look at crystals, in my opinion, they fit into the same basket as sage. Wearing crystals isn’t going to fully protect a person or place or shift paranormals. Dark beings are sneaky, sometimes defiant and usually intent on staying in people and places with their energetic food source… remove the food and they will leave.

Crystal do, I must say, have their own unique vibration and are great tools for a multitude of different purposes such as for their aesthetic appeal and potential positive energetic benefits. One common use is for decoration and ambience enhancement. Placing crystals strategically in your home can help create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere because of their beauty, colour, shape and appeal to the majority of the population.

Many people also use crystals in meditation and yoga spaces to gain a sense of tranquillity and spiritual connection. Their healing and cleansing properties can promote relaxation, peace and calmness. Some people incorporate crystals in feng shui practices to enhance the flow of positive energy or chi throughout their living spaces. While scientific evidence on the usage of crystal healing is limited, many find comfort and a sense of well-being in incorporating these beautiful gems into their homes.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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