#39 Paranormal tactics to unhinge energy workers & why they do it!

Dar beings can get a little upset with house healers, mediums and psychics enter premises and they engage distracting tactics to destroy our focus and concentration and maybe frighten us away from the premises.

In this episode, we are uncovering paranormal tactics dark beings use to unhinge energy workers, why dark beings feel threatened when energy workers especially psychics, mediums, house healers or house clearers enter a location and some of the tactics they will use to distract your mind and upset your thinking. This can also relate to other people who have psychic skills and awareness but don’t fully believe or utilise them in daily life.


#39 Paranormal tactics to unhinge energy workers & why they do it!


Over the years, I have experienced many unseemly tactics from dark and demonic beings who felt threatened by me or my work using nightmarish dreams, electric shocks on my eyelids, extreme brain fog, and even poking me in the throat creating a sudden gagging cough to name a few but nothing comes close to a recent local experience in the North of Tasmania.


I have called this experience:

No entry allowed!

I was in the North of the state here in Tasmania visiting a friend and she sent me to the local health food shop to get a few items. I was looking over my list and as I approached the shop, my head started to spin. I figured this shift in energy was coming from the nearby carpark where two women were arguing and swearing at the top of their voices, so I took no notice and pushed on into the shop.

As I entered the premises, I felt a presence, a heavy energetic something about 4 metres beyond the shop doorway. This is, well quite normal for me as spirits, dark and demonic beings are located in many places, so I ignored the increasing feeling of supernatural interference and looked at my shopping list again.

The items I needed were spread out all over the shop so I thought I would start at the back and work to the front. As I went to step forward, I felt a strong pushback, an energetic barrier like I had never felt before. I lifted my right foot to walk forward again and nearly fell over. People behind me pushed past and looked at me strangely as they filed off into the back recesses of the shop picking up items and putting them in their baskets and all I could do was to stand there wondering what they were thinking and what the heck was going on!

I was determined to get the items on my list and stepped to the side, pretending to read a  bread bag label and occasionally looking up into the store.  I can tell you exactly what I saw when I squinted my eyes and softened my gaze… a thick misty type of barrier that seemed to affect me but no one else. As I looked into the shop, there was dark movement, 3 or more dense apparitions moving about, totally unseen by the other people in the shop. The beings didn’t speak to me in my mind or third eye but every step I tried to take forward, they pushed back 10 times harder and my chest started to hurt, so I gave up. I didn’t want to create a crazy scene and look like a nutcase, so I grabbed the items I could from the list and stood at the checkout waiting to be served.

The checkout attendant eyed me over, ‘All right there love”, she said and I looked at her and nodded. I was hoping my response of, “ Just felt a bit queezy, I think I need food.” would satisfy her curiosity.

I had been in this shop a few years back with no detrimental issues or effects which makes me wonder if my skills have levelled up enough to alarm the demonic beings present or if there had been a trauma experienced in the shop which has attracted some long-term dark energy squatters who wanted to stay.

I felt energetically much heavier leaving the shop and knew the paranormal lurkers were following me home to observe me and decide on their next move. So I  came home and sat at the dining table. I spoke with these energetic intruders just as I did in episode 8 when I had unhappy long-distance energetic beings running a muck in my home, causing all sorts of electrical issues. I quietly and calmly assured them that I had NO intention of carrying out any energy clearing of the property and that I was merely going there to do some shopping. I repeated the message a few times and then pretended to ignore them and within 20  minutes the energy of where I was staying improved. It felt lighter and brighter and I felt no head spinning or stomach churning.

I entered the shop again one week later and felt less resistance. I knew this time to talk to them as I walked around the shop and I did my shopping as quickly as possible.



Next, I have for you the funny and not-so-funny physical symptoms I experience mostly a nighttime by pesky paranormals who are attempting to put me off an upcoming house clearing job.

I have called this story:

Bedtime antics

Well, where do I start … I could mention electric shocks and boy these are the tactics that made me jump the most and sometimes swear out of pure frustration! I have been in situations where I have received shocks to my eyelids by an upset matron in an old not abandoned hospital facility through to shocks in bed to my thighs, calf muscles and ankles. I feel this is a warning or heed this and I do my best not to be reactive but I don’t always succeed.

I have been kicked in the kneecaps by angry elementals usually gnomes and yes they do exist and look out if you upset them. They are quite adept at a swift shin or knee kick or two to set you straight in their eyes.

Paranormal beings know I am as tough as nails mentally and emotionally and taunting me in my dreams with gory graphic images doesn’t upset me any more so they now resort to a physical assault usually at bedtime when I am at my most tired. The most common physical antics I have had to deal with are the pinches, punches, pokes, pushes and prods in bed, just when I am nicely snuggled down and in they come starting their continual assault. One night the push was so hard I rolled halfway across the bed and I am no lightweight to move… someone sure did want my attention.

I don’t get angry anymore otherwise I create the vibration of hostility and then I have to clean up that mess when the paranormals come who love hostility. Instead, my response to these nighttime naughties is ”It is okay, you won’t be harmed, you just have to move to another location, so let me get some sleep and I will see you in the morning.” When I say ‘They won’t be harmed “ that is in reference to the upcoming, usually the next day house clearing job… no one likes being evicted, even paranormal beings.

Or they can sometimes be groups of spirits wanting to transition into the Afterlife. They use the same poking and prodding antics, a bit like hungry 5 year olds wanting mum to get up and make breakfast. To them, my response is, “Please go and wait outside the dining room and come in when you see me sit down to start work in the morning.” These calm responses usually stop the physical antics in their tracks.


Way back in episode 7, I talked about brain fog and how paranormal beings use this mind numbing tactic to throw us off the scent, delay our arrival, send us to the wrong address or up a bust track out in the middle of nowhere. I have had this happen many times when visiting prospective clients and this next experience takes the cake as we Aussies say!


I have called this experience:

Buddha bewilderment

I go through bouts of decluttering and the two wooden Buddha statues had been on my hit list for rehoming for a while now. So I sold one through an online platform to a local and said I would deliver it on the weekend at a designated time.

So on Saturday, setting out to get the statue to its new home, I had my iPad with a map app open to help me find the address as I got closer. I researched where I was going the night before as I like to be prepared and I memorised the route I needed to take.

Do you think I could find the street, let alone the house? No and double no! I drove and drove and drove around with a thick brain fog like blanket over my mind. This had gone beyond funny! I would pull over and look at the map, finding the nearest street near the car and looking for the route I needed to take. AND four times over 30 minutes of driving around like a lost soul, I said to any paranormal beings attempting to hinder my arrival to the house, “ I am not going to the house for an energy clearing, I am simply delivering the statue to its new home.”

 Every time I said this, I became more and more annoyed. Eventually, I found my way to the street and house and delivered the statue to a very happy man. As I drove away, the brain fog cleared instantly and I was swearing quietly to myself for the next five minutes and then I laughed it off as stressed paranormals either in that house or in the street who thought they had to move out!


You will find this interesting, in episode 6, I talked about entering Kim’s home and experiencing a sudden gagging cough that came out of nowhere, well I have also been poked in the throat by dark entities during conversations with friends and boy did they get a shock when I am bent over gasping for air, teary eyed and with a runny nose… not a pleasant sight at all. Luckily the throat pokers don’t do that often these days, but if it doesn’t happen I stay as calm as possible and focus on regaining my breath.

Message for energy healers:

Many energy healers and clearers assume their protection methods fully shield them from dark and demonic energy. This perception is not always accurate. It is in the nature of some higher-level dark and definitely, demonic energies to attach to a new host once removed from the original host during an energy clearing session. The new host will most likely be the person doing the clearing unless there is a better choice of someone else in the room.

When clearing or conducting healing work with clients, do not be complacent. The energy worker consciously creates an energetic connection (psychic cord) to view the energy field and the energy within the client’s energy field, their energy and physical bodies or into a home or other location. This connection creates a tunnel through which low vibrational energy beings can travel. For some people, I only have to stare into their eyes for one minute or two while talking and ask permission to enter their energetic space, and whatever dark energy beings are present can freely travel to me. I always feel them coming!

Paranormal beings, such as ghosts, and spirits, but mainly darker entities can indeed feel threatened by energy workers. You don’t have to be an energy worker to upset spirits, they can be annoyed when people move into their homes, use their furniture or conduct renovations of their homes which they think they still live in as a living person.

Energy workers have the capability to cleanse, clear, and purify spaces from negative energies and entities and their skills allow them to remove attachments, transition spirits, and restore harmony to a location. For paranormal beings that thrive in chaotic or stagnant environments, the arrival of an energy worker can disrupt their existence. The focused intention and directed energy of the worker can diminish their influence and force them to leave and find another host or location.

Through years of experience, some energy workers can directly engage with these beings, negotiate boundaries, and provide guidance for their transition or release. This approach can be perceived as a significant threat by some paranormal entities, as it challenges their power and disrupts their influence. The intention to assist and bring about positive change can be met with resistance, fear, or sometimes, well…I rarely witness aggression from these beings nowadays.


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And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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