#76 Demon voices in my head… am I going insane?

Have you ever heard a strange voice in your head and didn’t know what it was? In this episode, we explore demonic voices, those creepy whispers and their charismatic influencers, what they are and where those annoying voices come from.

I often get asked, ‘Do I have a demon talking to me?, or ‘What is that evil voice in my head, am I going insane?’ and ‘Why do dark entities talk to us?’. I will be answering these three questions amongst a few others, and I will also share some of the creepy, weird and slightly wacky voice experiences I have had over the years and what my clients have shared with me from some of their odd and most frightening encounters with demonic voices. So, let’s bring it all out in the open and start with…


#76 Demon voices in my head… am I going insane?

What or who are these distracting voices and where do they come from?

DISCLAIMER: Before we start, I need to mention that I am presenting all information today from my personal perspective in an energetic sense from my energy work observations over 30+ years. I am not a medically trained doctor or mental health professional but want to share another perspective as to the possibility of where these voices come from.

Voices in our heads can come from a multitude of sources and be on different levels as you will hear in the following information. I have created a list, I like lists they help keep my thoughts organised, so here we go, let’s look at some of the possible sources of these dark mysterious voices:

·      The monkey chatter we all know well – from stress, worry, anxiety, life difficulties, busy routines all being juggled in our brains and minds 24/7 can sometimes sound dark and stress filled because our lives are that way in that moment.

·      If you have experienced close personal trauma from a family member or partner over long periods, they voice may be imprinted in your mind saying all the horrible things you have heard over the days, weeks, months, or years. This leads into…

·      Diagnosed and non-diagnosed mental health conditions – and people often ask me if people with mental health conditions such as schizophrenia – are spiritually open and hear dark voices or is it their own traumas driving their behaviours. This is a complex multifaceted situation that may have many aspects combined to cause the person to hear voices as part of their trauma. I am going to do an episode on dark entities and mental health conditions very soon purely from an energetic perspective and my experiences and observations of people hearing voices.

·      Also, insomnia could possibly lead to verbal or visual hallucinations too. I have been down that track myself on many occasions.

·      Psychic and spiritual openness – being aware of who you are connecting to within the Ether is so important. Don’t instantly trust the white flowing gowned figure standing before you because you see or feel he or she seems genuine… do the detective work, observe and ask questions. I talked about this in detail back in episode 42 called False Angels… Paranormal Imposters in Disguise! where I mentioned this very topic and what I and my clients have experienced from dark imposters posing as light beings.

·      An interesting perspective is that some people think that demonic voices are an internal projection of their shadow selves’ conscious and subconscious desires and wants. But I believe they are separate entities from what I have felt through thousands of personal experiences over the years. I let my observations and experiences in this reality be my guide.

·      Drug-induced states are a biggy. People take drugs for many reasons and no judgment from me but I witness them using drugs to activate and reach higher spiritual planes of awareness or using recreational substances to mask life’s trauma and hurtful situations. Entities know they have a way in when our mind state is altered.

·      This next one always gets me… why do people do these things…People who partake willingly in satanic and occult type practices are opening themselves up to hearing voices and worse! from unknown places because their intention is to connect to the darkness around us. When you ask, they shall come… no more need to be said on that!


Question 1: ‘Do I have a demon talking to me? 

The answer to that question is… possibly! But don’t panic, spirits and dark entities are around us all the time and sometimes test the waters, looking to see if they can affect or influence us. I find they use a type of telepathy, if you hear a voice, you need to observe and not be scared, don’t create fear, paranoia or anxiety, the voices can’t physically hurt you but can be very annoying if you let them. This is an interesting point: they must be able to speak all of our languages or do they tap into our energy and adopt our language to communicate? I only speak English and haven’t spoken to anyone who speaks other languages who has heard demonic voices to hear their experiences.


Do they read our minds?

In a way… yes they do! They know what we like, and don’t like, what we will respond to and also what triggers us. They generally suggest information that doesn’t feel right or valuable to you and often repeat information or make suggestions in pressured ways, so be aware and don’t agree to anything. Don’t make pacts, contracts or agreements even if verbal, they will hold you to them!… You can’t read the fine print with these guys.


What do demonic ‘voices’ sound like?

Voices in your head can be any tone or pitch, sound male or female and talk at any speed. I always say… Observe the voice, you will be able to pick up on if it is demonic… common sense comes in here. Firstly, demonic talk is all about the content of what is being said and secondly, how it is said – the tone, intensity, the feel of the words etc. If the words are suggesting harmful content towards yourself or others… Obviously, a big, big warning sign there. The voices can be charming and charismatic and they know what your triggers are, so don’t be influenced by those sneaky intruders.

These entities can be subtle and speak directly or sometimes appear like they are within the space in a room, not behind a door or in your mind. Generally, people say they hear clear speech when awake, drifting off to sleep when we are easily suggestible and even sometimes in their dreams. I have felt the intention directly before seeing flashes of words in my mind or in front of my eyes… and I knew it came from a dark source by the feel of the energy.

Dark entities like the dramatic, they like the limelight and they are cunning! They can utilise the sound of your own voice to boggle your mind as they know creepy, weird, odd voices might be picked up as an outside influence. Dark influencers use negative words or images subtly or not so subtly to manipulate you into doing what they want because you then create energetic food to feed them. Remember, you ALWAYS have free will, so if it doesn’t feel right, question it and walk away, you have the choice!

These dark influencers often provoke you where you are most vulnerable whether mentally, emotionally, physically, or with egotistical desires and wants or attempt to control you with fear or by creating paranoia. Some people are sound sensitive and can be easily woken in the middle of the night by creepy voices, others are sensitive to touch, so pokes, prods, pushes and electric shocks get my attention especially when going to sleep or waking in the morning.

An interesting perspective presented itself one day, a conversation with a Christian who couldn’t believe that they were hearing the devil’s voice…’But I am a Christian’ was their argument. My response was: Dark entities don’t categorise us by religion, hair colour, clothing style etc. They don’t care about any of that but they ARE attracted to what we think, say, and do. I don’t believe any human being is without some dark thoughts or actions at a time in their life… it would be impossible. Dark beings simply read our energy!


Here is a fascinating local Tasmanian experience about a 5 year old girl and her dark whisperer. I have called this encounter:

Gracie’s demon talk

Jenny, a good friend of mine, her family and I have been going through some tough energetic times dealing with people sending out harmful sorcery magic/ curses attached to summoned entities as I call them.

We knew when the magic practitioners had corded into Gracie’s 3-year-old daughter because firstly her behaviour would change quite dramatically in very negative ways and one day she started screwing up her face saying hate-filled words and saying – ‘I hate you and I hate Anna Mit’, and other nasty statements and singing songs about witches, devils and demons…. Totally the opposite of her normal sweet cheeky 3 year old behaviours. The suggestions as I found out were coming through energetic cording from the magic practitioners and they were attempting to manipulate Emmie’s behaviours, her mental and emotional health and disrupt her sleep. We found a way to separate the cording and Gracie’s behaviours returned to normal. If you want to hear Gracie’s full story, you can tune into episode 44 of this podcast.

Question 2: ‘What is that evil voice in my head, am I going insane?’ 

No, you are not going insane! Dark entity dimensions and realities are aligned with the Earth reality and probably many other realities too. They are predatory in nature and know how to trigger us as I mentioned earlier.

WHAT TO DO?..Being aware of your thoughts and the voices that appear and observe them… don’t act on what they say… observe. They use telepathy to project messages which can be delivered as a ghostly or charismatic whisper or a shout. The messages are often repeated, always with harmful content and suggestions, and manipulation is their prime objective.

I always respond out loud as I feel the vibration of my intention and the said words carry more power. Ask your own questions of the voice or simply tell it to go away, saying “I know what you are up to and you cannot manipulate me, please leave now” and then ignore it. Remember respect is important too, don’t give whatever it is, fuel to fight back… the best way to stop a bully is to not respond and walk away… stopping the manipulation tactics in their tracks.

The following story is a prime example of auditory energy intruders on our roadways and how I responded to nasty voices while I was driving one day. I shared this experience back in episode 46 called ‘Haunted Highways: Ghostly Distractions on the Road’.
I have spoken to many people who have been in similar situations and were perplexed about the cause.

 I have called my experience:

Dark whispers with darker intentions


On many occasions, I have been driving along, minding my own business, when a cyclist was approaching on the other side of the road. I would quite suddenly hear a raspy voice in my head saying, “Run him over.” Each time I heard those words, I was instantly shocked. I said out loud, “No, and go away” or simply chose to ignore the voice and safely drive on, unaffected by the horrible suggestion. I have shared this experience with others, and they have admitted to having similar experiences with unseen perpetrators whispering nasty messages encouraging them to hurt people sometimes while driving and sometimes in locations. 

There seem to be waves of these auditory dark energy experiences that come and go every six months or so. I would find them positioned in the same places beside roads, and if I stopped at that particular spot, they wouldn’t speak. So, I gather that they prefer connecting to our energy as we drive by.

Most people are too scared to mention dark energies as a possible cause of the voices in their heads because they fear judgment or being carted off to the doctor for a mental health assessment. Many dark energy beings use telepathy to implant suggestions into our minds as they know people are vulnerable this way.

In my early days of doing energy work, there seem to be waves of these auditory dark energy experiences that come and go every six months or so. I would find them positioned in the same places beside roads, and if I stopped at that particular spot, they would not speak. So, I gather that they prefer connecting to my energy telepathically as I pass by.

Most people are too scared to mention dark energies as a possible cause of the voices in their heads because they fear judgment or being carted off to the doctor for a mental health assessment. Many dark energy beings use telepathy to implant suggestions into our minds.

I have also had nasty voices telling me to harm myself with words such as ‘no one loves me’,’ I’m useless’, or ‘I am ugly’… all the usual taunts they try with most people. I ignore the comments and again repeat something along the lines of “I know what you are up to and you can’t manipulate me, please leave!”

Question 3: ‘Why do dark entities talk to us?’

Dark entities talk to us to:

·      Assess if we are a suitable food source. What that means is … will we be vulnerable enough to create their desired food source such as fear, paranoia, distress, rage etc or do we simply not give in to their tactics?

·      See if they can influence our thoughts and actions. They can be on the lookout for a new host.

·      Sometimes they are curious about us … sounds odd but I have experienced this… especially when we stick out from the crowd like I do. I had a demon who turned up at bedtime one night, he had question that I heard in my mind and I found the experience totally fascinating. I shared his full story back in episode 34.


So, your takeaways from this episode would be to become more observation of the energy world around yourself, don’t respond, don’t be verbally coerced into saying YES in signing a contract, walk away, ignore and in situations where you can’t get rid of the voice… seek medical and mental health care and see an energy worker, in that order. These problems need to be solved holistically.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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