#75 Angels versus Demons… Are they at war?

The everlasting war of good against evil… is it true are they really at war? Do we expect them to be at war for our own salvation or are they up to something else?

In this episode, we are opening the supernatural doorway to explore Angels versus Demons. Are they at loggerheads, fighting the great war of good over evil or are they present for another reason? You might be surprised and find my perspective informative or challenging but listen anyway as I have inside information from my 30+ years of observing and working with Arch Angels and the dwellers of darkness and there is more to the story than you think!


#75 Angels versus Demons… Are they at war?


To start today, we go back to the beginning of time, well not quite that far, but you know what I mean. The Universe works on a type of cosmic hierarchy and angels and demons represent the two different ends of the scale.

Angels are often depicted as being aligned with the ultimate divine authority and serving as instruments of God’s will, delivering messages, protecting the faithful and those who ask for help, and battling against evil forces. These ethereal entities are constantly observing us, and offer support if first, you are willing to ask and then, second, listen and adopt the guidance to adopt more positive choices in your life.

I work with angelic beings all the time and not in a ‘love and light’ fluffy way. They can be hardcore, pushy and will give you that energetic slap if you are not listening or avoiding situations or experiences that will help with your spiritual growth, I know because I have experienced it. They have shared with me on many occasions that they have neutral feelings towards the darkness. Angels aren’t on the war path, hunting  down demons and demanding repentance, but more so actually see dark entities as useful because they represent contrast, challenge and temptation and how we deal with that alluring enticement shows where we are all individually at regarding our spiritual evolution, growth and understanding of who we are and why we are here. The darkness constantly challenges us to live in a higher energetic state here on Earth… nothing is easy and what is worthwhile takes time and effort.

Lucifer, the big guy rebelling against God and his angelic brothers as mentioned in the bible, and became the first fallen angel as he fell from God’s good graces and became the leader of darkness in Hell. Demons throughout the ages are typically seen as rebellious and defiant entities who oppose divine authority and seek to create chaos, and suffering and oppose the established order of universal law – Do unto others as you would be done by.

In historical Greek understanding the word ‘daimon’ was a positive word referring to supernatural creatures midway between gods and human beings that influence our character, choices and outcomes. I believe many of these entities waft about amongst us in the Earth’s reality and can be cunning and deceptive, seeking to tempt and corrupt humans through cause and effect using chaos and destruction basically to constantly shift our attention away from living in a higher vibration.

I feel that there is more to what goes on than what we see, feel or know. These dark beings are not what history or the human mind makes them out to be. We only see what we want to see to fit our wants and desired outcomes. If we expect dark entities and demons to behave a particular way they will, to get the energetic fear food out of some of us.

I had a high-ranking demonic presence in my home that I talked about back in episode 34 titled ‘Conversation with a demon’. He was curious about me and my work. He didn’t attack me or hurt me in any way but he had questions he wanted answered and also shared this interesting piece of information – He said that in the beginning, certain energy beings put their hand up and willingly chose to take part in side of darkness to balance the light as part of universal law and that some of them like it more than others.

Interpretations of the darkness vary across different spiritual, religious and cultural traditions. Some view the devil and his henchmen as literal ‘living’ entities with supernatural powers, working to confuse, disrupt or destroy the spiritual well-being of individuals and communities. I have to say, we don’t need help with that, the great war of good against evil rages here on Earth not in the Ether. People hate and war against each other as they have for centuries. Do demons make us fight?… I think not… That would be an excuse to place blame on an outside influence. Our egos, greed, desire for power and actions come from us and our wants and what we think we are entitled to.

What dark entities do is trigger us, as you have heard me say in past episodes.

Those who have an underlying hatred of others, a superiority complex, massive egos and greedy desires are prime targets for dark entity coercion. When we fight and war against each other on all different levels… hatred isn’t just shooting missiles but can be more localised such as internal judgment, rage, anger, hostility or outwardly towards family, friends, workmates etc, the trauma and emotional energy or imprints as I call them, feed the darkness. They can’t create their own food, they need us as a constant energetic kiosk where they can get their favourite fill of rage, hostility, distress, blame vibrations and the list goes on.

Despite their differences, both angelic and demonic beings play significant roles in shaping personal spiritual beliefs and controlling our moral and ethical conflicts.

Whether as symbols of divine protection and guidance or as the embodiment of temptation and corruption, these entities help us explore our true nature… the good and evil within us all and the ultimate destiny of our souls. I feel they work together in some ways to shape us through experience, understanding and choices. Free will reigns as I always say.

I personally find dark entities are great teachers and that will probably shock some people. I have learnt a lot about myself when going through the darkest times and facing my shadow self with all the hidden stuff I didn’t like about myself in the past. There are spiritual powers at work within the darkness… remember Satan was of a higher vibration before making a choice that determined his existence. Teaching us about unpacking, understanding, acknowledging and moving through our darker sides is just as important or even more so in our spiritual evolution.

I never shy away from being tested by the darkness as my thoughts, words, actions and reactions… my choices basically show where I am at spiritually, ethically and morally and my willingness to sometimes take the hard path of constant learning through consistently making mistakes and adjustments and not taking the tempting shortcuts provided by the darkness that contain empty promises even when I feel like I am not getting anywhere. When you bring your darkness into the light, it is not as dark as you think.  I think I will do an in-depth episode on dark energy teachers with lots of my personal embarrassing experiences on that very topic in a couple of weeks or so, stay tuned for that one.

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