#74 Highways, panic attacks & paranormal influencer on our roads

Navigating roads, highways, accident sites and the paranormal influencers can be tricky. We go deep on what you can do if you experience sudden shifts in your thinking, emotions and focus while driving to help keep you safe.

Distractions, poor focus, panic attacks and being reactive while driving especially on the major size highways can be personal, or emotionally and mentally based BUT can also be enhanced by energy beings in our environment. I know because I have experienced paranormal interference as well as other people expressing the same.


#74 Highways, panic attacks & paranormal influencer on our roads


We are constantly navigating roads and highways, driving past accident sites and the paranormal influencers who can inhabit travel points along the way can affect our energy and focus. Also, most importantly, we look at what you can do if you experience sudden shifts in your thinking, emotions and focus while driving to help keep you safe.


Why do paranormal entities hang around highways?

Accident sites anywhere can attract the paranormal energetic feeders and roads and highways are no different. Any road way where there have been compounded fatal or near fatal accidents create traumatic energetic vibrations in and on the locations. Can these accidents, car damage or loss of life be put down to driver stupidity, poor car maintenance, substandard road ways, poor layout of the road design in the first place or is it something else?

Most of the time, I think it is a combination of many of the components I have just mentioned. What I know from the energetic clearing of homes and properties is that negative energy , vibration or frequencies can disrupt the flow of energy in the land and anything built on the sites and 90% of the time it can be contributed to a human cause.

If major highways or roads are built over or near areas of historic mass human trauma sites, the land at those sites is infused with detrimental energy and constantly pumping out a disturbed vibe. The energy doesn’t flow as it naturally should and can build up in swirling pools causing many drivers and passengers including pets to feel sudden changes in their focus, thought patterns, vision and emotions as they pass near or over these sites.

Paranormal entities are attracted to these negative vibrating sites as energetic food sources and their presence adds to the detrimental energetic vibe being pumped out day and night. Also to, people’s fear, paranoia and anxiety of know haunted roads and highways can add to the negative build-up. Their expectation to experience something out of the ordinary can turn the slightest bump in the road to a dark energy hitting my car, rolling fog or dappled lighting can turn into ghostly apparitions etc… the list goes on. Some people thrive on the paranormal adrenaline rush and get their energetic fix on dark roads and highways.

I have worked with many people who experience severe anxiety and panic attacks only when driving and usually on particular stretches of road. This can be detrimental energy in the land as I have just mentioned but also the emotional vibe drivers are pumping out as they cruise along the roadways thinking about life struggles, work, relationships, money issues and anything else in their life that is upsetting them. All of these imprints of energy build up in us, our cars and on the roads and highways.

I don’t leave Tassie much as I am a bit of a homebody and I have had a few energetic road incidences that I shared back in episode 46 called ‘Driving and paranormal distraction’. I will share the most memorable story from that episode: Headaches and paranormal hitchhikers


Well known Australian haunted road sites affecting people’s energy

We explore 4 well-known Australian haunted road sites in this blog post. If you have experienced a ghostly happening on one of these sites or another in the place where you live, I would love to hear about it. You can email me at spiritualbeing44@gmail.com

I will share the reference sites from the following information in the description box for those interested in reading more about the following haunted roadway sites.

Let’s start with:

“THE BLOODY MILE” at Shell Harbour in NSW

Image source: https://www.ozroads.com.au/

The Princess highway passes the 3 states of Australia – New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and has earned the name “The Bloody Mile” between Dunmore and Minnamurra. There have been 13 murders recorded in the area, mentions of suicides, and multiple car crashes and minor accidents said to have occurred on this one stretch of the highway between 1836 and 1980.
To this day, unsuspecting drivers and passengers have reported numerous sightings of ghostly apparitions wandering on the roadside and dark wafting shapes darting about on that stretch of the highway. I wouldn’t be surprised with the number of deaths that have occurred on the site.
There is an interesting read on paranormal.com.au – the link is in the description box outlining the details and timeline of the deaths that occurred in our around the bloody mile for those want an in depth read.


Next we look at:

Wakehurst Parkway, Sydney, NSW

Image source: https://www.dangerousroads.org

This stretch of road is well known as ‘Australia’s most haunted road’. Wakehurst Parkway is a main road near Frenchs Forest, 26 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. It is known for its creepy atmosphere and has a long history of sadly being a dumping ground for murder victims. There have been numerous car accidents, deaths and near fatal crashes over the years and many ghostly apparitions have been witnessed from a girl in a white dress who appears on the Middle Creek bridge through to a woman dressed in nun like clothing, who for the last five decades like to sit in the back seat of cars and scare the living daylights out of drivers looking into their rear vision mirrors.

I wonder, was she sitting in the back seat of a car when she died and keeps repeating the same action over and over again on that stretch of road where she died.


Bianca Biasi, a filmmaker did some research while creating a documentary about the ghost of the nun and said she was known as Kelly and she may have been a nun or she could have been a nurse who worked and died at the nearby quarantine station, located on that stretch of road. The uniforms may have been very similar 50 years ago.


Now let’s look at:

The Street with No Name of Annandale, Sydney, NSW

Image source: https://www.neighbourhoodmedia.com.au/

There is a disturbing no-name street in Annandale in Sydney’s Inner West, where there is a viaduct and surrounding park that many people say feels dark and evil.  Walking there at night, people experience frightening unsettling energy, hear random footsteps with no one around, smell bad smells and you know what that means, where back in episode 63  – Dark beings and paranormal stinks, I talked about dark beings and their stinky habits. People feel  sudden temperature fluctuations and pet’s behaviours suddenly changing while in the area.
And no wonder, as the street and park area has a long mysterious history of murder taking place there and numerous bodies beings found. So there would be spirits and dark entities present alongside the emotional and trauma imprints present on the land.


Let’s step into the UFO realm for a moment:

Olympic Dam Highway South Australia

Image source:ozroads.com

The Olympic Dam Highway in the Woomera area – a prohibited access location in South Australia that is connected to weapon testing and is also a rocket range. This area and the highway is known for its fast moving glowing orbs and UFO sightings of other worldly visitors going back to at least the 1950s. I imagine the presence if close enough to moving cars could disrupt the electronic device and functions in the vehicles.


Spirits playing with my car electrics

Have you experienced sudden changes in how your car reacts to road conditions when driving that can’t be rationally explained? I have had spirits play with my car radio and turn the music off quickly to give a yes response or disturb the music twice for no. And my car headlights randomly went out one night when driving home, that was freaky. I had to pull over, test the lights, get out and make sure they were working… which they did after around 5 minutes. When I had them checked by my car mechanic, he found nothing wrong with them.

I have to say as I am writing the notes for this episode, I am listening to an archaeology video on YouTube where in the UK the end of a massive multi laned highway is being built in the county of Kent which is rich in archaeological history and they are uncovering masses of ancient graves and settlements… I wonder what the presence of graves and ancient sites have an energetic effect on the energy of motorways and the people driving on them?

Story: Dean’s panic attacks on the M6

My mate, Dean who lives in Yorkshire in the north of the UK has struggled with driving anxiety and panic attacks on the major highways and many of you may relate to his experience.
I asked Dean, if he would like to share his experiences and this is what he wrote:

Hi Anna,

Here’s what happened when I first experienced my driving anxiety attacks when driving on the motorway.

 My partner and I had been down to visit family and our newly born first grandson who lived in Bath at the time. It was Monday morning, we waved them good bye and set off on the long journey back home to Yorkshire. Traffic was fairly light as we set off through the ancient city of Bath and after about 40 minutes we joined the main M4 motorway. We were both pretty tired having sat up most of the previous night babysitting so that Thomas and Sue could get a night out on their own for the first time in months but on the whole we were in good spirits .

 I drove along the M4 without much thought of anything in particular and progress was good. We took a left sweeping bend and joined the very busy M5 motorway up to Birmingham and the North. As I drove down the slip road and entered the left hand lane, I was surrounded by heavy traffic all around me. Almost straight away a feeling of unease rose up inside of me from nowhere, I found myself feeling really unsafe and very vulnerable. 

 Firstly, I tried to distract myself by turning on the radio but it was just a blaring noise, I was unable to concentrate on either the presenter or the music. I wound down the window, I turned off the radio, I turned up the air conditioning, I became more and more frantic in my actions. Then came the physical symptoms, firstly a dry mouth then my leg began to shake uncontrollably, I was sweating and I was constantly running my hand through my hair. ‘I have to get off this road,’ I said to Joan.

 Luckily the next motorway turn off was a couple of miles ahead but by this time it was virtually impossible for me to drive the car, I thought I was having some sort of mental breakdown, bit by bit our car got slower and slower, lorries were blasting their horns, it was the most frightening experience of my life, I felt I was completely out of control of my reality. By some miracle I made it off the motorway and onto the services rest area car park. 

 By this time Joan was worried sick, It’s ok I said I just need some sleep. I pushed back the driver’s seat and closed my eyes, my mind was spinning faster and faster, there was no way I could force myself to settle. I said to Joan, It was just the motorway that had caused this scary episode and that I would set my satnav to avoid those roads and we would go across country instead but it was no better in fact the distress only increased, I genuinely could see no way I could continue with the journey and even thought about asking Joan to take me to the nearest hospital. With that Joan told me to pull the car over and she would drive back home on the motorway but she would need my help to navigate the roads. 

 We set off back onto the motorway with Joan driving, even as a passenger the journey was a nightmare, apart from when Joan needed my help, I spent most of it with my eyes closed. After about 4 hours of hell, we finally made it off the motorway and onto more familiar local roads, I asked Joan to stop the car and I took over the driving, back in the saddle as soon as possible as they say. We arrived home, I was in pieces inside but managed as best as I could to hide it from Joan. 

Little did I know at the time but after 3 years have passed, I am still struggling to get back to full confidence whilst driving on the motorway, although on our most recent trip down to see family last month I managed to drive both there and back on some of the UK’s busiest motorways, in my mind a monumental achievement and one that I will continue to build on.

 Did Dean’s energy body pick up on an overload of energetic imprints on the motorway? Very possibly! Some people are super sensitive to energetic shifts in the earth environment and motorways carry A LOT of energy – in the land, land trauma, human trauma, and the build-up of emotional imprints from people traversing the motorways every day.


So, what you can do in the moment if you experience sudden negative or downward spiraling shifts in your thinking, emotions and focus while driving to help keep you safe. 

These are some of my suggestions, but ALWAYS see your doctor to rule out medical and mental health issues to rule out other possible causes of your anxiety:

You can:

1.     Do some slow deep breathing – can help until you can pull over and get out of the car for a moment. A slow walk and deep breathing and centering your mind and energy before continuing your journey.

2.     Ground yourself –Energetic grounding is so important. Energy grounding isn’t woo woo stuff like many people think. Our energy body can be separated from the physical body during trauma and other life happenings. Ground your energy by visualising your energy coming into your body all the way down to your feet, you are centring your energy in your physical body. I like to pull my energy all the way down into Mother Earth so I am connected to earth energy too. See it, do it, you don’t have to pray … you are creating a conscious intention to pull and keep your energy in your physical body.
If you can’t pull over and do your grounding, say it out loud as you are driving – “ I am grounding my energy in my body and into Mother Earth, I am focussed and in control of my mind and body”.

3.     Use sensible distractions – chew gum or lollies, sing, listen to the radio, have a calming music playlist ready to listen to, open the window, all the time with your eyes on the road.

4.     Observe when and where you feel anxious – do some research, you might be sensing a trauma that occurred on that particular road or this just came to mind – do car trips on the road trigger personal trauma from childhood – parents yelling, you felt ill or very hungry, afraid of your parent driving too fast etc. Childhood triggers can simmer away in the subconscious and affect us as adults.

5.     Drive in the lane with all the slow pokes – let the speeders and large truck etc bypass you. There can be a lot less pressure when other drivers aren’t harassing you. We don’t have major motorways here in Tasmania, but if I am tired, or can feel ‘something’ has hitchhiked in my car, I drive in the outer lane, the lane closest to the edge of the road and let all those in a hurry bypass me… I don’t care, I just want to get home safe.

6.     As Dean found getting back behind the wheel helped to stop the fear controlling him – Drive on local roads and take short trips on the major motorways to build your driving confidence again.

7.     Lastly, don’t set yourself up to have panic attacks every time you drive – our thinking and intention create what we focus on. If you intensely fear or focus on the possibility of having a panic attack, you may create one where one may not have occurred naturally.

Before we finish up today, I wanted to retell one of my most memorable paranormal disruption to my driving experiences a friend and I had back in 2020 called:

 Headaches and paranormal hitchhikers

Driving to a country town on the west coast of Tasmania one day, a friend and I were happily chatting when I suddenly developed a massive headache that came out of nowhere. I don’t get headaches unless I am getting sick OR there are paranormal beings present in the vicinity. So, I kept driving and just observed the headache and where it went. The constant pulsating pain was located in the middle area on the left side of my head directly above my ear. It felt as if ‘something’ was energetically sitting between my friend and me enjoying the ride in the middle of nowhere.

After driving 20kms or so, the headache simply disappeared… gone… vanished and I said out loud, “ Glad that left!” My friend slowly turned and stared at me, saying,” So you felt that too! My head felt like it was going to split in half. I didn’t know what that was so didn’t say anything.”

Had this energy beings been looking to simply hitch a ride? Or did it have other intentions… Maybe checking each of us out as a possible new host? 

Why was it located in a totally desolate place on the side of a bush road, not a house in sight? Was it there because of an accident or trauma that had occurred there? We will never know. But the strength of its energy told me it was a high level demonic energy being who hitched a ride with us that day.

I am travelling that road again soon and it will be interesting to see if another travelling buddy and I have the same experience. I can’t remember exactly the location as it is a 3 and a half hour drive and I am keen to see if my friend experiences the raging road headache.

Want to share a paranormal experience? Send me your paranormal questions and your stories to:

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.




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