#73 PRISONS & the paranormal entities behind bars

Prisons hold the living and non-living. Sometimes spirits chose to stay because they fear the Afterlife and the dark entities are there for other reasons….

In this episode, we are unlocking prisons, gaols and the paranormal entities roaming these facilities and what they get up to behind bars. I have 3 experiences to share, one local happening from a historic convict gaol here in Tasmania, one encounter in a now medical facility that is located over a historic gaol and also an overseas experience I had while interviewing a man on death row in San Quentin prison in the US, from mid 2023… that was an experience I will never forget!


#73 PRISONS & the paranormal entities behind bars


Today. we are unlocking prisons, gaols and the paranormal entities roaming these facilities and what they get up to behind bars. I have 2 experiences to share, one local happening from a historic convict gaol here in Tasmania and also an overseas experience I had while interviewing a man on death row in San Quentin prison in the US, from mid 2023

This first fascinating experience is about my observations and interactions with spirits behind bars going about their jobs, and sometimes getting annoyed by the constant flow of living visitors walking through their workplace.

Spirits and dark entities are everywhere as you will hear me say all the time and why would prisons be any different? Prison energy attracts many different types of entities as you are about to hear – spirits can be going about their jobs, don’t know they have died or simply linger because they fear retribution on the other side.

The darker energy beings are in prisons for different reasons as you will hear in our second story, so let’s get into it with my first encounter called:

Joe the javelin man


Convict history runs deep where I live, here in Tasmania, a small island state of Australia. My friend Melody came to stay for a few days and she was keen to visit the local convict gaol in a country town, near where I live. She has a keen interest in convict genealogy and loves researching the heritage of our Australian history, identifying the convicts and understanding their lives as many of them worked on building the historic village and in road gangs doing the hard slog building and repairing the roads here in Tasmania.

 I have been to the gaol many times before as it is a museum where you can do self-guided tours, touch the heritage buildings, get a feel for life in the dark cells and see behind glass some of the fascinating finds unearthed on the site. To paranormal enthusiasts, the location was known to still house many male and female convict spirits and their keepers. Some of the resident spirits enjoyed visitors and some definitely did not. I found some of the women especially unwelcoming.

 I was once ‘chased’ by a javelin man, who is a convict who worked as a warden in the small gaol. He had either a strong curiosity or a dislike of me, I am still not quite sure why. I left the site one afternoon to have lunch at a picnic bench located near the far end of the gaol’s old exercise yard and could feel the presence of ‘someone’. The ‘someone’ was standing very close, almost standing over me. The hairs on my neck and arms were standing on end and I calmly observed the energy person. I caught a glimpse of a shimmering shape that moved from my side and quickly moved to sit opposite me on the park bench. He or she said nothing, no word projection into my mind and I wondered what he or she wanted.

As I was eating my lunch, I got out one of my paranormal investigator devices and sat it on the table. I asked the spirit questions requiring a yes or no answer and the device would flash a red light once for yes and twice for no:

·      I asked if he was a gaoler and got a flickering yes, ohhh interesting… and also asked if he was a convict and got a yes again, strange.

·      I asked if he was a javelin man, as I had read the brochure given to me when I paid the entry fee and the term ‘ javelin’ man was something he understood.

 He didn’t like the fact that a woman was wearing pants and not a long skirt or dress like a good woman should. My boots weren’t to his liking either as I wear men’s work boots because my leg supports fit into them comfortably. Women in convict times wore a shift dress, apron, stockings, a cap and simple shoes and that definitely wasn’t my dress style.

Let’s fast forward now to the more recent visit to the gaol with Melody. We were walking around the original gaol building built in 1825 and we felt a strong presence. And again the hairs on my and Melody’s arm and neck stood on end, the energy felt the same as the last time I was there. I said to Melody, I think this is the javelin man and he was following me again. Could he be the same spirit I met before?… We looked at each other and I thought,   ’very possibly!’

 Whenever I go to the gaol, I always have a strange pull to go into the male solitary cells. These are very dark, very small rooms, around 2 metres long x 1 metre wide with no window and a large lockable wooden door. The only ventilation would be a slight gap under the door and between the overlapping wall panels where they didn’t quite meet.

 Once inside, these rooms are very creepy but still I am drawn there every time to stand in the doorway of the darkest cell and feel the darkness. With my eyes shut in the narrow doorway,  I heard in my head, the name ‘Eric’… My eyes popped open, “Eric”, I said out loud, “That is strange”.. Eric isn’t a very convict-type name, as we are talking around the mid 1830’s. Melody looked at me and pulled out her phone. She looked into some convict history sites online, then documents and discovered that Eric is a nickname for Fredrick and she said there were some Fredricks who had been convicts in Tasmania and possibly in this very small gaol. More research was needed to discover who Eric was.

I walked into the darkest of dark solitary cells and had a strong urge to lie down on the floor. A strange request I know, but I obliged, as I figured someone wanted me to either tell me

something or wanted me to feel what it was like to sleep on the cold, hard floor in the small confined space. And yes with the door closed!

  As I lay down, ‘I heard the name ‘Eric’ again. I used the same red light flashing paranormal device but got confused answers as I lay there waiting to see if the spirit would talk to me in my mind. As Melody and I both asked questions, we thought… Are there two spirits present wanting to use the device at the same time? And ’Joe’, popped into my mind… just randomly out of nowhere. I said ‘Joe’, out loud and the red light quickly flashed once for yes. This was and still is quite exciting for me as I have always said I don’t get names… I feel spirits and they can show me little movies in my mind, but names and eluded me until now.

 So, there I was with two spirits, a javelin man and a convict spirit crammed into the small cell and Melody standing in the now open door. Joe also gave me a surname of Summer or Summers which make Melody’s internet search a little more defined. Long story short, both spirits followed us back to my house where we talked with them on and off for a good 3 hours while Melody got on the laptop and did some convict document detective work.


This is what she found:
There was 
some quite confusing information on a Joseph Summers or Sumner, so have a listen and see what you think…

  1. A Joseph Summers arrived on the ship George III to Tasmania in 1835. This ship was shipwrecked at the mouth of the Derwent River in 1835. The convict Joseph Summers drowned with many others. He was given a life sentence in 1834.The Joseph we spoke to at my house said he had drowned but couldn’t tell us where.
  2. Also another reference to a Joseph Sumners arrived on the ship Jupiter in 1833. Death record shows someone with this name drowned in 1833 and death recorded at Hobart Town Hospital.  Joseph died around age 27 and was convicted of house breaking/stealing.

Melody asked:
Are they the same person or two people with similar names and stories???? The records are not clear. The records only show 1 Joseph Summer and 1 Joseph Sumner. Yet other records only show one convict description record and only 1 death record and only 1 conduct record….very strange! And she hadn’t found anything connecting Richmond Gaol to Joseph Summer or Sumner at that stage.

·      Did Joseph die knowing he was going to the country town jail outside Hobart and continued there is spirit form, not knowing where else to go?

·      Why did he say he was a javelin man? Did he want to be one and took up the post in the afterlife?

·      Was this spirit named Joe and gave a false surname? Or another spirit altogether?

·      Why didn’t Joe transition into the Afterlife? Maybe he thought he wouldn’t be accepted and chose the stay on Earth in fear for his safety.

·      Or was this another type of entity pretending to be a spirit? I think not… I didn’t have any of the dark energy being symptoms I normally get.


I guess we will never know unless Joe comes clean and can find a way to communicate his whole story to us. Fascinating nonetheless!

Eric was a gentle soul. Melody thought he had an intellectual disability as he didn’t seem to understand the questions, even when we reworded them keeping the language simple and short. He consistently gave strange irrelevant answers and melody saw rolling hills and long lush meadows signify that Eric felt he needed to go home and he decided to return to England in spirit to sort out some personal business that was keeping him here in the Earth environment.

I have a short story for you before we get into the darker side of gaol inmates of the energetic kind.

Day surgery inmates


 I went into the day surgery unit in Hobart for a 1 hour exploratory surgery and I am sitting waiting area 3 in a comfortable tan-coloured armchair and I thought this was the perfect time for a quick nap, so I shut my eyes. As I was relaxing, ‘someone’ gave my right upper arm a quick shove. My eyes shot open and no one was there. So, I shut my eyes again and tried to relax, when suddenly the end of my left index finger flicked up like it has a mind of it own. I laughed out loud and said “ Ah ha, who is there? A nurse came to see what was going on and I just said I dozed off and was dreaming.

Lying on the surgery table, the anesthesiologist gave me the needle in my right hand and I felt a firm squeeze on my right shoulder. As I dozed into sleepy land, I was thinking… What on Earth is going on???

 Waking up 1 and a half hours later, the recovery room nurse spoke to me as they do to bring you out of the drug-induced state. She said, “Anna, wake up dear.” And the first words that popped out of my mouth were “ You have spirits in this building.” She stopped what she was doing and looked at me blankly, I could see the cogs in her mind turning, “Well, that would be about right”, she said, After all, this site was originally part of the Hobart gaol complex back in convict times.

I do wonder how many spirits are present there and as I left I said softly, “if anyone wants help, you come and find me and I can assist you to transition into the Afterlife.” I do wonder how many spirits watch the surgeries and follow the staff around day and night and what else they get up to in that building.


Let’s shift our focus now and step into the darker side of prisons invisible inhabitants. Prisons carry a lot of anger, pain, suffering, and trauma as you can imagine for the living and non-living. The buildings and living inhabitants, their daily actions and goings-on detrimental behaviours can be a prime target and drawcard for the energetic paranormal feeders.

Our second experience is of a darker kind and on the other side of the world in the US, specifically on death row in San Quentin prison located in California, where a simple chat with a man sharing his paranormal experiences unlocked entities of a darker variety into my unsuspecting home.

And I have called this slightly unsettling experience:

Death Row devils

I met George Anthony Hernandez through a social media platform where he was part of a podcast group the same as me. I don’t judge people and he wanted to share some fascinating paranormal experiences so we organised a time when he had access to the assigned tablet and we did our recording. If you want to hear what George had to say about his fascinating and disturbing experiences with sleep paralysis, check out episode 35.

 I set up the recording in my mind energetically to only focus on George, not the location as I knew there would possibly be large numbers of paranormal entities in such a place connected to the people because of their deeds and actions. I didn’t look at the address, a photo of the prison or anything related to the place before doing the interview as I know these activities can trigger paranormals present in homes before house clearing jobs to come and sometimes harass me before I start the client’s job. 

During the recording, I felt fine and the interview went well. After the recording, things changed and I felt and observed some strange occurrences in my home and specifically around me. I felt odd in the mind and body, lightheaded and had an impending sense of doom, not my usual mindset and all afternoon, I felt panicky and was constantly looking over my shoulder. Doing some dowsing to get to the bottom of the creepy unsettling happenings. I realised that I was energetically connected to the gaol, specifically death row and feeling what the building was feeling as well as some of the inmates. 

 Through my strong focus and probably slight paranoia to only connect with George’s location in the cell where he was sitting somehow connected me to the location as if I had consciously created an energy cord into the place similar to when I connect to do a remote house clearing anywhere in the world. And, the big and… I hadn’t severed the connection after the interview. I learnt something new that day!

I have done lots of interview with people in their own homes and had no issues other than the occasional paranormal being present there coming to my house and hanging about for a bit. But this location houses many many people, both prison workers in all job description and the inmates with all their paranormal attachments, roaming spirits, negative emotional imprints, trauma imprints, violence, mental health conditions… the list goes on.

What came with the cording were paranormal entities of all levels from  spirits of past inmates looking for salvation, the mischievous dark beings playing tricks with the lights, internet, running through my laptop causing black screening and mouse issues through to the demonic observers, standing oh so close to me. So this is what I did over the next 1.5 hours:

·      I had a mass conversation addressing all spirit level beings and transitioned them all into the afterlife to be with friends, family, pets or partners.

·      The dark entities were like catching a band of naughty marauders but I managed to bribe them with a release of some of their emotional baggage and they left my home going back out into the earth environment.

·      The demonic beings liked their location at the prison and didn’t fancy the idea of an energy worker stepping into their domain. So, I humbly explained the situation and said that I wouldn’t be visiting the site again, either energetically or in person. This seemed to satisfy their rather annoyed defensive state and away they went back to the prison.

This world holds a continuous fascination of intertwined dimensional aspects and you never know what you are going to come across next.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.



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