#72 Dark entities EAT UP negative emotions! Do you feed them?

We share our environment with SO MANY types of energy beings and some love the frequencies we pump out on a constant basis.

In this episode, we are diving head first into exploring emotions, paranormal entities and the sometimes subtle and not so subtle connection between the two. Carol in Yorkshire in the UK asks: Please explain what emotional imprints are and why they attract ghosts and other paranormal beings because I just don’t get it.
I share what I know about paranormal entities and their love for our emotional imprints from my personal experience and what I have observed from client-based encounters. AND importantly, WHAT YOU CAN DO to lessen or avoid attracting paranormal entities to yourself in the first place?


#72 Dark entities EAT UP negative emotions! Do you feed them?


Today, we are diving head first into exploring emotions, paranormal entities and the sometimes subtle and not so subtle connection between the two. Carol in Yorkshire in the UK asks: Please explain what emotional imprints are and why they attract ghosts and other paranormal beings because I just don’t get it.

Some of the stories I share today are mixed in with the information as I go, so bear with me. I share what I know from personal experience and have observed from client-based encounters and also how I know emotional energetic imprints are really a thing. AND importantly, what you can do to lessen or avoid attracting paranormal entities to yourself in the first place?

Feeding hungry entities – Often people doubt my referencing emotions as a food source for paranormal entities. People tell me that dark beings are here to hurt us, frighten us and make our lives a misery. My response to that is: People do that to people, not the lower vibrational entities. They are here and interact with us for other reasons and one of them is as a food source.

Everything in this Universe is energy and lower vibrational beings are denser darker energy and they are drawn to negative energy in our environment. This energy can be a natural disaster on the Earth’s surface, an accident site on a highway, mass human trauma or a house where there have been unspeakable actions, for example. But their usual consistent drawcard, their favourite energetic food is a vibration, a frequency that matches their own.

Paranormal entities know that we are energy beings in physical bodies and create multitudes of emotional responses, either internally or externally to situations and experiences that trigger us.  Each emotional response carries its own individual vibration. The positive, light and fluffy vibrations such as love, joy, and happiness are high vibrations and paranormal entities don’t or can’t relate to them and don’t need them as part of their lives. But, the lower energy vibrations such as resentment, hatred, rage, sorrow, or jealousy, for example, carry a denser more attractive vibration. They feed a need these entities have… as a type of energetic food.  If consistent vibrations are being created in particular locations, then the entities will hang around like kids at the local lolly shop.


Emmie’s experience with rage

Emmie got angry and rage was often her go-to emotion in many situations from banging her hand accidentally at home to situations happening with her work. Her rage wasn’t always outwardly spoken, but often simmered under the surface. Stewing continuously over past situations or experiences created big build-ups of rage in Emmie’s case and she didn’t understand how this build-up of negative energy was affecting her mind and health.

 When I first met Emmie you couldn’t pick that rage was her trigger emotion and she was very open to me helping her shift the dynamics around the rage. So over many energy clearing sessions, weekly at one time early on, Emmie acknowledged openly that rage happened and she did it without denying it or making excuses. Slowly Emmie started to change her responses from rage to being neutral or positive in triggering situations. It took practice and wasn’t an overnight happening but she felt the benefits of not getting rageful in two ways – firstly, there was no rage energy flowing through her mind, body and energy body and her body felt more balanced, relaxed and happier. Secondly, there were NO paranormal beings who love rage attracted to her, they simply went elsewhere looking for their favourite food source.

It has been amazing to watch the transformation in this young lady and now after nearly 18 months, Emmie creates very little rage. She is so proud of herself. She still has other emotional responses, as we all do, to work on but Emmie is more than happy to do the work and she feels the positive outcome.

How YOU can keep paranormal entities away?

Now, these suggestions are going to sound a little bit like homework and it is! And possibly hard work for some but these are proven ways to keep paranormal entities uninterested in you, your life and your emotional imprints. I know because I do these all the time!

1.     Self awareness… Don’t roll your eyes… be aware of your thoughts, words, actions and reactions in difficult situations. What you think, say and your actions all create vibrations, either positive, neutral or negative vibrations. Self awareness is the major key to changing habits and the creation of negative emotional imprints.

2.     Be aware of your triggers – These can be environmental triggers, people triggers, emotional triggers, experiential triggers… anything that sends you into a negative head spin, or creates a negative response, action or reaction is what I call a ‘trigger’.
I have an experiential trigger to share soon, so hang in there.

3.     Choose a neutral or more positive way to respond – When you are aware of your triggers and believe me…it can take time to observe yourself and be honest with yourself about who or what triggers you. When you start to become aware of the triggers, you can take action and be proactive in choosing non-triggering or reactive responses. Here is my somewhat embarrassing but common example:

Driving triggers me… not so much my driving and I am by no means perfect but the other people on the road who don’t indicate when changing lanes, or they are all over the lane, speeding rev heads or driving way below the speed limit, like 40 in a 70 zone. I start to boil over on the inside and sometimes even honk my car horn or get verbal muttering and complaining or swearing about the other person’s driving behaviours. Well… these actions create hostility… not rage or anger but hostility. When I get home a few hours later,  I start to feel a bit odd and I do some dowsing to see what the sudden shift was caused by. I have 1, 2, 3 or 4 entities around my energy field and their favourite vibration is ‘hostility’.
When I unpacked why I create hostility it is because I am very ethical about driving and most things really and get agitated when other people don’t follow the road rules. Once I realised this, I changed my approach to driving…. And what is that I hear you say… I don’t get caught up in other people’s behaviours and actions. I focus on my driving and have a CALM alert awareness about what others are doing but don’t get caught in the drama. That leads nicely into no.4.

4.     Don’t get drawn into other people’s drama – you may find yourself creating a whole bunch of emotional imprints about something that has nothing to do with you in the first place. This is SOOOOO common. We all love drama to one degree or another but reigning in your drama addiction might just help to keep the paranormal energy feeders away. If it isn’t your issue, don’t get involved… there will always be cases with children, parent care, friend issues etc but watch out for the types of emotions you create in those triggering situations.

5.     Kind of connected to no.4 – Don’t let people use you as an emotional dumping ground. Some people love to offload all their emotional baggage and walk away feeling great and you inherit all their emotional junk if you are emotionally sensitive or an empath type personality and possibly some energy beings may transfer to you with the juicy hoard of emotions.

And lastly, the biggest one of them all…

6.     Be HONEST with yourself about what you create – Some of my clients won’t believe that they create certain emotional imprints such as hatred, resentment, rage, hostility and the list goes on. They are either ashamed of doing it or believe they are above those emotions. They think being ‘spiritual’ thwarts all negativity, love and light, love and light and that is utter rubbish. I know I sound harsh but, someone has to say it.
We ALL create negative emotions, it is part of being human. So I say own it and deal with it! If you are not honest with what you create, then nothing will change and the paranormal entities drawn to those imprints will keep coming back to those people.

I am living proof of the improvements that can happen – change your emotional responses to situations and you will feel more relaxed, settled within yourself, and focus on the positive side of life. I have clients willing to address their responses such as E who I mentioned earlier and they have noticed major improvements in their well-being and don’t attract anywhere near as many entities any more.

Lecture done, I hope you gained some useful insight into how emotional energy and paranormal beings are connected and start being more aware of what you create on a daily basis.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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