#71 Reading to spirit children & the mirror man: Brett’s interview

Brett shares some of his fascinating personal paranormal experiences with you and what shocked him, made him laugh and also melted his heart during a ghostly experience in a local old abandoned building. It was an experience he will never forget.

Today, we are speaking with Brett Reader. Brett is a mate of mine and a keen paranormal enthusiast who is here today to share some of his fascinating personal paranormal experiences with you and what shocked him, made him laugh and also melted his heart during a ghostly experience in a local old abandoned building. It was an experience he will never forget.

#71 Reading to spirit children & the mirror man: Brett’s interview


STORY: The mirror energy


Quite an interesting story that I could explain why we had residents in our buildings. But yes, I lived in the house over the back fence. Never saw anything for a very long time happening in my house. But always heard little stories of little things happening at my mother-in-law’s place. And she said, Oh, I had my auntie here and something happened and she got terrified and she went running, went running out of the house and that, and I said, well, that’s great.

But I haven’t seen anything. And that told me when my daughter was a teenager and I started seeing some strange things happening. I go past her bedroom and she has the door shut and I hear her talking to someone and I knock on the door and poke my head in. And there was no one there. She didn’t have a mobile phone. She wasn’t on a laptop. She was just in there talking to someone. I thought, well, that’s strange. At night time I’d go past and she was talking to someone and I’d tap on the door and I’d wish her good night. She’s sleeping on the floor, under the doona. Later on, she told me that a certain young man who used to visit her, used to play, play jokes on her or do things to her like remove the doona off her while she’s trying to sleep on a cold night and turn the electric fan on to make her feel even colder and that sort of stuff.

And then I noticed any mirrors in the room, they were all covered up. And later I found out, she used to see him in the background, where she was, uh, brushing her hair or something, and he’d be standing in the background, talking to her. So, she ended up putting the cloth over the mirror.

That must have been really hard for her to understand who that was and why it was there.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)     

Did she feel uncomfortable mentioning that to you? Did she sort of worry that you might think she might be a little bit crazy?


Speaker 2: Brett Reader (Guest)

I think she didn’t know how to approach the subject, and to a mum who sort of understood that side of things a bit better, she probably had more of a conversation with her than she did with me.

But didn’t seem to bother that much, like he wasn’t overly, he used to throw things at her and come out of the bedroom with bruises on her arm. I probably don’t know what we could have done to get him to move on. I do wonder why he was in the room. I’m sorry to hear that he was hurting your daughter by throwing things at her.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)     

Sounds to me like he was a little bit upset or a little bit angry. Maybe there’d been a building there before that house was built and he’s attached to that building. Or he could have lived there in that home before you moved in. Who knows? Or he could have come from the cemetery.


Speaker 2: Brett Reader (Guest)

She said that he was wearing a sort of hat fom the early days.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)    

Maybe. Maybe. And there was a lady at PTA as well, and she was really nice. But she was dressed in big flowing dresses and that, so. Your daughter sounds very psychic, like she can see these people, she can feel them, she knows they’re there. And the other thing is too, he might have been showing himself to her because maybe he wanted help.

If she’s very psychic, but she doesn’t know it and she doesn’t know how to use those skills, he might have been showing himself to her to say, please help me. Yeah, it’s fascinating, isn’t it?


Speaker 2: Brett Reader (Guest)

I’ve been told through a medium that she has a gift in that, and she’s more gifted than she knows about, so I don’t know if she ever wanted to pursue that.

STORY: Poking me in bed


There was a few years after that, when our marriage was breaking down, and, uh, a lot going on in the house. Bad energy was in the house and one night I was on the afternoon shift and I went to bed early to get some sleep. I ended up getting woken up by someone poking me on the arm and I woke up and looked around the room and there was no one in the room.

And then I went back to sleep. Then I woke up again and due to someone poking me again. And then I thought, well, I’m not gonna get in sleep, so I might as said, get up. So I got up and wife said to me, she said, oh, how come you up? And I said, well, I think we got a visitor. And so I sat on the floor and, and she said.

Yeah, we have got a visitor. The visitor is right beside you. And I said, I know, I can, I can feel them. And she said, yeah, they’re sitting right beside you. An hour went by, an hour and a half went by, and then I felt nothing beside me. And then I thought, well, it’s time to go to bed because I’ve got to go get up for the day shift the next day.

And I was on the afternoon shift. And there was no one in the house. The kids were at school. My wife went and visited her mum over the fence. I was totally alone in the house, and I got rudely awakened, and, um, what happened is I thought something touched my backside, which really startled me.

I sort of woke up and looked around the room and there was no one there. And I was like a newborn baby lying on the mattress. I went to get the doona and it was totally gone. They had been completely pulled down to the end of the bed. It was, it wasn’t just flicked off to the side, the doula was completely pulled off the bed and the sheep as well.

The whole lot was on the floor, and I thought, yep, I’m not sticking around. That’s what I’ve got.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)     

We can laugh about it now, but it wouldn’t have been funny at the time though.


Speaker 2: Brett Reader (Guest)

It terrified me a little bit. Yeah. The poking on the arm and this incident were only two incidents that I had the whole time living in the house.

And we’ve been living in the house quite a series time and I’m getting up and getting dressed and I’m, I’m out there and I’ve run into a, a work counsellor at, at work. He was doing the rounds, I mentioned it to him and he said to me, he said,  you look startled. And I said, well, I am a bit, and I told him the story and he goes, Oh, well, he said, that’s a little bit out of my skill set, so I don’t know how to help you on that one.

I said, what if it happens again? Well, he said, I suggest you sell your house.

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)     

Oh dear. Oh dear. Your next experience is fascinating:

The Blackbird Experience

It would be great if you could share about the Blackbird that was in your bedroom. And then, and the sort of the occurrences that occurred after that.

Speaker 2: Brett Reader (Guest)

That was an interesting day, we had a lot going on that one day. I had to sell the house, and I found a new partner, and I was living further up the northwest coast. Had to put the house on the market, and all that did was just clean my furniture out, and that’s all I had to do, so. I got a friend, an old work colleague, to help give me a hand cleaning it out.

And he just lived down the road and he had a, he had a ute. So it was handy to transport everything up to the tip. He got there and he said, I’ll, I’ll come up. And this was towards the end of the cleaning up stage. We’ve been in there a good couple of weeks cleaning the house up. He went underneath the house with me.

The workshop had all my belongings and there wasn’t a key. But right underneath the house were old drawers, ironing boards, and a lot of junk stuff that had to be taken up to the tip. He was cleaning down the house section and I was cleaning the workshop. And he told me to go up underneath the house with him. And this is probably the second last day in the house.

I was given the keys over in a couple of days. So we were really pushed to get everything out. And he told me to come underneath the house with him. And he told me, I’ll clean all this out. What was left and he said, you’re standing and I stood there and wondering what I was doing, just looking around, stepped out in the workshop and when he closed the door right behind him, I said to him, you were right and he goes, yeah, I’m fine, we’ve got all this section done, let’s go back up in the top side of the house.

So we’ve got to start pulling the curtains down. William removed some wardrobes and they had already gone to the tip and that, so it was only me and Baird left in the room with the curtains. And he said I’ll go to your bedroom. So we removed the curtains. I said, yeah, I’ll start removing the curtains in the lounge room and start putting them in the garbage bag.

So he disappeared down the bedroom, and the next minute I heard him yelling out. I went down the scene. I said, what’s wrong? He said, there was a blackbird where the wardrobe used to be. And we only moved that, that day. And he said, ‘We’ve been here the whole time. We’ve never seen a blackbird come into the house.’

And now we’ve got a dead blackbird in my bedroom, just lying there. He freaked out. He said, I can’t, I’ll grab the curtains and drag him out to the lounge room and, pack them in the garbage bag. And I said, okay. So we got out of that room and removed the blackbird later. When he went home, I came out of the lounge room and put the curtains into the garbage bag.  And I told him to stop, and he goes, what? And I said, there was a tarot card stuck to the curtain. And you wouldn’t believe it, but it was the tarot card of death. Now I know death is not necessarily people dying, but, that was it. That was enough to tip him over, and he said, no, no, I can’t stay. So he went out to the driveway and started roping down the stuff we had ute.

And I started loading more curtains into the garbage bag. Brett, Brett, come help me. Come here. Help me. So I went running out to the driveway and looked around and he wasn’t there. And here he is. He was under the conifer tree on the front lawn. I said, ‘What are you doing down there?’ He goes, ‘It pushed me, Brett, it pushed me.’

I said, what pushed you? It, it, it pushed me. He said, “I tied the rope 20 times. It unravelled the knot unravelled in front of his eyes. And then pushed him off the driveway, onto my front lawn.’ Wow!’ I said, ‘That’s it, we’ll shut up the house, we’ll take the stuff up to the tip.’ And we went back to his place, and he sat down and had a cup of tea or two, calmed himself down and really, really freaked him out.

And he said, my daughter, “I walk her to school, and she always falls over in front of your house.’ There’s nothing there on the footpath to trip over. ‘Yep.’ And I said, ‘Well, I suggest you walk on the other side of the road.’ ‘Yeah. It’s really interesting.

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