#70 Marijuana and the paranormal attraction

Recreation drugs attract paranormal entities, there are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts about it! These beings are drawn to the low vibration of the substances people use to mask the troubles in their lives and when paranormal entities get a whiff of what you are up to… you will have a bunch of groupies turning your life upside down!

Today, we are exploring recreational drugs, paranormal entities and what is the connection between the two. I have worked with people and homes where marijuana energy has been the main culprit for attracting the darker energy beings to the home and the previous occupants who partook in the recreational habit and how this action created a dense negative vibration that affected the new home occupants in a detrimental way and none of them could work out what the problem was!

I have 3 real life client based experiences to share with you today. All three people struggled to quit recreational drug usage and before we get into their eye-opening stories, I  just quickly want to share with you what I have observed about recreational drugs and the paranormal connection purely from an energetic perspective through my energy clearing work.


#70 Marijuana and the paranormal attraction


Substance abuse is what I call ‘a low vibrational activity’. The emotional and trauma imprints that go with those activities and the negative or enhanced vulnerable mind state people get into while on the drugs can attract dark and demonic level energy beings who feed off the drug vibration in the person’s energy field and also the emotional imprints people create while in mind altered states.

There are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about this! I can’t prove it to you with quantifiable scientific data and proof but I have seen the improvements in people’s energy, behaviours and attitude on life once the entities are removed and the residual drug energy imprints are removed as well. Their outlook on life greatly improves and many clients still need medical and mental health management with medical professionals but the cleansing of the energy side of their habit really does help to unlock and unblock their ‘stuckness’ which all three clients share in their following experiences.

Getting stuck in patterns of lower vibrational thinking and behaviour when using marijuana long term can keep you in a negative place mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically as Jeff found out and


I have called this experience:

Keeping Jeff down!

 Jeff’s mum contacted me to say that her son Jeff was in a really bad way and she didn’t know what else to do. He had seen his doctor and mental health professional for months now and medication was helping him manage daily life but he was lethargic, listless and he felt empty and stuck. Every time he plucked up the courage and motivation to get off the couch, get back to work and get on with life, he felt pulled back into a lower vibrational mind state, mentally, and emotionally like he was being controlled by unseen forces and found himself back on the couch again.

 Jeff’s mum knew me through work in the early days and she didn’t quite get what I do but was willing to give anything a go to help her son. We chatted over the phone about the energy clearing process and its benefits and she spoke with Jeff that night. He gave me permission to do a remote energetic clearing for him. They had both looked at my website (the link is in the description box for those curious about my energy work) and agreed this could be the missing link, the way to unlock what had been holding Jeff back.

 A little of Jeff’s back story – he became involved in consuming marijuana as a recreational activity with mates and the liking of how he felt in the mind-altered relaxed state grew and it became a type of continual band-aid effect to mask the troubles in his life. But the side effects of attracting the paranormal energy feeders turned Jeff’s life upside down.

 Jeff’s energy clearing was intense and I spent many many hours, around 10-12 hours from memory to fully remove all the detrimental energy from his physical body, chakras, meridian lines and energy field that had attracted the energetic feeders and then move out the unseen intruders for good!

Also, a side note that I want to mention – Jeff was extremely ungrounded for many reasons including the long-term substance abuse. I hear you say, ‘What does she mean by ungrounded?’

 To live and function effectively in this Earth’s reality we need to be energetically connected to the Earth’s energy. This is both for our physical body and our energy body. We live in a physical organic body that houses our energy body and sudden or long-term traumatic life experiences or situations can sometimes disrupt our grounding causing indecisiveness, making rash decisions, experiencing vagueness and brain fog, feeling out of sorts, experiencing restlessness and just can’t relax, suffering extreme anxiety, panic attacks or feeling overwhelmed. Some say they just don’t right’ and can’t put their finger on a rational cause. 

 Through working with Jeff’s higher self and going through the extensive energy-clearing process, his altered mind state that had kept him out of his physical body causing mind dysfunction and disrupting his ability to even complete daily routine tasks slowly started to dissipate over the two-day clearing. 

 After Jeff’s extensive energy clearing… he went through a type of energetic detox for around 7 days which is quite common after energy work. He felt tired and his body needed extra sleep and time to recover, reset and start to get used to functioning in a higher more stable vibration. 

 A week later,  I received a wonderful text from Jeff, and this is what he wrote, ‘Thank you so much for what you did for me. I’ve battled for years and been to hell and back and I can honestly say I am now in the best mental state I have been in for a long time.’ Since the clearing, Jeff has returned to work and said he has a much more positive outlook on all aspects of his life. 

 Thank goodness for Jeff that his mum was willing to think outside the box after doctors and mental health care and look at energetic blockages as being part of Jeff’s problem.

Our second experience being shared today is from a local Tasmanian who was very open about his marijuana and demonic experience back in episode 47 called ‘Satanic Contracts and Demonic Attachment.’ I am mentioning Hilly’s experience in this episode today because recreational drugs played a big part in Hilly’s issues and kept him in a lower vibrational state feeding the needs of the entities around him.

Hilly’s story is slightly different and more complicated than Jeff’s and you will see why when you listen to what Hilly had to say. I met Hilly at the age of 19, through a mutual friend and at the time he had an unbreakable long-term issue with marijuana that was manipulated by a demonic presence within his energy field and, yes, they had been there for around 7 years.


I have called this experience –


Hilly’s drug struggle and demonic repression


Let’s listen to what Hilly had to say:

Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Okay, well, this was really weird because I was not scared. I was not, Oh, there’s a ghost. Oh, there’s a spirit. Oh, there’s something bad. It was simply, something’s here, something’s in the room. I feel it. The energy has changed. I would be down in my shed, the shed that I claimed as my own place of sanctuary. Me and my friend would be down there partaking in, you know,


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

You can talk about it, that’s what we’re here for today.


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Partaking in marijuana. We would all of a sudden just be sitting on our phones talking and then go, whoa, did you feel that? And then, yeah. It just feels darker in here, doesn’t it? It feels heavier. And I’d say, yeah. And then before you’d know, you’d hear a crunch, crunch. Like it was, someone was like, oh, in the wall coming up to the door and you just know, you would just know. It was, it’s hard to explain.

And then there’d be times when I would be in bed going to sleep. All of a sudden someone is standing behind me, watching me. So I have to turn around and look. I just have to, you know, I’m in the shower, washing my hair, close my eyes. There is someone watching me. As a human, you know, when there is someone watching you, you can feel it, the tingle in your spine, your goosebumps, you know there’s someone there, so I open my eyes and long behold, there’s no one there, but there is someone there, you know, like, and I always knew there was, it just, yeah.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

Yeah, yeah, and that occurred to you about grade 5, grade 6 is when you put out that intention to the darker realm, how old were you?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

I would have been about 12 and  I’m 19 now.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

So you put out the intention, I’m not pointing the finger at you, I’m sort of outlining this for the people who are listening. Hilly the poet put out an intention seven years ago to connect with the dark realm. They heard and they came. And you’re feeling this being moving around, it’s attached to you in some way, it’s actually corded into your energy field or into your chakras, because they’re the energy centres within our body.


So that intention attracted these beings, now you might see it as one, but it’s, they’re usually more than one as I explained earlier. And it simply has followed you, it’s followed you for seven years, everywhere you go in your sleep, in your dreams, eating, going to the movies, down to the shed with your mates.

And do you feel that that being or beings affected your energy, the way that you thought, and your decision-making?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yeah, a hundred percent, a hundred and ten pe cent. There would be times when I’d think to myself, okay, I’m going to go in and I’m going to have some tea, have a shower, brush my teeth, then get ready for bed.

Next thing I know I’m down the shed using drugs. That’s not what I was going to do. I was going to do something positive. I was going to do something healthy. It’s even little, it’s even like tiny little things. I’m going to go on my phone and put on a good song, a happy song, a song that would make me want to get up and have a bit of a dance.

Next thing I know I’m listening to a song that makes me want to, this is going to be a little bit on the darker side, what I’m about to say, so pre-warning. Even things with self-harm. I love my temple. My body is my temple, and I do treasure my body. I take a lot of pride in my body and being healthy these days and I think I always wanted to, but there was a stage where I was self-harming and quite aggressive. I think half of the decision making in that was caused by not just mental health conditions. I’m not debunking the science, I’m just saying, I think these, these entities that, that were using me and my energy was simply amplifying the effects of the mental health disorders or whatever you want to call them, making them unbearable. I couldn’t control anger, I couldn’t control sadness, and I couldn’t even control happiness. It was weird. It was weird.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)    

They do that because they’re keeping you in a state of control. They don’t like it when you’re happy. When you’re happy, you’re not creating the food that they want. They want to keep people in a negative state so that you’re then creating rage, hostility, sadness, despair, sorrow, whatever your trigger emotions are. That is what they’ll keep you creating because then you’re feeding them. It’s just like a vicious cycle.

I’ve had a lot of people explain to me that they feel, there’s a lot of my clients have said to me, look, I feel like I just need to move forward with life. I’ve got a job interview coming up. I feel like I want to get out and exercise. But something just keeps pulling me back. I just feel like I can’t break through the barrier.

And it’s because you were in a really vulnerable state when you made that intention. But we got rid of the intention. And I haven’t shared something with you that I’m going to share now about these five or six demonic beings. I did an energy clearing for Hilly. Took me a long time, was about six or eight hours of work.

And that night when I went to bed, I still didn’t quite feel right. And I know when I clear demonic beings from people is that they will transfer from the client to the energy clearer. That is a standard thing that demonic beings do. They’re just looking for another host. Now, when I went to bed that night, I didn’t feel right.

And I do my pendulum dowsing all the time. I’m like, I still don’t feel right. I check and I see, are there any dark or demonic beings present? And I kept getting no, but the pendulum wasn’t quite working right. And. When I asked the question another way, your contract that you had created with these dark beings had transferred to me with them.

Normally I’m really respectful with these beings because they can sling retaliation back at you, so I’m like super respectful and I went, no, this is not happening. The contract that you, that Hilly created with you was made null and void for the rest of Hilly’s lifetime, in this lifetime. That’s the only lifetime I can work with.

And they’re very sly, and they decided they were going to transfer to me. And I felt, I felt spacey, I had brain fog. My walking had changed slightly. I get a lot of physical symptoms when these beings attach to me because they don’t affect me mentally or emotionally. So I gave them the hard core telling off.

And when I called in my angelic team to help me, these guys left pretty quick smart because they knew that they couldn’t mess with me. I wasn’t in a vulnerable state. I know what their signs and symptoms are when they attach to people. But I found that really interesting, that not only did they transfer to me and I thought I cleared them, I didn’t even think to check whether your contract had transferred to me.

This is what you’re working with when people get involved with demonic beings. But I learned something new from working with you that time, is that if I get contracts in the future that have come from a client, I need to check to make sure that they’ve been cleared from me.

Do you feel that there was a connection between your long term substance abuse and these demonic level beings? Did your substance abuse start when you made that contract?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yes, the year I made that pact with the devil, that contract, is the exact same year I got introduced to marijuana and being, and being used in a bong. And the bong got me and it kept me there for ages and I never ever could figure out how to get off it, how to stop it.

Or how to even remotely think about stopping, I didn’t want to stop and no one could tell me to stop because it wasn’t going to happen. It was never going to happen. You have no idea. It was literally my life. It wasn’t just a drug I did. It was my life. And then all of a sudden, one day I thought, no, fuck it.

I’m not doing this anymore. I thought, I’m not doing this anymore, I want to move on, and I’m not going to be some lazy stoner sitting down his shed just smoking weed, like, losing my money, you know, like I had no money, so I was like, I’m not doing this anymore, I just couldn’t quit, I couldn’t quit. I want to get off this, I have the tools to get off this, and I, and it was getting worse, I was starting to use other drugs such as MDMA, pharmacy grade cough syrup, codeine, ketamine, just horrible drugs that 18, 19 year olds shouldn’t be even thinking about using. And that was simply because I felt like I couldn’t cope with the reality I was living. I needed to escape reality.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

Did you feel that that was you creating those thoughts or was it something else telling you that your reality wasn’t, how can I put it, telling you that you couldn’t cope so that you needed the drugs as a coping mechanism?


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Yeah, yeah, it was a hundred percent clouding my judgment and my perception of my family, the world around me, my friends, my choices, and my hobbies, which stripped me bare of my personality in a way. I remember I stopped making the music I wanted to make. I stopped skating. I stopped doing my art. I stopped playing games, online games with my friends.

I stopped communicating with my friends. I started snapping at my friends. I stopped accepting help. That’s a big one. People would come to help me. Even when we first started talking, I remember I was getting thoughts in the back of my head of don’t go through with this, get away, but that’s not what I wanted. That’s obviously what they were telling me and became more aware. When we did start talking and you started giving me an idea, I became more aware of what it was telling me, when it was telling me it, and why.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

And this is why we’re talking about this today, is because I always bang on about how dark, and especially the demonic level beings, can affect people’s thinking. Especially vulnerable people who’ve had a lot of trauma in their lives. They’re just worn down. And as you were talking just then, I was feeling that they were wearing you down in such a way that one day you may have even taken your life if you’d got to that totally vulnerable stage.


Speaker 2: Hilly the Poet (Guest)

Right before we met, I made a very regrettable choice of trying to put myself into a coma. And when I say that, it sounds stupid. But I was physically hitting myself and I remember I kept saying like in my head, stop like you need to stop, stop doing this to yourself, stop it. But I couldn’t, I was hysterical. I was screaming. I was, I was frantic. I was uncontrolled. There have been many other times as well where I’ve like, I don’t really want to like describe it in a graphic way, but I’ll just say where, yeah, I was close to maybe making a choice to where I would not have come back from. Yeah.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt ( Host)   

And you know what, since we’ve been talking, I haven’t seen Hilly the Poet for many, many years. I knew him when he was very young. I worked with him in the education system. And when he came back into my life, it was like that person that put us together again. She’s your angel. Like she has sent you to me because she knew, she could see the goodness in you. And I know it’s there. You’re 19, right? And you are so wise.

You have so much wisdom to offer. You have survived taking all those drugs that I can’t even repeat the names of. Someone was looking after you, like your higher vibrational support network, your angels, guardian angel, whatever you want to call it, they were looking after you because you have a message, you have something to share through your music.

And as you get older and you get into the workforce and you choose a career where you can actually share what you have been through and help other people not to make those decisions as easily and help them to look for alternatives. I mean, I look at you and I just want to reach out and just give you a great big hug.

Because I feel you are so, you’re just so wise, wise is the word that keeps coming to me. People your age don’t often speak the way that you do about wanting life change. A lot of people get to 40 and all of a sudden it slaps them in the face and they go, Oh my God, I don’t like my life. You’re doing that at half that age.

I’m really, really proud of you for coming on today, talking about your experiences,

If you want to listen to Hilly’s eye-opening full story, tune into episode 47 of this podcast, and scroll back through the episode list. It is truly worth a listen to understand the life triggers and experiences that can sometimes drive people to do the things they do.


Our third experience being shared today is a story of a young couple buying their forever home and definitely getting more than they bargained for!

This property and home had paranormal beings present but also the worst build-up of recreational substance residual energy I had ever seen. Louie kindly came on the podcast today to share his and his partner’s experience in his own words about the house they moved into that was slowly turning their lives upside down!


And I have called Louie’s experience:

The Marijuana house

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

Hi Louie,  when did you first notice the energetic issue within the house?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

Probably after a few months of moving in, my wife and I just started getting more and more lethargic and our energy levels was just starting to decrease and we weren’t really sure why. So with this issue that you had, you knew there was something going on, but you didn’t know what was causing it.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

What was your next step to get some help? How did you find someone to come and help you with clearing the home?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

Well, my wife, she has seen a medium once before, where we live in Northern Tasmania, and she said that she deals with spirits and houses, so we got her in, and straight away she started using the sage and was going all around the house, saged the whole house, and then told us how dangerous this spirit was, and started freaking us out a little bit, a little bit more concerned than we were before. And after she left, probably a day at the most, the house started feeling a little bit better, but then bang, straight away, we started feeling everything over again.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

So your partner had a specific issue when it came to being in this house. We don’t need to mention her name, but can you share with us what was actually triggered within her in relation to being in this particular building?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

Well, she started getting nightmares which apparently in the past she didn’t get a lot of and one morning she woke up and looked all up one side of her leg had bruises everywhere and that started becoming a little bit concerning because she’s never really had random bruises come out of nowhere.

Yeah, we would definitely feel something at this point every night in the house. We could just feel a different energy. It wasn’t by any means. Nice. It was dense. It wasn’t pleasant, just what we were feeling, it wasn’t nice at all.


Speaker 1 : Anna Schmidt (Host)   

And when you contacted me, we had that initial phone conversation, and I went through my process, and I also mentioned about recreational drug residue as an energetic imprint, and you shared with me that your partner had, she had a connection to using marijuana, for whatever reason that is, we’re not going to talk about that today, but did she find that that was enhanced when she was in this house?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

Definitely. Definitely. She ended up feeling a lot more than I did because I hadn’t really dove much into marijuana, but that was her choice. Yeah, she ended up getting affected in multiple ways a lot more than I did. So, she’d used a little bit of marijuana in the past, I mean we aren’t talking about recreational drugs today.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

So, it’s all about people understanding how energy in the home, specifically low vibrational activities such as substance abuse, can actually affect the people in the home. Now, I always talk about it with people, it’s one of the aspects that I look at when I do a house clearing. It’s interesting for your partner that when I went through and I did all the clearing of the land and I went through the house, is that I found that there had been a young male who had lived in the house before you.

I think it was somewhere around 50 years ago, could have been 50, 60 years ago. And he had a very strong connection to using marijuana. I think it was outside on the land, in the shed, but also in the house. And when people partake in that sort of activity, and the imprint of that energy sticks to their clothing, it sticks to their energy field, and they bring that energy into the home and you’ll get someone that’ll come into the house where they might find that recreational drugs, specifically marijuana, because it’s a natural plant, like it’s the same as mushrooms. I find this is the same issue with mushrooms, is that the vibration sticks to the person. It gets deposited all through the house, wherever that particular person went.

So, in your home, did your partner find that there were specific areas within the house that she felt more of a desire to have marijuana and she didn’t quite know why?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

She didn’t know whether it was her that wanted it. She just had sort of an increased interest in using marijuana. She definitely had one spot in, um, not in the house, but on the deck that she’d always go and smoke. It was rarely anywhere else on the property.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

So did she have those really strong cravings before you moved into this particular house?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

Not as much because she, the interesting thing is she didn’t actually, um, smoke it much ever before moving into the house. So the house might’ve had something to do with her getting used to it very quick and she did get hooked on it very fast.


Speaker 1 : Anna Schmidt (Host)   

What I find is some people have Particular triggers, some people it’ll be food, it might be alcohol, it could be cigarettes sometimes, it can be hoarding, it can be gambling, anything that’s done in the home by previous tenants or previous owners of the house and sometimes even the land before people actually build a house on that property.

Then you get someone new come into their house and their trigger is that particular vibration that is in the home, and then they find that they’re elevating the usage of that particular activity. Whatever it is that triggers them. They just don dunno what is causing it. That is really interesting. So since we did the house clearing and I went all through the land, all through the property, the sheds through the garage, through every room of the home.

Has your partner found that the land and the energy clearing of the house have actually lessened her desire to partake in the marijuana?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

Yeah, dramatically, dramatically. After our first phone call and you telling me how energy beings can be attracted more so to you, that was the first warning sign for my wife and it scared her a little bit, but enough, to stop it within a couple of days because she didn’t want to risk having anything attached to her.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

People who listen to the podcast all the time will know that I say that these energy beings are only attracted to us because they’re drawn to a particular vibration that we’re carrying. And we are human. We all have triggers. We all have life experiences that create particular situations.

But if she knows that marijuana is a trigger for her, Then she just avoids it and she’s cutting out that possible connection to those energy beings coming to her. They’re just going to bypass your house and go to the next person who’s got that particular vibration. So what does your house feel like now?

So it’s about two months since I did your full house clearing. Can you describe for the listeners some of the improvements that you feel you’ve noticed in the house since the clearing?


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

The house is Way lighter, the energy just feels light and airy. We haven’t had any dense energy since, and it just feels homey. It’s lovely, it’s really, really nice.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

That’s good. It makes my heart sing to be able to help people in this way, because the house had such a dense build-up, like there were build-ups of this marijuana energy all through the house. And there were other energetic imprints, but I think that was the one that really stood out. That is the one that attracted a particular type of energy being that was affecting your partner was fascinating. Thank you for letting me work on your home.


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

No worries at all. Thank you very much for doing the clearing for us. You’re our saviour really going through two other people beforehand who did nothing but scare us and, uh, heighten activity. You actually were able to clear everything for us. So we can’t thank you enough.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)   

Thank you, Louis. It was an absolute pleasure. And thank you for coming on to Perfectly Paranormal today to share your experience.


Speaker 2: Louie (Guest)

Thank you very much, Anna. Really appreciate it.

Want to share a paranormal experience? Send me your paranormal questions and your stories to:

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.



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