#69 The devil made me do it! Really… or is it just an excuse?

we look at the origin of the phrase – The devil made me do it!… Why people use it and what hides behind it. AND we crack open ‘The Devil Made Me Do it’ manslaughter case from the US back in the 1980s. A fascinating episode for sure, can the devil influence people? Listen in, find out and make up your own mind.

In this episode, we are discussing the phrase – The devil made me do it!… a common expression that I hear all the time and is there any truth to it? We will explore the origins of this excuse, why people use it and what hides behind it.


#69 The devil made me do it! Really… or is it just an excuse?


The origin of ‘The devil made me do it”



Flip Wilson, an American comedian, first used the phrase way back in the 1960’s as he would be outrageous in his behaviours, language and cheeky humour which may have offended some and he would smile cheekily into the camera saying ‘ The devil made me do it”. All done in humour in those days to get ratings and gain popularity but still, the underlying emphasis was on blaming someone else for your inappropriate behaviours and getting away with it. The Devil has been the scapegoat for many people over the years who are looking for an easy way out!

‘The Devil made me do it’, strongly suggests possession as you would imagine. I know possession is a thing as I have helped energetically remove many demonic-level entities from clients over the years. Don’t panic though…Possession is not what you see in the movies but in reality, demonic presence can warp your mind, and body and influence known or underlying tendencies and behaviours, which I will expand on later in this episode. I discussed possession in depth back in episode 32 of this podcast and gave real-life client experiences as prime examples of what demonic-level entities can do to a vulnerable person. Check it out if you are curious about the signs and symptoms and the reality of energetic possession.


So, what hides behind this widely used excuse?

 NOTE: Remember her, that I am not a mental health professional but purely giving my opinion from an energetic perspective from what I have seen in my clients.

It is a psychological trigger to blame someone else for our inappropriate or irresponsible behaviours… “I don’t know what came over me.” OR “I wouldn’t say or do that!” People do it all the time! When really the person was triggered for a variety of other reasons, many of which fall into mental and emotional health areas such as but not limited to:

1.     Personal trauma PTSD

2.     Rage and anger issues and outbursts

3.     Mental or emotional diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions

4.     Mental and emotional vulnerability because of life trauma or manipulation into an unspeakable act by another person. The type of personalities in the next point are prime manipulators.

5.     Psychopaths and narcissistic personality types love to cause pain to others

6.     People who like to play the victim to fulfil attention-seeking

7.     Religious fear controls people’s minds and actions – keep them frightened of Hell and Satan.


The following real-life experience is an interesting case where demonic possession was claimed as the cause of a man’s behaviours resulting in the death of another

 There was a legal case for manslaughter which was made into a movie in 2021 about a man named Arne Cheyenne Johnson who claimed ‘demonic possession’ as his defence for the murder at the hand of his landlord, Alan Bono, back in 1981.

I knew nothing about the case other than a vague memory of hearing about it from someone else so I watched the movie one afternoon. In typical Anna fashion, I sat there shaking my head and pointing at the screen…I won’t spoil the movie for those that haven’t seen it but Arne asked for the demon to possess him… bad move… bad move I was thinking. And that house, that house needs a clearing! I know it was a movie version of the real event, but as the listeners know because I drum it into you all the time, homes have history and hold all the mental and emotional conditions, addictions, negative behaviours and actions of those who live in them and the buildup of the emotional imprints and so on attracts paranormal entities.

These energy beings are mostly interested in the pools of imprints in the locations as their energetic food source BUT they can also trigger people to create more energetic food. If mentally and emotionally unstable or vulnerable people move into those energetically infected places, their thoughts and behaviours can be affected to varying degrees. The demons don’t make people do unspeakable acts, people already have underlying issues that can be enhanced by the paranormal entities to get their food source. We ALL have some sort of trigger, there is no denying it.

The degree of effect depends on the person’s mental and emotional stability, vunerability, underlying mental conditions and triggers. Haven’t you ever lashed out instantly either verbally or physically and caught yourself going, ‘What am I doing?’ I know I have.

I offer a few reasons for Arne doing what he did:

1.     Arne gave of himself to save David. We don’t always think actions through in the moment and he may have been only thinking of saving his close friend. And who wouldn’t want to save a friend from possibly dying?

2.     For Arne to kill Alan Bono, there must have been a deeply hidden personal trauma or trigger that the possessive entity triggered in him in the instant that he attacked Alan. I looked online for information about Arne’s childhood life to try and unpack his lifestyle as a youngster but found nothing.  Our behaviours and perceptions are often formed before the age of 7-8 years old, from role modelling observed from our caregivers, life situations and experiences and I wondered if Arne had a troubled childhood that lead him to a moment of extreme anger.

3.     It was mentioned in an online article TIME magazine that Arne was very possessive of his partner Debbie and she was said to be possibly having an affair with Alan… so, was it a planned jealousy/ revenge/ premeditated crime not a spur of the moment demonic invoked attack? You make up your mind on that one!

4.     Arne had a paranormal addiction and wanted to experience possession … there are people like that out there… I have personal witnessed a tour guest ask to be possessed on a paranormal tour one night. The possession would then give the entity the chance to manipulate a willing human to carry out a crime and then feed off the drama and emotional imprints created by Arne after the crime had taken place.

5.     Arne hated Alan for other unknown reasons and made a conscious choice to kill him or was it a planned accident that went wrong BUT different articles varied on the number to stabbing attacks from 4 to 19.

6.     The demonic presence did in fact manipulate Arne 100% and used his body to commit the crime. Some people are extremely vulnerable and very easily manipulated.

7.     Did Arne have a moment of insanity and committed the crime?


So, what can you take away from all this???

Own up for your mistakes… we all make them to varying degrees. You conscious will be clearer if you own up, make amends and learn from your inappropriate actions and behaviours. It can be tough at first to be accountable BUT in the long run you will thank yourself for it!

A post note: Why would a room full of people be present during an exorcism… I do wonder ! The priest or other trained person conducting the demonic removal should know that demons transfer to other people in the room if a vulnerable person is present… similar to using ouija boards for spirit communication but don’t get me started on that one!

So why were the family and Arne even in the room? I will leave you with that to think about.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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