#49 The spirit on the road & other ghostly experiences Brianna will never forget!

Spirits are everywhere from all different times and customs, Today, I am speaking with my friend Brianna Dehn, who has some mysterious paranormal experiences to share with you about the spirit lady on the road, the ghostly bike rider and the haunted honeymoon hotel.

In this episode, Briann a Dehn, a fellow podcaster and paranormal experiencer shares three of her favourite spooky experiences with you – the ghostly lady on the road, the spooky bike rider and the haunted honeymoon hotel. So, sit back and get comfortable as we delve into all things unknown and spooky. 


#49 The spirit on the road & other ghostly experiences Brianna will never forget!


Speaker 2: Brianna Dehn ( Guest)

I have three stories to share, and I’m going to let you pick your favourite because I’m really not sure which one’s my favourite. They all have their kind of unique circumstances around them.  I’ll tell you this in the order that they happened.

The spirit lady on the road

So my very first experience. I believe in heaven. I believe in God. So, you know, I think if you believe in that stuff, you have to believe there are spirits. When we’re spirits, we die, and we pass on to the afterlife. So, you know, I’ve, I’ve never been a doubter, but I have been one kind of like, I don’t know if you actually see spirits, like if you can actually see a figure or anything like that. Until one day I was driving down the road and it was really late at night.

It was about 1.15 or something like that. And my neighbour was on her deathbed at the time. We knew that she didn’t have long to live. So, I’m just driving down the road, and I get on my street, and I have my brother and a friend, at least two or three other people in the car with me. And I just stopped in the middle of the road, and it’s like a country road, nobody’s around, no other cars.

And I’m like, do y’all see that? And they’re just like, what? And I kept going, and I was like, nothing. And then, I kinda just dismissed it. Uh, and then I got home and my neighbours were like, really?

So I got home and my neighbours, they were, they’re both really old and. They’re not going to be up this time of night, and it’s super dark where I live because it’s really rural, and there’s only one or two streetlights, but I look out my back door because I could get a perfect view of my neighbour’s house from there, and I knew, I forgot to mention this, what I saw in the road was just a figure with a hat and a dress, And I’d seen pictures of my neighbour wearing that outfit because she was in some kind of women’s sorority type thing, and that’s the kind of outfits that they wore.

And I didn’t see the face or anything like that, but I did see the figure, and I knew to look out for her because I knew that she was about to pass on. So that’s why I looked at my neighbour’s house and saw the light on. I knew that was not normal because, you know, I was young and like in my early 20s. I was up late a lot, but they were never, never had any lights on or anything at night.

The next day, I found out that she passed about the same time I was driving down the road and saw that in the middle of the road. It was like, I saw her passing on.


 Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)  

I quite often find that people will show themselves to those that they love. It’s not always family members, like you said, it can be friends of the family, people that you felt attached to, really connected to emotionally and you’d shared sort of life experiences. So that’s beautiful.

So you saw her, did you feel anything through that experience? Did you feel, feel her energy or was it mainly visual?

Speaker 2: Brianna Dehn ( Guest)

I didn’t know what I’d seen until. I realized that she had passed that night and I asked what time because I wanted to know because of my experience when I found that out, I just knew what are the odds, you know, it had to be her.



Now, the second story, I tell this one sometimes, that was definitely kind of like an apparition. The second story I want to tell you is either a real person or they can look exactly like a real person.

The ghostly bike rider

Me and my husband were outside and we were just standing in the front yard, minding our business. And then all of a sudden somebody starts going down the road on a bicycle.

And I don’t even know what decade it was from. Like way back 50s, 40s, 30s, heck 20s. I don’t know. It was an old-time bicycle I’d never seen one in real life like that style until recently when they started coming back I saw them around more but like I’d never seen a bicycle like that before and then the person had I don’t know what kind of dress, they are the big fluffy dress. It was a costume or it was somebody from back in the day with those big, fluffy, frilly dresses, but you know how they stick out with the frill and stuff. One of those big hats, her hair in perfect curls. Like makeup, like it looked like freaking out of a, she was beautiful.

She looked real as day, but she looked like she stepped out of a completely different decade or century, like she was not of this time and I just watched her go right by my house and I just watched her as she went, couldn’t take my eyes off of her because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anybody that looks like that before. Then I looked at my now husband and I said. Did you see that? And he’s just looking down, minding his own business, shh, you know, like, don’t look at people. And I’m like, I’m not. I’ve just never seen anybody. Like, I’ve seen all kinds of different people, but not somebody that looked like they stepped out of a different time. 


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)  

Yeah, yeah, no, I think you’re on the ball there, because I’ve spoken to lots of people who have seen spirits, and sometimes they say that they are very sort of faint and wispy and transparent. And other people have said that they just look like real people. And I don’t have an answer as to why they can show themselves in different ways. It’s really quite fascinating.


Speaker 2: Brianna Dehn ( Guest)

I grew up my whole life 21, 22 years I lived there. And I have never seen anybody that looked like that going up and down the road. And then I tried to keep a lookout to see because I know where some turning points are. And unless you’re riding far, like, and she was, she looked too pretty to be riding a bike down the road like that, you know? So I didn’t see her come back by, and I had never seen anything like that before, and I never saw anything after that. So, and that’s just what was so strange and I knew most of my neighbors. Like people up and down, cause my family lived there generations, you know, and kind of the same thing. A lot of the same people stayed in that area and kind of knew each other. And I didn’t know that person.

So for my third story, this one’s pretty cool, I think, too.

The haunted honeymoon hotel

Image source: https://wlos.com/news/local/when-wnc-history-goes-bump-in-the-night

Me and my husband, we got married. We just kind of had a small wedding and we took A weekend trip, it wasn’t far away, just where we were going to take the weekend trip. And I found this really cute hotel, and it was built early 1900s, maybe.

When we got to the hotel, it was so cute in the pictures, it looked like the perfect romantic, charming getaway, you know? So we pulled up, and it was packed! It was so busy, I didn’t expect it to be that busy. And we parked and we got out. And as soon as we got out, I just kind of said to myself, this place is haunted, but I didn’t say anything.

I didn’t say anything. I just got that feeling. My husband didn’t say anything either, but when we got inside. We were checking in at the front desk. There were a lot of people in the lobby. And I was just looking around like, what’s going on? Cause they were like having a meeting. Then the person at the desk gives us two bottles of holy water.

I was like, well what do we do with this? They gave us a bottle of water to drink, that’s nice. No, I didn’t know what it was at first, but they were having a seance in the lobby, and this place is like really Supposedly really haunted now nothing happened to me when I was there, but I will be honest I was a little bit creeped out I was a little bit scared, and I was just hoping that nothing happened to me while I was there Because I wasn’t expecting it, you know, I was expecting to have this like romantic kind of getaway and then turns out the place is haunted.

It just really gave me creepy vibes. And like I said, whenever we first got out, I kind of just felt like this place was haunted. We didn’t stay there that much, pretty much just to sleep there. And it wasn’t that comfortable. The bed wasn’t comfortable. The bathrooms weren’t as clean as I’d like. So it really wasn’t that great. But looking back, I went to a haunted hotel for our honeymoon, is a pretty cool story to tell.

I nearly forgot about this: So we were standing outside one night talking to another couple. And this couple was telling us, um, don’t worry. We’ve been here plenty of times and they’d never seen or experienced anything weird. While we were standing there talking to them, somebody came running out of one of the rooms and we could see like through the door that they called the owner in there and they must have experienced something while we were outside on the porch. Also, if it’s an old building, lots of people would have stayed there. And sometimes spirits will go back to buildings where they’ve enjoyed living or they’ve enjoyed their time there. So I wonder what sort of seance experiences they had in the lobby.

I don’t know. I wish they had more of the documentary or something like, I would like to know more about the history and all, but all I know is what I’ve read and what they talked about in the documentary. 


The Haunted Grand Old Lady Hotel, Balsam, NC (formerly Balsam Mountain Inn)

So I started looking it up on the internet and come to find out, um, it closed in 2020 with the pandemic, you know, cause a lot of hotels weren’t getting the business cause people weren’t travelling. It’s really nice, it’s right there on the train track, and, you know, back in the day, this was the place people going up and down the train tracks stopped, stay there. I think there has been suicide, maybe a murder there. It’s just crazy because I didn’t expect to show up at a haunted hotel.


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