The green chair with a secret

Objects can hold energy… yep… you heard me right! You would be surprised how people’s behaviours and emotional and mental states may change when sitting on, sleeping in, or using items and objects with negative energetic attachments.

Elizabeth’s story about how the energy of her home and within herself changed quite dramatically after a secondhand piece of furniture came into her home:

Hello, I wanted to say a thank you to you for the job you did on a recently purchased item of furniture. I initially found a picture of a chair listed on a for sale site and decided to show my partner, who ended up wanting to purchase it. We bought the chair home, put it in our living room and went out of the home for a few hours. We came back home and it was my first opportunity to properly look at the chair.

When I walked into the home, I felt a sudden, heavy and confrontational energy that was hard to be around. I looked at the chair as it was the only thing that had changed since before we left, and I felt an instant state of overwhelm when I looked at the chair. It was an emerald green colour, yet looked so much darker than when I first went to purchase it with my partner. I tried not to judge the chair or my first feelings, as the chair was purchased by my partner for his own use, for it was not I that was going to be sitting in it, so really, who was I to judge? Prior to us leaving the home to purchase the chair, and in the days leading up to the purchase, my home did not feel like this. It felt calm and peaceful.

Over the coming weeks, I realised I didn’t even want to sit in the chair. Respectfully, it was my partner’s, but I didn’t even want to sit in it when he was at work. I just felt like I wasn’t able to, and when I sat near the chair I realised I was argumentative with my partner and would ruminate over things constantly!

When I had some quiet time away from the family, I decided not to sit in the room where the chair was located – whereas normally, I would complete my exercise routine in the room. When I woke up, which was frequently in the night (unusual), I would have a lot of thoughts flooding into my mind which felt like a whirlwind of emotions I found hard to rationalise. I consider myself quite sound in mind, unable to cease all thoughts, however, in general, I have a good grasp on my mind and have been successful for a good part of my life in directing my thoughts effectively. I found my mind getting busier since I bought the chair. I didn’t want to think much of it because there were other things going on in my life – daily stresses that could equally contribute to me feeling a bit caught off guard. I pushed on regardless and could feel strange things happen in the house, things misplaced, when I was organised, I found I was becoming forgetful and wanted to go to bed earlier and earlier as I was so tired.

I ended up finding that I was fighting with my partner over seemingly trivial matters. I soon thought there must have been something else going on. When I wasn’t at home, I was fine with my partner, we got along well like we usually did. Then when we got home, within an hour of being home, we would have a small confrontation, then a slight run-in, then a disagreement. It happened mainly in the living area and kitchen area. I note that I also felt angry when the tv was on, which was not like me. And when my partner sat in his chair and spoke, I felt irritated by his voice.

I ended up feeling like I may have been imagining what was happening, but pressed on and started my journey of investigative work to see if anyone else had a similar experience. That’s when I found your work Anna and my my, didn’t you find some beauties in the chair! 5 x heavy energies that were causing havoc at home! Once you cleared the chair, I felt the energy restored within the chair, the chair looked lighter and brighter. I felt happier and wanted to sit in my partner’s chair and also be in the living room to exercise. I was so much happier and could hold a conversation without feeling like there was an overwhelming presence within the home.

Thank you for your work, I highly recommend you!!



The following information is what I gathered and cleared from the energetic imprints in the chair. This shows you what people can leave behind –

There were 5 dark energy beings attached to emotions created by a male and female who previously sat in the chair:

1. Rage x 183 episodes created by males and females in approx the last 5 years.
2. Hostility x 155 episodes created by males and females in approx the last 5 years.
3. Hatred x 87 episodes created by males and females in approx the last 5 years.
4. Loneliness x 86 episodes created by males and females in approx the last 5 years.
5. Humiliation x 83 episodes created by males and females in approx the last 5 years.
6. Sadness x 85 episodes created by a male in approx the last 3 years.

Always be aware if the family dynamic changes when items come into the home. The emotional and sometimes trauma imprints on objects can disrupt family life and functionality. These energetic imprints can be identified and cleared and then the home’s energy returns to normal.

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