Signs you are ungrounded

When you are ungrounded, you may struggle to focus and function fully. You can remedy this by using a grounding activity every day.


How to recognise if you are ungrounded

Often, we are unaware when we are ungrounded but can easily see the signs in others. Work on recognising the signs and symptoms of being ungrounded within yourself and using a grounding technique every day. Grounding will improve your mind functions such as focus, memory and attention while also giving your physical body a stable connection to Mother Earth.

The following list contains possible signs and symptoms of being ungrounded:

  • You can feel spacey, vague and you can experience constant daydreaming at home and work during the day. At night, you may experience difficulty going to sleep and also staying asleep for the whole night. You can wake up feeling just as tired as before you went to bed. You may experience bad dreams and possibly nightmares.
  • You are one of those people who are always late, and you get disorientated, distracted easily, or get lost while driving.
  • You have difficulty making yourself understood and often repeat your conversation. You often start sentences or conversations, and midway through speaking, you either forget what you are saying or change to a different topic.
  • You can be physically uncoordinated and clumsier than normal, or you can feel hyperactive in the mind and body. You can feel constantly emotional, mentally, or spiritually drained and feel more forgetful than usual.
  • Your typical daily habits can feel different or disconnected, and you are easily distracted and have difficulty completing tasks. You are continually rushing around and not achieving a lot!
  • You fall asleep frequently during meditation, have difficulty holding a connection to your spirit guides and remembering their messages. Being ungrounded can profoundly affect your physical body and your spiritual connection to Earth energy and Universal spiritual energy. We are soul energy in physical organic bodies, and we need to be connected to the Earth’s energy to function in this realm fully.

Learn to understand the signs when you are ungrounded and find some techniques that regularly work for you. You may use a specific grounding technique in the morning and a different approach at night time to help you settle into sleep. I have found that I have to adjust my grounding techniques as my energy field vibration raises. If you feel your symptoms are something more, please consult your doctor.

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