#28 Mystic gateways: Unveiling portals & wormholes

Interdimensional doorways are fascinating! Who doesn’t wonder what is lurking on the other side? Portals can be detrimental in our homes and we mere humans can learn to close them.

In this episode, some of my experiences with portals in places and people and also my method for closing single and double-door portals to keep the supernatural interlopers at bay! And you can learn to do this too.


#28 – Mystic gateways: Unveiling portals & wormholes


We are taking an in-depth look at portals and wormholes from what I have learnt through my paranormal house and property clearing work. And I will share some of my personal and client-based experiences with these sometimes tricky doorways into other realities and what you can do about them!


So here is a little information about portals so you have some background info before we dive into the stories:

Portals are interdimensional doorways between different realms and realities. There are positive portals into nature realms where fairies and other elementals live. But also, portals to the darker realm, and I suspect there are portals into many other dimensional realities. I rarely find portals in people’s energy fields or chakras, but generally find them in homes, other buildings, or on the land.


Here are some questions from a house-clearing client in Canada who wishes to remain anonymous. I think you will find that they address lots of common questions about portals. She asks:

1. I was wondering what it takes to open a portal. 

My response: Intentional portals are opened by strong focus and intention.
Unintentional portals can be opened on the land or in places or homes, portals by large build-ups of emotional imprints or trauma imprints such as self-harming behaviours. I think the strong vibration or frequency creates a type of tear in the energetic environment creating a ‘doorway’ to other dimensions.


 2. Could talking or joking about portals open them up and then place people at risk of dark energy attachments?

My response: Not from my viewpoint.

2a. Or is it a more ritualistic practice to open a portal? 

My response: Strong mind focus and intention are the main manifesting points as mentioned above BUT adding a ritualistic practice depending on what it is and what is in the mind of the person when they are creating the portal can add to the intensity. Portals must be closed after you have finished with them. Portals left unsecured are an open invitation to energy beings from darker realms and other places to travel each way freely until the doorways are correctly closed. Some people say asking for a protective shield around the portal while it is being used can sometimes protect the user but I haven’t found this so.


3. What are the different types of portals that exist?

My response:  From my knowledge gained over the last 30 years, there are many types of portals which I have described in two groups:

Positive portals include:

1.     Nature/ portals where the elementals can come and go and tend to our natural world.

2.     Spiritual awareness portals: Some spiritual people say the human soul is a type of portal. In my opinion, this is true to a point. When people open their psychic and spiritual awareness, they connect to their higher selves creating a portal or doorway to the higher vibrational beings, such as spirit guides, Angels, Arch Angels, and Creator energy. Your intention when using your spiritual and psychic skills creates the direction your portal goes, either positive to the higher realms or negative to the lower vibration realms if you dabble in the dark arts.

3.     Some people say that using tarot cards, or dowsing tools creates a portal to the higher realms. I have never found using divination tools to create issues unless they are being used for dark purposes.


Then there are the detrimental portals: 

1.     Ouija or spirit boards are a form of portal – I have had bad experiences in the past which I shared in my podcast – episode 19 and my book called  The Darkness Around Us

2.     Seances are another form of portal through the intention of wanting to connect with spirits on the other side. Spirits of passed loved ones don’t need to use seances to communicate, they have many other methods to get your intention such as described in episode 31.

3.     Satanic portals opened by people wishing to invoke dark forces to do their bidding. Boy are they in for a shock! You never know what you are letting in and they won’t do what they are told by mere mortals! Demonic entities can sometimes place spells on portal doorways, so the opening cannot be closed. I have experienced portals with spells and hexes in homes, and it can take multiple methods to secure them successfully. Sometimes there can be double doors (a door on each side with a space in between) that need sealing individually to fully disconnect and lock the portal doorway. More information on these portals further in the episode.

4.     Portals opened by dark beings into a person’s chakras ( energy centres in the body especially the crown chakra) usually through detrimental personal spiritual practices, which I have an eye-opening experience for you a little further on in this episode.

5.     Land portals: Unintentional portals can be created when there has been trauma on the land, which sends the land energy into shock. The trauma and portal energy can affect the functioning and feel of buildings and alter the inhabitant’s well-being when built over a portal.


I have two stories for you: one telling of a portal in a bedroom and another telling of a portal in a person.


Here is a recent experience from July 2023 which I had while staying at a friend’s home here in Tasmania.  I have called this story:

The bedroom portal problems

A friend of mine has a son who LOVES to watch paranormal movies in his bedroom. The scarier the better and Graham watches nothing else! When I visited recently, I felt an unwelcome presence in his room when I approached the home. Graham’s bedroom was right next to the main entrance and I could feel the pulsating energy as I approached the front door and waited for Kay, the mum to answer the door.

Kay and I chatted over a cuppa and Graham came to say hello. He knew my line of work and we often talked about paranormal happenings in movies and how he found them exciting and totally fascinating. Graham said he wasn’t sleeping well and I knew why, but how do you tell an 18-year-old that constant viewing of paranormal movies can attract dark entities into places? And the only way to truly keep them away is to stop watching the movies.

Kay said I could do an energetic check-in in Graham’s room and the following information is what I found:

There were 3 demonic level beings present in the room attached to Graham’s emotional creation of 1200 episodes of horror over the last 3 years. There were also massive energetic build-ups of Rage, Hostility, and Worthless which had been created as far back as 10 years ago. These imprints would also have been a big drawcard for the demonic beings and they would have loitered in the room feeding off the energetic food source.

There were also 2 Portals in Graham’s room and where do you think they were located? Right in the areas where he would watch his movies!

There was 1 vertical single door portal in the wall at the head of his bed which led into the Dark Realm and this location would have added to his disturbed sleep. There was also a horizontal double-door portal over his bed which led into multiple interdimensional realities, not the Dark Realm.

Once these supernatural doorways were located and identified I set to release the paranormal beings from the room and could close the sleep-inhibiting paranormal gateways with Angelic help. These heavenly beings have divine power and can seal portals with the highest vibration possible. Graham hasn’t changed his ways and may open up more portals in the future with his detrimental viewing and paranormal fascination with the unknown.


Our second story is a client experience from 2022. 

 The mind-blowing headache

Spiritual people often assume they are fully protected from energetic interference from dark beings and their influence. People get involved in all sorts of energetic practices and often open themselves up to detrimental energetic influence, cording and portals from other group members or teachers who don’t understand what they are doing. Angelic beings can’t protect us from dark interference if we have buildups of negative emotional imprints within our minds, bodies, chakras or meridian lines.

A client came to me with mind-splitting headaches. She was very spiritual, attending lots of classes and interacting with all sorts of people never thinking that she would have any energetic problems. Well, she soon learnt that you have to be discerning with whom you let into your personal space!

 We shall call her Angela. Now Angela would often allow people to connect to her during a healing class where people would swap healings on a weekly basis. Angela had been doing this for many years with no problems until now when she came home from a class with a mind-splitting headache.

Angela didn’t sleep for weeks, tossing and turning all night and she felt like her lifeforce was being drained from her mind and body. She came across me through a referral from a client of mine and Jen assured Angela I could help. I talked with Angela and she allowed me to do an energetic clearing for her.

Upon looking into her crown chakra, I found a double door portal that had been opened through cording from the recent healing session with a lady from the group. Angela was shocked and didn’t believe me at first as she assumed being spiritual was protection for her.

Once the cording was removed from her crown chakra and the portal doors both closed Angela’s headaches stopped and she started sleeping better.  She said her whole demeanour improved, she was more energised and motivated to get back to her normal routine. AND she upgraded her protection methods using multiple processes and she was more cautious about who she let into her personal space.

Later on in this episode, I will walk you through how to close a portal, so stay listening.


Next, we are going to look at wormholes as they vary from portals to who uses them and what they are used for:


So, wormholes are fascinating! I don’t have a full knowledge of them but I will share with you what I know. Wormholes are what I call energetic highways that interdimensional and cosmic (ET) beings use to travel from point A to point B in the Universe as I mentioned in episode 27 about mysterious hat men and are they from another plane of existence?

Sometimes these thoroughfares can traverse through the Earth and people’s homes, creating an energy disturbance that those living in the home can constantly feel but can’t find a rational cause. Symptoms felt in a particular space within the home may range from feeling uncomfortable or unbalanced in the mind or body, can’t stand in that space for long periods, being energetically drained, or experiencing brain fog, which can point to a possible supernatural cause if it is not medical.


As you will see in the following recount of a real-life wormhole in Betty’s home, these cosmic superhighways cannot be closed but more so managed.

 My kitchen superhighway

Betty and I have had many unusual experiences in her home over the years. I have cleared her house of umpteen paranormal disturbances, but nothing seemed to fix the problem in the kitchen. There is an area in Betty’s kitchen where she feels constant cold spots and unsettling feelings in her mind and body. To the eye, her kitchen looks normal, but when the pendulum comes out, it tells a different story.

Betty silently watched me as I started dowsing in her kitchen. I was determined to get to the core of her kitchen nightmare as I held my pendulum out in front of me and slowly walked into the kitchen. I moved past the fridge, and my pendulum indicated an energetic disturbance. I asked my pendulum, “Is this a dark energy problem?” ‘No’ was the answer. I then asked if the problem was an off-world issue and received a ‘yes.’ I continued to steadily walk around the kitchen’s island bench and curiously watched the intensity of the pendulum swing increase and then decline. I suddenly looked at Betty and said, “It’s a wormhole, a universal highway.” This was the second wormhole I had found in a home and the biggest yet.

Unlike portals which are doorways that can be closed, wormholes cannot. So, the problem now was what to do with the 3.5 metre wide vertical tunnel of fast-flowing energy running through the kitchen. My mind was racing, sorting through all my experiences and past solutions, looking for a fix to this problem. As I stood in the middle of the wormhole, I felt my feet being pulled into the earth, a hint from Management! We needed to ground the kitchen.

Grounding is not just for people but premises too. I talk to buildings as I do house clearings, and they often ask for grounding. What better way to ground a home than with intention, crystals, and rocks from the earth? Betty set about gathering grounding stones from her extensive crystal collection. She found jasper, bronzite, tourmaline, and hematite to anchor the kitchen area, selenite and clear quartz, both with a higher vibration to help balance the kitchen space. The energetic feel of the kitchen improved over the next 30 minutes, but I felt something else needed to be done.

I asked my pendulum to identify any tears in the outer layer of the wormhole. There were two holes that allowed energy from the wormhole to interfere with the energetic feel in the kitchen. I politely asked Management and the cosmic (ET) beings to repair the two tears. After ten minutes, Betty and I noticed an improvement, and I felt that this was all we could do for now. I explained to Betty that this was a case of managing the situation; there was no fix-all. I am forever amazed at the types of energetic disturbances found in homes!

Betty contacted me months later to say the energy in the kitchen had settled. It is not perfect but better than it was initially. She can think clearer and feel more comfortable and content when cooking and doing other kitchen duties. 


How to close a portal in your home

To close an energy portal, you will need some skill with a dowsing tool, whether copper rods or a pendulum as you use this external focusing tool to gather the necessary information about the portal so it can be closed accurately.

Portals come in different forms, such as one single door leading into another dimension or a double door with a space in between. They can also have hexes or spells placed in the doorway by people who invoked the opening or dark beings to keep the entrance open. Sometimes, dark or demonic beings guard the entrances, or the entry is booby-trapped with psychic hooks or tentacles, which can sabotage the closing by affecting the energy clearer’s practices.

You have to think multidimensional when it comes to portal locations. They are not always found on the floor and can be located in walls, ceilings, doorways, window spaces or vertically in the middle of a room. Portals are occasionally found in objects but not usually in people’s or pets’ energy fields.


A closing process for one door portals-

·      As mentioned above, dowse to gather information about the portal’s location, size, and any other aspects you need to know about.

·      Ask your spiritual dowsing helper if they can assist you to close the portal. If yes, proceed. If not, contact a professional energy clearer as the problem may be more complex.

·      If yes, locate the portal and stand near it, point to it or visualise it if you are remote viewing, see a door, manhole cover, bank safe door or a giant plug ready to seal the doorway and say out loud:


          “I call on Arch Angel Michael to please come now and seal this portal doorway with Arch Angel glue and the Angelic frequency stamp. Thank you.”


It sounds weird, but the glue and stamp visualisation really works! The glue acts as a type of super glue, cementing the doorway closed for good. The stamp carries the highest vibrational energy and creates a type of force field. You can add your own visualisation, such as metal plating with giant bolts, coatings of cement, or soldering the door shut; your imagination has unlimited choices.  If the portal reopens elsewhere, repeat the process or get a professional clearer’s help as the problem may have many facets.


How to close a double door portal

If closing a double-door portal, you repeat the process, closing the furthest door first and then the one closer to you. You have to work fast as energy beings may try to sneak through and hide in your home waiting to wreak havoc.

If your dowsing identifies dark beings have come through a portal into your home. Close the interdimensional doorway and then seek the assistance of a medium or house/ energy clearer to remove the entities.


Want to share a paranormal experience? Send me your paranormal questions and your stories to:
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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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