#9 Dark humour… yep it is a thing!

Dark beings are not evil baddies like we are trained to think and in this podcast episode I share my experiences with paranormal comedy and tomfoolery.

Dark humour, yep you heard right. Dark entities have a sense of humour and I have witnessed their funny shenanigans many many times! In this episode, we explore the lighter side of dark entities and their funny or not-so-funny tactics to make us react! And I share 2 real-life paranormal experiences from 2019 and 2022 the first is called –

Dark humour

 I needed an editor to look over the first draft of my book: The Darkness Around Us and I met Robin through a work connection. She had many years of experience editing academic, fiction and non-fiction texts and was excited to edit a manuscript of a different nature.



I emailed her a copy of my text and she set to work straight away. Later that next evening, she rings me, a little shaken up and speaking erratically. Robin said she was working through Chapter 1: The definitions of different levels of dark beings when she got to the demonic energy section and things started to happen. Now while Robin was editing the information in the loungeroom of her 2 bedroom flat, her roommate was in her bedroom at the other end of their home, and she had some rather loud pop music playing in the background. The music had been playing all afternoon and into the evening and didn’t bother Robin until suddenly the music blared out loudly the words ‘Satan, Satan, Satan’ over and over again, attached to a rather catchy upbeat tune.  Robin was horrified and somewhat shaken and texted me instantly for reassurance.


I chuckled to myself for a moment as I read her message and messaged her back saying that this is what I call dark humour. I explained that the energy beings were letting her know they were aware she was reading the text, their text about them. It was as simple as that. I said, “You are quite safe. They are just having a joke with you”.

Five minutes go by when Robin messages me again. “Now I can’t concentrate. I feel like someone is looking over my shoulder, reading along and checking everything I alter.”  My reply was, “Yes, probably, just accept it and have a giggle about it. They won’t hurt you. They are just curious about what you are doing.” Robin took my advice and settled into reading and making suggestions on the text for the rest of the night with the dark energy supervisors doing what they know best, overseeing.


The second story is one of my experiences, which I have titled –

Getting my attention

As part of my soul contract in this lifetime, I transition various individuals and groups of dark and demonic level beings every day, usually in the mornings around 9.30 am and again at night before I go to bed otherwise they can pester me when I am trying to sleep.

My house has somewhat become a place of passage for many beings where they can quickly and safely move from one form of existence to another within the blink of an eye. People who visit often comment on the dark shadows, wafting shapes and strange brain fog they experience when in my home for extended periods.

The paranormal gossip vine runs hot most days, especially if I perform a house clearing for a client. The energy is heightened in my home quite significantly during a clearing, and this energetic surge around me and in the home is like a neon sign lit above my head saying, ‘Get help here.’


I am used to their coming and going and find the whole process fascinating. But often as most human beings do, we get distracted  I always have lots of tasks on the go at the same time and think ‘I will just finish this task or writing notes on my laptop‘, and we get so involved in what we are doing that time gets away from us. Paranormal beings coming to my home have learnt that they need a certain level of patience and often tap their energetic toes while waiting in line to transition into the Healing Space. But if the waiting period becomes past their tolerance level, then look out! Technological espionage is a likely tool they utilise to get my attention.

I have experienced technological pranks such as:

  1. a frozen computer screen,
  2. the document I was working on magically deleting itself right before my eyes,
  3. or my wireless mouse going instantly flat or falling to the floor and the back and battery go sliding across the floor.
  4. With their dark superpowers, the impatient and sometimes cheeky beings will project a thick black line across my screen and for the life of me, I can’t see what I am doing. Hint, hint, help us NOW! And I laugh, and stop what I am doing, tending to their needs. After they are satisfied my technology returns to normal.


Paranormal beings and supernatural pranks

Now, I am going to share with you, what else I know about these supernatural beings and their sense of humour

Dark energy beings have personalities just as we do. Their actions and tactics lean them towards the darker end of the personality scale, similar to our darker shadow traits, including a variety of negative emotions such as guilt, shame, hatred, vengeance, or retaliation.

We don’t envision that they can exist in any other way or have less negative traits and behaviours because we expect them to be evil, bad and downright dangerous. Society has conditioned us this way for centuries, but dark energy beings are capable of spiritual and energetic evolution just as we are. What I consider to be humorous happenings are occurring more and more with my continuous observation and communication with these beings.

Patience is not one of their collective virtues. Impatience teamed with a bit of humour usually gets my attention, usually with a ‘haha’ and rolling of my eyes as you will read below.

 Other dark being’s favourite pranks:

  • When talking to prospective house clearing clients through online platforms, flickering the lights in my office is another of their favourite pranks. I laugh, but the person I am talking to is often not so relaxed about the lighting anomaly occurring before their very eyes. I explain the situation as best I can, and the client either laughs with me or stares blankly at the screen.
  • Sometimes trickster energy beings will use ploys such as the trio of knocks to instil fear in us. Is this in jest? Usually, it is, as they see the movies we watch and love to press our fear buttons. I just knock back three times and sit there with a smirk on my face.
  • As I was writing my paranormal handbook called The Darkness Around Us. I would be finished writing a section, and my attention was drawn to read the ‘word count’… guess how many words.. 666 or 1666, 20666– another one of their supernatural jokes!
  • Now, in bed at night, these beings know not to pull on my ankles. I have made the message very very clear – If you want my help, don’t touch my feet! But if they are impatient to transition I will often get gentle tugs on both my ankle joints and I say out loud, ‘ This is my sleep time, please come back in the morning when you see me out of bed. If they do it again, I repeat my message and then ignore any more attempts to get my attention.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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