Podcast ep.8 – Demonic tolerance for ego is non-existent

Believe it or not, dark and demonic beings feel emotions just like we do and they react to behaviours just like we do too, I see it all too often. Ego is one ‘behaviour’ or thought pattern which really gets their back up and tests their tolerance for us human beings.


The realm of the supernatural has always fascinated and intrigued humans, with tales of hauntings, paranormal activities, and interactions with dark entities. In this blog post, we explore a gripping story from 2019 that revolves around a colleague named Ken, his braggadocious nature, and the eerie consequences that unfolded. From unexplained disturbances to energetic attacks, this narrative sheds light on the potential dangers of delving into the darker realms without caution:

Real-life experience – Bragging Ken and how his ego affected my life


The Unsettling Haunting

Ken, a newcomer to the field of clearing properties of supernatural influences, reached out to a colleague seeking advice. He proudly described an exorcism he had conducted in a large multi-storey building, where he claimed to have sprayed holy water, wielded a cross in every room, and recited numerous prayers to expel devils and demons. However, doubts started creeping into Ken’s mind as he spoke with a friend residing in the same building.

Reports of paranormal happenings flooded in, ranging from constant door slamming and rattling doorknobs to mysterious footsteps on the stairs and eerie whispers in the hallways at night. The building’s occupants became increasingly troubled by these unexplained disruptions, and Ken questioned whether he had truly expelled the detrimental beings or merely provoked them further.


The Unintended Consequences

Unbeknownst to Ken, his continuous bragging about the haunted property to another colleague on the other side of the world had unintended consequences. Both colleagues started experiencing strange phenomena in their own homes. They encountered extreme brain fog, erratic and nightmarish dreams, and physical sensations like jolts, poking, and prodding. Even their households faced unusual occurrences, such as randomly breaking items and electrical problems that had never existed before.


The Revelation and Resolution

After days of confusion and sleep deprivation, a moment of clarity struck one of the colleagues. They realized that the dark entities from the mentioned property had latched onto them, assuming they intended to conduct long-distance energy clearings. Realizing the source of their distress, they devised a plan to address the situation.

Approaching the paranormal with practicality, the colleague decided to communicate with the entities directly. Speaking aloud in a calm and humble voice, they assured the unseen intruders that neither they nor their colleague had any intention of clearing the property. They emphasized that the entities were safe in their current dwelling and kindly asked them to leave their homes. Remarkably, within a few hours, both individuals experienced a significant improvement in their mental energy, and their homes returned to normal.


Lessons Learned

This supernatural encounter serves as a valuable lesson in avoiding engagement with the darker realms solely for the sake of curiosity or personal gain. The story highlights the consequences of upsetting otherworldly entities and the toll they can take on one’s mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. These beings are relentless, targeting individuals with their knowledge of fears and vulnerabilities.


Recognizing Paranormal Presence:

Physical tactics on the body that dark entities use to frighten us

The following are some of the many many signs and symptoms of paranormal presence and the physical tactics that these tricky supernatural entities use to frighten us by affecting our physical bodies. All information shared today has come from my years, decades even of interaction with paranormal tricksters some right from childhood.

Now, depending on how ‘threatened’ these beings feel can dictate the level of energetic force they put into their attacks.
These beings are pure energy so to create an action in our 3D physical world takes a lot of energy out of them so their energetic assaults generally last for 2-3 seconds bursts only. We have all experienced body jolts when relaxing into sleep or moving into different sleep states, but if the movements are harsh, repetitive, or increasing in intensity, something energetic may be trying to get your attention.

I have experienced physical interactions such as:

  1. Nudging, pulling on limbs, pulling hair or tugging on clothing.
  2. They can shove, pinch, or poke us on the body.
  3. You may experience random electric shocks or zaps, usually on the legs or arms but not always. The severity of the zap can be slight or quite intense, depending on the intent of the dark energy being delivering the blast. Some of them can be pretty spiteful.
    I have experienced strong electric shocks that made me jump when I was nearly asleep in my chair one night, and I firmly reprimanded whoever it was and told it to go away. I have also experienced electric shocks in the corners of my eyes and on my eyelids, especially the lower ones. They often use this tactic with me because they know they can get an emotional reaction.
  4. One of my clients reported unexplainable scratches appearing on her forearm in front of friends one evening and this experience frightened them all. Many people I know wake up with bruising on their bodies which has no rational cause.
  5. People I know have experienced feelings of heaviness or pressure on their chests when lying in bed which may inhibit breathing or sleeping peacefully. One friend felt a heavy pressure on her chest during a paranormal investigation, she had to bend over multiple times and breathe slowly to try and alleviate the pressure.
  6. Sometimes you can feel intoxicated and disorientated when you haven’t had anything to drink; you may exhibit slurred words, experience strange mouth movements or constantly bite your lip or trip over invisible objects or drop things and this is not normal behaviour for you.
  7. Final example: Some people talk about feeling cold all the time, even though they are wearing plenty of clothing. They say the coldness can be close to their body or range up to one metre from the body.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.





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