# 7 Brain fog blunder & paranormal distractions

Does brain fog distract your driving? In this episode, we look at brain fog and how paranormal beings use this mind-boggling distraction to mess with our minds.

We are addressing brain fog and how paranormal beings use this mind muddle to mess with our thinking. I share one of my experiences from this year, 2023, which I called ‘Brain fog blunder’ which highlights how paranormal beings use brain fog as a distraction. Then we explore some techniques you can use to avoid brain fog with a paranormal cause.

Story: Brain fog blunder

Paranormal beings affect people in many different ways but one way I observe most people get hit is with sudden unexplainable brain fog which doesn’t have a medical cause. I sometimes experience brain fogginess when connecting to clients as a way of the paranormals stopping me from gathering the client’s information for their house clearing. or visiting them in person. so let’s kick off with a story from this year I called Brain fog blunder.



I needed to drop off some items to a friend and decided to meet her at her workplace instead of driving the further 60 kilometres to see her at her home. With no paranormal interest or intention, it was to be a quick stop off with a cuppa, some hello’s and how are you’s,  give her the goods and be on my way again BUT NO the paranormal gossip vine must have been on high alert that day and let all the dark entities in the vicinity know that I was visiting this particular location, and they soon set about with their destructive distraction techniques.


In the early days of my clearing work, I learnt to have multiple indicators of the location such as a handwritten copy of the address and have it on my phone and also on my iPad so tricky paranormals can’t distract me from finding the place I need to be. But now, I just take my iPad with me to use the map location app when going to new places just in case I couldn’t find the house number, street or business location. This device had saved me many times before when the paranormal mind fog had hit. So, I loaded my car with what I needed and went to get in the driver’s seat when I instantly forgot where I was going.

First off I put this down to tiredness as I had a busy house clearing job the day before so I sat for a moment to think and then my friend’s face popped into my mind. AH, yes, off to see Melany, so I start the car and away I went. I get to a roundabout near my home and take the wrong exit and find myself heading back to my house again. That’s funny, I think to myself so I pull over and realise – something else is at play here! I never assume anything is paranormal until I rule out the logical possibilities

Then I remembered the time I went to see a client in a street location I knew of my heart and I still got lost and was 20 mins late… So, that is the game they want to play. I started the car and kept repeating out loud the highway name and turn-off location I needed to take and this verbalisation kept my mind on track. UntiI I was driving closer to the suburb where the shop was located, and now I have 4 lanes to choose from and I thought ….I know where the shop is…it will be in the industrial area in the left hand lane turn off so that is the one I took… boy was I wrong.

I drove and drove and drove around in circles for at least 30 minutes, looking for the business logo on the signs above the shops in the industrial area but do you think I could find it…no. So I pull over again and look at my ipad map app. Yep, there is the shop pinging away with a bright red dot and I drive to where I think the shop is and it is not there, I was determined not to ring my friend Melany but had to.


‘Bit lost are ya,’ she said, chuckling to herself. I said I had been driving around for at least 30 mins and still can’t find your shop and now I am getting annoyed. I just can’t focus, my thinking keeps coming and going in waves and my head feels really foggy. She gave me the street name again and a three-step instruction to get through the shopping area, cross the highway and get to her location. So, I set off again, doing my best to stay calm and not create anger or hostility which would attract the spookies as I call them. I still couldn’t follow Melany’s instructions and got lost one more time before I thought, you know what I am just going to drive to the other side of this area and look at my iPad again. That was the best decision I made that day! I found the turn-off finally and after driving for about 1 km I turned into the shop carpark.

I sat in the car thinking, you little buggers… trying to stop me from getting here. I am not here for energy work, I am just visiting a friend. As I finished saying my slightly annoyed statement out loud, the brain fog hung around for another few minutes and then it started to suddenly clear and I felt like myself again.

I went into the shop and found Melany in her office. I slumped into a chair. She turned away from her computer and said, What took you so long?


I just looked at her for a moment, composing myself and said… you have paranormals on this site in one of these shops or in the land and they tried to stop me from visiting you. That sounds about right, Melany said grinning, there are lots of strange goings on around here and a lot of weird people. We just looked at each other and laughed. As I left the shop, I felt unwell in the stomach and my head was swimming and I said in my mind, ‘I am not here to work, just go about your business. If you do want help, come and find me at my house, you know where I am.’ I have now been back to that shop 2-3 times now with no trouble finding the location but I still feel off and a bit queasy but stand my ground and greet the paranormal letting them know I am just visiting.

I hope you found an interesting and very relatable experience about sudden brain fog that you have experienced and couldn’t explain the cause.



Brain fog and why paranormal beings use it.

Now we’re going to look at some information about brain fog, and why paranormal beings use it.

Dark energy beings understand how our energy bodies work, and they can use that against us when they see the need to. This story was a perfect example of what I experienced as an energy worker on a constant basis, and dark energy beings don’t go around really nearly giving everyone brain fog, but they will use it as a starting point if they feel threatened.

These beings can instigate brain fog tactics to distract, confuse, keep us away from people, and all places, and to let us know that they are present, as I recognised in the story above. As I mentioned in the story. There’s always a valid reason in their minds as to why they do it. It’s not a party trick, but some of the nasty dark entities know that brain fog will upset you so they can create it.

I would always have multiple methods of remembering an address and stopping and staying calm and giving myself time to think.

Let’s look at some of the ways that you can combat brain fog that might have a paranormal cause.

  1. 1. One of the things I like and mentioned in the story is to always have a plan. I had what I needed written down or accessible in multiple ways. One of the things you can do for yourself is to make sure that you stop.

2.. Stay calm, and give yourself time to think. Quite often these days we are busy, busy, busy all the time… rushing here, rushing, that it’s no wonder we forget things.

  1. 3. You can talk to yourself out loud, I know it sounds crazy, but when you get your thoughts out of your mind and you’re saying them, you can actually hear what you need to do outside all that monkey chatter that’s going on in your brain and I find that if I hear what I need to do I remember it easier.

So, when you recognize your personal symptoms of brain fog, you can be aware of how they affect you. Sometimes you might need to back out of a situation or a place or change your tactics if necessary, especially if you are in the healing modalities, an energy worker or doing paranormal investigations, because these energy beings don’t have control over us but we just need to be one step ahead of them.

If you get brain fog constantly., see your doctor, as there may be a medical or a mental health cause.

Brain fog is one of 200 signs and symptoms that I’ve outlined in my book called – The Darkness Around Us. So, if you want to read more and understand who these energy beings are, why they are here, and how they can affect you, you can find my book on Amazon and  Nile you – just type in  – The Darkness Around Us Anna Schmidt    and you’ll be taken straight to the link.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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