#6 Paranormal prejudice & how it affected me

Simply the word ‘Paranormal’ can create fear in someone’s mind and people have been brainwashed over the centuries to assume the paranormal is evil. I am out to present another perspective from my 35years+ experience dealing with these lower vibrational beings.

Today we are unpacking belief systems around the paranormal and how paranormal prejudice can taint someone’s perception, so let’s start with a story about a paranormal experience of mine from 2021 which I titled:

The spawn of Satan

It is interesting when suddenly people you have known for a very long time have jarring shifts in their perspectives about you and what you do for a living. I don’t push paranormal talk on anyone but if someone starts a conversation or asks a question I will answer to the best of my ability. One such experience occurred in mid-February 2021 when I was invited to have afternoon tea with a lady I hadn’t seen for many years.

Kim and I had known each other in passing through my place of employment, which she frequented with her family. Kim was excited at the prospect of my new book called the darkness around us which discusses all aspects of paranormal entities, their behaviours and how they affect us. Now, this lady was interested in all things spiritual & metaphysical and lived a lifestyle of meditation and communing with spiritual beings.



Kim seemed intrigued and fascinated by my unusual line of work until our communication turned sour after my afternoon visit. Let’s backtrack here, and I shall explain how the situation because toxic. Upon entering her home the day before, I experienced an instant choking cough which rose suddenly in my throat as I entered her home. It really took me by surprise, and I couldn’t suppress it, I coughed and coughed until I could clear my throat and breathe easier again. Kim stood in silence, helplessly watching as I struggled with the continuous coughing fit. This noisy incident should have tweaked my supernatural senses about what was present in her home, but I was so excited to see Kim, that I was distracted from my usual paranormal awareness. This was supposed to be my afternoon off!

We enjoyed each other’s company during the afternoon while discussing Angels, Arch Angels, spirit guides, meditation, and the necessary universal balance between light and dark. Her expressed sanctified beliefs seemed compassionate and open to new perspectives at the time. But oh, my gosh, that was soon to change!

The following day, when opening my social media channels, she had sent message after message, talking wildly about the dark scruffy paranormal figure who stood silently in her kitchen all afternoon during our conversation and a cuppa. and how he was constantly looking at her and me and how I had bought darkness into her house. She openly condemned me for bringing the devil into her home, calling me ‘the spawn of Satan’ and strongly expressed that she only communed with the light. Her initial interest in my paranormal perspective which peaked with intrigue and curiosity had turned to fear, paranoia, ridicule and condemnation. Kim felt challenged by the new viewpoint I was presenting, and it seemed to have tipped her over the edge mentally and emotionally. She finished our friendship there and then, and I haven’t heard from her since.

Now, let’s unpack this situation, there are a few possible reasons why this paranormal being was in Kim’s home:

  • He was already there hiding in the background and came out because he recognised my vibration as someone who works with dark beings.
  • He had seen me enter Kim’s home and followed me in to observe us.
  • He wanted help and again came to get my attention. Being a paranormal energy worker makes you a bit like the pied piper attracting these beings everywhere you go
  • Paranormal beings aren’t out to hurt us, there always has to be another reason for their presence.

Kim’s reaction was classic – I see this explosion of fear and paranoia in many people curious about the paranormal and find it intriguing when on TV or at the movie theatre, but bringing it into reality seriously challenges their sense of security. This lurking entity in Kim’s home told me he had come home with Kim’s husband around 1 month ago. Her husband had a big blow-up, in your face type argument at work and was extremely angry and had been resentful for the last month. The build-up of anger and resentment in his energy field created a huge pool of vibrational food for the energy being who hitchhiked home with Kim’s husband from the work car park.  The dark entity told me he had had enough of the façade of spiritual grace and understanding in the home between the husband and wife and had been looking for a way out… and then I came along.

This entity had observed me all afternoon and listened to our conversation and wanted to know more about this safe place for dark energy beings like him in the afterlife waiting room. So after a brief exchange of information, through his free will, he surrendered himself to transition into the Healing Space. As he left, I heard a faint thank you as he left my workspace and I wished him well on his new journey.

These energy beings can hitchhike from one person to the next, and often they will present themselves to energy workers. People who work spiritually. I’m just thinking he may have been in Kim’s home also. This is number 5 – the reason that he knew Kim was a spiritual person, that she had connections to higher vibrational beings, and that he may have been hanging around her, waiting for her to help him. Not everyone who has spiritual connections do meditation or energy work actually wants to transition higher vibrational beings. It is a specific skill set, and it is constant.

I have to say that the paranormal world around us never ceases to amaze me.


A question from a listener, Katy from Western Australia who writes are you for real?

And the answer is: Yes, I am 100% for real.

Everything you hear on this podcast has been observed or learnt from my personal experiences and also work-related paranormal house clearing experiences. I am naturally curious about the unseen world and I am always doing the detective work and asking questions to the next level to understand how these tricky beings operate. Even since childhood, I have had an inquisitive mind about the supernatural works around us, and never run with common beliefs or judgements about these invisible entities.

There are always two sides to a story, not the one lopsided human story which tricks everyone into believing one overdramatized controlling fearful approach. Some people love the drama that goes with paranormal spooky talk, but I prefer to tell it how it is from my real-life experiences with these beings.

And I have to say, they are not as scary as you think!


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.



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