#5 The suburban demon hunter’s dilemma

People think they can dabble in demonology and ‘demon hunting’ for the fun of it!! Dangerous thinking as dark energy beings are powerful and easily upset with disrespectful human behaviours and egotistical behaviours.

In this episode, I am talking about the ingenious ways that dark energy beings move around in our environment and we’re going to kick off today’s podcast episode with a tale from 2015 of a real live demon hunter living in the suburbs who wanted to go part-time.


Story: The Demon Hunter’s dilemma

I received a call from quite an agitated man one afternoon and we’re going to call this man, Jerry. I always change people’s names for confidentiality reasons. Now Jerry lived locally and he pleaded with me to visit his home because he was being plagued by demonic beings, day and night.

So, I got in the car and drove to Jerry’s house and as I turned into the street, I could feel a paranormal pulse in that street. As I got closer to Jerry’s home, I instantly knew that these pulsating blasts of negative energy were emanating from Jerry’s house. I could see and feel what I can only describe as just dense energy swirling around the building. And one of my classic signs now for defining dark energy presence is a really sudden cough, one of those really dry hacking coughs that kind of come out of nowhere. And boy did I have a cough, this is what I developed instantly as I pulled into his driveway.



So as I turned off the engine of the car and sat putting my keys away, I  suddenly looked up because I felt like I was being watched and there was a man standing at the front window staring at my car. It was quite unnerving. It was like something out of a horror movies. And he disappeared and reappeared at the front door before I’d even got out of the car.  He was standing there watching me again, and I was a little bit creeped out, but I thought, no, I told Jerry I would come and check out his house, so I’m going to do it. As I approached the house, he silently signalled me to enter, and we walked into his small, tiny kitchen and sat at the table in the corner.

Jerry sat down very quietly and looked at me, and the first words that past his lips were, “I’m a demon hunter.” He observed me and waited to see what my response would be. And in my mind, I instantly knew that this man was troubled in more ways than one. He continued on with a very long, dramatic story about his life and how he was born a demon slayer and deals with dark entities day and night, seven days a week, and is tired of this constant inconvenience as he called it. I listened carefully,  building a picture of this man’s long-term paranormal addiction in my mind.

I’ve dealt with a lot of people with paranormal addiction. I can usually tell their level of addiction by the way people write emails or the way they talk about their paranormal encounters.  I’m really, really good now at telling the difference between paranormal addiction with mental health issues and someone who has something in their house that just needs moving out.

There’s a very defined difference in the way that people communicate. But back in the day in 2015, I hadn’t had as much experience with people with paranormal addiction as I do now. And now quite often with people like Jerry, I would suggest very strongly that they see a mental health professional, see their medical doctor, get themselves on track, and then I will come back and do an energetic clearing of the home if it’s still needed.

Let’s get back to the story. So I’m sitting there at Jerry’s table and I’m listening really carefully to him, and he’s giving me his long-winded story when suddenly he boldly announced that he still wanted to be a demon slayer, but only part-time… on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll never forget it, I have remembered that statement to this day. I didn’t know what to say to Jerry, so I kind of sat there silently looking at him in astonishment as he smiled, and sipped his coffee, pleased with his part-time work plan.

So, while seated at the table, my spidey senses, as I call them sometimes were starting to pick up shifts in the energy of the room, and I knew we weren’t alone. Paranormal beings will often observe people that come into homes and they’ll make up their minds whether this person’s a threat or this person is just visiting – Do I need to make myself known, or do I just stay in the background feeding off whatever emotional imprints are in the home? But these beings decided that they needed to get closer. The air went from being really clear and light to quite thick and dense in the kitchen, and I actually found it quite hard to breathe, and suddenly I felt the very sly approach of an invisible presence.

Now, if you’ve ever felt this strange experience like someone is walking up to you, but you just can’t see them, this was it!  Occasionally I will get a vision, but usually my feeling senses are my strong point when it comes to sensing these paranormal beings. It was very clear that there was more than one dark being in this kitchen, and they were all observing me to see what my reactions would be, and what my language would be like.

These energetic beings read your energy. We are all energy in these physical forms.  They know where your ego runs, your habits, and your behaviours. It’s really hard to explain. I’m not one of them, so I can’t really explain it 100%. I just do my best to share what I know with you. Now, they weren’t happy that I was in Jerry’s home because quite often house healers or house energy clearer, as I like to call myself, get reputations for going into homes and moving beings out.

Now, I do it respectfully, not everyone does and these people are the ones that give us a bad reputation.  Just as in the earth realm, there’s the gossip vine, so there is in the darker realm. Some of these beings get their knickers in a twist before they’ve even met you. They decide who you are and how you’ll behave before they even get to know you. Okay, so if I knew back then what I know now about paranormal beings and addiction to the supernatural, I would’ve advised Jerry about the dangers of interfering with the dark realms and referred him very quickly to see a mental health professional like I mentioned before. But no, in the early days, I just wanted to help people and I thought I would be able to do something to help make the energy of Jerry’s home better and he can go part-time.

So I got involved, and this case was another one of those cases that is a major turning point in my understanding of dark and demonic beings. I went through many paranormal experiences with Jerry over the next three months, and none of them were good. I had destructive entities coming into my home day and night, frightening the dog, affecting my sleep, my dreams, my mental functioning, and my energy levels, which were pretty much wavering near zero. No matter what I did, no matter how healthy I ate, I had no energy because these beings are energy drainers and we are literally energetic batteries for them.  I was attempting to change the status quo in Jerry’s home, and they didn’t like it. These beings chose to hit me with every energetic attack that they could think of to keep me away from the house.

There is a reason why they did this, and I will be sharing it as we go through the story. I was at a standstill, I had exhausted over those three months, every single tool in my paranormal clearing kit, as I call it, and I still couldn’t change his home’s, continuous, dark and demonic situation.

The turning point for me with this case happened after returning from Jerry’s home one afternoon. I was again sitting at my kitchen table contemplating ideas, processes and methods that I could use to help Jerry when above my head on the kitchen wall, a horned and hoofed being attempted to enter the space over my kitchen table through what I can only describe as a shimmering portal doorway. I could see this massive dark entity, very clearly defined. They wanted me to know that they were watching. There was hot air and red sparks, which blew out of this interdimensional doorway, I was stunned!

I’m sitting there looking up, and seeing this long black horn, it’s the only way I can describe it, and a cloven foot, which was attempting to enter my house. It was like a rip in time that you see in the movies. This was one of the freakiest things I have ever seen. Now as I was sitting there, I thought, I’ve got to do something. I have to do something. I have to say something. So I snapped out of my staring awkward gaze and in a very bold, commanding voice, I demanded that the dark presence leave my home.
For the darker realms to send what I now know to be a Legion General to deliver the message, told me very clearly that I needed to disconnect from Jerry altogether.


The darker realms had my full attention and were watching. They knew that I was fulfilling a contract between myself and Jerry as he had employed me to do this work, but there were underlying factors that I didn’t know about. And this was the first case where I was unable to help a client and it wasn’t any fault of my own.

Now, Jerry had created this ongoing situation over many, many years, and he’d drawn his family into it as well.  His family didn’t live with him, but they all classed themselves as demon slayers and they would go on demon slaying quests, like something out of a video game. That is the only way I can describe it.  I’m sitting there shaking my head, wondering, what are these people thinking? Seriously? What are they thinking? So Jerry had created this situation, and it could only be transformed if he changed his ways.  No matter what I did or what anyone else did, he’d created this intention to continuously profess to be a demon hunter and love slaying demons. When you put that kind of intention out there, you are going to get every dark energy being in the vicinity, whether they are dark, Legion Generals, or Sub commanders, so many levels of dark energy that I’ve been shown, they’re going to come and instigate warfare back at you, which is what it felt like in Jerry’s home.

The energy in Jerry’s home was very dense. It was swirling, it was prickly. It was like there were electric currents flowing through the air. It was very, very uncomfortable. I don’t know how Jerry had lived like this until his early forties. So during my last visit to Jerry’s home, I thought, ‘How am I going to handle this situation?’  I was very honest and very straightforward, which is, that’s my mo. That’s how I work. No fluffy stuff from me. I just say it as it is. I said that the situation won’t change unless he moved away from all paranormal interests and that he looked for alternative ways to fill his time. Jerry didn’t work at that stage, and his hole sole reason for living was as a demon hunter, a demon slayer. Seriously, he’s got to get a hobby! He’s got to get out there, get some training, get a job, and do something that makes you feel fulfilled in a safe way. And I also strongly suggested that he see a mental health professional to get his mental health on track because he had what I called paranormal addiction 24/7, it’s all he thought about.

When I got home, I sat at my kitchen table with my eyes shut, and I had a conversation with the darker realms because I know they were always listening. So I explained that I did not have the whole story regarding Jerry’s situation, and I humbly, humbly apologized for interfering in the first place. Now, that night, after making that very simple apology, it made a big difference. My sleep and my energy levels returned to normal. My dog was more settled in the house, and most of all, there were no more visits from the horned being known as a legion general.

I hope that story blew your mind. Seriously, there is so much we don’t know about the paranormal world, and I get glimpses of Legion Generals quite often now.



How do dark entities move around in the environment?

Now we have a question here from Kim who lives in Brighton in the UK, and Kim asks, how do dark entities move around in the environment?

So over my years of working with these beings, I’ve got probably about six or seven different methods that I can explain to you today.

So one of the ways these beings move around the environment is from person to person as if hopping from host to host. If someone else comes along that has a better offering, as in a buildup of energetic imprints, then they’re just going to move into the next person. Generally, it’s through tears in people’s auric fields.  We all have an energy field around us, and sometimes there can be tears in that energetic field.



Another way these beings can move around is through what I call energetic cording. We have as energy beings in these physical bodies, we have cording to anyone that you have an emotional attachment. Friends, family, pets, workmates sometimes, and paranormal beings use these chords as a way of travelling between people. You might do really, really good spiritual practices every morning such as your protection method and meditation, which is great because you are protecting your energy field and you are connecting with higher vibrational beings.



But if you’ve got that cording to someone who’s going through trauma or they’ve got huge buildups of emotional imprints, or they’ve got lower vibrational addictions like alcoholism, or they’re taking recreational drugs to extreme levels for example then these people may be carrying paranormal beings who feed off those vibrations and they can come through the energy cording to see what you’ve got. Because remember, they’re just energetic feeders and they’re just always on the lookout for a better food source.



People who use paranormal practices such as black magic practices through satanic practices, Ouija boards, or going to seances are opening themselves up through intention. I’ve heard many a tale of people going to experiences where there have been Ouija boards and they’ve all sat around in the circle and they’ve gone through the communication process – they’ve opened the board, they haven’t closed it properly, and the doorway is left open. Now, whoever carries that board around with them, whether it sits in their home or in their car, it sits at work or at a friend’s place, this doorway is open. It’s just like the energy cords that I talked about between people, but it is an energy cord between an interdimensional place and where the board is.

So just as I talked about Ouija boards being a doorway, there are also other interdimensional doorways that we call portals. Now they can move from this reality to another. They can be connected from this reality in one part of the world to another part of the world and they are another sort of energetic superhighway that these beings use to travel around the environment.



So sometimes these energy beings are present in locations where there has been a buildup of energetic imprints, or there may have been a trauma, or there may have been a car accident, or there may have been something that has happened.
For example, a friend and I were driving through the bush to a town. It was quite a few hours’ drive away, and we both suddenly got a headache in the middle of nowhere for no reason. And I said to my friend, as I was driving, “Geez, I’ve got this pain on the left-hand side of my head.” And she was sitting in the front passenger seat and she said, “Yeah, I’ve got this headache on the right side of my head. She said, “It came on really sudden and really strong.”

This headache stayed with us for I know about 10 kms and then it disappeared again. Now, we talked about this quite extensively, and the only thing that we can come up with is that it was a paranormal presence on the roadside, or actually on the road where there had been an accident or a disturbance of some sort. And it had literally hitchhiked in the car and was sitting between the two of us.  I don’t get headaches. I’m not the headache sort of person, and I knew when I got this really pounding sudden headache that, oh, there’s something paranormal here. I didn’t want to tell my friend because I didn’t want to frighten her. And she was the same. She said to me, “Oh, I didn’t want to say anything in case you thought I was making it up.” and we just kind of laughed it off.

These beings will hitchhike sometimes, and it can be on the roadside, it can be in the movies, or down at the shops for example because just they’re anywhere.  I’ve quite often picked up energetic beings who are waiting for me down at the supermarket, and it’s because of the work I do. They might want to transition into the healing space, or there could be spirits that are looking for someone to help them transition into the Afterlife. And I’ll be sitting here at my table where I work, and I’ll hear in my head, I need to go to the shop. And I’m like, no, I don’t need to go to the shop. I’m doing this. You need to go to the shop now!

Whoever’s in my head, which is probably a spirit guide or some sort of high vibrational helper, can see what needs to occur and I need to actually go there. This being needs to hop into my space, come home with me, and then I can help them transition. So I’ll go down to the shop and I think, ah, yes, I need milk. I need this and that and I’ll just get these things while I’m here. And as I’m walking to the checkout, oh, I can feel it standing at the checkout, the paranormal hitchhiker waiting for me. It is so funny, while I’m moving through this space to pay for my things, and the poor checkout person is looking at me, “Are you okay?” And I’m like, “Yes, I’m fine, thank you.” And my head has suddenly gone dizzy and I can’t speak straight, I can’t walk straight and I’m feeling quite unwell, These are my bodily signs. I get a lot of physical signs when these dark energy beings are around.

This entity meant no harm. It has literally hopped into my energy field and decided that, yep, she’s finally here. I want to transition. So I came home from the supermarket that day and I sat at my table and I asked with my pendulum, is this a spirit? And I got no, is this a dark energy being? And again, I got my left to right diagonal signal, which is no. When I asked, is this a demonic being? I got my clockwise circle, which is my yes. And this being just sat there waiting, so patiently. I get told to go into all sorts of different shops and different places where I go and I’m like, Ugh, here we go again! But that’s what I do for a job. It doesn’t mean that you are going to pick up these beings when you go to the shops, but they do often use us as hitchhiking points.

As much as they can be at the local supermarket, they can hang around in homes or buildings, workplaces, or historical buildings where there have been buildups of traumatic incidences. And then they may do the hitchhiking thing if someone comes along who has a better energetic imprint that they like.

So it’s literally like they hop around through us all the time. It’s quite funny when you really think about it. I’m sorry if you don’t think it’s funny, but they are not as frightening as what you have seen in the movies.


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And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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