#36 Tools down! Renovations & how paranormal beings cause interruptions

People carry emotional buildup, it is part of who we are. When lots of trade peoples are in your home or property, they can leave their imprints behind and possibly affect the energy of the ho me or other locations.

In this episode, we are exploring the paranormal connection to home renovations and before all the tradies out there get up in arms. This is not an attack on you, but more so an energetic insight as to what can sometimes be left behind on building sites and how some of my clients have had strange energetic experiences after building jobs on their homes or properties.


#36 Tools down! Renovations & how paranormal beings cause interruptions


Our first story looks at a new roof on one of my client’s homes and how weird electrical experiences alerted Nelly to paranormal presence.

 I have called this story:

Nelly’s new roof nightmares

Nelly’s home badly needed a new roof and she had finally saved up for the work and was excited to have a brand spanking new water-tight roof replacing the dilapidated roof currently on her cottage home.

Nelly emailed me a month after the new roof had been put on and asked me to take an energetic look, what I call ‘a check-in’, into her home and see what was causing the strange happenings. Nelly was aware of sudden strange occurrences which she felt might have been paranormally triggered and she was keen to see if she was right. Nelly started having really creepy dreams night after night along with her computer behaving really erratically. The creepy dreams were upsetting her usually peaceful sleep causing tiredness the following days. She witnessed unusual activity in her home office as her computer screen would randomly go blank and this had happened many times in the last three weeks and disrupting her workflow and elevating her stress levels.

These phenomena were totally strange and odd for a normally energetically peaceful settled home and at the time we didn’t put it down to possibly being the tradespeople or energetic imprints on the roofing material but I was soon to find out.. Nelly is a spiritual and psychically open person who is used to the occasional spirit popping in to say hello, but this new level of disturbance was something else.

So, the next day I set about doing the pendulum dowsing to get into the nitty-gritty details of what was present energetically in Nelly’s home and when it happened. As soon as I said Nelly’s address and looked at a picture of her home, out came the paranormal presence. My paranormal radar as I call it, could feel them and my dowsing confirmed 5 dark energy beings. A tricky lot I bet, playing with the electrics and Nell’y computer screen to get emotional reactions out of her.  They could feel me sensing them and they started moving about all in a flurry, like naughty kids caught in a lolly shop. ”Ah, ha “, I said with a laugh, “I see you, you can’t hide. Time to move out.

Now what my dowsing found in Nelly’s home along with the 5 energetic feeders were large buildups into the thousands of rage, hostility, resentment, and burdened. These weren’t Nelly’s emotions, I checked. They had come into the home in the last 3-4 weeks.

When Nelly thought about it, she realised the changes occurred after the roof had been replaced. It was the only unusual occurrence in the last 3-4 weeks.

Her home had absorbed the fast vibrating emotional imprints either from the tradespeople’s personal imprints or they came in on the roofing materials and then the energy of Nelly’s home changed quite dramatically.

Tradies, as I call them go onto a lot of building sites… that is their job and they may absorb energetic imprints from different locations into themselves if sensitive to energy or carry the imprints to other sites depositing them here and there. The land often has decades or in some countries around the world centuries worth of emotional build-up from traumatic experiences – war, flood, famine, human suffering or satanic practices for example. These imprints simmer and bubble away under the surface until absorbed by those who walk on the land absorbing its energy whether willingly or subconsciously.

I brought this topic up today as a point of awareness for people whose homes feel great and have no energetic issues…. the parents feel great, the kids sleep well, the dog is happy and everyone gets along as normally. Then there is a renovation in or on the home or property which takes either a short-term or long-term period. The home occupants then start to notice changes in the home’s energy, and how it feels, the kids wake up screaming with nightmares, the parents feel drained and lethargic, or the dog is suddenly snappy and hiding in strange places, for example.

These symptoms if not medical can point to energetic interference and need an energy clearer to tune in and talk to the land and building… sounds weird… I do it all the time. Buildings have a voice and if you listen in the right way, you can hear or sense it. Once the land consultation has occurred, energy workers can then remove all the detrimental energy imprints and paranormal beings and the land and home can settle again into a higher state of being.

Back in episode 25, I talked about unhappy land and how tradespeople wouldn’t turn up for work, plans would get lost, they were late and the building process was taking forever. Sometimes it is not their fault, from my point of view. Turns out that sometimes upset defiant land energy, with long-term trauma or energetic imprints, coupled with the paranormal feeders causes major problems for tradespeople as well as the owners of the property. And needed some energetic attention from someone like me who understands the energy-charged issues.

I have seen this happen in numerous locations all over the world including a site in the Uk where I was employed to do a land clearing. A beautiful location with a gorgeous stream and acres of forest. The family had moved into the cabin on the site, hoping to build a larger house, meditation centre and many gardens but do you think they could get the building work happening? The building company was highly reputable and I wondered if the land had an issue with all the people stomping all over it, and the renovations and this was somehow affecting the tradespeople from doing their work properly.

One last thought came to mind of a plumber with an issue:

A plumber with detrimental attachments

 A local friend of mine has a great plumber. He is friendly, efficient, does quality work and has great prices but whenever he leaves her home she needs me to do an energy clearing. She says she has few visitors and no kids in the house now, so she has done the debunking… he has been the only new person in the home.

She said her cat and dog’s behaviour changes in a negative way, her sleep patterns become disrupted and the lights in her home flicker like there is a paranormal party going on night after night. I am not judging the plumber but he has energetic attachments… most people do at one time or another in their lives.
This attachment occurs because of detrimental life happenings, traumatic experiences or mental or emotional behaviours.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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