#35 Sleep paralysis & the paranormal connection

Sleep paralysis, we all talk about it… what it is, what we see during this frozen body state and how to get your brain around a medical or paranormal explanation for this frightening experience.

Ep 35 Sleep paralysis & the paranormal connection


I interview people from all walks of life and today I have an interview for you with George Anthony Hernandez. George is in San Quentin Prison on death row and I am interviewing him through the prison tablet which they are allowed to use for communicating with the outside world.


George has memorable sleep paralysis experiences to share


we look at what causes sleep paralysis from my perspective

why we see dark beings during those nightmarish experiences


Here is the transcript of our discussion and revelations about sleep paralysis

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Hi George. It is great to have you here on Perfectly Paranormal. It’s interesting how the podcasting Gods put us together through a social media platform, and I’m really interested to hear your paranormal stories.

Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Okay. Well thanks for inviting me first of all. So I wanted to join you today to speak with you about my experiences with sleep paralysis demons. ’cause I’ve seen this. My first experience with this was when I was 13 years old. What I remember, and every time I’ve experienced this, it’s always before, like kind of when I’m a little more tired than usual and it’s before I fall asleep.


George’s first experience:

It’s not, when you’re asleep, it’s not a dream. It’s nothing like that. It’s the moment before you fall asleep and the first time. I experienced it. What happened was I’m laying there and I’m, all of a sudden I’m paralyzed. I can’t move anything. My voice is paralyzed and feel a dark, evil presence in the room.

And then there’s a dark figure who’s like, looming over me and I can feel it. I can feel like hatred and evil. I feel I’m trying to scream. I’m trying to scream for help. I’m trying to move, I’m trying to do everything and, and it’s, and it’s not paralyzed. It’s not paralyzed with fear. It’s not that kind of, so then you, I feel this presence, I see this dark figure and I can’t see his face, but I tell his face is there the dark, mostly experience I had where he was wearing like a dark cloak, like grim reaper style thing he’s wearing that.

It’s just so black and dark, and I could feel his eyes peering at me without actually seeing his eyes if that makes any sense. And I could feel him taunting me without words, kind of mocking my fear or mocking my situation and mocking that I can’t move. And he has complete control over my body. And it was terrifying.

It’s completely terrifying.  I’m trying to scream, I’m trying to scream for my mother. I’m trying to speak for my sister, and then it’s gone. And I, I can move now. So that was my first time and my first time that happened I remember going into my sister’s room or waking her up in the middle of the night.

It’s late, I was up and, um, and I wake her up and tell her, you know, I just told her I was kind of embarrassing. I don’t wanna really say what happened. I just told her I had a bad dream if I could sleep with her. The funny thing is though, I had more experiences, but Right. You know, it was never, there’s no pattern.

It was never, like once a month or it just, whenever, just different times. Sometimes it’ll be six months, sometimes it’ll be three months and it, it’ll come to again. But the thing is, It would come to me because at 13 years old I was al already doing drugs. I’m kind of living a, you know, the life I was living, gang stuff.

So when it happened to me, it was when I was trying to not, when I stopped doing drugs and I was trying to do better for myself. And that seemed to be the pattern. Every time after that, every, every single time after that, it was when I was trying to do well, trying to do better for myself. It is as if it didn’t want that, you know, trying to intimidate me back to what I was doing or trying to scare me.


George’s second experience:

So throughout my life, like I said, it has happened many times. One night I was probably like 15 at this time, so I was lying down with my knees up and when it happened, I was paralysed.

Imagine a woman sitting in front of me with her back on my knees, like I am using my knees as like a chair to lean back on. So there’s a woman there, her hair, like over my legs kind of, and she’s leaning back against my face. So I feel her contacts her skin like I feel her on my knees. And that’s the first time I actually felt the thing, like I felt the cord is always like leaning over me, like looming over me.

So, sorry about the background noise. They’re yelling right here. Look, that’s okay. Where you are. I would imagine there’d be quite a bit of background noise. Yeah, they’re screaming right now. Okay. So I felt her touching me and leaning against me and that, that creeped me out, like on a whole different level.

Like more so I see the hair I’m trying to scream. Same old thing. I’m trying to move, trying to move, trying to, you know, trying to break free from the, um, situation. And you know, my name, you know, my name is, um, my name is George Anthony, but I, you know, because of Anthony, I go by Tony. So, This woman turns and looks at me, says, what’s wrong, Tony?

But it was the way she said, it wasn’t like a like mocking me type way. Like, what, what’s wrong Tony? What? What are you afraid of? But in a way, like I know that like, I know damn well what I’m afraid, I’m afraid of, you know? It was like, can’t explain, but what the feeling or what it was. But it was, it was definitely messing with me.

Okay. So throughout my life, I’ve continued to experience this and you know, I’ve looked it up, I’ve tried to research it, tried to get an understanding of what it is, and I’ve heard many different explanations. I’ve heard, try to explain it away psychologically or as a dream or halfway in a dream world. I don’t believe that I know what it is.

I mean, I’ve talked to other people who have also experienced it and um, I wanted to bring that up. You know, I’m here on, in, in, on death row in San Quentin. That’s where I’m at, and. One day I’m talking to a friend right here. There’s another Mexican guy right here, and we’re, um, talking out loud over the chair.

And for some reason, somehow it came up like that issue, like that, that experience came up. And keep in mind, this is a place where people don’t really. Are not vulnerable. People don’t talk about fears or emotions. You know, a prison, you have to be tough. You have to be hard, especially death world. Just like the hardest of the hardest criminals supposedly.

So we got this, me and this one individual Mexican guy and you know, from a prison gang. And we’re over here talking over the here about what we, you know, about that experience, that sleep paralysis and what we see that dark figure and we’re sharing like our stories about it.

Crazy thing is another guy chimes in a leader of the blood gangs. So he chimes in and says, Hey, I don’t mean to, um, because you know, right here’s very respectful people don’t interrupt each other. They said, Hey, I heard you guys talking about, and you know, I’ve experienced that as well. So it was very odd because, you know this doesn’t happen.

Just the way he was coming together that day. It was, it was, it was a weird experience. You know, we’re over here talking about how terrifying it was and how similar our experiences were and I don’t know what the kind of connection we had that day. If we all felt something, all three of us felt something.

And it’s not the only time that we have experienced the same thing. And we try to, you know, every time I find someone, I, I try to, uh, interrogate them, I guess on some level to gain a better understanding as to what I’m going through or what they’re going through and what it is exactly what it is.

And, so I guess that’s, that’s my experience with it.


Why sleep paralysis is a thing!

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

 I can share with you my perspective of why these beings come to people like yourself?

Now as I say these things, there is no judgment from me about your life choices, about your life path. But what I’ve found through my 30 plus years of doing this work, of clearing these beings from people’s homes, from people themselves, from myself, and just observing their habits, their behaviours, why they’re here, why they attach to people because you’ve had a life of. Living in a lower vibration, which is what I’ll call it, being involved in drugs, being involved in other sort of lower vibrational activities like gangs being yeah, around gangs or being around people that may have committed crimes, murder, you know, just caused all sorts of different lower vibrational activities is the way I call, it’s just the phrase I use.

When people live in that state. You are pumping out a vibration of all those lower vibrational activities. Drugs create a lower vibration. If you’ve been involved in crimes, that creates a lower vibration because you are creating emotions of anger and rage and hostility and conflict and hatred, and possibly all sorts of other emotional imprints.

Emotions are energy. These lower vibrational beings that you’ve been describing, they’re drawn to people, situations, and places that have experienced lower vibrational activities. So whether it be a drug ring or gangs,  I don’t know all the right terminology to use, so I’m just gonna put it out there. A place where gang members might meet, where they commit their crimes, where people have drug labs or you know, where these murders, all these places have a lower vibration and they attract energy beings that are drawn to those sorts of vibrations.

So if you have a lot of anger and hostility within you, that will attract energy beings to that person who has anger and hostility. And you and the two other guys that have been talking, you’ve all had similar life happening, similar life paths. This is why these beings would be attracted to you. Does that kind of make sense?


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. I can, that makes sense to me. Yeah.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

And these beings aren’t gonna harm you. This is, this is, this is a movie thing, like out there when they create the movies. They label paranormal beings as they’re going to hurt you, they’re gonna harm you, they’re gonna kill you, all this sort of thing.

Absolutely 100% not true. They’re interested in what we create as soul energy in these physical bodies through our life paths, our choices, words, actions, reactions, and even our thoughts. These beings actually teach us a lot about ourselves. And you and I have had a couple of spiritual conversations where you’ve had realizations.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

And it’s sort of got you thinking about things in another way.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

I try to rationalize everything and try to give a rational explanation, but there’s not a rational explanation for everything I believe in there. Sometimes it is spiritual and you know, I wasn’t always this way. I didn’t always, I was not always a spiritual person.

But, um, you know, I, I tend now I, I call out I guess, or it is what it is, and I feel like this absolutely is something spiritual. And so you’re saying these things can’t, they can’t hurt me and they’re feeding off energy. So is it the same, is it it like one. Is it a demon demonic thing? Is it just the spirit of a person?

Is it what? Is it the same one all the time or is it someone different or is it, what’s in your opinion?


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

I have a lot of opinions about these beings ’cause I deal with them every single day. Now because of the level of your activities and your life choices, there are going to be the demonic level beings present. ’cause they are the heaviest of the heavy energies. And some of the activities that you’ve been involved in, in your life have been really, um, how can I put it? They’ve been really traumatizing. They’ve been, they’ve been really dense, low vibrational activities. I’m trying to put it in a way where I’m not, I don’t wanna make you feel bad about what you’ve done in your life.


 We all make life choices. But because of, what we do, what we think, what we say, the choices we make attract to these energy beings. So I will say there will be the demonic beings and also where you are located because you are around a lot of people that have had traumatic lives and made choices that could have been better.


But hey, look, that’s, that’s their life path for this lifetime. There are going to be quite a few demonic level beings present within your location. Like I said, they’re not interested in harming you. Demonic beings, in my opinion, are energy feeders, same as the dark energies. They’re simply feeding off what we create energetically now.

Now, spirits could also be present where you are. Spirits are people. People’s soul energy, they just left their physical body. They don’t have the same influence over people. They come, they go, they wander in and out of homes and other places say, hello, look at what you’re doing, and then they move on again. Or they might hang around family members in their homes. But generally it’s because of the level of lower vibrational activity that you’ve been involved in and the people that you are around where you are living at the moment have been involved in that sort of similar activities. There are going to be dark, which are not quite as heavy as the demonic beings.

They’re a little bit more mischievous. But the demonic level energies are the ones that affect people’s sleep. They can change their behaviour patterns. They just, they will poke you to create all sorts of emotional imprints that they can then feed off.


Researching sleep paralysis

Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Okay. Well, one thing I wanted to say, is because I have looked into this, I have tried to research it. It’s happened before, like I came to this where it’s happened, you know, throughout my life. You know, even in my home where there wasn’t anything happening where there wasn’t any crime, there wasn’t any violence. I came from a good home, and not only that, it is, the thing is I’ve, like I said, looked it up and there are a lot of people around the world who have shared this experience.

They call, you know, they call it a sleep paralysis demon or whatever, and they’ve all described it almost exactly the same. I’ve seen these people try to draw the image of what they see, and it’s always the same dark cloaked light figure, and they’ve all been paralyzed. The al yellow. It’s so spookier or it’s strange to me that we all have the same experience, all around the world.

We’re all experiencing the same thing. And it’s, what’s the connection there? You know? Uh, like I wonder what the connection is, like if there is a connection or if it’s just, I can’t see a coincidence. I can’t see how it’s a coincidence that we all see the same thing. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve researched sleep paralysis.

That demonic, whatever thing, however, they call it, I don’t know if you’ve looked it up, but it’s around the world. You have people who actually share their experiences, like forums. We talk about it because we all say the same thing.


My experience with sleep paralysis…. I think it was?

Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

I can talk from the paranormal side of things that these beings are very tuned in to what will upset people, what your trigger is. So sleep paralysis is, from what I’ve looked at, what I’ve done a little bit of research on understanding, actually what it is, is that I, I feel that it’s when your body is asleep, but your mind is awake. I’ll give you a little example. I used to have a partner and he would tell me that I was snoring sometimes.

And he’s poking me going, don’t snore, but I’m answering him instantly and I’m wide awake and I’m not snoring. But yet he said, I’m hearing your body. Your body is snoring. I. So I wonder if the body and the mind sometimes, um, separate or they’re on different levels of consciousness. So I have when I had, we had this so-called snoring episodes, like, I’m awake, I feel like I’m awake in bed.

I’m just lying there thinking about God knows what, but yet he’s telling me like he’s poking me quite fiercely going, stop snoring. I can’t sleep. So this got me thinking, Is this similar to what people experience? In sleep paralysis, your body is kind of frozen, or it’s still asleep in a different state, in a different energetic state, but yet your mind, your consciousness is connecting to that paranormal, that energetic level of energy that’s within our environment.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

That actually makes a lot of sense to me. Yeah, yeah. Good explanation.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Yeah. Yeah. Because people are happy to talk about connecting with angels, archangels, spirit guides, God, Jesus, Buddha, you know, whatever words you want to give it, and that’s that vibration. Now you’ll feel that warmth and you might see them.

They might be light beings that are wafting around your bedroom. But also there are the lower vibrational beings, which will be dark. Their energy will be dense. It will make you feel tired or stressed, fearful or panicky or paranoid depending on what your trigger is. So when the body and the mind is in that split your consciousness, you’re not dreaming like you’re awake.

Like when the snoring thing that I mentioned, like I was wired, awake. Kind of like your mind working against yourself in a way because your biggest Yeah. Yeah. They know your fears and how, I know this is from my own personal experience. I have issues with human trauma. Can’t watch gory movies, love paranormal.

I can’t do human suffering. Can’t watch war movies anywhere where people are being traumatized. What these demonic beings used to do is that they would show me my family members being tortured because they thought that it would upset me. Now, initially, I’ve experienced that. I’ve actually experienced, yeah, yeah.

Initially that upset me and then I went, hang on. This is not real. This is not real. So when I started to tune into it and go, hang on, these are these demonic beings. They’re trying to upset me because then I create – Distress, sadness, sorrow, anxiety, all their yummy food source, which is what they want because it doesn’t work.

Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Once you acknowledge it as not being, real strength, it no longer has that strength over you, that power over you. Yes, I know what you’re talking about. I have experienced that and I do know what you’re talking about. And it’s like once you acknowledge it as a hallucination or whatever you wanna call it, it’s gone. It’s gone just as soon as it came.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Yeah. So if you find that you experience after we’ve had this conversation, because they are listening, they’re always listening, these paranormal beings. If you find tonight, tomorrow night, next week, that you have one of those really dark dreams mm-hmm. Or that experience with that person on your bed or in your room, just talk to them and go, excuse me, this is bedtime. You know, you need to go now. I’m not frightened of you. You don’t scare me.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

What I was gonna get to, I was gonna ask you how can I avoid this? Is there a way to get rid of it?


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Yeah. Just talk to them. I talk to them, I treat them. People often find this quite horrendous. Is that I talk to your higher vibrational beings, which are your angels, archangels, so forth, and I talk to the dark and the demonic beings and the spirits and the elementals, which are another level of energy altogether.

I talk to them all the same. I treat them with all the same level of respect. And then you get a respectful response back. Now, you wouldn’t think that dark and demonic beings would be respectful, but how you treat them is how they’re going to treat you. It’s kind of, I call it the universal law. Most of them behave themselves.

I usually say about 85%. It’s always sort of 15% that are the rebels and the. They don’t like me ’cause of the work I do, but I do my work very respectfully. They’re never harmed. They’re never hurt in any way. They simply need to leave the location and go somewhere else. I’m like, you just simply need to move out.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

I’ll try it next time I experience it. Well, hope I don’t experience my experience. I’ll apply that.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

They trigger us because they know we are frightened of them because of society in all its different ways have trained us to fear them, but really they’re not, they’re not scary at all. Once you understand them and you use a bit of psychology, this is where I use respect.

So I treat them respectfully. I expect respect back and they are a bit naughty and they can be a bit tricky ’cause I mean, they are lower vibrational. They are, they don’t think the way we do or the way the higher vibrational beings do.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

I appreciate everything. I appreciate you helping me get a better understanding of the situation, and I will, I will apply your advice if it happens again.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

I’d love to hear if you can send me a message through our social media connection if you do have these experiences, how you handle it, how you feel afterwards, and does the energy being leave, you know, do they come back again?

It would be good to have like a follow-up conversation to see how you go.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Absolutely follow up with you and, yeah, I will let you know that.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Look, George, it’s been great speaking with you today. I’m gonna say that again ’cause whenever I talk paranormal my mouth, uh, I have problems with my speech. It’s one of my little physical things.

George, it’s been great speaking with you today. I love to hear people’s paranormal experiences no matter where you are in the world, I really love to hear what people get up to, and what’s in your location. Like they know they’re listening to our conversation, and this is why I’m getting a bit of brain fog.

My thinking isn’t straight. My speech has gone out the window. My mouth is not working properly. These are my physical symptoms when paranormal beings are around. I know they’re just listening, and when we’ve finished our call today, I know that some of them will be here in my house. And like I talked about respect before, is that I will simply just explain to them what we were doing today and that I have no intention of going into San Quentin Prison.

In San Quentin, California death row. I have no interest in going there. As soon as I make those sort of statements to them, they simply leave my home within about, sort of 10 minutes and my energy goes back to normal. My mouth returns to normal.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Well, thank you. It’s been a pleasure and I appreciate your time. I appreciate you inviting me to do this and I feel like I could move further, move forward,  a little better with this and better understanding to address it. Thank you.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt (Host)

You are welcome and I’m really grateful to the social media platform where I met you, like simply, I posted a comment on a post and then you commented on my comment and it’s like, wow, this is the way the universe works when they want people to communicate and connect and share a message. They will make it happen no matter where the people are in the world. So thank you, George.


Speaker 2: George Anthony Hernandez (Guest)

Thank you very much


An energetic observation after the interview

Some of San Quentin’s demonic population present in my kitchen

After finishing the interview, some of the prison’s energetic population were in my house, and 89 spirits came forward to transition into the Afterlife. They released buildups of rage, hostility, distress, hatred, resentment, blame, loneliness, and sadness and were then able to move on into the Afterlife.

When the spirits left, I still felt the presence of something or many somethings. Like eyes watching me and I camly focused and with my dowsing identified 10 demonic beings looking to transition into the Healing Space. They were tired of living in darkness and desired change into a higher vibration. They released their own buildups of rage, hostility, hatred, blame and resentment and readied themselves through free will to let go of this plane of existence and move through the Afterlife waiting room into the Healing Space. This place is allocated for lower vibrational beings to work on themselves and raise their vibration.

A couple of days after George’s interview, I was talking with a medical friend who has an understanding of sleep paralysis. He said some of his clients have felt during these episodes, individuals have felt a heavy weight on their chest, experience a sense of impending doom, and sometimes hallucinate quite vividly. These hallucinations often take the form of eerie and unsettling encounters with paranormal beings. While sleep paralysis is a well-understood physiological phenomenon involving a disconnect between the brain and the body’s motor functions during REM sleep, its association with paranormal experiences seems common, the energetic veil is seen through easier when in different sleep states

He said, modern scientific understanding attributes sleep paralysis to the natural workings of the human sleep cycle. During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the body experiences temporary muscle paralysis to prevent us from acting out our dreams. Sometimes, the brain wakes up before the body’s motor functions fully engage, resulting in the sensation of being trapped and unable to move. The hallucinatory experiences that often accompany sleep paralysis can be attributed to the lingering dream-like state of consciousness. While these occurrences have rational explanations, he and I agree to disagree about the energetic paranormal connection.



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