#34 After dark conversation with a demon

As an energy worker, I have some unusual experiences and this one definitely takes the cake! In this episode, I share a conversation with a high-ranking demonic being who was curious about the human who assists his kind and also works for the light. So join me to hear what he had to say and how I managed the situation in a calm polite manner.

In this episode, I am sharing a nighttime conversation with a demon who wouldn’t let me sleep. This is a conversation I had back in 2014 when I was due to start a house energy clearing job the following day and as usual, the paranormals as I call them, in that house were up to their usual antics. I can’t remember the exact conversation we had as it was a few years ago now, but you will get the gist.


Ep 34 An after dark conversation with a demon


Generally now in 2023, don’t speak into my mind but these energetic tricksters use physical tactics to disrupt my sleep which I talked about back in episode 8. If you are interested, check it out.

Let’s get into the story, I will set the scene for you. I got into bed late on a Sunday night doing my best not to think about the client house clearing job the following day. I knew the resident paranormals on the property would be listening and observing me and I was ready for any of their bedtime distraction antics that may present themselves.

Let’s see what the demonic presence has to say…

I was starting to drift into a deep sleep when there was a loud cracking sound in the wall where the ceiling connects to the wall right above the window next to my bed, this is a usual sign of paranormals entering my home. As I lay quietly in bed, there was a sharp tug on my blanket, then a jolt on the bed and 3 internal knocks. Now these knocks weren’t on the door or walls or window but within the room.

I ignored these supernatural antics trying to annoy me or keep me awake and instead chose to roll over and focus on getting the best night’s sleep I could. As I started to relax, a deep gravely voice popped into my mind. It was kind of whispering random gibberish, nothing that made no sense but it was annoying just the same.

I opened my eyes and said, “I can hear you. I am trying to sleep, you have the house for one more night and I will start the property clearing in the morning.” Still, the annoying whispering continued and this time I chose to ignore it. After 10 minutes, not being able to sleep, and getting a little grumpy, I opened my eyes and lay staring into the darkness. Sitting on my bed around 50 cm away was a dense black mass. It was blacker than night, if that makes sense, I could see it clearly in my darkened bedroom. Breathing in a deep sigh, I said, “Can I help you?” and I heard a very firm “No” and that was it!

“Well, what do you want then, I’m tired and need some sleep”, I said in an annoyed tone. Two minutes passed and it or he as I like to address all dark beings said, “I am curious”. I replied, “About what?” “You”, he said in a firm voice.

Now that got my attention! My mind was racing slightly now and I was thinking how do I handle this situation? Now, I carefully chose my wording for my response, “Why am I so interesting? I said. There was a pause. “You are different to others. Other humans thrive on fear, and drama, live petty lives, lie, cheat and are deceitful. They fear us even though some carry similar traits to us.”

And while this voice lingered in my head, I was thinking – How do I respond to that?

I listened intently. “You don’t fear us”, he continued. “Why should I?, I replied, then a pause… “I don’t find you frightening, just different and a little challenging if I might say. I’m different… many living people don’t like or understand me. I have a different perspective on life in all its forms – those living in bodies and those without physical bodies such as yourself”.

Then another long pause… “You help us, why?” he asked. “Why not!”, I replied. “I see you as energy beings with souls like all other beings in existence. In some way, I understand what it is like to be shunned by others, to feel like an outcast, and to have to pave your own way. It can harden you, and make you less approachable… but anyway enough about me. Tell me about you please.”, I said.

A pause again and I felt a nervous shift on the bed, as if he was thinking whether to respond or not. “I command the armies’, he said. “Armies, fascinating, tell me more!”

“We hold the balance, there cannot be light without darkness.” “Tell me more please”, I said… met with a firm, “No, you do not need to know more, the balance is all you need to know”.

Well, that shut me up quick smart, so I thought I would change my tact. I let a minute go by and said, “I am curious, why do you torture so many human minds and bodies with sleep deprivation, and behavioural changes, trigger us to react in negative ways towards each other?

‘We don’t do that, you do that to yourselves with your millennia of greed, control, petty conniving ways, selfishness and irresponsibility.”. I am frowning now and have done well to keep my mouth shut and not butt in.



I am trying to get my head around how to delve deeper into this conversation and said, “So, you feel in us energetically what we create and that draws you to us – our individual mental, emotional or traumatic life triggers are and feed off those… energetically”  “Yes”, was his response.

‘Fascinating…” I said, tapping my chin and listening, So, in a way you teach us about ourselves, our hidden shadow selves… what we need to work on to live in a higher vibration?  Again, “Yes”, was the short response.

‘So, you lead the dark armies, what is your title if I may ask? Now I was getting cheeky! A pause and shuffle on the bed, “ I am a Legion General”, he said. “Do you have a name?”, I enquired.

His reply was, “Not that you would understand. We have an individual frequency that identifies us from others.”

On that note, he left. The energy of the room lightened and I felt suddenly really sleepy.
I think I passed some sort of test that night. Most people will think I am nuts… talking with demons, but I can assure you I am not.  I simply offer another perspective on the energy world around us and how I live in it on a daily basis.


As a future note, in 2020, the Legion General became my Dark Realm overseer for 12-14 months while I wrote my paranormal handbook called – The Darkness Around Us. He was given the job of watching and overseeing the content of the book, page by page, chapter by chapter and boy did he learn patience in those 14 months. They let me share only what was deemed appropriate for humankind to know now and nothing more. The time had come for a change of opinion about the dark realm and its misunderstood intentions with humanity which have been brainwashed into society by various branches of humanity.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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