#32 Demonic possession in reality: what does it look like?

Demons are real BUT possession is not what you think! There are people walking around with possession attributes that mental health and doctors are not picking up on because the cause is energetic!

In this episode, we are looking in-depth at possession and not the head spinning, vomiting nails, walking across the ceiling type of possession that has been imprinted into our minds by what you see in the movies but possession in reality and how demonic beings can enhance negative behaviours, mental or emotional issues or trauma which is already within us and why people act and react they way they do!


Ep 32 – Demonic possession in reality: what does it look like?


I am outlining some information for you first today and then we will delve into the real-life experiences of my clients with different levels of possession. Generally, I don’t like using the term ‘possession’ because it instantly invokes fear in people as they think about ‘exorcism’, another term that invokes fear, anxiety and paranoia. But I am using it here because possession is widely understood as a human mind and body being overtaken by demonic energies and this is true to an extent but possession in real life is nothing like what you see in the movies as I mentioned earlier.

Possession occurs when a mentally or emotionally vulnerable person’s mind and body have been infiltrated by demonic energy beings for the purpose of feeding off the person’s energy and manipulating their thoughts and behaviours to constantly create more and more emotional food for the invading energy being. Note that there is always more than one, dark and demon beings rarely travel alone, safely in numbers or groups of them who vibrate at the same frequency and travel together looking for the same food source.

So, what do I mean by ‘vulnerable person?’ Everyone has a trigger within them whether mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually or spiritually, depending on the specific trigger area for each individual person. The trigger may be a single or repeated trauma or a large build-up of negative emotions, a strong desire or want, or a consuming addiction.

The vulnerability can be consciously invoked or in the subconscious mind hidden by for example a deep sense of shame, guilt or grief as in the following example of a woman’s experience in an Australian movie called ‘The Babadook’. In this movie, Amelia, the mother experienced the loss of her husband in a car crash and held her devastating grief within herself for seven years attracting a demonic being that caused havoc and turmoil in her and her son’s life. I won’t be a spoiler, but if you want to watch this movie keep in mind that NOT everyone who experiences grief or other emotional traumas will attract demonic feeders. There are many components to a person’s vulnerability.

Some people who experience possession may be vulnerable because of long-term trauma or build-ups of low vibrational emotions OR they go looking for fulfilment in spiritual advancement through dangerous practices in which through free will they willingly open up their energy to whatever energy beings are in their vicinity.


Different levels of possession

When we are looking at the different levels of possession, in the following information, I have outlined three different stages of possession from attracting demonic beings leading through to full possession:

1.     Testing – The demonic beings are testing the ground – seeing how vulnerable you are and if you will suit their needs. They observe you and gauge your level of openness, or vulnerability.

2.     Destabilising- The wearing down of the person’s mind, body and spirit through activating the person’s triggers or causing sleep deprivation, eating issues, behavioural issues, heightened addiction issues etc. Strange bruising or scratches may appear on the body for no logical reason.

3.     Infestation – Demonic infiltration where they have 70% or more control on a constant basis of the person’s thoughts, behaviours, actions, and reactions. Their free will is compromised and their mind and body feel energetically altered causing mental and emotional disruption, changes in facial features, confusion sleeping and eating to become more and more difficult. They are being starved of life, and negative thoughts are imprinted of only one way out by taking their own life.


I have had many demonic beings attempt to take me past the second degree. My paranormal addiction is my weakness in their eyes BUT I am strong mentally and emotionally and put up a fight AND I know the signs and symptoms for when my sleep behaviours, knocking or banging my limbs, tripping over or eating habits change drastically. These beings lose interest in the strong people – we are a waste of their energy and they will look for easier targets.


Here are some of the main signs of possession

Here are some of the main signs of possession that I have witnessed in my clients and show the different types of triggers that elevate demonic being’s control within people. All of the following signs or symptoms could have medical or mental health causes so see your doctor first before assuming your problem has an energetic cause :

·      The person may exhibit extreme changes in their cognitive, emotional, and physical behaviours towards themselves and others.

·      They may experience erratic sleep patterns, hellish nightmares, night terrors or extreme insomnia

·      Extreme changes in eating patterns – either gorging themselves uncontrollably or starving themselves – either by choice or they stand food in their mouth as you will hear in one of the upcoming stories in this episode.

·      They experienced extreme erratic paranoia and manically muttered to themselves day and night, scaring their friends and families.

·      Some demonic energy beings thrive on instigating violence towards others if this is the person’s trigger or manipulating the host into self-harming behaviours.

·      In contrast, certain demonic energies will influence their host to become extremely introverted or egocentric, feeding off the host person’s negative thoughts, extreme emotions, low self-esteem and self-worth.


There are different levels of possession, from energies that feed off the person’s weakened mind state to those energies that drive their host to suicide. People who experience differing levels of possession can live reasonably normal lives depending on their mental and emotional strength, resilience and overall stability.

I have seen what I describe as possession in four of my clients, and I have shared one recount of a client’s experience below. Each client experienced sudden extreme behavioural changes towards themselves or others, which medication did not help to control.


The following case study is an example of an egocentric type of possession from 2016 I have called this experience: 

Read my palm

At a local medieval festival, a young man stood at our psychic reader’s table, slowly looking over the posters of each reader. I watched him as he looked at each image and then the readers, making up his mind as to whom he would see. He stopped at my picture, looked up, and stared at me until I spoke, and I confidently asked if he would like to take a seat. He stood calmly assessing me and silently moved forward to sit at my table. There was something odd about this young man and I was soon to find out exactly what it was!

There was an air of arrogance about this 23-25 year old male and something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on. He sat observing me through his reflective sunglasses. There was a long pause as I sat looking back at him, waiting for him to take his glasses off. The smirk on his face said that he knew what I was waiting for, and he wasn’t ready to concede yet. I patiently stared at him and continued to wait.

Finally, he took his glasses off as if in slow motion, and I saw ‘what’ was really sitting opposite me. Behind his eyes, I could see and feel a dark presence, controlling and hateful. He casually placed his hand on the table for me to read his palm. The smirk on his face continued as if in defiance of my skill to read his energy. His dark energy attachment did not frighten me; I am strong and would not be perturbed by demonic mind games.

I slowly and carefully read his palm and chose my words carefully as I assessed the lines and marks on his right palm and each finger. The man talked of self-harm and proudly showed me the scars on his arm as if they were trophies. He told me of the menacing energy being controlling him, and I acknowledged feeling its unsettling presence. He wanted it gone from his life as it was ruining his relationship with his family and girlfriend. She was frightened of his erratic and violent behaviours, which were increasing in intensity and she may soon leave him in fear for her life.

After the palm reading finished, he wrote down his phone number to organise an energy clearing with me, and he then quickly left with his girlfriend by his side. I rang the number in the next couple of days, only to find the phone number he had written was incorrect. Was this an accident, or had the demonic being influenced him to write down the wrong number to stop the clearing from happening? I will never know.


In episode 37, I will be sharing demonic attachment to spiritual people and why this happens and a remarkable story of a woman who became possessed with the most demonic beings I have ever seen in one person and what I did to help her.


For those who want to understand possessive manipulation, the following case study highlights the symptoms that led John and Kim to seek alternative help for their dire situation.

I have called this CASE STUDY:

Possessive behaviours with dark intent

A couple approached me because John’s partner was exhibiting erratic behaviours and other harmful symptoms, which were being treated medically and psychologically with some improvement, but they weren’t getting the results they wanted.  Kim was highly sceptical of energy work but as a last resort, she and John decided to try an alternative approach.

Kim, when herself was kind, gentle and super funny, always cracking a joke, and everyone loved her humour. She was a busy woman who was highly passionate about her work, and when at home, she enjoyed cooking and was highly creative in the kitchen. She would spend hours whizzing up gourmet treats for John and herself to share and enjoy together. Her sleep patterns have never been great, but she would get 4-6 hours of solid sleep a night and bounce out of bed each day, ready for her daily routine.

Kim took a turn for the worst approximately three months ago. She started to become sullen and reactive, both verbally and emotionally. Kim would lash out verbally in abusive ways, not her usual gentle, humorous approach to communication, and this was deeply worrying John. As I stated above, Kim loved food, but now she found she had lost all will to eat, throwing up the simplest of foods and continuing to lose weight. Her face started to take on the look of starvation, with her cheekbones showing more and more each day.

When John looked at Kim, he told me, she just didn’t look herself. Her facial features differed from normal, and she felt distant energetically, as only a close partner could tell. John sent me before and after photos of Kim, and I agreed; she certainly did not look like her usual happy herself.

I was given permission to do an energy field assessment and clearing for Kim by her higher self, and what I found did not surprise me. Multiple dark energy and demonic level beings were present in her physical body, energy body, and energy field, disrupting her energetic flow and emotional balance.

The four dark energy beings were attached to the emotions of depression, overwhelm, sorrow, worthless and paranoia in her energy body. John remembered a particular event that may have triggered these emotions in Kim because her behaviours started to change around that time.

The six demonic level beings were present in Kim’s physical body, heart and crown chakras and energy field. No wonder she was mentally, emotionally and physically unwell; she was being attacked on all levels. This account is the highest number and widest spread of demonic energy I have ever seen in a client to date. 

This level of demonic energy affected me quite harshly while doing Kim’s clearing work. As soon as I was given permission to do the assessment and clearing, I felt the demonic disapproval. My usual dark energy signs and symptoms started to appear – brain fog, distraction, feeling wobbly in the mind, extreme tiredness and walking difficulties, my feet felt like I was wearing moon boots. I pushed through the symptoms and completed the clearing which took approx 12 hours. Demonic beings ALWAYS transfer to the energy worker doing the clearing. So, I needed to spend quality time checking myself on all levels to fully clear the demonic intruders many times during the clearing for Kim and for the next 24 hours afterwards. 

Kim’s symptoms started to diminish slowly over the next week. John said she was sleeping better the first night after the clearing, and her humour and witty retorts began to return. There were some bouts of nausea, reactive behaviours and actions and I explained that it could take the mind, body and energy field around 2-4 weeks to rebalance and recover from such a high intensity of paranormal trespassers and their energetic influence on the person’s personal space.

Two and a half weeks later, Kim’s sleep had improved immensely, and she felt alive like never before. All aspects of life were looking hopeful again, and she had a skip in her step. For the first time in three months, John was happier than ever that he had his living partner back again.


This next case study tells of an unusual collection of books. Books, you say, how can they be harmful? I called this story:

The Satanic Book collection

Jeff rang to book an energy field clearing for himself- he said he was having sleep issues, nightmares straight from Hell and experiencing erratic behaviours that frightened his partner and pets that his doctor couldn’t fix. As we chatted I jotted down notes, and I saw a bookshelf full of dark, ominous-looking books in my third eye. I asked Jeff if he had an interesting book collection, and he confirmed his proud ownership of an extensive library of satanic books. I talked with him about how the energy emanating from these books was similar to what I could feel coming from the demonic beings present within his physical body. There was possibly a connection between the two. He yelled at me down the phone, saying, ‘I need those books,” and hung up.

After talking with Jeff, I had to go for a walk outside to ground myself. I had felt the satanic whispering coming from the books and how the energy beings did not like me talking to Jeff. As I walked, I heard my spirit guides say, “Those books are the issue, he must get rid of them, and then the dark entities can be removed.” 

Jeff and I texted a few times over the coming weeks, and I gently conveyed the spirit guide message to him. He would not even consider getting rid of the books, so that was that! His situation wouldn’t change unless he wanted to change it consciously. Was he being controlled by the dark presence within, maybe so.


I have a question from Kerry in the US:

‘How do you know demonic beings have transferred to me?’ 

Over the years, I have built excellent understanding and awareness from my own personal energetic changes, whether physically or energetically when the big D’s ( demonic beings) have infiltrated my energy field or as soon as I connect to a client for an energy clearing.

I instantly feel the client’s personal energy and also the denser energy of dark energetic hitchhikers present within them. It is like they uncloak themselves in the presence of an energy worker – to let me know they are there or possibly to try and frighten me away from doing the clearing for the client.

What I sense is usually a tingly or prickly feeling, my emotions might abruptly change and I get angry, sad or paranoid for example. I can get the mind wobbles or brain fog and just can’t focus or my chakras can ping or hurt, especially the crown and heart chakras. I may feel a poking or prodding in my legs, my heart can feel like it is being squeezed, or I see horrible visions in my mind, for example.

I use pendulum dowsing to confirm the intruding energy being’s locations and attachment, whether to my negative emotions or if they are just being vindictive because they have to leave the client.

After finishing Kim’s clearing, I felt like I had run a marathon! I was exhausted and felt like my mind and body were moving in slow motion. I spent the rest of that day relaxing, drinking lots of water and had a high-protein dinner that night to help replenish my energy. Two of the demonic energy beings released from Kim tried to hide in my home, but I found them because they caused such a dense energetic change in the room they were present. I negotiated firmly with them to leave my premises, and they quickly moved out!

I shared Kim’s experience to highlight how demonic energy beings can manipulate a person’s behaviours, sleep patterns and eating patterns causing distress not only for the person but their loved ones as well. The possessive behaviours can become full-blown if not tended to by an energy clearer. The longer the energy beings are present, the longer recovery time takes for the mind, body, energy body and energy field to recuperate, recover and hopefully return to normal.

I ALWAYS strongly suggest clients see their doctor and a mental health professional for ongoing care as energy clearing removes the current blockages and energetic influencers but paranormal beings can return if the initial issue that drew them to the person in the first place is not defined and released and this is where the medical professionals come in.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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