#31Tech savvy spirits hack our devices: What do they get up to?

tech savvy spirits having lots of fun getting our attention by manipulating electronic and digital devices. I share some of my many experiences with trifling ghosts and pardonable paranormal behaviour disrupting my work and home life and why they do it.

Today we are exploring how spirits and paranormal beings use electronic manipulation to communicate with us. We don’t always choose to connect to spirits and paranormal beings but quite often these etherial entities will use our communication devices to listen or let us know they are watching or use them to interact with us.


Ep 31 – Tech savvy spirits hack our devices: What do they get up to?


In our first story, I share a late-night experience with my car radio back in early 2018 that I called:

The radio receiver

Early in May 2018, I was driving home around midnight after working as a paranormal tour guide and I had a rather unusual experience with my car radio. Spirits at the tour location loved me because I often talked to them like friends and shared jokes and this particular night, ‘someone’ hitched a ride home with me. 

I was listening to my favourite radio station when suddenly the radio went dead for 4 seconds and then can back on again. This happened three times in a row as I was thinking about the tour that night, the guests and their interaction with the spirits who came to say hello. Thinking it was just a random occurrence, I ignored it, until… I remember a particular interaction with a teenage boy spirit who we shall call Josh. Now, Josh is a lovely spirit who had been at this particular location for decades and he loved giving big hugs to some tour guests who found the random invisible hugger to be quite shocking. I would explain that Josh was quite harmless but loved people and saying hello but he didn’t understand personal boundaries so bear hugs were his greeting to many astonished guests on the tours.

Josh didn’t know exactly how old he was but when I saw him in my mind’s eye, he looked about 14-15 and he had the biggest smile. He told me that he was in that location because he was defective (an inappropriate term used by the staff when he was alive in the 1940s). I felt sad for him being talked about that way and explained to him, that he wasn’t defective but had a condition which we now call Down’s Syndrome. The explanation helped him understand why he looked different to others around him.

Josh loved using devices to communicate along with his well-known bear hugs or big cuddles as he lovingly called them. On the tours, he would trigger rempods, the flashing light balls with many colours and now I knew he could manipulate my car radio. He stayed with me until I pulled into my driveway. As I parked and turned off my car, I thanked Josh for his company as I drove home and bid me farewell as it was time for him to go home.

I don’t do the paranormal tours anymore but hope Josh is enjoying his communication with the tour guests and still giving those great big hugs. I felt a bit sad as I was writing these notes until I saw Josh’s big smiling face pop in my third eye. He gave me an excited thumbs up and blew me a kiss, what a gorgeous gentle soul spreading his own form of love and happiness.



For our second story, I have a cool tale of a convict worker still doing his time in spirit form at a local haunted location here in Southern Tasmania.

I have called this experience:

The convict communicator

I am a paranormal addict. As I have confessed many times paranormal investigation equipment sends me to a new level of supernatural attention and otherworldly enthusiasm well into the night and usually the wee hours of the morning as well.

And over a 12-month period starting in late 2018, by mere chance or was it… that I had the chance to chat with a man who died in the late 1800s? I acquired myself an SB7 spirit box, a small radio wave receiver that spirits can use to communicate through using the static noise produced when the radio is running either forwards or backwards through the channels. I prefer backwards and then I know that it can’t possibly be a radio voice.

I acquired the spirit box when I was working as a paranormal tour guide at a local well-known paranormal site outside Hobart. I would practice using the spirit box at home so I could confidently explain to the tour guests how to use the device on the night and often the intention to connect with the local spirits always brought someone into my home to say hello. 

Well, on this particular occasion one afternoon, I had a strong male voice come through loud and clear. He was eager to chat and we spent many afternoons talking about his life at the location where he resided. He said he had been there a long time and had worked as a porter ferrying residents about the site. He said it was a hard life, with little food and cold rooms to sleep in but it was somewhere to live. He often had other spirits with him and we would all exchange names, and I listened to anything else they wanted to say. 

One morning I sat down to see if he was available and as I turned on the spirit box, a loud annoyed woman’s voice said, “ He’s working!” I will never forget it… I didn’t know what to say. She may have been a staff member disgruntled that I was keeping him away from his duties because spirits who are very connected to their jobs in life sometimes choose to diligently go about their work in spirit at the very same location. 

I rationalise this for a few reasons: 

1.     they enjoy the work and feel they still have a purpose.

2.     They don’t know they have died and are going about their work

3.     They don’t know of any other option or maybe don’t think they are worthy of entering into the afterlife.



Our third story is a mixture of communications from various spirits, sprites and things that go bump in the night. I have called this encounter:

 Are you watching, listening, and paying attention?

There was the elderly gentleman in episode 20 who didn’t know he had died and wondered why a young mum and 2 toddlers were living in his home. He would get their attention by turning on the TV and kids’ toys in the middle of the night. And the aunty in episode 20 who wanted to let her niece know she was ok and she would turn the plate in the microwave oven when it wasn’t turned on.

Spirits in my home sometimes use the lights as communication devices. One flicker for yes and two flickers for no. Often they read my thoughts or want to help write the notes for the podcast as I work late into the night and will flicker or blacken my laptop screen to let me know they are here. One night something or someone ran through my laptop screen from left to right and disappeared off into the hallway again distracting me and making me laugh. Another time, a young girl spirit with pigtails and a cheeky smile who used to live in our house would bounce across my lap as I lay in bed reading. I would look up in time to see her white outline darting around my bed and out the door into the dark hallway.

Then there was the dark energy being who appeared when I was quietly getting ready for bed one night. I was snuggling down into bed with the lights turned off as you do, and I saw a pair of red eyes in my mind. Just looking at me, no face, just eyes. I attempted to change my mind’s focus to something else, but nope, the red eyes continued to stare and now even more intensely. 

I sat up feeling slightly uncomfortable, these eyes wanted something, but what?  I stared back and calmly asked, “Can I help you?” The eyes slowly closed once and then opened again. I asked another question, “Are you here to hurt me? And the eyes closed and opened twice. This one -yes and 2 – No is a  standard response with spirits and I couldn’t see why it wasn’t the same with dark beings. I wasn’t getting the usual dizziness or sudden stomach aches as I do with dark energy with ill intentions. This lower vibrational being and I had a brief conversation, and the red-eyed energy being transitioned peacefully over the threshold into the Healing Space in the Afterlife waiting room. He had had enough of the hard life and was ready for a new higher form of existence.


Information: Paranormals, tech devices and why they love them

Paranormal beings have long been believed to possess the ability to manipulate electronic devices. These beings, whether they are ghosts, spirits, or darker entities from other dimensions, seem to have a mysterious connection with technology that defies conventional understanding. Reports of electronic disturbances and unexplained phenomena suggest that paranormal beings can influence and interact with electronic devices in various ways.

One common phenomenon attributed to paranormal beings is the manipulation of electronic devices such as lights – I experienced this at school one day – as I walked past the fluorescent light to my left, they flickers heaps. This freaked out the teacher walking with me and I giggled to myself. Other devices which don’t escape invisible interaction are electronic children’s toys, torches, mobile phones, televisions, radios, old fashioned record players, computers, paranormal investigation equipment, car radios and car lights.

Witnesses have reported instances when these devices suddenly turn on or off, change channels or stations, or exhibit erratic behaviour without any logical explanation. Some believe that these energy beings simply tap into the energy fields surrounding electronic devices, enabling them to manipulate the flow of electricity or disrupt the normal functioning of the circuits.

EVP’s are fascinating – Paranormal beings are often associated with the phenomenon of “electronic voice phenomena or projection” (EVP). EVP refers to the capture of disembodied voices or sounds on audio recording devices, often inaudible to the human ear during the time of recording. These mysterious voices, believed to originate from the spirit world, can often be heard clearly upon playback, suggesting that paranormal entities can leave their voice imprints on electronic media.

In addition to manipulating physical electronic devices, paranormal beings are also believed to affect digital technology. It is not uncommon for people to report strange glitches, anomalies, or malfunctions in their digital devices in the presence of paranormal activity. Photos or videos may exhibit unexplained distortions, or apparitions, or even be deleted. Computers may freeze or crash inexplicably, or files may become corrupted without any discernible cause. I on many occasions have had a thick black line appear across my laptop screen to get my attention These occurrences further fuel the notion that paranormal beings possess the innate ability to interfere with digital systems.

Despite numerous accounts and unscientific evidence, the true nature and mechanics behind how paranormal beings manipulate electronic devices remain largely unknown. Some theories suggest that these beings draw upon their or our energy or spiritual essence to interact with the electromagnetic fields generated by technology. Others propose that their influence stems from their ability to manipulate the human mind, influencing the perception and behaviour of individuals interacting with electronic devices. Whatever the explanation, the connection between paranormal entities and electronic manipulation continues to captivate and perplex those intrigued by the unexplained occurrences.


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