#30 Land guardians: First Nation Elders in spirit & how they support my work

Traditional land custodians watch and care for their land in all realms as you will see in this week’s episode as I share how Australian First Nation Elders let me know they are watching and want to work together to improve the energy of the land which they love so much.

In this episode, we are putting the dark paranormal beings aside to explore the appearance of First Nation Elders in spirit form who sometimes make themselves known during my Australian house and land clearing work and why their presence is so important.


Ep 30 – Land guardians: First Nation Elders in spirit & how they support my work


Gary in the UK emailed me and shared that he works with druids in spirit form when he is conducting earth cleansing ceremonies and asked if I have any experiences with Australia’s First Nation people in spirit form, “Are they aware of what you do”, he asks.

My response to Gary was a big YES, First Nation Elders who lived on the land in person sometimes choose to stay on after leaving their physical bodies to oversee and care for the land now in an energetic sense and they will on occasion make themselves known to energy workers such as myself. In this episode, we look at how I work with them and their needs in the process of clearing build-ups of detrimental energetic imprints from within the land.

I have three local Australian stories to share with you and you will understand why these ethereal carers are still present within the Earth’s reality.


Our first experience is one of my earliest and I have called this story:

The elders in my kitchen

A local lady who we shall call Jean called me because of some unusual happenings in her kitchen at night. I visited her home the following day and as I pulled into the street, in my mind’s eye, I saw three First Nation Elders as plain as day. They were standing silently near the creek opposite Jean’s house and I gave them a nod of acknowledgement and continued on up the road turning the car around so I could park outside Jean’s house.

Jean greeted me at her front door and we went through to the kitchen. As I walked past the kitchen table, I felt a strong field of residual energy from ‘someone’ sitting at the table but not in physical form. Jean’s husband was in the lounge room and we got to talking about the paranormal happenings in their home. I could see they were both open to discussing the paranormal, and I mentioned what I had felt at the kitchen table. Peter, Jean’s husband shared that he comes out for a glass of water in the middle of the night sometimes and sees three male apparitions sitting around the table. He said they look like they are of Aboriginal descent and are deep in conversation. He thought no more of it at the time as he figured he was just half-asleep and dreaming up the whole thing.

I listened carefully as he spoke and butted in with, “I saw them outside your home when I pulled up, they were across the road near the creek’. We just looked at each other in silence for a moment and Peter said, “Why are they coming here?” 

At this time, I hadn’t had much experience working with land energies as I used to call them but now refer to them as our Past Elders or First Nation Elders. At that moment I didn’t have an answer for Peter but I said I would go home and sleep on it and they may come and share more information about why they are showing themselves.

In the following two nights, I had visions of the kitchen and the Elders chatting amongst themselves at Jean and Peter’s table, they laughed and talked and allowed me to see their men’s meeting from a distance. The Elders never visited Jean and Peter’s home again and we never found out any more about their presence in the home but I did wonder if the location of this house may be where the Elders would have gathered when alive and they have simply continued this activity in their spirit form. 


Now, you will love the next experience, I was stunned and will never forget this encounter. I have called our second story:

The smoking ceremony

For a period of three months, I was making regular trips to a small West Coast town here in Tasmania. I would stay on the site of the paranormal tours which I helped set up for a friend. There were two large buildings on the site and one was an old accommodation building which had been refurbished. I always slept in room 22 and there was a lot of the usual paranormal activity in that building with past spirit residents, children, and staff members coming to visit me at night and going about their duties. BUT on this one occasion, I sat on my bed busy typing away on my laptop and I had an unexpected vision.

I saw a tall thin man, a First Nation man, standing silently looking at me. He was outside the building where I was staying standing in the grassed area. This was in broad daylight and I felt that he stood waiting for me to acknowledge him. I gave him a respectful nod, not knowing what else to do and waited to see what would happen next. He started piling sticks and gum leaves into what looked like a small mound, he lit a fire and used a large gum tree branch laden with leaves to fan the smoke across the property. He let me watch and I felt privileged to be included in his ceremony. 

After 10 minutes or so, the vision vanished from my third eye and I sat there stunned. This was the first time I had communicated with a First Nation Elder and I rang a friend of mine who understands the First Nation people’s traditions. She said I had witnessed a land cleansing ceremony which is used in a physical and spiritual sense to remove detrimental energy and purify the land and that traditionally white man is not usually given the privilege to see the ceremony.

I did wonder if the male elder was acknowledging my work as an energy clearer in this physical reality and letting me know he sees me and also showing me how he clears the land. He had also been seen by the owner of the property on many occasions within the larger building during both day and night and he didn’t know what to make of his presence. I feel he is a guardian of the region keeping an eye on the land, healing energetic issues and assuring its safety and protection.


Now, our third story is a short one but shows how often now First Nation Elders are allowing me to see them and assist them in any way I can.

I have called this story:

The Watchers

The following clients insisted I visit their property back in 2019 as everything was going wrong and they couldn’t work out why. The building of their new home was slow, tradies wouldn’t show up or quit for no reason and they had strange occurrences in their caravan on site and also on the land.

The bulk of this story is told in episode 26: The outdoor toilet dilemma where I talk about a piece of land located under a majestic mountain where the land has suffered many disrespectful tenants and their negative behaviours and actions, and black magic rituals, which had caused paranormal presence and how the land was rebelling! Well as I talked with the couple in their carpark area, I had the sudden urge to walk the perimeter of their property.

Mid-sentence I just took off with Kevin and Penny in tow and as they caught up to me I stopped at a large tree on the property and said “You have two First Nation Elders here on your property. They are very unhappy with how the land has been mistreated in the past and are now observing you both to judge your intentions for the land.” Kevin and Penny looked at each other in a mild panic. “Well, what do we do?”, they said.

I suggested they both walk the boundary of the property every day and talk gently to the land like an old friend, even laying out a copy of the building plans for the Elders and other energetic beings to see and read. Sharing your plans and what you envision for the beautiful property in the future makes the resident energy beings feel included in the process and not like their home, the land is being defiled.

Also, as I shared this information, I heard in my head “ Once Anna has cleared the property of all the detrimental actions and energetic imprints, they want you to hold a party to celebrate the beautiful location and make an offering of food and drink to the land, the First Nation elders and elemental beings present here. They know you both mean well but are a little afraid because of past experiences.”

So, this is exactly what Kevin and Penny did, they had the biggest party ever outside under the moon and invited all their friends AND the spirit elders and elementals and from that time on they had no more issues in their stunning country location.


Spirit elders are revered figures who watch over the land where they once lived. As you have heard, I have had many experiences here in Tasmania where First Nation Elders have come forward to be part of energetic clearings on this their land.

They possess profound wisdom, knowledge, and experience in the spiritual realm. They are often considered the custodians of ancient traditions, teachings, and rituals, carrying the collective wisdom of their ancestors. Spirit elders serve as guides and mentors, offering insights and guidance to those who connect with them seeking spiritual growth and understanding.

These revered individuals have cultivated a deep connection with the land when alive and continue to act as conduits between the earthly realm and the realm of spirit playing a vital role in the spiritual community by providing guidance, counsel, and support. I am always excited when First Nation spirit elders present themselves to guide me through land clearing processes in the way they want them to be completed.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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